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Lolita fashion Anonymous 25

Who else /cgl/ here?
Favorite substyle?
Favorite brands?
Favorite lolitas?

Anonymous 26


I go on /cgl/ every now and then.

>favorite brand

I love btssb although I have more Angelic Pretty. I'm working on trying to fix that and find some cute indie brands while I'm at it.

>favorite substyle

Normally sweet but I love classic too.

>Favorite lolitas

Milkyfawn before she left.

Who all has checked out the Lolita magazine, Girlism out? With GLB out of production it's the only Lolita magazine in print now.

Anonymous 27


Oh fuck yes
I'm still 2010 sweet
Kammie is my goddess

Anonymous 28

Fuck, that's the era I was most active in and the best imho. It had the most innovation in the community (and the juiciest dramu before everyone went SJW).

Anonymous 29

>Favorite substyle?

>Favorite brands?

AP is #1 but I haven't liked really anything they've released within the past year or so, save for Daydream Bed. I also like Qpot, Milk, and ETC, though those are more otome.

>Favorite lolitas?

Milkyfawn, Mint Kismet, Victorianme/Xiaoyu, kurumisaki0315, kinokobiubiubiu

Anonymous 30

I remember I used to want to be a lolita but I don't have the frame nor look for it lmao

Anonymous 31

BTSSB is my favorite. I only have pieces from them at the moment. I've been slowly collecting for a few years. Once I lose some more weight and buy a petticoat and proper blouse, I'm going to go to my first meetup! I've been interested in this fashion for almost 6 years now, and have yet to properly coord or join a community… kms.

Does anybody have recommendations for lolita bloggers/ youtubers to follow?

Anonymous 32

RinRin Doll
Princess Fancypants

Anonymous 33


Me too, those were the days. I kind of stopped wearing lolita for a while and when I returned everyone was SJW, old schol was a thing (which I like, I don't wear it but it's really pretty) and LJ was dead. It's just not the same with facebook.

I'm determined to wear it, now. I'm a poorfag without a job so it's going slow, but I won't give up. Just wish I didn't sell all my burando. Good thing is, back then I was too young, didn't have any sense of style and just threw my money at AP and hoped for the best, but now I know what I'm doing… I guess.

Anonymous 34

I used to throw a lot of money at AP too but now I don't. Now they just seem kind of bland with a few good prints here and there.

I haven't had time to wear a lot of lolita recently so it's all sitting in my closet waiting to be worn again. I'm not giving up on the fashion, I'm just waiting for a time when I'm not exhausted and in the mood to dress up. Hopefully it will be soon because summer is just around the corner.

Anonymous 35

I mostly buy second hand stuff so I'm not throwing money at them either. Hope you get back to lolita soon

Anonymous 36

Lolita always looks awkward and lame to me, I thought it was super cool when I was like 12 though.

Anonymous 37


>Who else /cgl/ here?
I hate cgl but I go there sometimes
>Favorite substyle?
gothic and sailor
>Favorite brands?
moitie, jane marple, victorian maiden
>Favorite lolitas?
bonbon malefique and tamielove

Anonymous 38


It's not the only lolita magazine, Eternita is going to have a second volume soon I believe, and it's printed ,with tutorials/patterns. There's also going to be Jabberwocky, tough it looks like it'll be more about general alt fashion than lolita. But GLB was also about gothic and sometimes other alt fashions.

Anonymous 39

Thanks anon! I had forgotten about Eternita. I might look at Jabberwocky if I can. I wish there were more magazines out there but Lolita is a niche fashion and putting them together is a lot of work. I recall an online lolita magazine plan somewhere but I think it was abandoned not long after.

Anonymous 40

No need to post this

Where do you girls get your magazine scans?

Anonymous 41


/cgl/ and tumblr mostly

https://emiiichan.blogspot.com/ was posting some for awhile

Anonymous 42


I took a long break from /cgl/ but I've been using it a lot again recently. I missed it there.
>Favorite substyle?
Sweet. More specifically, old school sweet.

>Favorite brands?

BTSSB and Meta.

>Favorite lolitas?

I hadn't really thought much about this before, but I'll say Ophelia Moon. She is beyond amazing. Pic related.

I'm a NEET so I can't afford what I want to wear. But I cherish the few pieces of brand I've collected over the years. I look forward to getting a job and buying all the old school I can find! It wouldn't even be expensive, I'm just poor as fuck right now lmao.

Anonymous 43

What are everyones thoughts on /cgl/ recently? I used to go religiously a few years ago but I've found the current crowd a bit annoying so I dont lurk as often

Anonymous 44

I think it's just your average circlejerk now. They have a few issues with thread derailments stretching on to like 30 posts. It's got the standard nitpick threads but I guess that's just /cgl/ for ya.

I personally don't enjoy it as much as I used to either but I don't mind the Buy sell trade threads or threads where they post old school or anything similar. I just wish threads like "how old is too old to wear jfash/cosplay" didn't pop up all the time. /pol/ or /r9k/ posters pop up here and there but they're anywhere girls can be found.

Anonymous 45

I still like /cgl/ more than lolcow.

Anonymous 46

Same anon. I'd spend a week on /cgl/ rather than lolcow these days. /cgl/ is still full of salt but it's more comprehendable.

That aside, I finally have time to start incorporating lolita into my daily life again. I really missed it tbh. I feel much more at home and am happier.

Anonymous 47

/cgl/ is a lot better now. It took me a while to get used to the new (now not so new) no-drama rules and I was on lolcow exclusively for a while, but I'm going there regularly again now.

And I'm starting to like it better too. The lack of tripfag circlejerk is marvellous.

Anonymous 58

I'm actually thankful I found cgl, because I think I learned more about how to coord and not be an ita from there compared to anywhere else.

Still terrified I will eventually get posted there, cause it is still quite salty.

Anonymous 187

Does anyone miss the old lolita communities from the LiveJournal days? I've been feeling really nostalgic about it lately. Tumblr is good for coords and what not but I don't feel the sense of community on there.

I heard Lacebook was trying to become a thing but it didn't work out for some reason. I heard amino hasn't worked out too good either. I think outside of Facebook groups there aren't really that many online communities. Some of the egl servers do help I think.

Anonymous 213


Dunkelsüß in Germany was this for a while, but it was too focused on only showing your prettiest pictures and completely elitist, in addition to being led by the most snobby rich lolita who is open about being a white supremacist with a nazi fetish and the webmaster was a creepy beta orbiter everyone avoided at all costs.

I miss LJ too.

Anonymous 214

I just looked at Dunkelsüß and it doesn't seem very active(from what I can tell, not sure since I don't speak German). It seems like any attempt at a community outside of LJ doesn't work out very well. EGL still gets posts but it tends to be "Hi I'm new" type posts. Behind the Bows isn't nearly as active as it used to be and I don't think many people care about it anymore lol.

Anonymous 216

I miss those times so much. Back then everyone I knew owned a blog where they were writing about things that happened in their life.

I remember people at meetups talking about how ridiculous their rules were and how some people were favored when posting photos.
When I was new to Lolita so that sounded really intimidating.

Anonymous 218

I miss long-form blogging too. People would go into insane detail and write out their entire relationship fights instead of vague blogging like now.

>I remember people at meetups talking about how ridiculous their rules were and how some people were favored when posting photos.

If you were a beginner lolita, you had pretty much no chance of getting into any gallery category other than casual lolita. I liked the look and feel of the site, but it was killed by its own elitism.

Anonymous 222

Wait what who was the nazi? I'm not German but a neighbour and I was friends with a few German girls when DS was big, but somehow this completely escaped my attention.

I've been thinking about starting up an old fashioned blog for coord pics, meet recaps, craft projects, random thoughts etc. but I'm not sure if I could keep it up or if anyone would even be interested. I hardly manage to post to my IG once a week, plus I have no idea how to set up a nice-looking page.

Anonymous 224

I'm on /cgl/ often enough but it's sort of a salty cesspool of tryhard edgelords that seem to change season to season, every new generation trying to boost their ego to prove themselves worthy of some "actually a good lolita" rosette they can pin to their next coord. I'd rather just avoid those types. I really enjoy some threads though.

>Favorite substyle?

Sweet, particularly 2010 era OTT sweet pastel vomit.

>Favorite brands?

AP, Meta, Baby, IW.

>Favorite lolitas?

Lor, Cathycat etc. I tend to like down to earth people who have fun and give a nice perspective on being a part of the fashion community rather than people who have impressive amazing coordinates. I like them too, but they're a dime a dozen.

Anonymous 228


ScarletSedusa, the owner of DS and some ~elite~ subforums for gossip on Animexx. She and her now husband got engaged in a patriotic WW2 museum or something really extra like that. She had dating profiles looking for "friends" where she specifically listed dark skin, moles and other "abnormalities" (direct quote) as a deal breaker. I went to her flat once and everything was full of militaria and BDSM gear.

Anonymous 229

i browse cgl religiously which is how i found this website, thanx random online comm thread poster

>favorite substyle

classic, military, gothic, old school

>favorite brand

victorian maiden, excentrique

>favorite lolitas

thingsweneverdid, that tall ginger ouji, ophelia, mintkismet, chokelate (despite her shitty business practices)

Anonymous 231


little gothic spam?

Anonymous 232


Anonymous 233


Anonymous 234


Anonymous 235


Anonymous 252

I have worn Lolita for a long time but lately so much of my clothes look unflattering to me. My body didn't change significantly though.
Do some of you get the same feeling sometimes?

Anonymous 262

How come you feel that way anon? I've been in lolita for a good while too and had the same feelings but it's normally because someone who doesn't understand the fashion goes "anon why the fuck are you dressed like that???" Maybe you could try a different style or different volumes of petticoats to see if helps.

Anonymous 264

Off-topic but this girls hair is so cute. How to obtain these curls??

Anonymous 267

It's because I'm tall so the waists on bought dresses sit too high often. All this 'volume' in the outfits thats going on tend to look too much on me, if this makes any sense.

Maybe I need to stop wearing it so much for a while.

Anonymous 270

they're called barrel curls, i'll look for a tutorial when i get home, but the type in the pic are usually way easier as wigs.

Anonymous 286

>tfw a seller didn't include the corset lacing for your JSK and didn't tell you she didn't have them
>tfw small bust and waist

I cry.

Anonymous 333


I've been getting that feeling a lot lately, and I think it has to do with getting older, at least for me. Apparently I can still pass for a teenager since I get carded every time I go out, but inside I know I'm a woman in my mid-to-late-twenties and that makes certain clothes feel unflattering on me as a person, without necessarily looking unflattering on my body. Does that make sense? I've been leaning more towards fitted bodices, A-line silhouettes and streamlined shapes without as many ruffles and bows lately, and my more sack-like dresses with loose waists, many ruffles or childish prints, and hemlines above the knee have been sitting in my closet unworn for months. I've also been shying away from puffy sleeves and peter pan collars.
It sucks because I love all those elements and like seeing them on other people, but I no longer feel comfortable wearing them myself. I don't even know why, because I'm not one of those people who thinks you can only wear cute things when you're young. Or maybe I do, subconsciously. Bleh.

That sucks. Is it at least a common colour so you can find a suitable replacement ribbon in a store?

Anonymous 462

That's incredibly cringey. How old is she? Does she plan on ever getting a real job? Because German employers aren't too keen on nazi fetishists.

>Favorite substyle?

Classic and kuro.

>Favorite brands?

Juliette et Justine, Mary Magdalene, Innocent World, Moi Meme Moitie, and Victorian Maiden. I have some Alice & the Pirates and am not averse to Angelic Pretty if it's older and not too wild.

>Favorite lolitas?

Fannyrosie for everyday lifestyle lolita, and Mana sama for old times' sake.

Anonymous 476

>shoes on dress


Anonymous 477

There's plastic underneath them, anon

Anonymous 498

>Who else /cgl/ here?
Been on and off /cgl/ for the last 8 years.
>Favorite substyle?
Sweet and classic
>Favorite brands?
I prefer BTSSB but I'm buying a lot more into AP lately. BTSSB has better pieces for day-to-day and AP is good for OTT events and meetups.
>Favorite lolitas?
I'm not familiar with the international comm so I don't feel qualified to answer properly.

Anonymous 812


does anybody get nitpicked exaggeradtly in /cgl/? Im thinking in stop posting in CoF.

Anonymous 813

I don't post to cof and honestly I don't want to, I agree that some people don't know how to dress, but a lot of it comes across as nitpicky or a vendetta
I feel like no matter what someone is going to say something about your coord weather they love it or hate it

Anonymous 814

It's definitely not you anon. I just lurk there for the same reason. Most of times I see quite cute coords which get nitpicked for no real reason while some ugly ones are clearly overrated.

I feel like some people there are often mean just for the sake of being mean and put others down just to feel better.

Anonymous 818

>Who else /cgl/ here?
I've been a lolita for around 7 years now.

>Favorite substyle?


>Favorite brands?

My closet is mostly IW.

>Favorite lolitas?

On Instagram my favourites are Queran_ruffles, nahotass, and avina. I used to like filosophilia but I honestly find her and her sister a bit creepy now.

I just get completely ignored… I guess I'm too basic.

Anonymous 1199

Anyone still stuck waiting for actual /cgl/ to come back online?


>Who else /cgl/ here?
Me! ^__^
>Favorite substyle?
Nanchatte, gyaru, and lolita. Larme is kawaii too.
>Favorite brands?
Liz Lisa, Ank Rogue, BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, French Toast, Lazy Oaf, Bodyline
>Favorite lolitas?
Myself! Jk, Fanny Rosie, Pastel Bat, Forky, Misako Aoki, Dakota Rose, Risa Nakamura, Yui Kanno, Venus Angelic, Ai-Honey, Flan, Kazz, Bunny

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