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Night Time Thread Anonymous 12786

Night is a blessing and a curse. The comfiest time and emptiest time. What are you doing awake? Enjoying the quiet? Regrets eating at you?
Please only post if it's night time for you. Night requires a special haven.

Anonymous 12792

I'm always so peaceful at night. Relaxing and winding down. It feels like I get back a slice of my old (pre-kids) life. Just that nothing from that life is around anymore, even in the internet. :(. Still, I type here and look there and it's cozy and nice. But not for too long, I also need sleep.

Anonymous 12795

i'm drunk as fuck and it's tuesday night and i have to wake up at 6 tomorrow

Anonymous 12813

Life is just so bad. People really are just cruel animals masquerading as civilized

Anonymous 12814

drink some water. like drink a bunch of water and eat something before you go to bed. plus set an alarm.
i do this every night, dw. you'll live.

Anonymous 12815

I'm listening to soulful dirges in a language I don't understand (spanish)


Anonymous 12816

listening to this on repeat and contemplating going to therapy because i'm so fucking bone-deep sad all the time. i hope everyone is having a good night and is able to have a long, deep sleep before facing the day tomorrow.

Anonymous 12818

wrapped up in a blanket, drinking vodka and oj, watching anime. life is comfy but it's boring. i have nothing to look forward to.

Anonymous 12822


I'm beginning to become despondent at night again. Maybe it's because the semester is in full swing now. Anyway towards the end of the day I have a hard time not ruminating on how lonely I am, how I wish I had friends at school (outside of class that is), how much I wish I had a romantic partner to hold and stuff, etc. I also tend to seek out content that makes me feel bad–in particular, YouTube comments or articles that I feel are criticizing me.

At least school is going well. I enjoy the classes and research I'm engaged in, and I feel like I'm learning valuable skills for my future career. I also want to try doing volunteer work this semester, maybe at a hospice or HIV/AIDS organization. I think this might help put my problems in perspective and also improve my interpersonal skills.

Anonymous 12829

Lately I've started playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf a lot at night. I hadn't touched the game in years, but something drew me back to it recently. The music that plays at 7 pm really gets to me. I don't know why. The game elicits a bittersweet feeling, because the world is so comfortable and assuring, but at the same time I'll never be a part of it and that's always made me feel terribly sad. And as the night draws on, I just get more and more anxious thinking about work the next day and how it never ends. Even if I quit, I'll just have to go work somewhere else. I don't know. I'm deeply unhappy and every year it just gets worse, especially in the wintertime as it gets colder and darker and harder to get out of bed in the frigid mornings.

>becoming despondent at night
I do this as well. You're not alone, if that helps. I also find myself navigating to places I shouldn't, like depressing boards or songs that just make me feel worse about things until I fall asleep and do it all over again the following afternoon.

Thank you for making this thread, by the way. Responding to it was helpful in its own way.

Anonymous 12876

says the pot, calling the kettle black

Anonymous 12882

you posted this earlier faggot, fuck off

Anonymous 13123

4 am here, so maybe I’m cutting it close

I haven’t been able to sleep lately. I keep waking up at odd hours. It’s raining now, so maybe that will help.

Hope you all are getting good sleep too!

Anonymous 30135

It’s currently 2:09 am. I’m awake because my sleep schedule is ruined. I need to get to fixing it, but right now I’m just listening to this playlist on Spotify that an artist made. It’s called “hole”. It makes me feel like I’m floating in the void.

Anonymous 30139

Night's the only time I'm ever able to relax. I have extreme paranoia and so much as hearing my family open doors on the other side of the house sets me over the edge. I have a sleep schedule that lets me stay up until right before my family starts waking up.

I don't ever have anything special to do at this time of night, it's just so nice for the alone time where there's nothing going on.

Anonymous 30151

10 pm, the night is still young (for me).

i just rediscovered the name of my favorite song. havent listened to it in years…
im just having a good time, holding tears back from the feelings this music brings, and from the so many memories coming back to mind

Anonymous 30164

Crying because a fucking isekai. In summary to avoid spoilers, the MC's anxieties of being worthless in both of his lives hit hard. I've squandered my parent's sacrifices and opportunities offered by others. Despite fantasizing about righting wrongs with knowledge garnered from regret isekai'd me would be as insecure and unstable as I am tonight. The only time I'd feel comfortable seeking out a therapist or psychologist would be during hours like these: when traffic dwindles into a lullaby orchestrated by crickets and atonal growls of errant motorcycles fucking purple phrase but who fucking cares.

I think I want to say more in this post but lack useful thoughts that would contribute to a meaningful conversation with online strangers. I want to get out of bed in the morning, to do more than stare at this screen and rehash another pity party. I want to listen to good music and make money and begin less sentences with I. I want to be stuck in the sacred AM before the blueness parts for the blinding sun and another day of lethargy. I want to want things with passion again. I will accomplish none of these desires.

Anonymous 30165

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes we are given good opportunities but they aren’t the right ones for us or don’t appear at the right time. You would have taken them otherwise. Think about what you like to do or what fascinates you and make a plan to devote your life to that. You like anime for example so make a review channel on youtube or learn to be an illustrator. It’s never too late to set yourself on the right path.

Anonymous 30198

4:52 am

Anonymous 30553

depression time. self-worth dropped to a low never seen before. i think about ending it more and more lately and any happiness i feel is fleeting, tied to an indulgence of something i should let go of.

Anonymous 30567

Waking up in the middle of the night to watch livestreaming sports halfway across the world with snacks and a blanket. Super comfy.
Also taking walks at midnight and breathing in the crisp night air.

Anonymous 30573


I enjoy the melancholy and general slowness that comes with the night. It is a striking contrast to the busy, noisy and speedy daytime. I wish I could have some neeting time so that I could go back to watching the sun rise at dawn before going to bed again. I miss summer vacation. I feel like I got stuck in an adult life with all its responsibilities without ever having had the chance to enjoy myself.

Anonymous 30576

When's the next time you can go on vacation? Your break will come. Good luck keeping up with the grind, hubbub, and goulash. I may join you in the real world and escape the daily dirge blasting in the four corners of my bedroom soon.

Anonymous 30582

I'll probably take some around Christmas, but it would only be two weeks, which is not even enough to catch my breath, let alone recover.

>I may join you in the real world and escape the daily dirge blasting in the four corners of my bedroom soon.

Trust me, it's the real world you want to escape from.

Anonymous 30632

it's almost five am here. I've been online all night reading, the hours just fly by.

Anonymous 30641


Just got home from a chill night out with friends. They taught me how to smoke. We talked about weeb culture and birdwatching in a bar over beer twice its market value. Had good food. Noodles. Wish I kept walking down that endless empty road on the way to the bus station. Can't connect to people on Discord. Too normie for one group, too fringe for another. Listening to mediocre RNB. Need to wake up in six hours. Want to feel less needy. Fuck the sun.

Anonymous 30753


2am here, I should hop in the shower and go to bed but the nighttime quiet is so nice. I live in a small town and there's basically nothing going on after 10pm.

I love autumn and how crisp and clear the night sky is, but I already can't wait for the spring and summer nights when you can go out at 3 or 4am and smell the rich scent of the earth and all its plant-y green smells.

Anonymous 30859

Doing a nighttime internship. Currently midnight. Still trying to get my body used to staying up all night

Anonymous 31138

It's almost midnight and I have work at 8am tomorrow, it's a student job and the last day. I feel bad about quitting so soon but the pay and hours were pretty bad. I regret fucking up my first few years of college, also have been dealing w/ some health conditions. Overall I'm just sad and full of regret

Anonymous 31139

Feelin this

Hope u aight now it’s been another year

Anonymous 31163


I have a comprehensive exam in six hours lmao

Anonymous 34090

I thought I recognized this thread. Hello again. I'm still alive. I hope you're doing well, too.

Anonymous 34095

I have an internship interview tomorrow that I haven’t prepared for at all. It’s technical and I haven’t touched the project that I put on my resume in months/the change in my meds has me fucked up. I feel like a complete failure lmao

Anonymous 34137

Every night, I sit in my apartment browsing the internet, caring less and less as I get deeper and deeper into failing uni completely.

Anonymous 34138

i just realized i'm going to Hell.

Anonymous 34140

What are you in uni for? How far along are you?

Anonymous 34180

I didn't catch a glimpse of sleep last night, I have a test in 13 hours and I just started reading for it. I have to pass.

Send help, I don't know why I do this to myself. I had the whole week, I had the whole month.

Anonymous 34192

good luck anon, I hope you make it. I always do this to myself as well.

Anonymous 34423


Loneliness. A young cockroach in the bathroom. Whittling down the hours on the couch. Orange lights. Dehydration. Glazed eyes, screentime. Everything in this paragraph sounds shit. Loneliness. Then yawning. I yearn for more than I deserve.

Anonymous 41130


it's 5am, i'm looking at the last time i posted here and how different my life was. i wonder how past me would feel about my current situation. i've gotten to a point where i just space out for hours at a time, i could've sworn it was 11pm an hour ago.
>What are you doing awake?
i've become nocturnal since i quit my job so this is when i'm normally up, though i plan on going to bed soon
>Enjoying the quiet?
it's why i do it, i feel too awkward interacting with my parents so i live at night while i'm staying with them
>Regrets eating at you?
should've graduated college this past spring but i still have another year+; should be farther along in my chosen field; should have been in a relationship by now, lots of shoulds but its fine. i don't get that worked up about it at night, time doesn't feel from 4 until sunrise.

Anonymous 41219


Hope you're doing fine as well, anon!

Anonymous 41424


Every night between 10 and 12 i get sudden spikes of anxiety. I start thinking about shit like "what if the world ended in a few seconds" or "what if a tornado appeared and hit the house", and my heart rate skyrockets and i get so nervous it makes me sick. this happens every night.

Anonymous 41425

I get somthing similar but I start thinking about my life

Anonymous 41427


my creativity spikes, but so does my loneliness. i wander more, but feel so much emptier. it's dark and i'm searching.

Anonymous 41428

I feel and hear that to my deepest core.

Anonymous 41534

It's a bit after 2am. Mentally, I feel like shit, and made an attention-seeking tinder account again, but will regret it when I go to sleep then wake up and delete it. I just want to feel like someone thinks I'm cute for a moment before looking in the mirror and seeing ugly.

Anonymous 41548

You're cute.

Anonymous 41691

I dont know why I’m awake. I’ve tried to fall asleep for two hours but it just gave me a headache that got worse.

I’m angsting pretty fucking hard over the thought I really will likely be completely alone forever. It hurts.

Nobody knows I’m here and it’s like I don’t exist and it hurts.

Anonymous 41692

I have (horrible) work tomorrow. I build up anger, frustration, worry, fear, desire, depression. Because I have no professional or a friend or my boyfriend to confide in. The therapists in my area, most likely in this whole little country suck ass. I'm still "new" to this new place. My boyfriend can't take in all the heat and will not take it serious until I really freak out and break down. That's when he realizes how bad it is for me.

I always have a huge crazy break down at home. And unfortunately my boyfriend has to deal with it. I start hitting shit and yelling various stuff. He gets really annoyed and starts restraining me, earlier times he'd just push me and tell me to quiet down. Now it seems he has emotionally matured and restrains me with a bit of taunting. He wasn't raised with proper love. His mom didn't raise him like a mom should. I can only guess a love less treatment he got from her.

Life is hard. Its hard being a young lost outsider female. It's hard, its frustrating. I can't really make my mind up either. should I stay, should I go? Should I keep pushing towards my goals? Will I ever get what I want? Will there ever be justice? Will I ever settle down with this hatred towards everyone? I cant wait to leave this horrible job. I learned my lesson. I shall never put anyone above me aka people please any job. Shit will happen. Next time I will record interactions and sue. I'm so fcking done being fcked over plenty of times and being a joke to the community. I'm done with people in general, I'm so sick of being pushed over and overlooked and taken advantage of. Why has every year become worse interacting with others? Its just pure paranoia and spite or being ignored by others. Iam guilty of a degree towards being paranoid and ignoring others but not to that extent of being a manipulative piece of shit. What is wrong with people. I wish I didnt have to deal with horrible people. I need good people in my life. F*ck this world. Can we make an equivalent of wizchan but female version and take out the wiz part. Basically a very depressing real deepest thoughts category.

Anonymous 41693

By always having a breakdown. It was weekly but it has lessened in number throughout time. Now its like every 3 or 4 months? Which is big butt progress. And I would love to see a therapist, I really would love to. But I can't trust them here. I can't. Not to mention my first time seeing a therapist, it was a fcking set up. They are associated with my shitty lying primary doctor who is friends with various business people in this city. How do I know this? Well my boyfriend has told me the type of stuff this doctor of ours has told him. And not to mention I figured out what type of person he is. A manipulative lying deceiving douchebag. The therapist was plain obvious about it. She asked questions that any therapist wouldn't normally ask. And wouldnt be helpful for treatment. She keep twiching in nervousness and hiding lies in a crappy way. I can't tell it in detail just in case I get found here…I'm that paranoid. This is crap luck. I have trusted in officials and doctors and bosses. They have ruined my trust in authorities and help. What a shitty place this is and what a shitty life I'm dealing with. Why do people have to be so goddamn shit?!?!!?!? FCK.

Anonymous 41695

It's never too late to meet someone, anon. Please go out and talk. Don't hurt yourself like this.

Anonymous 41699

You should always have a glass of water before taking a nap. Best way to avoid getting a headache when you wake up.

Anonymous 41700

It sounds like you might be bipolar. Have you ever tried any medication like Risperdal? Just remember that those people are just trying to help.

Anonymous 41704

I always have a huge crazy break down at home. And unfortunately my boyfriend has to deal with it. I start hitting shit and yelling various stuff. He gets really annoyed and starts restraining me, earlier times he'd just push me and tell me to quiet down. Now it seems he has emotionally matured and restrains me with a bit of taunting. He wasn't raised with proper love. His mom didn't raise him like a mom should. I can only guess a love less treatment he got from her.
Why do you think he was the immature one in this situation?

Anonymous 41936

I love how quiet it is at night, night time really brings out the best and the weirdest of people. Im browsing the internet while my ac is on, the combination of cool air in my room and the soft tunes of a very calming song playing from my pc really puts myself at ease after days of bad temperament.

Anonymous 78754


Feels like I should go to sleep now so I get enough hours asleep but I kind of want to keep stretching the night out more. I have things planned tomorrow and it's not that I want to cancel them but I don't really want to do them either.

I'm sad that it's not safe to walk past midnight where I live. I used to do that lots and it was one of my favourite things to do. I miss it so much. I tried doing it the other night and even though nothing happened and I wasn't anywhere unsafe, the fear that some moid would abduct me or something killed all the enjoyment. There were too many of them around randomly. It's supposed to my secret special alone time, where I am the only person alive in the world and they ruined it.

I'm also sad that we don't get enough twilight hours, the magical time when it's just getting dark and the street lights are on but it's not completely dark yet. We only get about half an hour of that time per day. I'd love to live a year like that.

Oh well, I guess I should say goodbye to this night and reluctantly go to sleep.

Anonymous 78768


Anonymous 79232


Lately I've been going to sleep late, around 3 am, wich is much later for me than usual. I can't enjoy the night where I'm currently living at. I feel empty and even the computer is uninteresting to me, I don't post on CC or LC, I don't read, I don't write on my diary, I don't even want to daydream. I used to do night walks back in my hometown. As soon as I get back I'll start feeling more productive again. Right now I feel drained of energy and curiosity. I've been reading some stuff about New Journalism and Hunter S. Thompson for a uni assigment and I wish I was in the 60s on acid, I really just want some action. Since I hit puberty, and it's been almost a decade that I did, I'va always felt like making a good use of nightime determined how much I had matured. As a teen I felt that doing things during the night was meant to be cooler, and I failed to be productive because I wasn't very social and had restraining parenting. I've been living on my own for 4 years almost now and I only went to a club by myself once, it felt amazing. But my bf doesn't drink and I wasn't drinking when I met him so now I just don't do any drugs because he's not into that. Sorry for the rant, I just don't know what to do at night. Right now I can't do much, but when I'm back from uni I'll even start witchcraft and stuff.

Anonymous 79237

I'm gonna kill myself this night

Anonymous 79239


Wherever you end up, please save a seat. I'm coming home shortly~

Anonymous 79241


There's still hope, I think. I know it sounds stupid, but everything seems utterly hopeless if you're sleep-deprived. Just humour me and see if you feel the same way after some rest?
I know it's your life and your choice what to do with it. I'm not saying "Cheer up bucko it's not that bad" cos how would I know? I don't know if it will get better, but I do know that it COULD. Why not stick around a little longer? You can always take the way out later, and we all die and get our peace eventually. Why rush to it early?

Anonymous 79286

I'm >>79239
After some rest, I can easily say that I'm still down. Life is what you make of it and my brain was born too broken to make anything positive of it. Had I the will, maybe, but there's been no better day than this one. I've never been happier than I am in these times, and I don't think it gets any better from here. Never have I known, never will I know, and I think it may well be better that way.

Anonymous 79289

Anon, don’t kys. Things can get better, even if they haven’t been good so far. CC is here for you and we will help you in any way we can. What do you need?

Anonymous 79300

>What do you need?
To have been born a different person, I suppose
>CC is here for you
I'm sorry, but I really don't find that comforting

Anonymous 79302

Anonymous 79303


Ntayrt but we're really here

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