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Sweet lolita and OTT Sweet lolita inspo thread! Anonymous 552[Reply]

Post your favourite sweet and OTT sweet lolita images, comments, inspiration and whatever!
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Anonymous 557

that is really pretty! the lace applique especially. I'd like to learn how to make my own accessories but it's hard finding the right trimmings around where I live. I have some tutorials on my computer that I can contribute when I get home, though.

Anonymous 559

I would love to see some tutorials!
Also, I know sometimes on 4ch's /cgl/ they get really critical but I've seen people suggest Taobao or Aliexpress for shopping for ace and details like the applique. I've seen some on ebay as well, but I'm not sure of the quality, if I do end up trying any, I'll make sure to make a post here about the quality.

Anonymous 560

That should say shopping for lace an amusing typo since I think "Ace" might be the name of a type of silicon filler I've seen my father use that looks similar to the "whip cream" used in decoden. You might be able to buy that stuff online too, I've always wanted to get into making decoden phonecases and accessories.

Anonymous 562


Anonymous 563



Secrets Post #1 Anonymous Admin 514[Reply]

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Anonymous 529


Anonymous 530

Why do I feel like most of these were writen by non-lolitas and itas?

Anonymous 535

>>516 >>517 Do I have bad taste or does space lolita girl not look that costume-y?

Anonymous 536

Nah, for me its ok. A little OTT sure, but ita no. Its the same that OTT pastel vomit.

Anonymous 540

Same, or someone with a serious chip on their shoulder

Binkie Princess Lolita Anonymous 481[Reply]

Not happy about this. Someone gifted her AP's Cotton Candy Shop.

I'm 32 and into were sweet lolita. There's a notion within the Comm we're into ageplay.

Anonymous 482

Honestly, I'm at a point where I have no idea what to do about ageplayers trying to wave their disgusting asses all over the lolita community. I used to have a tumblr but ditched because of ageplayers and all the ddlg stuff. Even if you request not to be interacted with them in any way they still manage to ruin it.

I think all we can do is push them out the comm and block them on site on social media until they get that they're unwelcome. I don't care if someone wants to do shit behind closed doors but don't make it known when wearing lolita.

Anonymous 492

I saw a lolita documentary recently and quite a few of the members of the local community (England) said people wanted to have sex with them because "they looked like kids" and would often only go places in groups because of perverts. It's really sad.

Anonymous 508

Meh it's just clothes anyone could wear em


Anonymous 438[Reply]

Anyone here like twee fashion? I like that it's cute but still fairly normie. Favorite stores? I like lindybopusa.
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Anonymous 448


twee is basically what some people were trying to call "otome kei", right? I guess what would differ twee from otome kei would be the latter using burando, but even that isn't mandatory. I don't know, they look virtually the same to me.

I really like it, tbh.

Anonymous 493

My favorite. It's not over the top, or very expensive, but still absolutely cute.

Anonymous 494

no anon, the styling is very different…

Anonymous 496

It’s different because the cuts of the blouses and dresses are not as unflattering on westerners as japanese brands tend to be. It’s a lot more vintage inspired as well.

Anonymous 497

I feel like this is the style my bf wants me to wear but I'd feel really plain in.


Lolita Secrets Submissions Post #2 Anonymous Admin 459[Reply]

Submit your Secrets by commenting in this thread.
- The deadline for submissions is the December 10th.
- All submissions will be auto-hidden, then posted to a bi-monthly Secrets thread in >>>/cgl/ in the correct order.
- There is no limit to how many Secrets you can submit.
- Secrets can be positive, negative, or neutral. Speak your mind.
- Board rules still apply. Additionally, don't submit Secrets about people under the age of 16.
- All Secrets must be in image format only, all text and explanations must be part of the image.

Secrets are a tradition that started on LiveJournal, making use of the platform's anonymous commenting feature. After the Lolita community was forced to scatter, there have been attempts to really revive it beyond Behind the Bows, with 4chan being a popular place except for the unfulfilled nostalgia for the weekly rituals of reading all secrets at once instead of them being posted in real time. We think we have found a good solution for Secrets to thrive again. Please let us know what you think.


Is lolita fashion still alive ? Anonymous 428[Reply]

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Anonymous 432

>I've been thinking of starting up a blog but I wouldn't know how to get readers.
What about a youtube channel? Those get views a bit more easily. Might even make a bit of ad revenue after a while (especially if you abuse makeup and say slightly controversial stuff but don't overdo it).

Anonymous 433

I've thought about that but I don't want to seem like one of those e-fame hungry attention whores. I wouldn't mind it since I would just need basic editing skills and a decent camera/mic but yeah I feel like it's somewhat hard to not come off as e-fame hungry nowadays.

Anonymous 434

I also don't think the fashion is dead. We have so many bigger meetups in europe now. But some of the smaller comms don't seem to be doing so well.

The fashion and the culture definitely changed. I really miss how it used to be sometimes.

I wouldn't worry about that. A few people assume that every time when somebody gets a decent amount of followers, even if that person is simply posting pictures. As long as you don't use clickbait or something stupid like that most won't care.

Anonymous 435

I'm actually really interested to know how it used to be back in the day.

Anonymous 449

It seems that you're worried people might think you're worried about what people think to the point of thinking too much about it.
Nothing wrong with liking attention.


Anonymous 269[Reply]

People often mention how they dislike boudoir cosplay and how there are many cosplayers with great skills who are overlooked.

So who are cosplayers you look up to in terms of skills/ craftmanship?
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Anonymous 284

I don't know who this is, sorry. It's a cosplay of the Nightingale armor from Skyrim that I had saved.

Anonymous 285

skyrim was shit but i am glad if it inspired such cosplay, god damn.

Anonymous 287

I actually like Skyrim despite it's flaws. A lot of people I know dislike it since they played Witcher 3 which I haven't done yet. But I guess that's a discussion for another thread.

Anonymous 426

Look up Enayla Cosplay. She is astounding.

I met her at uni. She's pretty nice and very down to earth. She is a massively nerdy gamer, too XD

Anonymous 427


pic 4 clicks


Cosplay Memes / Meme Cosplay Anonymous 378[Reply]

>Virgin killer sweaters
>Neko Swimsuits
>Mega Milk

post them all.


Larme General Anonymous 236[Reply]

>Favorite brands?
>Favorite models?
>Favorite substyles?

Do you use the facebook group, discord or amino? Do you own any issues of the magazine?
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Anonymous 320

my normie ass loves this stuff then. it looks sort of elegant yet casual and appropriate. much more flattering than some kyrary pamyu pamyu lookalike outfit imo. how am i gonna shop for groceries at walmart in a decora kei outfit without people stopping and being like wtf

also axes femme looks pretty cute too. im looking at ebay bc im too lazy to order from the jp shop

Anonymous 345

I think one thing in Larme is that the outfits are supposed to fit the situation. OTT Swankiss Larme is fine for partying, but you might want to wear something different at work. You don't have to make a choice between OTT and "normie", you can very well wear both in different occasions.

Anonymous 361

do any of you know where to buy larme brands without using jp sites? i dont want to be bothered to go through the whole gaijin shipping process or trying to make out a language i dont understand

Anonymous 362

Tenshi shop is a shopping service I use for pretty much everything I order from Japan. She's really friendly and good at responding so try looking in that shopping service. Hope this helps!

Anonymous 374

Does anyone colour match their blogs or instas to look more Larme? I'm attempting too but I feel it looks like shit.

Also has anyone else noticed How much Honey mi Honeys new stuff looks like Monacas new line? God damn it haha


Lolita and Social Media Anonymous 315[Reply]

Are there any lolitas that still run blogs, or has everyone moved to instagram and FB? Do people even still use LiveJournal?
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Anonymous 330

Wouldn't crystal.cafe be a good place to start Lolita Valentines back up?

Anonymous 331

I want lolita_secrets and valentines too plz

Anonymous 332

Omg I'd love that anon. If more lolitas start coming here it'd definitely be something to try.

Anonymous 342

Looks like the Lacebook site is gone.

I don't remember the sign-up process to be all that tedious, which is weird because thinking back, I was very new to lolita when I signed up.

I missed out on these things since I started after the LiveJournal days, so I want them to come back.

Anonymous 343

I actually hadn't checked the Lacebook site in ages and when I did it was dead as all get out. Not surprised to know that it's gone now. I thought the idea of it was neat so it's ashamed it had so much trouble getting off the ground.

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