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/cgl/ secrets and general community ideas Anonymous 461[Reply]

Since Admin wants to bring back some of the nostalgia of the EGL LiveJournal days, I was thinking that a thread on helping this board gain traction might be good.(Bless you Admin)

crystal.cafe is still small so getting traffic would be small and with many communities moving to Facebook, getting traffic here is going to be tough. I'm sure Admin has some ideas for it but maybe input from other Lolitas lurking here might help.

Recapturing the old days has been tried and failed before so what can we do to ensure at least the tiniest bit of success?
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Anonymous 682

I miss gtfoegl

Anonymous 683

I miss beyond-egl

Anonymous 687

Hey mods! BtB didn't post this week, so now's your chance to post your secrets and get more attention!

Anonymous 689

I dont mind you. I hope to read more of your post. But you pist everywhere and you are so dismissive. Kinda kills threads.

Anonymous 712

>TFW you get nostalgic over becoming mildly excited whenever someone would post their lolita horror stories on angry-lace
Too bad it's dead with the rise in popularity of 4chan since 2009.


Anonymous 585[Reply]

I found these masks that look like BJS on twitter and just wanted to share.
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Anonymous 702

i'm just saying, it's insane to think that men don't wear >>585 kind of thing, just because the person likes it.

Anonymous 706

Buckle up, and get ready to see even more of this disgusting behaviour for yourself.

Anonymous 707

Yes, men also can use these masks, but what was shown in this video isn't what we are talking about. These are just dolls. This thread is for masks and bodysuits.

Anonymous 708

Pardon for being a bit off-topic, but there were some talking about dolls so thought that it would be fitting. In anycase, Madventure's Japan travels, there were also a fetish scene where the girls had this >>626 kind of mask and or clothing.
All in all, really weird and disgusting stuff.

Anonymous 713

Are there any good male anime character masks like these?


'Boudoir' 'cosplay' Anonymous 48[Reply]

Post the good, the bad, the wtf
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Anonymous 50


Anonymous 344


Anonymous 425

"Boudoir cosplay"?
I believe that's referred to as "underwear". Loads of inspo in Kay's Catalogue, if that's still a thing.

Anonymous 690

How is this not porn?

Anonymous 691

imo it is softcore porn
A way for girls to get quick followers on their instagrams and patreons and pretend that they're still doing "cosplay"

As a cosplay oldfag, this trend really rustles my jimmies.


Handmade Lolita - Tutorials, Patterns, DIYs Anonymous 674[Reply]

Have you ever sewn a Lolita dress? Or made a cute accessory? Do you have patterns and diagrams for doing so? Tips for good fabrics? Sewing techniques?

Share the goods!

Anonymous 675


Types of clothes that you hoard Anonymous 573[Reply]

Do any of you semi-hoard clothing items that you don't use enough to justify buying them? Or do you hoard clothing items you do use all the time anyway because you don't like washing your clothes?

Stuff I'm guilty of:
Lingerie (particularly those bustier tanks that I always say I'm going to wear outside the house but rarely ending up doing so)
Hoodies (I do wear these a lot, but I own far more of these than I need to)
Outerwear in general (I love how they can spice up a boring outfit)
Bikinis (I live near a beach but I don't go enough to justify the amount I own)
Joggers/Sweatpants, especially the ones with words on the butt (they are so comfy, but I really don't need the amount I own)

I still don't own a lot of clothing compared to other girls I know, but I still feel like I own a lot of types of clothing that I don't need.
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Anonymous 660

I hoard the boxes that makeup comes in. It’s my secret shame. Even skincare boxes, like boxes for face lotions and face washes.

I also hoard bras, I was cleaning out my room the other day and I had AA cups from when I was 11. I’m 19 now, and those things do not fit lol.

Anonymous 661

I do it with perfume bottles and makes up packagings too

Anonymous 662

me too, sis

Why? Do you have a secret stash? Is it like as a record that you bought it?

I hoard graphic tees, too. I hate wearing them and only wear them around the house. I need to get rid of them! My SO gets me a lot and I feel obliged to wear them even though they aren't to my taste….fortunately they have stopped, but I still buy too many.

Anonymous 669

Undies, socks and coats. To an excessive extent.

At least if civilisation collapses I can dress like a….. street flasher… OH GOD.

Anonymous 670

all. i got into gyaru/himegyaru recently and have been buying tons and tons of stuff for mad cheap. i have atleast 30 skirts(just skirts, not even jumpers or skirt/parka sets) that i wear frequently and a few tops in every color they made. it's crazy and i've been struggling to organize clothes, with more on the way…

i just love all of it i can't toss or donate anything, and i wear it enough.



Horror Stories Anonymous 54[Reply]

What are some of your weeb horror stories? Did you meet a terrible ita? Were you at a con and happened to meet some insufferable weebs? How about during your school days? Anyone have a hotel story to share? Were YOU ever a /cgl/esque horror story?

Post all you horror stories relating to cons, weebs, jfashion, anything related here.
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Anonymous 424

I'm something of a collector of these stories. I started a blog about them once but managed to forget… not my password, my USERNAME. I don't even know how that's possible, but I managed it. Anyway…
Holy shit I actually remember you from some /cgl/ thread on 4chan. I used to waste hours on that board before Gamergate started. The UK threads were always great sources of cringe, remember "stairscon"? Or that Zonic woman forcing her way into fucking everything?
Was it your sister or the weeb who swiped a bunch of expensive stuff the day before she moved to Wales?
Also, didn't she claim her dad was Japanese and her mum had been a voice actress in "all" the Final Fantasy games, even though only one of them had had voice acting at the time.
Anyway, I don't have any decent stories of my own. I actually went to Zonic's very own con once. It was… a con, I suppose. Tiny, and not much going on, the usual dealers and small pressers you see everywhere. She claimed it was a success but I overheard security guards talking about how she'd actually lost thousands.
I was also a last-minute make-up for somebody's MCM trip once. The "hotel room" was above a pub and looked more like a 50's military base, a bunch of bare metal bunk beds with thin mattresses in a blank room. Oh well, it was a place to lay my head, and pretty close to the con, considering. On the last day they kept throwing a plastic bottle at the open window from across the room to see if they could get it to go out. It did and promptly hit a passing car, the driver went ballistic, but I'd decided to wait things out in the (communal) toilets.
Another time I ran into a passing acquaintance on the train to the MCM, she's alright on her own but when paired up with her friends, fuck me. I wanted to lob their DS's out of the window.
I now actually work in a pretty working class Japanese high school, the screams of the excitable girls in the corridors have nothing on their western imitators.

Anonymous 436

>be me (17)
> get invited to cosplay meet up
> you get there and there's a furry in fur suit and everyone wears low/mid tier cosplay
> your normal group of friends sees you
> they think you are a furry and avoid you

> be alone for the last 2 years of highschool

Anonymous 454


It is an ongoing nightmare.
>be shy 12yro at new school
>holding copy of Chobits in hallway of school
>girl is pointing at me screaming
>I'm embarrassed from the attention and walk away
>weebgirl follows me to classes in between periods just shouting at me
> will glomp me and physically drag me down the hall
>didn't even find out her name until a week later
>finally stand up for myself, tell weebgirl to stop touching and shouting at me
>weebgirl fucks off
>next day comes back as her 'alter ego' named Yuki
> Yuki is depressed, edgy, and ~deep~
> idc, just try to ignore her
>she follows me to my house as I walk home from school
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 463

now that's a twist I really didn't expect

Anonymous 656

>tfw I was the weeaboo horror story

When I was around 17 and had just started college, me and some friends would wear some horrible ita outfits (I mostly wore a plaid JSK and a normal cotton t-shirt with puffy sleeves underneath, plain white UTK socks and fucking converse sneakers… oh and NO PETTI) and yell in a very obnoxious manner about anime and whatnot. Remembering this takes me back but also makes me shudder in horror.


Lolita Wardrobe Thread! Anonymous 637[Reply]

Let's celebrate beautiful lolita wardrobes!
We've got a quiet corner here, so let's have some wardrobe discussion away from larger crowd, anons!

Some possible topics:
> What do you currently have in your lolita wardrobe?
> What items and accessories would you like to have to expand your wardrobe?
> What would be in your dream wardrobe? What are your dream items?

Ask questions, ask for or give advice, or anything else!


Normie J-fashion Lovers UNITE! Anonymous 321[Reply]

Am I the only one who loves NORMIE J-fashion?

>>Even though it was a few years ago, I was one of the many anons who studied abroad in Japan for 1 year.

My boyfriend had a car and worked between two top universities, so I had the advantage of traveling throughout Japan and seeing tons of different cities/towns. One thing I noticed was a similar style among my friends, classmates, and strangers all throughout the country.

Alt-fashion stood out just as much as it would outside Japan ime, but normie J-fashion is also really cute. I really enjoy it.

>>Let's discuss the popular fashion trends in Japan among late teen-early 40's women~ask questions, share advice, post PHOTOS!
19 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 534


Anonymous 548


I really want the right girl's legs, holy

I love this so much!

Anonymous 549

ffs guys alot pf stuff itt is gyaru or gyaru inspired and not normie shit.

Anonymous 551

I was in japan recently and pretty much every girl was dressed like varations of outfits posted here, maybe not normie by western standards but commonplace enough to not stand out at all. >>422 Is the only thing hat dosent fit itt

Anonymous 631


Cancam and vivi have so many pretty feminine outfits. I like that stuff so much better than lolita and stuff tbh but specific styles have a much bigger presence oversees than just general soft femmy jfash normie (mote kei?) clothing does.


Anonymous 522[Reply]

What cosplay are you working on?
Your favourite cons?
Positive/horror stories?
Why is cosplay so messy?

Anonymous 545


that's a lot of questions, OP. ;;
i plan on cosplaying tsuyu asui (froppy) as my first legitimate and proper cos.
i have no idea how to get her wig right though.. the bow made out of her own hair is pretty tricky to pull off. also, the tutorials i've seen online are so bad and i'm not sure what color her eyes really are. sometimes they look black, dark brown or even dark green.

Anonymous 546

If there's no definite official depiction of her eye color, I think it's fine to go with your preference. I think a dark green would be cute.

Anonymous 575


Tsuyu fanatic here. Tsuyu's eyes are black, pitch black. They don't even reflect light.

Anonymous 581

hehe same!
thanks, anon. my cos is almost done. about to cop a wig and the lenses.
it's sad not much miners cosplay though or at least share theirs.

Anonymous 612

same anon but anyone know how to go about tsu's makeup without going overboard?


Anonymous 527[Reply]

Putumayo is closing.


Anonymous 528

Kind of sad to see it happen but I was never really into them or bought anything from them so I can't really say this is devestating to me. Taobao is a thing so even if more Japanese brands close it isn't the end of the world. I don't think btssb or AP will close anytime soon anyway. That will be the day I actually start to worry.

Anyway, does anyone know what how Putumayo has been doing financially? Like have they been selling decently or have they been bombing more often than not? It's been around for 30+ years so it's actually had a decent run so maybe it's time for it to move on.

Inb4 lolita is dying hysteria

Anonymous 558

I never really liked Putumayo's style, because in comparison to other brands, their materials feel really cheap for the price, and their designs were very gaudy. Most of them reminded me of a Hot Topic that was hit by a hurricane. So I'm not surprised that they decided to close.
That being said, one of my first real 'lolita' pieces was from Putumayo, and the fact that they're closing now makes me a little sad.

Anonymous 564

putumayo was lolita punk anyways (which usually was mistranslated as punk lolita) it wasn't technically lolita, think lolita gyaru, just a girly lolita-esque version of japanese punk. i personally never bought anything but my fiance has a lot of t-shirts from them. it's kinda sad tbh.

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