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Anonymous 13925

I just spent most of my savings on hardware to build a new pc since I've been using a 10 year old piece of crap and while building it I fried the motherboard, cpu and gpu. I just wanna die why am I so dumb

Anonymous 13936

if you are okay with being a liar you can probably rma one or more of those parts depending on if you bought them all from the same site or not. just claim they are doa and they won't be able to tell it was just you being stupid.

Anonymous 13941


idk how to build a pc. sorry this happened, anon-chan

Anonymous 13954

Just watch a YouTube video of a PC building first next time.

Anonymous 13955

That's pretty dumb anon, but atleast you tried. Pretend they were faulty if you are able. gl

Anonymous 13962

How'd you fry it? I've been considering building my own CPU but I'm a noob and am afraid of making similar mistakes

Anonymous 13964

What did you do?

>I’m a noob
>building my own CPU
I don’t think CPU means what you think it means.

I haven’t built a lot of PCs but it’s not very hard I think. Just watch youtube tutorials like >>13954 said. What are you guys having trouble with? Make sure you understand everything BEFORE you order parts!

Anonymous 13973

How can you fry all of that?!

Anonymous 13974


I slept and I feel better now

I only bought the GPU myself, the mobo and cpu were spares I got as a gift from an internet friend and I won't have money to buy replacements for that anytime soon

I didn't install the standoffs cause I just assumed mobos were designed to be dropped right in the case. Also I was never told about standoffs in my 2 year IT study

Anonymous 13976

when attempting some things it's best to pretend you're a retard and pour over any resources you can to prepare. you should have watched a few recent, popular, and thorough youtube guides on building a PC at the least. are you sure everything is fried?, have you tested the gpu in your old build?

Anonymous 13995

My old build is a crappy mini case prebuilt pc and nothing fits in there. Can't test with it

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