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Anonymous 13966

>be used to being ridiculed for trying to make anything since a young age
>only wish is to become a musician or producer
>dad's friend who's a musician recommended a guitar tutor
>he's really nice and has a passion for teaching, has taught me for well over a year
>we made great progress and I enjoy it
>every time he plays a backing track for me to play a solo over I can barely hold back tears because I stopped trying to do anything creative for a long time
>psych told me that I'd never be the type to go on a stage or be confident enough to try
>tutor has faith in me and wants to help me get on stage with some of his other students
>he's so nice
>but it doesn't matter
I hate myself, why do I need to have such a backwards way of thinking

Anonymous 13967

Psychs can be wrong and moronic. What makes them say that, what reasoning did they give? If you had some fear to be unable to do that, shouldn't a psych be trying to help you instead of demotivating defeatist crap?

Anonymous 13968

I worded it wrong, she didn't literally tell me that, but she said that it's just highly unlikely that I'd do that.
She never confirmed whether I had anxiety or was just easily stressed.

Anonymous 13969

I see. I'm sorry.

It's not easy to break that barrier. Baby steps, even if you don't make it on stage you're still making huge progress. Even if you can't now you still have time in the future. Maybe a year from now you can get on stage. As long as you're moving forward and making progress you can't be blamed for your shortcomings and you shouldn't hate yourself! Only when you've given up and grow stagnant do you deserve to think of yourself that way.

I went hikikomori nuts and never left the house for several years, except when working, and eventually melted down and stopped even working and became this unkempt hermit hiding in a cave. It took time but I have found something closer to normal, but even today I felt like a frightened rodent trying to eat alone at a restaurant with all the people everywhere. Maybe it's not the same but the point is we all make progress.

You can get on stage despite your past eventually. You'll make it.

Anonymous 13971

No need to apologise!
Maybe I can eventually get there. I'll be trying my best and taking your advice.
As for you, I hope you'll be able to progress further, I know the difficulties of that sort of life. I'm sure you'll be more confident yourself, best of luck, sis!
And thank you once more! :)

Anonymous 13972

My anxiety twisted me in the completely opposite way, I can't bring myself to learn other people's works and just compose my own, if I spent countless hours learning something somebody else made and still sucked I would want to an hero. I feel like even if I played it on a pro-level it wouldn't be worth anything since there are probably hundreds of people playing it.
However, if I make something on my own and it's not that good there is always the delusion that my next piece is going to be better. Seriously, you should try making something it will make you feel better, at least at first it's going to be really exciting, of course once you have to work out a hundred problems in the song and you have no idea what to do next it will become frustrating. But it's all about the moments when you feel like it's working, even though the creative process brings about a whole range of different emotions.

Anonymous 13975

>>every time he plays a backing track for me to play a solo over I can barely hold back tears because I stopped trying to do anything creative for a long time

this reminds me of when my friend and i brought our guitars over and we jammed for an hour for the first (and last) time. i actually was tearing because it felt so right. just felt like sharing that. anyway OP, cherish and what you have going for you. feeling of doubt is normal, youre not supoosed to listen to those thoughts because like you said, its backward thinking, but sometimes our brains work that way, even for the very best of us.

Anonymous 13984

I don't have a lot of confidence regarding composing, that's why it's such a bitch of a topic to talk about.
I know that you have to keep trying and trying because there's no easy way around it, though.
That's so sweet, anon. Moments like that also make me tear up a little.
Sometimes your brain does play against you, yeah. Hoping that I can get back on my feet again and just forget all of this.

Anonymous 14007

What kind of guitar do you have?

Anonymous 14029

Currently borrowing an acoustic from a friend, but my tutor lends me his Fender when I play solos.
I'm planning on getting a Squier, though. I really love the way electric guitars sound.

Anonymous 14034

Get a Squier Classic Vibe!!
If you get a Classic Vibe Strat, put in one of pic related. These go in the tremolo arm hole and are NOT the tension springs you see in the back of the guitar where you insert the strings. One of these tiny springs will make your tremolo arm much tighter and responsive without ever being too tight or only working at a specific screw in point. Stock they only come on American Standard (and more expensive) Strats, but they fit in any type of Fender designed strat trem arm hole.

What kimd of music do you want to play?

Anonymous 14035


Forgot pic whoops

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