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Dream dress thread Anonymous 785

Let's start a dream dress thread!
Post dresses you're looking for , or dream dresses you recently obtained
I'll start with the dream dresses I'm looking for
Btssb- Kumya chan's Love Love Valentine Jsk
Ap-sweetie violets op in pink
Ap- lovely shopping cutsew

Anonymous 806

dream dresses v2.p…

I haven't made one of these in a while but these are still my main ones.

MMM summer rose JSK
AATP dido lulala op
IW emblem scallop jsk in red

IW flat collar ribbon OP
ista mori Phalloides and Lymantriidae Skirt
IW round collar A-line op

Anonymous 819


Here are mine… I'm open to other colourways but these are my preferred.

I've seen that IW dress recently on a Japanese site, like wunderwelt, or closet child… Think it was probably Maiden Clothing tbh. Good luck anon!

Anonymous 821

Woah, your style is all over the place. No offence, but how do you make it work?

Anonymous 822

uhhh nta but to an outsider looking in, wouldn't she just use neutral color/B&W tops and shit for any and all of these? how would you not be able to make this work?

Anonymous 823

There is some overlap but sweet blouses, accessories, and shoes generally won't work with gothic and vice versa. A pointed collar gothic blouse with angular sleeves won't work with any of those sweet dresses, for example. To have a wardrobe like that you'd have to buy a wide range of items or plan very carefully.

Anonymous 824

Thank you! I have seen the emblem scallop jsk on wunderwelt but I'm only interested in the red colorway.

Anonymous 830

I have quite a big wardrobe. Also >>822 is right to some extent, I have a lot of basics that flow between styles.

Anonymous 839

dream dresses.png

As you can tell I'm sweet. My favorite (and consequentially my dream ones) dresses usually have floral aspects, besides dolly cat. Thats just cause I like cats.

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