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Cosy things Anonymous 14351

Name or provide an image of something that makes you feel cosy.

Anonymous 14353


>fluffy socks
>hot water bottles
>when it's raining/snowing outside
>huge scarves or ponchos
>new PJs
>fairy lights/candles/glow in the dark stars
>steamy showers
>my dog on my lap
>being lost in a film/book
>people watching
>non-stop making cups of tea and coffee
>hearing the rain on my umbrella/window

Anonymous 14358

Cinnamon apple pie
Hot chocolate
Snuggling with my boyfriend

Anonymous 14371

cozy day today.
The rain is steadily pounding away at the roof, the cat is curled up on the couch near me, i have a soft fleecy blanket wrapped around me and the space heater warming my feet. i think i'm going to make apple cider and maybe read for a little while (there's a whole stack of new library books to work my way through) since it's one of my days off from work, or watch the second season of Lore since it's getting close to Halloween.
i also have some really tasty chicken and rice leftovers in the fridge, and a kigurumi to put on if the temperature drops further.
today is good.

Anonymous 14386


I don't know how many of these I have, but I will post what I can.

Anonymous 14388

the smell of fresh bread
that period in the summer after a rain when its still cloudy and everything smells "fresh"
just rain in general
hot baths
sounds like a nice day

Anonymous 14390


Anonymous 14391

I've had people say this looked too stuffy and cluttered, but to me it's very cozy.

Anonymous 14392


Forgot pic

Anonymous Moderator 14393

There's already a cozy thread in /img/ ( >>>/img/893 ) but I'll leave this one here because it asks for extra stuff besides images <3

Anonymous 14395

I love places like this, it reminds me of the Harry Potter- Hogwarts Library ASMR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20XE6GM7xWo

Anonymous 14396

winchester house i…

Thank you merciful mod. In that case I'll start naming things that I find cozy.
>small libraries or studies
>those scandinavian style beds that are built into the wall and have a curtain over them
>getting under warm blankets on a cold night with the spouse wrapped up in a blanket burrito next to me
>that one little room in the house that nobody else bothers to go into so you always have it to yourself
>being a kid, visiting someone with your folks and falling asleep curled up in a chair while the grownups talk calmly

This is now my reading soundtrack.

Anonymous 14397

Sorry I should have put the link in the "direct link" part of the reply

Anonymous 14398

mn sunset sm.png

>early mornings in the spring when nobody else is up and it's just you, a cool fog, and your coffee
>having a stuffed animal or three to snuggle when you feel like crap, bonus points if it's handmade
>early sunset in the fall as the darkness closes around you like a purple cloak and the warm welcoming lights come on all around town
>something mellow on the stereo as you drive down your street with the rain hissing under your tires, on your way home to a long weekend

Anonymous 19867


This weekend I had the house to myself. I kept the fire lit the entire time and it was nice to feel the warmth and hear it crackling in the bg. On Friday I was sick (the flu, I think) so it was a really good excuse to make a little bed for myself on the sofa and watch trashy TV. It was especially nice when it started raining outside and I knew I didn't have to be out there. My dog is just a big baby who loves sleeping all day so it made him so happy that I let him curl into a ball on my lap and didn't move much lol. Yesterday I ordered food (haven't been eating well because my muscles hurt) and it just felt so good to have warm, tasty food brought to me lol.

Highly recommend getting sick and being lazy and letting your pet act like a nurse, 10/10.

Anonymous 19869

that's so nice… being sick when you have someone to comfort you makes it really nice. When I am sick my mum always pampers me, and when I was sick as a kid and I had to go sleep I never wanted to be left alone and I asked my mum to lie with me in my bed for a while, I miss that so much, it was the coziest feeling in the world…
also I miss having a cat to sleep in my lap :( that warm catty smell when you bury your face in her fur is so nice

Anonymous 19871


Is that pic your doggo? He is very cute.

Anonymous 19872

A pot of tea in the winter time. Currently drinking a fragrant black tea blended with orange zests.

Anonymous 19881

>When I am sick my mum always pampers me
That's the best feeling, I love that.

That's not my doggo but they're the same breed and I looked for one who looks veeeeery similar to my boy. They're both senior dogs so maybe that's why.

Anonymous 19886

ride a bike.jpg

>non-stop making cups of tea and coffee
I want to be your friend for the rest of my life

Anonymous 19897


homygod we must be friends, I have a similar breed and I am obsessed with all other fluffy white small dogs.

Anonymous 19898

We're friends now …

Let's share a pot of tea and drink with our pinkies out.

Anonymous 19906


I'd love to hang out with both of you <3

Anonymous 20679

Almost a haiku

Anonymous 40216


Anonymous 40261


Anonymous 41054


Anonymous 41070


god i wish that were me

Anonymous 41080


I'm the anon that posted >>40216 and I've got to tell you that I saw that movie like three weeks ago. Very COMFY!

Anonymous 41081


Get ready, I'm dumping some!

Anonymous 41082


Anonymous 41083


Anonymous 41084


Anonymous 41085


this is almost anti-comfi

Anonymous 41086


Anonymous 41087


Anonymous 41088


Anonymous 41089


Anonymous 41090


Anonymous 41099

Nice dump!

I like anything in the color blue, whether it's a city during the night or winter… (although the winter months irl are never as comfy as they seem in pics lol)
Youtube strangely recommended me this video a couple days ago and the atmosphere is so nice

Anonymous 41117


Anonymous 41145


Your video reminded me of more train videos I found on youtube (in my case they were of Tokio). It's so nice! Thanks!

Anonymous 41146


The food looks yummy and your place seems very clean. I love making myself a cup of tea when I end all my house chores, I drink it while having an intense feeling of accomplishment looking around.

Anonymous 41150


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