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/cgl/ Anonymous Admin 1[Reply]

Welcome to /cgl/! The board link is mostly for easy recognition. Please suggest alternatives if you wish.

Due to user requests, we're broadening this board to include all fashion.

With enough traffic, cosplay will be split off into its own board.


ishoku-hada trend Anonymous 91[Reply]

thoughts on this?
personally i think it's amazing and i hope it becomes a norm. it got me really inspired too~!
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Anonymous 990

they remind me of the kids in those old sunblock ads, the one that would turn you purple, blue, pink lol

Anonymous 992

wtf that's so cool

Anonymous 993

that actually seems like a great idea because then you could make sure you had full coverage/tell when the sunscreen was washing off and you needed to reapply. where do i buy this

Anonymous 995

not sure if they still make it since it was more of a thing when I was a kid in the late 90s/early 2000s, but there is probably something similar to it out there

Anonymous 998

this thread is amazing. I hope this become more popular


2000s fashion Anonymous 709[Reply]

You knew this thread was coming…2000s fashion (first decade). Like it? Love it? Hate it? What trends from this time period are you excited to see coming back? What trends are you glad are stuck in the 2000s? Post pics of your 2000s inspired outfits or of general 2000s fashion related inspiration!
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Anonymous 974

Well, at least you still have your virginity.

Anonymous 975

fucking yikes lol this sounds fake asf

Anonymous 976


Oh geez, I've been waiting on people to stop bashing the 2000s fashion and get over the 90s. Tbh, grunge "90s" fashion isn't really accurate. On a side note, I loooove the simplicity and bright colours.

Anonymous 991


Have any of you guys seen Lady Bird? And if so, what did you think of the costumes? Early 2000s wasn't that long ago so thefilmmakers probably didn't have to much trouble coordinating outfits. But I thought a lot of the clothes and hair worn really encapsulated what I remember from 2002/2003.

Anonymous 997

YES I loveeeeeddd the outfits in ladybird! It's definitely a style I'm really going for and I think is super cute.


unpopular opinions Anonymous 986[Reply]

is something nagging you. well, write it down.

Anonymous 987

I love girlyhoot. I first saw her on a drama thread on chan. I just assumed she had one good coord because everyone was bashing her. after reading her drama thread with all the pictures I just have to write it. I love her style of dress. some of her more toned down looks I rate a 75-85% but her ott are wonderful, 100%. she looks expensive and so well put together. she makes me want to wear heels. she makes me want to wear pink.

Anonymous 988

I think she has a nice style sometimes, but her personality is shit IMO. And this isn’t just based on anon hate from cgl—I’ve met her and my friends have, too.

My unpopular opinion is that I like Batty. I know people like to make fun of her style/hair/whatever, but I think she’s cute and she’s really nice.

Anonymous 994

this is the first time i've looked through her instagram and tbh i agree with you. some of her coordinates remind me of something you'd see in Sugar Sugar Rune. she's a qt.

hmm. i'm not sure that i have any unpopular opinions, but then again i haven't been on /cgl/ in a while so i can't say if i really know what a 'popular' opinion is.
uh, I find lovelylor's videos insufferable. she seems like a nice enough person but the way she presents herself in media sort of just strikes me as inauthentic.

Anonymous 996

this is for any unpopular opinion in the cgl community not necessarily 4chan. to me it doesn't even have to be cgl.


Plus Size Fashion Anonymous 253[Reply]

For all the plus size girls who are deserve to be kawaii too!
Talk about cosplay, lolita, jfash whatever!
Post sewing tutorials specifically for bigger girls!
Discuss fave shopping sites and brands!
Share plus size inspiration!
There is no size limit for being cute!
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Anonymous 968

I mainly shop at macys, kmart, simply 10(related to simply fashion. I would love in the future to order bulk and just sell the rest on ebay.

Anonymous 981

Anyone have any links to plus size 'jfashion'. Youknow basically the stuff spreepicky sells but now um.. as expensive.

Anonymous 983

If you’re in the US, Target has some really cute stuff sometimes!

I also love Modcloth, but they’re a little too expensive to buy from regularly.

Anonymous 984

Ah I love Modcloth! they have really pretty things I'm actually building a wishlist there. I dream about redoing my wardrobe with that site so much but as you said, it's really expensive.. As for Target I didn't know they sold things like that! thanks!

Anonymous 985

target plus section where I live is one rack. kinda sad. old navy has more.
I never really paid attention to modcloth. I just checked out their site. its great. it also reminds me of jcrew, Nordstrom, and surprising kmarts more dress up side.


Anonymous 982[Reply]

What are your favorite Jfash/cosplay/lolita instagrams?
I like anzujaamu, mikan.mandarin, and venus_angelic

Current Harajuku fashion Anonymous 969[Reply]

What's your thoughts on the fashion shown in this video?
Do you think it's unique enough to garner an interest in the west just like Lolita, fairy kei etc did?
What's your overall opinion on the current state of Harajuku fashion? Let's have a discussion!

Anonymous 978

it is a no from me, i don't think it deserves that much attention and i don't think it is special enough. let's face it, the golden days of j-fashion are gone and k-fashion is a much watered down comfy fash type.

Anonymous 980

It certainly looks interesting, but I don't think it's going to spread because it seems that the only things that can spread widely are strictly defined styles, which is pretty dumb (you're trying to be original and creative by dressing in a style defined by someone else? sure, that makes sense.)
But I like seeing all the looks on http://tokyofashion.com/photos/ especially whenever the designer of bercerk comes up,I love him

collage wardrobe.p…

Wardrobes~ Anonymous 970[Reply]

I think it would be fun for miners to post their closets or clothing collections! Any style, any item, any way!As in, you dont have to post pictures of your actual closets, or even of your own clothes! You can make a collage of some "special" items you own if you are very lazy/shy (like me). If you can't find the exact item, I suppose you can put down stuff very similar to it! I think it would be nice to see exactly what different kinds of styles us miners have! I'll start it off~ sorry for it being so low qual I just used ms paint kek

Anonymous 971

Screen Shot 2018-0…

OP, your style is cute. How long have you been wearing lolita?
I'd have to take photos of a lot of my stuff because I don't remember the names of a lot of the dresses that I own, and searching through lolibrary to find them would be painful…these are a few of the pieces in my collection, but i'll see if i can bust out the ol' dress collection and take photos later on this week.

Anonymous 972

Not too long, a little over a year, as far as actually wearing it. I've been trying to build it up for a couple years, but didn't feel right actually wearing it out or anything until I got to a certain point! ^,^ I have one full coord rn (blue jsk), and 2 more I'm still building up, with a couple stray items for more casual days. I also really like your style!~~

Anonymous 977


I have tons of liz Lisa. Here is a couple of my recent gets along with a couple of my fave dresses.

Anonymous 979

Lucky! They are so pretty, especially the lavender dress.


Gothic/Alternative Thread Anonymous 613[Reply]

It says that general fashion is permitted here, so how about a gothic/alternative fashion thread? Western, not gothic lolita.

Gothic rock started in the UK in the 1980s and is an offshoot of post-punk. The subculture that was based on the music survived through the decade and to this very day still has many "followers". Many fashion styles have been connected to goth, and they will be discussed here.

A list of some goth bands (NOTE: There are way more bands than I listed. I just posted the more popular ones):
Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, 45 Grave
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Love Spirals Downwards, etc.

Such styles include 1980s goth, deathrock, victorian, cybergoth, etc.

Some shops:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 873

That's solid advice, thanks anon!

Anonymous 963


This is old as heck but I think you and others in your position should try out Marigold Shadows, they have some interesting items that can be used by themselves if you are a more casual modern goff and certain items are simplistic enough to be used in business wear. Places like COS and Uniqlo might also help out since they should have quite a bit in black. Id say their very affordable, and since some of the clothes are a big baggy or loose if you are a big bigger in size they all have lots of options. Photo from Marigold Shadows's website!

Anonymous 964


maybe more punk than goth, but Lisbeth Salander is eternal.

Anonymous 965

i love the idea of haute-couture goth but i gotta say that marigold shadows just looks like all-black normie outfits to me rather than 'gothic' outfits? maybe i'm just a picky edgelord, idk.

Anonymous 966

I get what you mean and tbh I agree, but I personally dont know of any other shops like it, since a lot of goth shops arent usually just "normal" clothes. Some of their stuff seems neat though.


OOTD / recent purchases thread Anonymous 946[Reply]

There was a thread for this at one point, but idk what happened to it.

>Outfit pics

>Recent buys
>Advice on how to style pieces
>Store recs
>Outfit inspo/aesthetic posting
>Have fun!

Pic related, bought these trousers recently. I like them! They mix up my wardrobe which I feel is full of dresses atm.
9 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 957

You are right actually,it's not worth damaging my hair.I could get a really good wig cheaper than the bleaching process i guess.thanks!

Anonymous 958


I want a dreamy fae/witchy aesthetic but i'm not super body confident right now so I haven't been wearing much of it right now.
rn i've just been building up a wardrobe featuring
- no pants, just skirts + dresses
- irregular or hankerchief hemlines
- chiffon, velvet and satin fabrics
- about 50% black, 50% 'natural colors' or florals
- distressed pieces
- occult-ish jewelry and rosaries

any recommendations for stuff I haven't thought of yet?

Anonymous 959


Hi, I'm the dress anon! Pics are ripped off but people can post their own pics on products so you can use those as reference, they are legit. The dress itself didn't have any client pics so it was a wild guess but the quality is not bad. My only other order was an skirt (pic related) but it did have good reviews from other users.

Anonymous 961

The lady in the photo is wearing a wig too, I think getting your hair that color would take a lot of money and it wouldnt stay like that for long anyway.
That sounds super wonderful. Maybe you could add lace to your fabrics list.

Anonymous 962

Not the same poster, but would you (or any other anons) be able to recommend where to get good wigs? Or what to look for in a first wig?

I've always wanted to have a short blonde bob, but that would mean having it cut and dyed all the time, so I think a wig would be a good solution. I've never really worn them before though, so I'm not sure where to look.

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