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Everyone at school hates me and I don’t know why Anonymous 13926

Give some reasons why you might hate a girl despite never talking to or only briefly speaking to her

Anonymous 13928

What is evidence that these people hate you?

Anonymous 13929

You problem just hate yourself and assume other people do because of that.

Anonymous 13930

Today when I walked into a room with 2 girls who really hate me they both made a face and then when I left started whispering. They also make a face and roll their eyes whenever I make eye contact or wave.

Anonymous 13931

This other girl always tried to shoot down every idea I had when we were on a group project together, to the point where other group members had to step in, and literally turns her head away every time we’re in the same hallway

Anonymous 13933

She probably wants to fuck you lol

Anonymous 13934

Those do not seem to be signs of "hate."
They aren't positive, but consider that maybe you haven't done anything, or even if you have to warrant that reaction, it's not imperative that every person respond with nothing or generally civil behavior.

Why does it even matter what these people think?

Anonymous 13940


Anonymous 13942

It doesn’t “matter” per se but I hope I’m not offending people somehow. It’s just frustrating that I seem to be doing something wrong and can’t fogure out what. I take pains to look my best and smell good every day and smile at people when they stare st me and in general just be inoffensive but they have treated me this way for pretty much my entire 4 years of college and it makes me anxious to know I have to see them every day and somehow I’m bothering them

Anonymous 13944

I do, but with most people after I interact worth them a bit I can get validation they don’t hate me. Among a set of people though, who notably I haven’t interacted with much at all, they treat me with basically disgust and I can’t figure out why.

There’s this girl in one of my classes who stares me down with a sneer every time I enter the room, rolls her eyes whenever I answer a question even if it’s right, and told me to stop typing loudly one time in class (it wasn’t very loud though)

Anonymous 13945

While it's fine for you to work on yourself in appearance and demeanor, know that it is pointless to expect validation from everyone.

Even knowing the real or assumed reasons why someone dislikes you won't change anything.
Let it go.

Anonymous 13947

Just ignoring me completely would be fine I want to know why they have active anger towards me though so I can stop pissing people off. It may be helpful to mention I’m black and the girls in question are black, red headed but a ginger, and a Syrian girl.

Anonymous 13965


They're petty retards and one of them was probably initially jealous of something about you.

There's nothing you can do. You did nothing but exist. Some people bring a highschool mentality with them into adulthood and you fell victim to someone's insecurities. They're vapid and get a high off of social drama.

Fuck em'.

As long as your breath and body don't smell bad, don't interrupt people, don't violate people's personal space or rights as a person, don't have a irritating volume, aren't publicly saying things that could offend someone, and basically just having all of your manners down, nobody has any valid reason to dislike you.

In short, you dindu nuffin' and need to not worry about people like that.

And if you're feeling extra put off by one of their face turns or dirty stares, one of these days you can ask either calmly "yeah what's your problem" or aggressively "what the fuck is your problem anyway?" and see if they could even respond.

Anonymous 14015

You sound incredibly annoying and insecure. Do you happen to own 48 cats or something and smell constantly like cat pee?

That would explain some things.

Anonymous 14019


Go troll somewhere else.

Anonymous 14032

The only pets I have are some saltwater fish. I’m very insecure and probably annoying, but I’ve never spoken to them (aside from smiling or waving ‘hi’ to no response) so I don’t know what I’m doing to come off as annoying.

Anonymous 14039

>Give some reasons why you might hate a girl despite never talking to or only briefly speaking to her
Off the top of my head:
You associate with some people the other group hates, they hates you by association
You are either very pretty or very ugly
You do annoying things in public like raising your voice, humming, constantly tapping your foot, whatever
You have an off-putting/annoying personality
You can't read the mood of a group and act inappropriately(why autistic people get bullied frequently)
You did something that offended one of them, that person told the group and now the group hates you

Maybe just ask them why they hate you? If you are already on bad terms it can't get much worse. We have only heard your side of the story, maybe they have some actual valid reason to despise you. Or maybe they are just bitches who take out their stress on you, who knows. None of us can give you a definite correct answer though.

Anonymous 14086

This is helpful! Thanks

Anonymous 14304

You made me remember a girl who was one year older and went to the same school as me back when I was in hs. She started giving me ugly looks on my first year, and didn't stop until she left.
I never knew why she disliked me.
They're probably dumb and think you did something

Anonymous 14321


This, that mindset is shitty as fuck.

Holy shit anon, I feel you. There is a girl that hates me and acts passive-aggressively when I say something and it's just because I made a "bad impression" to her, and I don't even know what I did. Even one of my friends that is a friend of her doesn't understand what the fuck is wrong with her. But hey, she is super toxic and makes a shit ton of drama just for fun, so…

Anonymous 14322

Bitches hate girls that are attractive and not as social as them

Anonymous 14380


Have you hit on or been hit on by any guys recently? I always get resentful when some girl flirts with my crush, luckily other girls like me so that I can socially ostracise anyone that I don't like.

This is how I cope with the fact that I'm ugly and will never have a bf

Anonymous 14403

they'll want to keep it that way, that way you aren't a challenger. If you're ugly that's even more likely because they wont want to disrupt the hierarchy, you have to position yourself as unthreatening in regards to boys if you want to be accepted.


> Guys really hate girls who are like that and it makes them see you as uglier.
stacies don't get to where they are by playing fair, movies like mean girls may be comedies but they're founded in truth, high tier men want high tier women and that wont change, don't let losers on the internet fool you.

Anonymous 14415

>They also make a face and roll their eyes whenever I make eye contact or wave.
What kind of womanchild does shit like in their 20s lmao

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