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Self help/introspective books Anonymous 10361

Y'all read? Lately I've had a rough time obsessing over everything, hating myself, and not regulating my emotions. What are some written materials that have helped you become a better person, or see yourself/humanity in a different light?

I like the "This is Water" graduation speech by David Foster Wallace haha. And this.

Anonymous 10363


I've been going through a breakup that has completely devastated me recently. We had plans for the future and were going to start building our careers together when he suddenly dumped me. It sent me spiraling really badly and I felt like I'd never really get myself and my work off the ground. My mom gave me this book The Defining Decade by Meg Jay. At first glance it kind of seems like a condescending advice book about just believing in yourself or some shit but I found it to be a really motivating and stimulating. The author is really good at exploring the fears a lot of 20-something's have without talking down to you. A cornerstone of the book is about taking charge of the time you have now instead of relying on starting your life in your 30's. I'd definitely recommend it if you're feeling lost.

Anonymous 10365


Pema's Chodron's "The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times" sounds like it might be perfect for you. Here's a decent preview on Google Books:


Anonymous 10376

I don't want to google it. Is this a picture from The little prince?

Anonymous 10614

Why's it good?

Thanks, both sound interesting :) Keep em coming

Anonymous 10670


i actually found this book by asking ppl online for self help book suggestions, same as you. it worked well for me. good luck <3

Anonymous 10713


Strangely, this started leading me on the right part, and now I'm about as away from it as possible.

Anonymous 10714

I remember this book, I didn't really finish it though I'd recommend it to people because of how interesting it is.

Anonymous 10716

Maybe you like Papus better, his works are really peaceful!

Anonymous 10727

used 2 read a tonne of self help and philosophy books and it never helped. What helped was finding what it was irl that made me feel so bad

Anonymous 10835

You are correct

Anonymous 11786

"who moved the cheese?"

about moving on and finding new oppurtunitues

Anonymous 18912

The Little Prince was surprisingly emotional and great.

Also a family friend gave me a little book called "As a Man Thinketh". Great for motivating yourself to get up and make your life happen instead of waiting for it.
Recently started reading about Yoga Nidra too. Seems like an interesting vedic take on stoicism and learning to quiet the ego so you can see the world and yourself more clearly.

Anonymous 18913

Heh, the management at my last job distributed those booklets to us right before trying to screw us over with new policies.

I hate corporate brainwashing so much.

Anonymous 18917

i read this!!! and can confirm it was one of the books which helped me out of my rut. really good read.

Anonymous 18943


Ugh, it's the worst. I'm trying to get out of of wageslaving for The Man, but I'm too much of an antisocial brainless think of anything really innovative or fruitful. :/

Anonymous 19098

It's annoying to me that on paper, capitalism is supposed to be this super pragmatic system where everything is based on market relations and efficiency, but for some reason every corporation tries to turn itself into a religion / culture, making you chant slogans and participate in dumb "traditions" and shit.

Quite hypocritical if you ask me.

Anonymous 19099

Big companies want Capitalism in sales and feudalism in employees and suck at both

Anonymous 19743

Marcus Aurelius-Meditations

Anonymous 22350

"A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy" by William B. Irvine.
It is a nice introduction to stoicism even a brainlet can understand. It helped me with taking the first steps towards beating depression.

Anonymous 22384

Personality sells. A prepackaged image if the self sells. Look at Apple commercials. Do they ever mention specs? Or any info? No. It's a feeling. an image. A lifestyle. In this day and age, that's everything.

Anonymous 22387

Reading good books always helps, I think. It makes you stronger. Self help books are usually utter rubbish. Sorry.

Anonymous 22388

Very interesting take, anonette! For me, "capitalism" or "capitalisms" (because they all differ) simpmy cannot be put on paper. Capitalisms are an spontaneous phenomenon arising from our own nature. In all these characteristics, it resembles schyzophrenia:
There is no single presentation or "types" of schyzophrenia: every single case is very different and its developments are hard to predict.
Even if there are a lot of books about schyzo, the most honest approach is to talk about "schyzophrenias" ( I read that in a book, this ideas arent mine)
Capitalism is a complex disease just like schyzophrenia, even if it can sometimes be harmless

The magic of capitalism is that it always mutates when you criticize it, while still revolving around the same axis: capital. People were saying capitalism was cold, mean and robotic, so capitalism swallowed culture and puked it back out, there you have it

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