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Anonymous 12436

I'm bisexual in a straight relationship. Things are good, I love him and I like male bodies. I just pains me that I also like tits and pussy and a the touch of another girl. I feel really guilty when I masturbate and think of girls. Are there any other bisexuals here that go through this?

Anonymous 12437

also I'm drunk, sorry for the typos

Anonymous 12438

u-uh… Anon you might wanna talk to your bf about these concerns

Anonymous 12442

I never feel guilt. Why do you?

Anonymous 12448

Guys tend to fap mercilessly and without remorse, honestly wouldn't be too surprised if he thought it was hot. That all said, just talk to him, if he's a decent guy I don't think he'd really mind either way.

Anonymous 12449

If you feel guilty about "cheating" in your mind, remember that males do that all the time. And your bf will almost definitely act on it at some point.
Don't sweat it, males aren't people and boyfriends are glorified pets at best.

Anonymous 12451

>And your bf will almost definitely act on it at some point.
>males aren't people and boyfriends are glorified pets at best.

stop this

Anonymous 12452

You're wasting your breath. Some girls just think all men are evil scumbags and vice-versa with men thinking women are evil. Truth is neither of us are perfect and we need to work on improving ourselves rather than trying to prove that your gender is worthwile and bitching about dumb bullshit every day

Anonymous 12453


Though to be fair, we are all awful regardless of sex and race. Women are just slightly less prone to violence and acting on sexual impulse (more males cheat, rape, and have pedophilic tendencies). So I hate men a bit more.

Anonymous 12454

pretzels is the same

Anonymous 12465

Pretty sure

if you talk to him about this

He'll suggest a threesome at some point

Anonymous 12467

Sometimes I wonder if some anons on this site have ever talked to a male outside of the internet. I don't think they have.

Anonymous 12473

don't think about it too much anon. i'm bi too and in a relationship with a man. we've been going strong for a year now but someeeetimes i do end up fanatsizing about some cute girls. honestly it's just your fanatsy. if you feel really bad thinking about girls i'd honestly suggest you talk to your bf about your concerns.

but it's not like you're cheating on him and you've stated that you love him. don't worry too much. it's just that you're attracted to both genders so i think having some fantasies about the other gender is no problem at all (unless you feel so guilty about it that it makes you unsure about your relationship, then you gottal talk it out!)

Anonymous 12509

Just thinking about it isn't bad.
I'm sure he does the same to some extent.
As long as you don't act on it and cheat on him, you'll be fine.

Anonymous 12510

Would you feel the same way if you were thinking about other men? Or you just feel bad because it's women?

Anonymous 12544

Can anyone actually even prove men exist? Cuz I'm not so sure.

Anonymous 12545

they're just a bad dream anon, ignore it.

Anonymous 12843

I kinda know this feeling. Here's my story to it and how i feel for living in it.
I'm extremely bisexual and I just love people. I have a bf for many years now and it's amazing, but I always have this craving for a…soft touch? I don't know I just really like girls as well. I feel like i'm fully satisfied when it comes to having a man in my life, but I just really like how a girl feels and the emotions that they bring up.

Me and my bf have been discussing these feelings and such for years and came to a conclusion of a poly relationship. Long story short I'm with him and I also date girls. Sadly it usually ends up being a short thing as most girls do not like the idea of me already being in a relationship and I always try to bring it up early. I don't want the other person to be out of the loop, start feeling something and then get the full story later. And in other cases i'm not interested in short flings where someone wants to go to bed in a week or two.
Before I never knew how much I needed this and tried to repress the feelings, but now even the idea of being in a throuple would be amazing.
>threesome meme
I kinda wouldn't even mind if the relationship was where we all liked each other. A one time thing with random person? no. But it wont happen, it's not possible, so just being selfish and focusing on myself
>but then he will find someone as well and wont tell you
I know the saying is a meme, but it's not the case for us. considering how we talk, how our discussions go, how much we "hurt" each other by being open with how we feel I really doubt that would happen.

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