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Winter caps in summer Anonymous 1033[Reply]

Why would anyone wear a winter cap in the middle of summer? What sense does it make?

I just don't get it. Makes me mildly angry.
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Anonymous 1184

So fucking what? It’s a bra, you poofy prude.

Anonymous 1185

Whatever that is, it looks odd. It's too thin, maybe it's very ill-fitting bra?

Anonymous 1186

Swimsuit top maybe

Anonymous 1187

I wear a hat like this in summer when I haven’t washed my hair out of depression based cba

Anonymous 1194


I wear hats in the summer if my hair looks bad or to hide a pimple on my forehead.


OOTD / recent purchases thread Anonymous 946[Reply]

There was a thread for this at one point, but idk what happened to it.

>Outfit pics

>Recent buys
>Advice on how to style pieces
>Store recs
>Outfit inspo/aesthetic posting
>Have fun!

Pic related, bought these trousers recently. I like them! They mix up my wardrobe which I feel is full of dresses atm.
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Anonymous 962

Not the same poster, but would you (or any other anons) be able to recommend where to get good wigs? Or what to look for in a first wig?

I've always wanted to have a short blonde bob, but that would mean having it cut and dyed all the time, so I think a wig would be a good solution. I've never really worn them before though, so I'm not sure where to look.

Anonymous 1016


Recent purchase - these jeans. They are so fun, I love leopard print and I needed some more statement bottom pieces to pair with simpler tops.

Anonymous 1034

P1080119 (2).JPG

I've just dyed this old cotton dress my grandmother gave me (I don't know if she or one of my aunts wore it). It was pale blue and white with little flowers but since I have a very fair skin, pale colours don't suit me.

I'm thinking of adding a colourfull bias at the neck and the armholes, maybe raspberry pink, esmerald green or even neon pink, what do you think? Of course I would match the buttons.

Anonymous 1191


I just ordered this shirt. It's so inconsequential, but I feel like I'm very hesitant to wear white.
Currently I think my style aspirations are minimal/simple. I want to be able to easily get dressed without thinking too much about whether an outfit "works." Most of what the internet offers in that way is having a lot of neutrals that are easy to pair. I want to be able to rock the simple white (maybe pocket) tee, but for some reason I'm scared of white. It's probably because of the potential to get dirty.
In the mean time, I got this since the design is cute and it supports a creator that I enjoy.

Anonymous 1193

hey thats catcreatures! i love it


Cosplay Self-Post Thread Anonymous 863[Reply]

Post your cosplans, cosplays, WIP, costest, cosplay makeup, etc~
I wanna see what the C.C cosplay community is like
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Anonymous 886

thank you so much! i just opened up my facebook cosplay page so here you go~ https://www.facebook.com/lolimtgcosplay

Anonymous 1188

Is it ok if I resurrect this thread?
I saw that a videogame convention in my country is holding a cosplay contest with amazing prizes, so I would like to enter next year, but I would like to know if anyone has experience with this kind of contests, what kind of costumes win most frequently? Does it just have to be well constructed and true to the character, or do I get "bonus points" if it's a full set of armor and I have prop weapons?
I remember a few years ago a lady in Nightingale armor from Skyrim won first place, but I don't know many female characters who wear impressive armor, maybe Lighting in FFXII-2 and XII-3, that's all I can remember.

Anonymous 1189


hey what do you guys think of this? It's not an amazing suit of armor but I think it looks elaborate enough to stand out, if I go all out with lace and beads like this lady. Also sorry if I am annoying. I just wanted to try cosplaying for so long but I never had money or the opportunity so I am excitednow

Anonymous 1190

I don't cosplay myself so sadly i dont think i will be able to give very good advice. I do think that it doesn't really matter if you choose to cosplay a character with armor, they mostly judge on the craft and the amount of details. If you can make an cosplay of Terra with such amount of beautiful details in the pic im sure you will rank high!

Anonymous 1192

Thank you for your reply c: I was torn between Terra Branford and Lightning but I think I will choose Terra now (also my mom told me not to choose Lightning because her outfit is too revealing lol)
I have lots of time, adequate skill and I think enough money, I think I will be able to make it really fancy! I'll post here if I manage it! (but that will be in like a year.)


Closet setup thread Anonymous 1028[Reply]

What is your method for building the perfect closet?

Here's what has worked best for me:
>Sort clothes in groups by activities (work, daily life, evenings…)
>Pick 3 main tones or colors that match together and 3 secondary colors for each group
>Pick 2 base bottom items for each group, 1 base pair of shoes, and 3 base tops for each group (you can have as much as you want in the same group)

Anonymous 1029

>not just wearing one single outfit at all times
Are you even the MC?

Anonymous 1084

I wanted the bookcase looking closet but its too expensive. So I have bought plastic shevels from homedepot/kmart wash me luck.

Anonymous 1102


I want to try experimenting with a capsule wardrobe to pare down the amount of clothes I have to things I really like to wear and make me feel good.

I'm somewhat torn between having good basics and really fun/cute stuff that I don't wear very often. I want to transition my wardrobe into something more mature with smart casuals I can wear for work, but I also dread that because dressing my age sounds boring.

Anonymous 1103

larme (1).jpg

Oh, I just remembered this blog that had posts of 8 outfits from 8 pieces of clothing: https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/06/fashion-mixology.html I think it shows well that if you have a capsule wardrobe you don't have to make all your items bland in order to make them all look good together. They have colorful, patterned clothes and they look great together. Although of course not everyone will like that style, I wouldn't wear it personally either but I think it looks very cool. I also think Larme magazine had various outfits made out of 12 or so clothing items but I could never find an entire article, only 1 page (pic related) or even 1 look from each issue. Sigh

Anonymous 1172


I'm actually quite drawn to the simple/minimal capsule wardrobe, mostly because it's different from how I have shopped for clothes up 'til now.
I previously just bought single items that I liked without thinking through how they fit into my overall closet, or I would really like a particular type of item (button up shirts), and get way too many of them.

Now I want to focus on basics and having things to I can build coherent outfits out of. Currently going by the template of having 1 statement/fun, 1 in between, and 1 smart/basic for each item type.

I found this capsule and want to have something that incorporates some masculine touches, but maybe in a menswear rather than casual way.


Shironuri thread Anonymous 307[Reply]

I just got into this, who are some shironuri artists? cosplayers? to follow?
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Anonymous 1163


Anonymous 1164


Anonymous 1165


Anonymous 1166


Inugami Circus dan

Anonymous 1167



Uniforms & Attire Anonymous 1111[Reply]

Military, dress attire, etc, or any other articles of clothing you find attractive.


Anonymous 1112


Anonymous 1113



Anonymous 1181


Anonymous 1182


i need moar military aesthetic images


Strapless Bras Anonymous 1012[Reply]

Anyone have experience with strapless bras? I need to get one as I want to wear strappy dresses this summer and my nude bra strap is not that subtle. I'm a 34B and I don't want a push-up, just something that keeps my boobs in place. Any suggestions?

Anonymous 1040

I think bra companies commonly recommended on /r/abrathatfits make pretty well constructed ones. I tried on a strapless one at tjmax and almost bought it recently except they drive me crazy and I wouldn't wear something without straps, anyways.. maybe wacoal, freya, or one of the other commonly recommended ones.

Anonymous 1118

I would use a strapless top without any sewing on it, or just nipple covers or nothing at all because it feels waaaay more comfortable


Anonymous 346[Reply]

Does any of you gulls have a girl crush or just admire a certain lolita? For me, it's skullita. She lives all the way in California and I really want to meet her one day but I also don't want to be seen as a creep ;_;
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Anonymous 1109


lizchenr is one of my top lolitas if just because she's so damn talented, i can't believe she makes her own dresses.

Anonymous 1110


i also think kiyohari is very cute but iirc there are rumors that it's all either photoshop or plastic surgery.

Anonymous 1115

I always loved her walolita coords, I think I saw them on Alice holic, I find it so creative and beautiful but I had no clue that she passed away…now I'm sad. ;_;

Anonymous 1116

Omg!! I loved her coords so much but totally forgot her nickname so I couldn't search for her anymore, thanks anon!

Anonymous 1117

Speaking of her, where is she now? Does she post anything new on another platform nowadays?


Anonymous 815[Reply]

I want to be a cute girl /cgl/
Somebody please teach me how
[spoiler]also I am a girl pls don't ban[spoiler]
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 828

I feel for you on this.
I don't want to dress kawaii since I don't feel I have the face for it. My features are just too big and long for the style.

Anonymous 888


Same, anon. I really wanna be feminine too. I think half the battle is hygiene and grooming. Even without the wardrobe, smelling good and having a good smile can make someone pretty cute off the bat.

Anonymous 891


I feel my style isn't cute enough. I'm feminine, but I always end up wearing the same combinations of jeans + sweater. There's lots of cute clothes on Ali but I end up not buying anything because I'm afraid I'm gonna get scammed…

Any miners know Aliexpress stores that can be trusted and sell Larme-kei/mori girl style stuff?

Anonymous 901

Do cute things to make yourself feel cuter and then you will project cuteness
>Keep your living space clean
>Decorate with light colours
>Make tea with cute teaware
>Eat small portions of aesthetic food
>Give yourself a manicure, do a face mask etc

Anonymous 911


I am late, but just check the comments/reviews. I always go for the listing with the most comments, and filter them by the ones that show pics. If the pic is true to the ad and the costumer leaves good revies, I'll buy it.


Aliexpress thread Anonymous 1085[Reply]

Post your latest buys, your wishlist items and your favorite stores for clothing, accessories and more!

Anonymous 1092


Part 1 of my “fall is coming” order. Going to order more stuff later probs.

Anonymous 1093

Do you usually find that sizing is okay when ordering shoes from AE? And is the quality on par with the pricing?

Anonymous 1094

Literally all my shoes are from ali express besides like 3 pair .. and I have a lot of shoes . The sizing is good. I’ve only had issues like 2 times with them being too skinny. I wear a size 8 and sometimes get 8.5 depending on the measurements. The quality is beyond the price for a lot of the shoes. And the ones that did eventually fall apart , they did after a lot of wear and I just buy the same ones again lol. Worth 25$ ether way.

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