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Anonymous 13080

Is she our queen?

Anonymous 13082

>a literal model and hollywood actress
she can never be our queen

Anonymous 13083

The term incel was coined by a bisexual woman. You cannot be a true incel unless you are a bi woman since:
You are a woman so it must be "easier"
You have more options as a bisexual

idk enough about op's girl to know if she's /our girl/ though.

Anonymous 13084

If Ryan Gosling and several other male actors/celebrities can be /their guy/ than I say female stars can be /our queen/girl/

Anonymous 13086


she does look a bit scary in certain lighting/angles. kind of gives off a creepychan vibe. but in other pictures she looks like a stepford wife.

dem cheekbones, though.

Anonymous 13087

I thought she was a lesbian. That's what everybody says at least.

Anonymous 13090

i was thinking sure she can until i saw her instagram

Anonymous 13094

Kek just checked her instagram and she is def not /our queen/

Anonymous 13097



She is our queen.

Anonymous 13104

She probably just doesn't even count any guy that's not a billionaire and a model himself.

Anonymous 13110


sminem's actual sister wtf

Anonymous 13119


She’s a big girl.

Anonymous 13132


She looks like a doll.

I guess this is proof that even if I were to magically get a model-pretty face and starve myself, my tall height would still be a turn-off for most guys.

Anonymous 13135


Unironically this. Stupid men like to downgrade her for holding her head high and daring to like the way she looks because they perceive her as attainable, and unconventional women having standards hurts their feefees. Confidence is an absolute must in this world. This Russian chick IS a role model for our fine userbase.

Anonymous 13136


Anonymous 13141

is that a thumb in the plant wtf is going on in this picture

Anonymous 13152

… For you

Anonymous 13155

Who dis

Anonymous 13177

That's a two way road. I mean you be ok with being a much shorter guy? Also most men buy into the whole Tall girl needs big dick meme.

Anonymous 13182

most men have never thought deeply enough about tall women to come to a conclusion like that

Anonymous 13183

Oh c'mon. You think men don't like Taylor Swift?

Anonymous 13184

i didn't know taylor swift was tall (not saying she's not, just that I sure didn't know it and have never heard it) and therefore I don't think many men do. Regardless, lots of guys like tall girls, I've never heard one say anything otherwise.

Anonymous 13187

>I mean you be ok with being a much shorter guy?

Anonymous 13188

Would you be okay with being with a much shorter guy?

Anonymous 13194

nta but yeah and you sound like that one person in the 'i hate short guys' thread that couldn't get over the idea that someone who was shorter than herself actually had redeeming qualities. grow up.

Anonymous 13195

I'm not her, I was just interpreting. :(

Anonymous 13196

Sorry, then, let me tag the right post.


Anonymous 13200


She was pretty good in Neon Demon

Anonymous 13738


Yeah, it's a thumb.

Anonymous 13790

Think about it like this. Shes rich and hangs out in areas where rich people hang out. Rich men already have good looking wives and gfs or can pay attractive women to sleep with them.

Anonymous 13914

I definitely /feel/ for her. I'm 21 and never had a (non-internet) bf. People tell me I'm pretty a lot and creepy guys hit on me on like the streets and things, but never like a legitimate boyfriend like a guy who I go to school with has ever asked me out.

I think it's because I'm black.

This girl is basically me:

Anonymous 13920

Anonymous 13922

yup, that be the vid

Anonymous 14405

hate it when people think they're better than you because they don't drink or party

they always act like they don't but you can tell they do

Anonymous 47356

she's married now

Anonymous 47359


honestly she's infinitely better looking than her husband even in her old pics without makeup and stuff

Anonymous 47621

Good for her!

Anonymous 47623

She is known for a post where she laments about how ugly she is. What part of that gave you the impression of "confidence"?

Of course she would be, would she have a chance for a steady relationship for any attractive men? We all know how moids act.

Anonymous 47624

I would also like to point out that photo is either extremely photoshopped or she got a nosejob. Nothing wrong with getting a nosejob, but people confident in their looks don't get nosejobs.

Anonymous 47626

I think the model in the OP pic probably just doesn’t get hit on because of her model-tier attractiveness. The men are just intimidated. She’s not one of us and I don’t feel bad for her lol.

Anonymous 47628

who is she? does she have a name? im out of the loop

Anonymous 47634


>men are just intimidated
No such thing, even the ugliest grossest moids have all the audacity in the world to approach any woman if they genuinely want to fuck her

Veronika Zaitceva, a Russian girl that is known for her unattractiveness, she was the subject of memes and derogatory jokes around 4 to 5 years ago in VK (a Russian social networking site) and other rus sites.
Yet it's extremely rare to see them laugh and make memes about an ugly moid. Some exist, but they're never as popular as memes about that girl and/or they focus on the scrote's behaviour, not his looks.

Also, some people say it's her sister's wedding, not hers
No idea if that's true but picrel is confirmed Veronika with her husband.

Anonymous 47635

You are delusional, anon, even handsome men have trouble approaching women they don't know let alone ugly men.

Anonymous 47636

Maybe that's just my personal experience/cultural thing but I saw a lot of disgusting, dirty, 1-2/10 moids have a LOT of self-confidence and approach (giga)Stacies. And when they get rejected they whine about how all women are sluts/he's a poor incel/etc but approaching an ugly woman is considered a sin for them.
I live in Eastern Europe though, so moids aren't really expected to look great here (especially in rural areas/small towns, in big cities moids are expected to at least maintain personal hygiene and dress clean). No idea what's going on in other countries.

Anonymous 47640


That feel.

Anonymous 47641

Yeah it's definitely not like that in the west. Men are a lot more timid about approaching women here.

Anonymous 47655

>handsome in a ‘raw’ way
Doesn't really count as handsome to me if he doesn't groom.

>intimidating and macho

Slavic countries are still pretty patriarchal so moids are praised for being machoshits.

One more reason to get the fuck out of here

Anonymous 47658

>Yet it's extremely rare to see them laugh and make memes about an ugly moid. Some exist, but they're never as popular as memes about that girl and/or they focus on the scrote's behaviour, not his looks.

The amount of fun people make about Chris-chan's looks leads me to not agree with this. Furthermore, you wouldn't see any fun targets for harassment who are actually good looking, as if they are self-confident, they don't care, and if they aren't self-confident, they're Elliot Rodger types who ruminate in their self-hatred but refuse to take criticism from other people.

Thus, all men who are targeted for harassment are necessarily not good-looking at least, if not outright ugly.

Anonymous 47676

He does not look like a girl at all.

Anonymous 47677

People have been making fun of Chris-chan for years, long before he decided to become a troon.

Anonymous 47679

not for his appearance though. his extremely autistic drawings and generalized autism pre-trooning was like a huge reason why so many people started observing him

Anonymous 47690

His appearance is related though. While the main content of their harassment towards Chris-chan is about his weirdass fucking behavior, please note that Chris-chan at no point in time has ever been physically attractive, as men or "women". If Chris-chan were at least moderately good looking at times, but still autistic, he would not have the same level of harassment he does now. Again, think of Elliot Rodger types, who are moderately attractive at times even if they are social pariahs. Men don't bully Elliot Rodger types and Chris-chan types the same way. Chris-chans lack of conventionally attractive features at anytime lead to this.

To prove me wrong, find me one single legitimately attractive man that is a lolcow or gets harassed by imageboard dwellers. Off the top of my head, Chris-chan, Thin-har chin man and Roy are all average at absolute best.

Anonymous 47691

hiding in my room, onision (at times, he at least isn't hideous and without his skin issues women find him attractive, probably a bunch more that were on /cow/ and kiwifarms, but i never really visited them.

Anonymous 47693

>hiding in my room
He isn't attractive in the conventional sense, not to male standards of what a man should look like. I supposed a should have clarified, men who are attractive to other men since it's men doing the trolling. Not in the homoerotic sense, but in the Statue of David sense. Hiding in my room has the androgynous angle that most J-Pop stars have, but most men don't actually like that look or find it admirable.
Closest counter-example provided. Citing the above, at any point where he's doing the emofag haircut he's not looking admirable to other men. He's attractive in that same androgynous sense when he is attractive. When he tries to fully be masculine he looks anywhere from complete fucking garbage to maybe slightly above average.

Men who are harassing men on their looks are using their own masculine standards for admirable traits in other men. Because men are doing most of the harassment, you have to use their standard for determining whether or not the man is good looking.


>Women don’t write 15 paragraph posts hating on men for being physically unattractive to them. Only men do that, because of their porn rotted brains that have been conditioned to fapping to factuned 14 year old tiktok/instagram thots shaking their asses on video.
Exactly, and since it is usually moids doing more of the harassment, that means men's standards of who is pretty or not is relevant.

It should also be stated that trolls are also going to attack to get a reaction. If it turns out that woman react more negatively to comments on their looks, then the trolls are going to keep aggravating using that point because if it works it works. No need to be idea logically sophisticated about it.

Anonymous 47694

Looking at Onision more, while he does have the "chad jaw" his thick upper eyelashes (that may or may not involve eyeliner?) and the tilt of his eyes don't actually lend itself to the look at all. He looks creepy whenever he smiles because of it.

Anonymous 47698

Well of course, because now his appearance matters. It's only obvious for people to make fun of the new radical thing he's trying.

Anonymous 47737

Joey salads, Logan paul, some professional wrestler I remember people mocking and harassing, and martin cabello

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