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/cgl/ Anonymous Admin 1[Reply]

Welcome to /cgl/! The board link is mostly for easy recognition. Please suggest alternatives if you wish.

Due to user requests, we're broadening this board to include all fashion.

With enough traffic, cosplay will be split off into its own board.


Cosplay Self-Post Thread Anonymous 863[Reply]

Post your cosplans, cosplays, WIP, costest, cosplay makeup, etc~
I wanna see what the C.C cosplay community is like
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Anonymous 884


Haven't cosplayed since my schools crappy halloween+cosplay party.waaaah

Anonymous 885

To the girl cosplaying as Tsuyu: Do you have a fan page or something similar? You look very cute and I would like to see more of your work as a cosplayer. :)

Anonymous 886

thank you so much! i just opened up my facebook cosplay page so here you go~ https://www.facebook.com/lolimtgcosplay

Anonymous 1188

Is it ok if I resurrect this thread?
I saw that a videogame convention in my country is holding a cosplay contest with amazing prizes, so I would like to enter next year, but I would like to know if anyone has experience with this kind of contests, what kind of costumes win most frequently? Does it just have to be well constructed and true to the character, or do I get "bonus points" if it's a full set of armor and I have prop weapons?
I remember a few years ago a lady in Nightingale armor from Skyrim won first place, but I don't know many female characters who wear impressive armor, maybe Lighting in FFXII-2 and XII-3, that's all I can remember.

Anonymous 1189


hey what do you guys think of this? It's not an amazing suit of armor but I think it looks elaborate enough to stand out, if I go all out with lace and beads like this lady. Also sorry if I am annoying. I just wanted to try cosplaying for so long but I never had money or the opportunity so I am excitednow


Winter caps in summer Anonymous 1033[Reply]

Why would anyone wear a winter cap in the middle of summer? What sense does it make?

I just don't get it. Makes me mildly angry.

Anonymous 1035

What's tackier is that her bra is completely visible. Yikes.

Anonymous 1184

So fucking what? It’s a bra, you poofy prude.

Anonymous 1185

Whatever that is, it looks odd. It's too thin, maybe it's very ill-fitting bra?

Anonymous 1186

Swimsuit top maybe

Anonymous 1187

I wear a hat like this in summer when I haven’t washed my hair out of depression based cba


Anonymous 999[Reply]

Aaaaah help /cgl/, I want to be cute and fashionable but I feel like my height makes everything look bad on me (5'10) any tips on how to be cute and tall?
I don't really wear skirts and dressed because it's quite rare to find a woman actually wearing them here.
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Anonymous 1119


Yes you can be really cute being tall! Those korean models are pretty tall, you can inspire yourself with those simple and beautiful looks from chuu or stylenanda



Anonymous 1168

No one should be following this advice. Girls with that BMI might look great in photos but end up looking a little too spoopy in real life. It’s better to aim for a healthy BMI on the lower end of the spectrum and wear pieces that fit your body type.

Anonymous 1177

they look like recolors or the same character

Anonymous 1178

Anonymous 1179

Oh also I've been seeing tall ladies around town wearing those trapezoid/flare pants or however you call them and I think it looks super nice on them, doesn't look as nice on shorter ladies.


Undies General Anonymous 523[Reply]

Where do you guys shop for undies? It's so hard to find cute girly styles in the west, but I'm wary about buying from random taobao sellers.
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Anonymous 1133

Granny panties are the best!
They are so comfortable. I don't care if they aren't that sexy, I always make jokes that I never need to buy new panties if I am older because I already have them.

Anonymous 1169


Bikini and tangas all the way!

Anonymous 1174


Bikini, boyshorts, or tanga for day to day, some kind of brief for periods, thong or g-string when I'm trying to dress to impress :)

Anonymous 1175


Same reason most high fashion brands don't seem to make clothing above size "waif." They have a body type they want to sell to. I suspect many lingerie brands don't care about small boob girls.

Anonymous 1180

I think it might be because they sell out fast


Anonymous 500[Reply]

Liz Lisa discussion anyone?

>what do you think of the eBay store vs shopping services?


Anonymous 504

I've only ever bought Liz Lisa when I lived in Japan, so I'll leave a little tip here: if you ever have the chance to go there, browse the used clothing stores. It's a popular brand that's easy to find and old releases specially will be super cheap.

Anonymous 505

I get all my brand stuff LL included from fril.jp right now. Even with shopping services and shipping I spend on average $25 per item.

Anonymous 614

I only have one dress by them and a cute hat that I haven't opened yet, but I'm dying for a basket purse.


I bought one of their my melody suitcases two years ago. Cute as hell but materials aren't that good quality One of the stands broke off first trip…

They have an eBay store now! But it's quite pricey. I used to always buy mine from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Anonymous 1173


I bought my first liz lisa dress last year and I loved it but didn't make that many liz lisa purchases (I was more into lolita at the time)
This year when the latest my melody collab came out I fell in love! I started slowly buying more secondhand liz lisa and I'm now slowly making the switch from lolita to himekaji/larme styles
this is all the stuff I bought so far
My dream is to have a liz lisa wardrobe as big as xsakisaki or emiiichan but it'll probably take a while til I can get there!
Would love to see what recent liz lisa purchases anyone else has made lately! And what are your favorites from liz lisa (florals aside I love the sailor collar items they have, my melody collabs and anything with strawberries!)


Closet setup thread Anonymous 1028[Reply]

What is your method for building the perfect closet?

Here's what has worked best for me:
>Sort clothes in groups by activities (work, daily life, evenings…)
>Pick 3 main tones or colors that match together and 3 secondary colors for each group
>Pick 2 base bottom items for each group, 1 base pair of shoes, and 3 base tops for each group (you can have as much as you want in the same group)

Anonymous 1029

>not just wearing one single outfit at all times
Are you even the MC?

Anonymous 1084

I wanted the bookcase looking closet but its too expensive. So I have bought plastic shevels from homedepot/kmart wash me luck.

Anonymous 1102


I want to try experimenting with a capsule wardrobe to pare down the amount of clothes I have to things I really like to wear and make me feel good.

I'm somewhat torn between having good basics and really fun/cute stuff that I don't wear very often. I want to transition my wardrobe into something more mature with smart casuals I can wear for work, but I also dread that because dressing my age sounds boring.

Anonymous 1103

larme (1).jpg

Oh, I just remembered this blog that had posts of 8 outfits from 8 pieces of clothing: https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/06/fashion-mixology.html I think it shows well that if you have a capsule wardrobe you don't have to make all your items bland in order to make them all look good together. They have colorful, patterned clothes and they look great together. Although of course not everyone will like that style, I wouldn't wear it personally either but I think it looks very cool. I also think Larme magazine had various outfits made out of 12 or so clothing items but I could never find an entire article, only 1 page (pic related) or even 1 look from each issue. Sigh

Anonymous 1172


I'm actually quite drawn to the simple/minimal capsule wardrobe, mostly because it's different from how I have shopped for clothes up 'til now.
I previously just bought single items that I liked without thinking through how they fit into my overall closet, or I would really like a particular type of item (button up shirts), and get way too many of them.

Now I want to focus on basics and having things to I can build coherent outfits out of. Currently going by the template of having 1 statement/fun, 1 in between, and 1 smart/basic for each item type.

I found this capsule and want to have something that incorporates some masculine touches, but maybe in a menswear rather than casual way.


Anonymous 1060[Reply]

post yours
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Anonymous 1083


I love this

Anonymous 1096


/aesthetic/ as fuck.

Anonymous 1114


Anonymous 1120


cracked iphones are fashionable idc

Anonymous 1171

>cute cat
>dirty water colour palette
You're cool, anon.


Shironuri thread Anonymous 307[Reply]

I just got into this, who are some shironuri artists? cosplayers? to follow?
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Anonymous 1163


Anonymous 1164


Anonymous 1165


Anonymous 1166


Inugami Circus dan

Anonymous 1167



Uniforms & Attire Anonymous 1111[Reply]

Military, dress attire, etc, or any other articles of clothing you find attractive.


Anonymous 1112


Anonymous 1113



Anonymous 1181


Anonymous 1182


i need moar military aesthetic images

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