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Anonymous 892

I really don't understand high fashion.For example why buy a D&C shirt for $1000 when I can buy a Hawaiian shirt similar for $50

Anonymous 894

Shoot, you could probably get one for $10 dollars at a thrift store.
But I think some people are willing to pay this much for stuff is because it's ~name brand~ and possibly better quality.

Anonymous 896

Clearly you've never had high-end clothing. The prices are usually exorbitant for the increase in quality, but it indubitably is there. High end clothes feel better, fit better, look better, and last longer in my experience. It's worth it if you have extra money lying around and like feeling expensive.

Anonymous 909

The cut, design, and material. Like I love macys brand jeans and american rag. The cut is better and the material is wonderful.

Anonymous 910

Can someone post a quality/cut comparison image or video between cheap and expensive clothing of the same design that reflects this? People say these things, but I'm starting to doubt its validity.
High end clothes tend to look very basic, as well (a lot of these brands seem to teeter between nothing but the plainest clothing to appeal to minimalist types, or clothing so tacky that it ricochets back to actually looking cheap), so I'm not too sure about them looking better or having improved designs.

Anonymous 918

That's true thats why the intermediate brands are always better. Not jewish enough to make you pay for their marketing at the same time not so broke that they can't even make the clothes right. Applies to all sorts of purchasing btw.

Anonymous 919

Depends. For whatever reason most material nowadays is too thin which is a big dealbreaker for me even expensive clothes, if im gonna pay that much for a garmet i want to be in love with it, not to mention a lot of high end dresses aren't necessarily flatteringly cut and shaped on girls who aren't thin, I'm pear shaped and my calvin klein dress makes me look pregnant due to these weird pleats in the front but it gets tighter as it goes down, I gave it to a really skinny friend with a concave stomach and even she looks preggers in it

Anonymous 928

man i am really feeling this post it's hard to find shirts for women which aren't fucking see through.
i also hate how fucking short some women's sleeves are.

Anonymous 932

I don't have any comparison pics/proof or anything but I do have an experience to share.
Awhile back I bought jeans from UO for around $70 I believe. I really liked the fit and color at the time but after a few washes and wears they really lost their color and style and are actually pretty thin quality. They're fun to wear now cause they're kinda cute and comfy but other than that they lack the style they once had and I typically don't wear them out.
They kinda remind me of the quality of $30 pants.
On the other hand, I bought a pair of $60 levis and they are AMAZING. The color is much richer, the fabric is incredibly thicker, and the fit has stayed true despite my many wears.
I guess what I'm comparing here is brand name quality compared to a lesser known brand. Additionally, in this case, the less expensive jeans turned out to be a lot better quality. Although I have seen levis go for about $100+ online, so maybe I just got lucky with my payment of $60. Also they were most likely vintage and some people say stuff was made better/to last back then so who knows.

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