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/cgl/ Anonymous Admin 1[Reply]

Welcome to /cgl/! The board link is mostly for easy recognition. Please suggest alternatives if you wish.

Due to user requests, we're broadening this board to include all fashion.

With enough traffic, cosplay will be split off into its own board.


Dream dress thread Anonymous 785[Reply]

Let's start a dream dress thread!
Post dresses you're looking for , or dream dresses you recently obtained
I'll start with the dream dresses I'm looking for
Btssb- Kumya chan's Love Love Valentine Jsk
Ap-sweetie violets op in pink
Ap- lovely shopping cutsew
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Anonymous 821

Woah, your style is all over the place. No offence, but how do you make it work?

Anonymous 822

uhhh nta but to an outsider looking in, wouldn't she just use neutral color/B&W tops and shit for any and all of these? how would you not be able to make this work?

Anonymous 823

There is some overlap but sweet blouses, accessories, and shoes generally won't work with gothic and vice versa. A pointed collar gothic blouse with angular sleeves won't work with any of those sweet dresses, for example. To have a wardrobe like that you'd have to buy a wide range of items or plan very carefully.

Anonymous 824

Thank you! I have seen the emblem scallop jsk on wunderwelt but I'm only interested in the red colorway.

Anonymous 830

I have quite a big wardrobe. Also >>822 is right to some extent, I have a lot of basics that flow between styles.


Anonymous 815[Reply]

I want to be a cute girl /cgl/
Somebody please teach me how
[spoiler]also I am a girl pls don't ban[spoiler]

Anonymous 820

cute how? like fluffy animu kawaii? or like lolita? gyaru? you gotta give us something to go by.

Anonymous 825

Hmmm like fluffy animu kawaii I guess

Anonymous 827


What is it that you don't like about yourself?
Give us example pics of the type of cute you like
The best advice I can give to be cute (at least concerning outer appearance) is to eat healthy, wear lots of sunscreen, get enough sleep/water, and find a skincare routine that works for you!
For cute clothing I suggest starting out by shopping second hand
Online stores
Really great secondhand app, it's like eBay but the format feels like instagram
My favorite rags to check on there are, jfashion, swankiss, liz lisa, ank rouge, btssb, lolitafashion, angelic pretty, my melody


Although I have an account there I haven't bought anything yet! But also like ebay but filled with cute second hand lolita clothing and items! Market kei has other jfashion if lolita is not really your thing


This is where I first started shopping and where you can if you're on a budget
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 828

I feel for you on this.
I don't want to dress kawaii since I don't feel I have the face for it. My features are just too big and long for the style.


Con season Anonymous 52[Reply]

Which conventions are you headed to this summer? Which ones have you already attended? Any exciting cosplay plans etc?

>tfw so far this year i'm only going to a single comic con

Anonymous 53

I'm going to Gen Con this year. Not sure what I'll cosplay as or if I'll do it at all but as long as I go and have fun I'm set. I wanted to go to other cons but one is all I can afford this year.

Anonymous 684

I'm going to the Calgary Comic Expo here in Canada if I can swing it this year. I chose to move out a month ago and it's been more than I anticipated so idk if I'll really have the money to go. I don't want to go unless I have at least one new cosplay.

I almost exclusively cosplay from DC Comics so I'm hoping to do a Duela Dent or Harley's Revenge - it'll take a miracle for me to pull one of those out of my ass this year but I've made it work before. Here's hoping!

Anonymous 793

there are a bunch of up-coming cons and i think 2 fujoshi ones. KEK
i honestly didn't know those existed until recently.

do you girls think it's okay to go to a con to showcase your cos? i can't splurge much when i go to cons and i don't have any cosplayer friends.

Anonymous 826


>finally have and can save money for cons this year
>local con is going to be even more boring than usual, is barely about anime and japanese pop culture anymore
>I won't be able to go to the biggest con in the country again, this time because I can't get paid holidays specifically the week of the con
>a fujoshi con that used to be in my city takes place now in another city, probably won't be able to go because work, and definitely won't be able to go with friends because they'll be busy with work or college or they'll be abroad
Am I cursed?


Lolita fashion Anonymous 25[Reply]

Who else /cgl/ here?
Favorite substyle?
Favorite brands?
Favorite lolitas?
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Anonymous 498

>Who else /cgl/ here?
Been on and off /cgl/ for the last 8 years.
>Favorite substyle?
Sweet and classic
>Favorite brands?
I prefer BTSSB but I'm buying a lot more into AP lately. BTSSB has better pieces for day-to-day and AP is good for OTT events and meetups.
>Favorite lolitas?
I'm not familiar with the international comm so I don't feel qualified to answer properly.

Anonymous 812


does anybody get nitpicked exaggeradtly in /cgl/? Im thinking in stop posting in CoF.

Anonymous 813

I don't post to cof and honestly I don't want to, I agree that some people don't know how to dress, but a lot of it comes across as nitpicky or a vendetta
I feel like no matter what someone is going to say something about your coord weather they love it or hate it

Anonymous 814

It's definitely not you anon. I just lurk there for the same reason. Most of times I see quite cute coords which get nitpicked for no real reason while some ugly ones are clearly overrated.

I feel like some people there are often mean just for the sake of being mean and put others down just to feel better.

Anonymous 818

>Who else /cgl/ here?
I've been a lolita for around 7 years now.

>Favorite substyle?


>Favorite brands?

My closet is mostly IW.

>Favorite lolitas?

On Instagram my favourites are Queran_ruffles, nahotass, and avina. I used to like filosophilia but I honestly find her and her sister a bit creepy now.

I just get completely ignored… I guess I'm too basic.


Korean/K-pop Fashion Anonymous 539[Reply]

To all sides of K-fashion!

I guess it's kinda similar to a lot of J-fashion, but at least in my experience, it's sometimes a bit edgier and more risqué. It can also be pretty feminine and cute and as well, but I like that even so, it usually has a sexier side to it.

I guess this can be a discussion thread, also for recomendations, OOTD, and inspo pic dump.
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Anonymous 808


I am a bit late, but have you tried doing your own clothes? Some are simple enough to do, and it could be a fun hobbie.

Anonymous 810


this outfit is super cute. and it's one i think i could pull off since we have similar body types.
also, soobin is adorable

Anonymous 811

OT but anon, if you really have her body type, would you be willing to share how you achieved it, like your diet…? Please

Anonymous 816



could be just that anon's fast metabolism, not necessarily a diet or exercising.

Anonymous 817



2000s fashion Anonymous 709[Reply]

You knew this thread was coming…2000s fashion (first decade). Like it? Love it? Hate it? What trends from this time period are you excited to see coming back? What trends are you glad are stuck in the 2000s? Post pics of your 2000s inspired outfits or of general 2000s fashion related inspiration!
53 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 797

Devon Aoki I think she was in fast and the furious before and probably some other films. She is Steve Aokis sister

Anonymous 798

Omg I remember that, my mum wouldn't believe it was in till she saw it in one of her dramas, the nerve!

Anonymous 803

10 things.jpg

ngl I love this

Also while on the topic of 2000's stars like Amanda and Lindsey, they were my inspo back in the day, I really loved them. Kinda sucks to see what happened to them now, wish them the best.

Pic related is from the movie 10 things I hate about you, which came out 1999. I loved a lot of the fashion in the movie, especially all the outfits Kat wore.

Anonymous 809

Is it just me, or despite all the skin showing in some of these outfits they still seem less sexual than stuff you see on TV today?

>feel like it was a time where experimentation in daily, casual wear was encouraged and although sometimes the results were tacky
lol in middle school I hiked up a elastic waist skirt and wore it like a tube top over some flared jeans.

Anonymous 829

>Is it just me, or despite all the skin showing in some of these outfits they still seem less sexual than stuff you see on TV today?

idk if i would describe this as sexual or not, but back then people weren't bothering with extra padded VS pushup bras and perfect full face of makeup, so even though most of the looks are sexy and show a lot of skin, there's something a lot more casual about them.


Cgl Anonymous 225[Reply]

Why is jfashion and cosplay in the same place? I can't take this seriously
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Anonymous 694

I think we might need a poll for that.

Anonymous 791

I really hate jfashion. I prefer Kfashion, but honestly who can afford it.

Anonymous 792

just because you hate cosplay, doesn't mean we should get rid of it.
what's there to hate though? they're all so different and kfash is so normie/thotty/stacy wear. it's not ugly, but it sure is basic as fuck.

i really wish more cosers posted about cosplay here so it wouldn't be a problem.
are cos miners too shy to post?

Anonymous 794

>who can afford it.

but…kfashion is the most accessible fast fashion available.

Anonymous 799


K-fashion brands are actually really expensive. Dupes and knock-offs for it are among the cheapest though.


Lolita Dream Dresses and Accessories Shopping Thread! Anonymous 639[Reply]

What's your dream dress, accessory, bag, shoes, or decorating item?
Are you having trouble finding it? Let's help each other find the things we dream of!

Post topic ideas:
Where do you like to shop online?
Are you looking for a certain item?
Where are the best Japanese sites to buy from?
Who sells the best shoes, bags, accessories?
What's your opinion of a specific shop? Good, bad, meh?
Post your unboxing and critique!
Critiques, criticisms, and reviews of stores/sellers/sites welcome!
6 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 680



sad piano music

Quem sabe eu tente costurar algo este ano… Eu já costurei algumas coisas bem meh, mas nada como um vestido lolita. Talvez eu comece fazendo uma versão de bonecas pra ver se a construção dá certo lol

Sage for portuguese and derailing.

Anonymous 681

Garota, achei que o dólar estava abaixo de dois reais e fui correndo falar aqui pro pessoal de casa. Eu não tenho nenhum conhecimento de costura, eu mal sei dar pontos… Então pelo menos tu tens algo pra começar! Quem sabe dá certo!

Okay, back to english (':

Anonymous 750

I didn't know where to post this so forgive me if it's in the wrong place.

I couldn't afford Lolita style when I was younger but now I am older it's something I'd like to wear for special events/parties/cons etc. However, I'm worried my age may be an issue, and I'll just look dumb. I don't really like sweet style, I prefer classical, but even then I feel maybe I've just missed the opportunity as I'm in my late twenties now. It's annoying because I can afford it now but I feel people are more forgiving to younger people dressing differently.

It probably doesn't help that I've been on ~certain sites~ over the years so my auto response is that everyone is gonna be a massive bastard. Advice pls, I can take brutal honesty too so don't worry.

Anonymous 752

It is harder to be a (popular)lolita if you're over 25 but there are plenty of older women who wear it. The founder/designer of Innocent World (Yumi Fujiwara) looks to be in her mid 30's and still wears lolita almost every day.

Really, though you'll only get shit if you post pictures online of yourself blatantly being an ita. And even if you are an ita at first (everyone kind of is) the internet loves redemption stories.

Anonymous 787

If you are worried about people being bastards about your coords, you can just not post them to COF or the Everyday Frills group until you feel more confident about your outfits. Maybe just post to Instagram or your blog?

I'm in a similar boat to you, where I wasn't able to afford lolita until my mid-to-late 20s. But life is short so may as well give it a shot. Classic Lolita is easier to get away with when you're older anyway, since it usually isn't covered in pastel teddy bears and candy. I really like Sweet Lolita, but gravitate to florals and more elegant prints.


Mori Kei Anonymous 731[Reply]

Mori kei thread
17 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 765


Anonymous 770


Anonymous 777


Anonymous 779


Anonymous 780


Okay I think this is the last one. I'm planning on posting some hair tutorials next but I'd also take requests.

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