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Anonymous 11181

All of the anti-Jew posts make me feel pretty insecure. Even the ((())) from /pol/ that have been spreading everywhere. Am I just letting the memes get to me?

Black and mixed girls of cc, do online racial posts make you feel like other people don't like you because of your race, or do you mostly ignore them as a joke?

Anonymous 11190


This is so sad, I am sorry about it, anon.

It's never nice to hear that you are scum, especially for stupid bullshit that you can't control, like race.

Although I also get ~triggered~ sometimes, my best advice is to try to ignore it as best as you can, at least on the internet. IRL you can try to go to the police or something like that. But on the internet, there isn't much you can do, especially on imageboards and such, where everyone is anon. If you're not feeling well in general, I'd recommend you to step away from the internet for a while and get reminded that real people IRL are usually not like this.

Then come back when you're feeling better.

the better your mental health, the faster you grow a thicker skin and learn to ignore that bullshit as well, imo.

Anonymous 11191

This is good advice.

Don't spend so much time trawling through imageboards. You'll just see the same cynical shit. You need more constructive hobbies outside the internet

Anonymous 11193


Thanks, anons. You're probably right.

Anonymous 11195

>Black and mixed girls of cc, do online racial posts make you feel like other people don't like you because of your race, or do you mostly ignore them as a joke?
if someone just posts nigger on 4chan or something i don't care that much. it's just a word, y'know. but if they're posting statistics and chimp out webms & other /pol/ propaganda ( & just seem like someone that actually believes an entire race of people aren't above apes or w/e ) i get…slightly annoyed? for about a minute before it rolls off
i dunno
i feel browsing 4ch for the past decade has largely desensitized me to e-racism

Anonymous 11196

I don’t really care. Most of it is bait anyways. They would call me a shitskin or spic but honestly it doesn’t affect me at all. Maybe I’m just too desensitized to all the offensive shit.

Anonymous 11197

I have to add that real life racism does piss me off though, it’s just online where I don’t really care.

Anonymous 11198

I'm confused, are you jewish, black or mixed?

>do online racial posts make you feel like other people don't like you because of your race, or do you mostly ignore them as a joke?

I'm Chinese. Am I allowed to answer this? /int/'s post-ironic shitposting doesn't affect me, perhaps because I also participate in it sometimes (only ironically), but the anti-chinese/immigration sentiment on the subreddit of the country I'm residing in does affect me that I've developed a genuine disdain for that place.

Anonymous 11200

I already know that most non-black people see blacks as near subhuman so I’m not too bothered when I see /pol/ tier stuff online since that’s what I expect anyway. It’s sad but I’m basically immune to it

Anonymous 11206


Do any of the non-white anons here have trouble dating white boys (both in the sense of being unable to date them and having trouble while apready dating like their/your family disaproving)? Would any of the white anons date non-white boys?

Anonymous 11209

>scrolling down
>sees spoiler
>"I bet this is going to say male"
>it says Jew

Hey op you surprised me

Anonymous 11210

I don't care about online casual racism much anymore since I never have to be close with strangers, but I would have trouble dating a white guy. It would be too tempting for him to fall into the race realism rabbit hole because he has nothing to lose and only ego strokes to gain. Too much potential to look down on me. He's already a man, why make it worse? I also generally find white men less attractive than some other races so it's not a huge sacrifice.
And I'm not black btw I'm Native.

Anonymous 11213

I know it’s very silly to ask you this directly, but why are native americans so common on imageboards? Is anime big in the native community?

Anonymous 11215

Are you Canadian by any chance? I always see them referring to Canada as Chinese for some reason

Anonymous 11216

>I also generally find white men less attractive than some other races so it's not a huge sacrifice.
I have an Indian friend who thought the same way until she met her current bf kek.

Anonymous 11217

Really? I haven't run into any others even when I used to frequent 4chins often. Unless we're counting mestizo people, but they're more likely to identify with being latino or with their country of origin in my experience.
I can't speak to us being weebs since I don't interact with many other Indigenous people. I've lived off the reservation in a white prominent place for years now.
>you just need the right white cock
I'd date a Jew tbh though.

Anonymous 11220

By the way, anyone feel free to post here regardless of race. I wasn’t really thinking about it, I just don’t like saying “poc” or “non-white” because of the way it distinguishes all of us as if being white is the norm. White anons can share their thoughts too.

Anonymous 11243

The antisemitic stuff does get to me sometimes, because even other marginalized groups will echo those things. The fixation on Jews being literally Satan is apparently color-blind. How wholesome

Anonymous 11246

I always did find it odd that Jews have been always been discriminated against even longer than any group and it’s like a universal thing.

Anonymous 11247

>you just need the right white cock
I didn’t say that. Don’t take it the wrong way or anything. It just sometimes I feel like we talk too much and then end up doing the exact thing we said we wouldn’t do.

Anonymous 11265

it would probably bother me if I didn't see people of my ethnicity adhering to all the negative stereotypes about us on a daily basis

Anonymous 11278

>get reminded that real people IRL are usually not like this

But how can we know for sure? I've seen too many online racial posts on all kinds of social media where people bash (insert race) seriously and not in a shitposting way while claiming they have friends of said race.

Anonymous 11286

It's just the orthodox/supremacist ones, regular Jewish people are nothing like that yet pol categorises them all the same.
Anons if you're finding that you're seeing the kind of pol-think outside of 4chan it's less that it's a huge thing and more that you're inclined to the same hobbies/areas they are. Outside of imageboards they're thr minority.

Anonymous 11288

yeah because we're "god's chosen people" and that was foretold in the holy scriptures

Anonymous 11290

I’m talking about throughout history, with all the stereotypes they’ve made about them, the pogroms, the holocaust etc. My mom is from Colombia and she told me that once as a kid she was being greedy with her candy and didn’t want to share it with her sister so my grandma told her not to be as greedy as a Jew. To me, it was shocking to hear but it’s was a stereotype they had of Jewish people.

Anonymous 11291

No and that's because Canada has a lot of Chinese diaspora.

Anonymous 11301

Yes, antisemitism was a very casual thing until fairly recently and in some ways it still is. One of the theories I've heard about it is that it's because Jewish communities have historically (before assimilating) been reclusive and didn't want to be part of the other communities in their respective regions which led to many rumors about them. In Christianity, dealing with money is considered unholy, and Jews were not allowed to be a part of any other trades, so the only thing they were allowed to do with the general Christian population is deal with money (banking, loans, trade etc). So Jews became "greedy".

Anonymous 11332

I don't find white men attractive in general but I only like a certain type of white men.

Anonymous 11379


Anonymous 11384



Anonymous 11385

Yes, parrot contrite bullshit because that is what critical thinking is.

Don't cut yourself on that edge.

Anonymous 11386


You too, Anon-chans.

Anonymous 11389



Anonymous 11393

What’s the reason? I genuinely want to know

Anonymous 11394

hi trigger-chan

Anonymous 11395

They lie cheat and steal their way into positions of power in culture, business and government and use it to advance themselves further and further while keeping non jews down.
They mutilate babies genitals with their sharpened finger nails and then suck on the still bleeding penis. They'd do similar things to baby girls too if they had the chance. They've worked to trick many non jews into practicing this form of baby torture out of pure cruelty and profit too.
Their holy book clearly states multiple times how non jews are animals that exist only to be used by jews, and that it is their god given right to do whatever they wish to those animals.

Did you know the majority of slave owners in America were actually Jews? And only a tiny percentage of whites actually owned slaves? Yet somehow along the way in history the guilt of slavery was passed on to ALL white people while Jews quietly slipped into the same "oppressed minority club" as blacks despite Jews being on average the wealthiest race in the world? I sure wonder how everyone got manipulated into thinking that way. Almost as if nearly as of both entertainment and news media was controlled by them or something.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 11398

I know this is bait and I'm not gonna address the first paragraph because it's too ridiculous, but I do want to address the "Jews owned most slaves" thing because people might actually believe that. One Google search proved that that's factually incorrect. Here's the Wikipedia page: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_views_on_slavery. Go to the modern Era section. Inb4 Wikipedia is not a reputable source - there's a whole part about that claim with many citations from reputable sources. If you have any doubts just look through them and judge for yourself.

Anonymous 11403


Muslims also get circumcised. and nobody encouraged Christians to, they just adopted it for whatever the fuck reason. the custom of sucking the blood is primitive and disgusting, which is why it is only practiced in ultra orthodox communities and is generally being eradicated. Disgusting and primitive behaviors seem to be common in religious extremes, such as Catholic priests raping and molesting little children under the protection of their church.

>Accusations of controlling the media

>First edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
One well-known antisemitic cliché is that "the Jews control the media".[77][78] Historically, it has been traced to discredited early 20th-century publications such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903) and to Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent.
>J. J. Goldberg, Editorial Director of the newspaper The Forward, in 1997 published a study of this myth regarding the United States,[79] concluding that, although Jews do hold many prominent positions in the U.S. media industry, they "do not make a high priority of Jewish concerns" and that Jewish Americans generally perceive the media as anti-Israel.[80] Variants on this theme have focused on Hollywood, the press,[81][82][83][84] and the music industry.[85][86][87][88][89]
>Famous scholar Alan Dershowitz said of the subject:
>Many of these individuals are Jewish only in the sense that their parents or grandparents happen to be Jews. They do not live Jewish lives or support Jewish causes. They certainly do not conspire to exercise any sort of “Jewish control” over the areas in which they work. Indeed, many individual Jews who are in positions of authority are anti-Israel and critical of Jewish values. Others simply don’t care about these issues … So let’s stop all this nonsense about Jewish control over the media and praise those individual Jews who, by dint of hard work and talent, have earned their place, as individuals, in so many areas of American life. I always thought that was the American dream.[90]

Imagine your child got beat up every day by a large group of kids, because he was smaller and new so it was easy to pick on him all together. Imagine every time something bad happens, someone from the large group of kids claims it was your kid because it couldn't possibly be one of them. Imagine your child being the smallest kid everywhere he goes, and all the other schools already heard the rumors, so they beat him up there, too. This process repeats over and over through hundreds of schools and across years and years. It is absolutely not a coincidence, or for no reason - it is because it's easy, and it solves all of the group's problems. It's called having a scapegoat, you conspiratorial nutjob.

Get the fuck off this thread, you obvious robot.

Anonymous 11406

When the mainstream culture pushes "anti-racism" and continuously race baits and is constantly outraged over some racial comment someone in the public eye says, the edgy contrarian response is always going to be "GTKRWN 1488! WPWW!" etc.

A lot of it is just edgy teens pushing and probing taboos because they can say it anonymously online. The rest are genuine racial supremacists. It's not just white people who can be racist.

Anonymous 13386

It is heartbreaking to realize that vulnerable people online internalize the racial resentment directed against them by extremists on imageboards. Please don't do that. You have to love yourself and you can't do that if you've bought into a racialist worldview promulgated by actual national socialists.

Anonymous 13387

No matter what or who you are, there will always be a people who like you no matter what, and their opinion along with your own are the only ones that matter

I always just took it for granted that I brushed off any posts like that on the internet as shitpost (I'm jewish myself) but now I feel bad that other people do struggle with processing it

Anonymous 13389

> …for good reason

There's never a good reason to be insulting and racist against a large group of people.
There are bad people of any race/ethnicity, it doesn't mean everyone are.

Anonymous 13402

this edit is really cute

Anonymous 13405

In general it doesn't really get to me, but it just hurts when i come across something I've heard people vocalize irl. I suppose it makes me paranoid that absolutely everyone feels the same way when in truth it may be a much smaller amount than I fear.

Actually in real life the most open insults I've gotten about being black are from black guys who've told me they'd never date a black bitch and especially not a darkie with ugly nappy hair, that snowbunnies are better than me, that they only date light skinned girls because they're 'softer'.

I don't care about their perception of me per-se because I'm not attracted to black guys either, but the fact that people find black women manly and unfeminine sucks and makes me fear I'm never going to be able to find a compatible relationship b/c I'm submissive and it seems practically every guy expects me to be some "sassy" black dominatrix. A lot of white people think that portrayal is flattering but in truth it just ingrains the idea that black women are unfeminine and stupid (hence getting angry so fast) and thus not valuable.

And these incident aren't isolated. Everywhere you look online, including spaces that are mainly populated with black people, bash black women constantly. There are sites and like hashtags for blackgirlmagic or whatever but it actually makes it sadder for me that we have to convince people we're beautiful and actively campaign to be seen as anything more than repulsive.

Yeah! I didn't make it though, a nice r9k anon did.

Anonymous 13948

It’s not just online though. I’ve been actually sexually assaulted due to my race. Everyone hates blacks. Blackness is disgusting.

Anonymous 14751

meh, the hatred tends to be of Black men instead of black women so it doesn't bother me, I have no brothers and my dad left before I was born so I don't reall have any connection to men of my race anyway

Anonymous 14762

>the hatred tends to be of Black men
>my dad left before I was born

Anonymous 14763

nta but what are you even saying?

Anonymous 14779


What's the title of this video?

Anonymous 14833

>I have a whole folder full of these
Why? Are you a masochist?

Anonymous 14835

>Tommy Sotomayor
>full of Y'alls, Be instead of are, they asses
these are black men speaking, so doesn't contradict my point at all, even most /pol/sters would probably give up their racist views if they could get a black gf lol

Anonymous 14853

I'm a black muslim woman with refugee parents lmao, I've seen so much racist shit directed at me online, whether they're insulting my race, religion, refugees/immigrants or women. It's all very despicable, I don't really have any room in my heart to care about what random strangers think about me though. I have enough real life problems at the moment and my mind is moreso focused on graduating University and making something from my life, I'm also in the midst of creating a Etsy business.

I'd advise you pay them no mind, when I was younger and had no one to turn to but the internet it did hurt to hear so many vile things said about people like me. I'm now more older and realized that most of what was being said was merely for the shock factor or due to insecurity on their part.

Don't let it affect you in anyway, honestly what scares me more is knowing I can die in real life because of my hijab. While I'm minding my own business reading manga on my phone while walking around campus or around the transit station some bigot who has nothing going for them in life could put a bullet through my head simply because they hate muslims/blacks.

It's all exhausting, I mean look at what happened at that synagogue in Philly recently, we aren't safe anywhere thanks to these indoctrinated zealous fools. I wish they'd take themselves out in a blaze of glory instead of involving innocent people who are merely trying to live their lives.

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