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/cgl/ Anonymous Admin 1[Reply]

Welcome to /cgl/! The board link is mostly for easy recognition. Please suggest alternatives if you wish.

Due to user requests, we're broadening this board to include all fashion.

With enough traffic, cosplay will be split off into its own board.


2000s fashion Anonymous 709[Reply]

You knew this thread was coming…2000s fashion (first decade). Like it? Love it? Hate it? What trends from this time period are you excited to see coming back? What trends are you glad are stuck in the 2000s? Post pics of your 2000s inspired outfits or of general 2000s fashion related inspiration!
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Anonymous 1089

Absolutely hate fashion and music from the 2000s. I was a teenager then and didn't understand why everything was so tasteless. In the 90s you actually had alternative styles too but in the 2000s alternative was basically commercial hip hop style with huge logos and baggy trousers and emo in the mid 2000s but it was for kids. Mainstream clothes looked like a designer finished the thing half way or made hundreds of random designs just to design something- There was no concept, no idea why this was made, clothes made people look the worst that was possible, colors didn't match, it was impossible to find normal length tops. I have no nostalgic feelings for that era.

Anonymous 1090

It was because those short tops made almost anyone's belly look like a fat man's beer belly. No wonder they had eating disorders.

Anonymous 1209


I think that the pastel colored mini skirts were really cute, and skirts in general. I wish that they would come back, it's difficult to find cute skirts nowadays without looking online.

Anonymous 1210

I've seen quite a lot of these actually they had some similar ones in topshop last summer but they were mid to high-waisted whereas the ones in the photo are low-waisted

Anonymous 1229


She looks like shit, like 40-near-50

As for the escort thing I remember hearing she was charging to be arm candy but you think she's doing the instagram thot thing and fucking for money?

Lots of anorexia, and now we champion obesity because fuck being rational


Bunny Lolita Thread Anonymous 1223[Reply]

Where bunny theme meets lolita fashion! Post all the bunny goodness.

Anonymous 1224


Anonymous 1225


Anonymous 1226


Anonymous 1227


Anonymous 1228



Anonymous 1060[Reply]

post yours
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Anonymous 1217

Screenshot 2019-01…

Anonymous 1218

what would you call my style?

Anonymous 1220

Mature woman-style.

Anonymous 1221

I’m only 20 though

Do I dress too old

Anonymous 1222


fucking gross tranny

000000000m wanka.J…

Anonymous 1212[Reply]

I found this top on the UO website and I thought it was cute and unusual but I have no idea how to style it, any ideas?

Anonymous 1213

Personaly not my style, never liked sheer tops.
But Pastels like in the pic, maybe a scarf or a loose jacket?

Anonymous 1219

I’d wear it with high waisted/wide leg black trousers or light blue denim mom jeans/wide legs


ishoku-hada trend Anonymous 91[Reply]

thoughts on this?
personally i think it's amazing and i hope it becomes a norm. it got me really inspired too~!
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Anonymous 1004


also does anyone get the idea that they're catering to or inspired by hentai in some way? the really skimpy clothing, literally wearing underwear as an outfit, that assless dress, even the ahegao in OP

Anonymous 1007

damn anon don't ruin it! you're probably right

Anonymous 1214


I love this style, I did a few looks last year

Anonymous 1215


Anonymous 1216



Anonymous 999[Reply]

Aaaaah help /cgl/, I want to be cute and fashionable but I feel like my height makes everything look bad on me (5'10) any tips on how to be cute and tall?
I don't really wear skirts and dressed because it's quite rare to find a woman actually wearing them here.
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Anonymous 1179

Oh also I've been seeing tall ladies around town wearing those trapezoid/flare pants or however you call them and I think it looks super nice on them, doesn't look as nice on shorter ladies.

Anonymous 1196

Torrid has tall stuff instead of just plus sized. I like their jeans.

Nobody wears skirts or dresses where I live either outside of clubbing.



Gurl, just wear the damn skirt or dress. Who cares about being taller? I'm getting fucking leg-lengthening surgery just to get taller. Kawaii is a state of mind, not an image.

Anonymous 1207


>I'm getting fucking leg-lengthening surgery just to get taller.
I've been considering this too. Please report back with your results. I've heard there can be complications with brittle bones for years afterward.

Anonymous 1208

Please don't do that, broken bones ache when you're older. Breaking your own bones is not a good idea at all.

Don't ruin your bodies.


Anonymous 500[Reply]

Liz Lisa discussion anyone?

>what do you think of the eBay store vs shopping services?

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I bought one of their my melody suitcases two years ago. Cute as hell but materials aren't that good quality One of the stands broke off first trip…

They have an eBay store now! But it's quite pricey. I used to always buy mine from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Anonymous 1173


I bought my first liz lisa dress last year and I loved it but didn't make that many liz lisa purchases (I was more into lolita at the time)
This year when the latest my melody collab came out I fell in love! I started slowly buying more secondhand liz lisa and I'm now slowly making the switch from lolita to himekaji/larme styles
this is all the stuff I bought so far
My dream is to have a liz lisa wardrobe as big as xsakisaki or emiiichan but it'll probably take a while til I can get there!
Would love to see what recent liz lisa purchases anyone else has made lately! And what are your favorites from liz lisa (florals aside I love the sailor collar items they have, my melody collabs and anything with strawberries!)

Anonymous 1200

big liz lisa collector, if you don't care for used goods just go on rakuten or yahoo auction jp. Most people sell huge lots of older styles for 30-100$. Example:

Anyone want to talk a bout how liz lisa isn't doing a fukubukuro this year? I worry they might be suffering on sales. As much as I love lizlisa i think the style is dying in japan…

Anonymous 1201


I love buying on fril because it’s easier to find more older pieces that are in good condition , I’ve been wanting to try yahoo auctions
And yeah it seems like general cute fashion is dying in Japan the latest trends seem to be more vintage, « mature » styles (I think Liz Lisa can be mature though) They’ll either reinvent themselves in a way to keep up with trends, or maybe cute fashion will have a comeback? Also Liz Lisa was established in 1999 right? Do you think they’ll do anything for their 20th anniversary? I feel like that could be a reason they aren’t going to release a fukubukuro this year


I just buy Liz Lisa from Depop and Poshmark. Some brand new with tags. Also try Rakuten Global.


Undies General Anonymous 523[Reply]

Where do you guys shop for undies? It's so hard to find cute girly styles in the west, but I'm wary about buying from random taobao sellers.
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Anonymous 1175


Same reason most high fashion brands don't seem to make clothing above size "waif." They have a body type they want to sell to. I suspect many lingerie brands don't care about small boob girls.

Anonymous 1180

I think it might be because they sell out fast

Anonymous 1197

You think so? I've gone to stores and can't find much in my size(36a) or sometimes have outright seen absolute 0 in that size. Yet rows and rows and rows and rows of larger sizes. It's frustrating.

Every single one except control-brief and g-string.

Anonymous 1198


I like high cut!! Also thong for when I want to feel sexy throughout the day. I have a few g-strings, but they're fir those rare occasions when I've shaved/waxed and want to be sexy. When I'm on my period, I just go for granny panties or briefs (I have a few that are made for periods so they have extra coverage.)


I literally don't care. I buy Victoria's Secret and Hanes.


Lolita fashion Anonymous 25[Reply]

Who else /cgl/ here?
Favorite substyle?
Favorite brands?
Favorite lolitas?
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Anonymous 813

I don't post to cof and honestly I don't want to, I agree that some people don't know how to dress, but a lot of it comes across as nitpicky or a vendetta
I feel like no matter what someone is going to say something about your coord weather they love it or hate it

Anonymous 814

It's definitely not you anon. I just lurk there for the same reason. Most of times I see quite cute coords which get nitpicked for no real reason while some ugly ones are clearly overrated.

I feel like some people there are often mean just for the sake of being mean and put others down just to feel better.

Anonymous 818

>Who else /cgl/ here?
I've been a lolita for around 7 years now.

>Favorite substyle?


>Favorite brands?

My closet is mostly IW.

>Favorite lolitas?

On Instagram my favourites are Queran_ruffles, nahotass, and avina. I used to like filosophilia but I honestly find her and her sister a bit creepy now.

I just get completely ignored… I guess I'm too basic.

Anonymous 1199

Anyone still stuck waiting for actual /cgl/ to come back online?


>Who else /cgl/ here?
Me! ^__^
>Favorite substyle?
Nanchatte, gyaru, and lolita. Larme is kawaii too.
>Favorite brands?
Liz Lisa, Ank Rogue, BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, French Toast, Lazy Oaf, Bodyline
>Favorite lolitas?
Myself! Jk, Fanny Rosie, Pastel Bat, Forky, Misako Aoki, Dakota Rose, Risa Nakamura, Yui Kanno, Venus Angelic, Ai-Honey, Flan, Kazz, Bunny

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