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Theory: the comparison between femcels and incels prove that Women are better people than men Anonymous 14948

you don't see anyone here getting bitter or angry, calling for the heads of all men for not dating us. We don't worship Chads whereas incels constantly orbit stacies and we have actual empathy for each other instead of crab bucketting each other out of spite

Anonymous 14949

pic unrelated

Anonymous 14951

>whereas incels constantly orbit stacies and we have actual empathy for each other instead of crab bucketting each other out of spite
Making a bitter generalization is being bitter.

Anonymous 14953

True, our tfw no bf thread is supportive and sweet. So is the subreddit of our femcel plebbit sisters.
Incels don't take advice from those of them who have "ascended" and insult each other while providing no hope. In fact they promote hopelessnes (blackpill) while shaming men who are hopeless (coping) lmao.

Glad we have each other.

Anonymous 14954

I thought the femcel subreddit was just sarcastic and not serious

Anonymous 14955

r/trufemcels used to seem like a parody but now it looks like it's getting more serious, somehow. Maybe i'm just an idiot

Anonymous 14957

generalizations are always terrible. but if you want to generalize then if you look at the gaussian distribution you can notice that men have more of both outliers in IQ, and this same behaviour can be seen to apply to many other aspects of life. men tend to have more of truly the best and the worst, while women have more of the average. i don't think this pattern makes either gender better or worse and it doesn't mean we can't be just as good (or as bad) at any given subject, but i think it helps explain phenomenons like this better without having to resort to "oogabooga we better"

Anonymous 14958

>muh meme curve
the male imageboards are that way >>>

Anonymous 14960

I can't trust anyone there as it was featured on those MGTOW channels a while back. At-first it was littered with those uncreative pastas of neck-beard/incels caricatures you see spammed on Reddit so it was safe to assume that the demographics were not incels but now it just seems like a mix of forever alone and the negative parts of rateme with a supposed female demographic.

Sorry but I suspect some (male) moles in there, but then again it's 80% throwaways so there may be some truth

Anonymous 14965


This thread is so devoid of logic that you might as well all be men. Also stop trying to make "femcels" happen.

Anonymous 14967

Well firstly it should be pointed out that logically it would follow that the sexual component in men would result in an outcome different from another sex lacking that component? Without straying away from the discussion if you look at the facts and the statistics yuo will find that men commit crime of passion. To do so is both a double edged sword and a good thing and a bad thing, but overall a neutral observation would see as follows: not better or worse, just different.

Anonymous 14968

It's easy to be happy and hopeful when there actually is hope to be had.

Anonymous 14973

Congratulations, you played yourself. Don't you realize that this mentality of yours emphasizes the point of how bad end of the deal men get in society?

>you don't see anyone here getting bitter or angry, calling for the heads of all men for not dating us

That's because you have confirmation bias and you don't actually register bitter and disgusting women as something worty of notifyng because they're not part of the meme. It's okay to make fun of lonely men and men's problems, but it's not okay to make fun of women. Neckbeard memes are fun, legberad memes are misogynist. Boo, misogyny. Haha, male tears, am I right?

The reason why you don't see so many bitter angry women in general is because we are not expected to make any moves or initiate the first contact, which means no humiliation or self-esteem issues from getting rejected. I have no sympathy for bitter hateful people no matter what their problems are. But I do have empathy for lonely men who get bullied for not fitting in. Even after all these years of social media campaigns against gender roles and whatnot, it's still not socially acceptable for men to show their emotion. And I'm really talking about showing their emotion by talking about their loneliness and how being left behind makes them sad.

Anonymous 14974

It's men who police each other over showing emotion, try harder next time. We only hate male incels because they respond to loneliness by actually really doing terrible things in real life, if they were just lonely and sad we wouldn't have anything against them

Anonymous 14977

moids pls go
You are also wrong.

Anonymous 14979

Uhh, have you ever been to lolcow?

Anonymous 14981

It's not a meme curve, I was made aware of this fact in my first year stat class at university. It's true for a lot of different traits actually, which is rather interesting. As the miner you're replying to (and my lecturer at the time) said, it doesn't make one gender better or worse, since the symmetry of the curves "balance" things out.

You make a valid point in how you say men aren't allowed to talk about how being a virgin / lonely makes them sad, however I do feel like the incel community is significantly more bitter now than the old days of "tfw no gf" posting. I feel like it's not at all good for their cause to identify with a particular group when several people from that group have committed murders, and many of them are just hateful in general. It's kind of like me saying I'm a feminist because I believe in equality - if I did so then, in the eyes of the general public, I'd be lumped in with an equally toxic group of people.

Even still, I remember "virgin" being used as an insult long before the whole virgin/chad thing blew up. It is unfortunate because being sad and lonely automatically makes you pathetic and a joke as a man, but if you're a woman, then you're showered with sympathy and understanding. I know girl in particular who's with a new man every second day, and will complain about how lonely and depraved they are of affection as soon as they go a few days without a man to cling to, which, in my opinion, is far more pathetic than someone who's gone 20+ years with little to no love or affection complaining about their loneliness.

Majority of the anti-incel stuff I see comes from women, and men who are relatively successful at getting partners. Incels seem mostly to get jealous at "chad", which makes sense really.

Anonymous 14983

>It's men who police each other over showing emotion

It's not men who make fun of "male tiers" or "manbabies" when show emotion.

For the record, it's perfectly reasonable to be disgusted of disgusting behavior incel or no incel, but this hate expans way beyond neckbeard scumbags and covers men who are regular loners too.

Anonymous 14984

The whole term incel has gained a negative reputation which renders it just another insult, but this is partially fault of self proclaimed incels and media/memes who make it what it is. This whole OP's point falls apart when acknowledged how different the society is for men and women. As you mentioned, virgin was used as an insult towards men way before any memes, used by both men and women. I don't think many people actually realize how unwanted and lonely men can be. Getting only attention from icky nerds is small time compared to not getting any romantic attention at all.

Anonymous 14985

I thought many of our anons were farmers too

Anonymous 14986

>only getting attention from icky nerds
Bold of you to assume some of us get any attention.
I've even heard of other girls getting ghosted by robots and incels. They talk big but won't "settle" for "low-tier" women.
I haven't attempted to connect with men on r9k myself, but have been rejected by my male looksmatches irl multiple times. And have never been approached. I even look after myself in terms of cleanliness and dress.

Anonymous 14988

Most girls on lc have bfs or snag fwbs. Some are even cam girls lmao.
Have you been on /g/?

Anonymous 14990

There are more people here from 4chan and 8chan than lolcow.

Anonymous 14992

Not her but that seems to be true. Many seem to do cam work or other types of sex work.

sage 'cause derail

Anonymous 15006



One thing I will agree with is the fact that femcels actually try to support each other (example: not telling someone to just rope when the other person is clearly suicidal). Their toxicity is almost little to none.

Anonymous 15007

Oh how I am laffin. Man hate circlejerk is only shadowed by the bitter fingerpointings of fellow "sisters". I have never faced so much backstabbing than from those
>women are perfect, women are the best uwu
tier groups that supposedly exist to empower and support poor not-so-feminine women such as myself. But the moment I turn my back they fill it with daggers. I'm staying away from femcel and incel groups because they're drowning pools.
>uwu femcels support each other uwu sisterhood uwu
Give me a break.

Anonymous 15010

Who hurt you?
No honestly, what happened? What femcel betrayed you?

Anonymous 15011

Yeah even women who openly hate men still have boyfriends.

That doesn't tell you that there's a major difference between being a man vs a woman?

Anonymous 15012

There's some truth to what you say but a thread like this one on r/truefemcles just doesn't happen in an incel/robot community.
The levels of hate versus wistful sadness are not at all the same, comparing them.

Anonymous 15014



I'm sorry you've had bad experiences with femcels :c

When you're reaching a low point, being in a community with people who are going through the same struggles is helpful, BUT if you don't get the proper help from them (if they keep damaging you instead of improving you), you will only get worse from there. Some people in these communities tend to feed on that inner-toxicity/negativity and knowingly/unknowingly spread it among others, which is probably what you've experienced (or maybe they're just naturally terrible people). It's important not to get stuck in communities that tend to fuel those negative thoughts, because it just stops you from wanting to get better (and/or makes things worse). Use those communities only as a crutch.

No community is perfect, and yes even femcels can have extreme users that rival incels. I was just pointing out my personal observations. I was never "deeply" involved in the femcels community, so it's possible at a deeper, more personal level they are truly not as supportive as they appear to be.

I know you've experienced differently, and I agree that purely dedicating yourself to the incel/femcel community is not healthy ("drowning pools"). A lot of the posts just feed your negativity, continue to feed that overwhelming depression and the "there's nothing I can do about this" mindset. It's not healthy. I hope you find (or found?) the support group that is better suited for you.

Anonymous 15028

And men who blatantly hate women get girlfriends if they're okay enough looking and not completely socially inept.

Anonymous 15029

So sad it all boils down to looks in the end. Be as shitty as you want, just look good doing it.

Anonymous 15030

When there's multiple "if" conditions to your argument thats generally a sign it's not a very good one.

Anonymous 15031

Are you implying there are no sexist straight men in relationships?

Anonymous 15033

I doubt they go so far as saying "all women are scum and should be castrated or killed" the way lolcow brags about what they say to their boyfriends.

And do really think the reason lolcow has boyfriends is because they're good looking or socially competent?

Anonymous 15038

Do you even regularly visit the man-hate thread?
There are some extreme statements on occasion, but mostly it's complaints of male violence and hatred towards women. And the evidence is overwhelmingly present to demonstrate male crime/violent sexuality. Other posts are rebuttals to misogynistic complaints men have about women.

Can you quote a post where an anon says things like you mentioned to her s/o? The closest I can remember are anons whose bfs agreed that men are violent, or that one anon who bragged about her bdsm dynamic with her bf two or three threads ago lol.

Anyway I know your original point was that women can always get partners uwu no matter what but men cannot. But that's uh, not always the case bud. And when it isn't we're still a good bit nicer than men to each other. Which is OP's point.
t. >>14986 btw

Anonymous 15039

go to plebbit and check out r/relationships and prepare to discover hundreds of women finding out their boyfriends agree with the incels or something, I saw one just yesterday

Anonymous 15041

Yes, find out, because they were hiding it, because they aren't allowed to openly admit it and face no consequences like women.

Anonymous 15042

they admit it to their male friends, there's no consequence for that. Plenty of openly say (even with girls around) that all women are crazy or need a man to take charge of them or aren't fit for certain things. Women don't like it, but then, men also get very upset about all the bad things women say about men, I wouldn't call it no consequences

Anonymous 15049

Your adimant urge to claim one side is better than the other just puts you on the same level as them.
>just chill and live your life, who cares

Anonymous 15069

I talked about this with my boyfriend a while ago, we were both pretty lonely for a long time. I think the difference is where they have to direct their frustration. When I was having trouble I usually directed my frustration inward and thought things like "I'm not good enough." If I were prettier guys would want me." "I'm too fat" etc, but that's because I was always told that was what the problem was. But he said that he was always told things that made him feel completely powerless, that dating is just a numbers game and the only thing he can do is ask people out until one of them decides they like him.
Like the difference, at least for me, is that I was feeling bad because my friends got asked out and I never got any attention, while he was was feeling bad because he got rejected over and over.

Anonymous 15070

>tfw approach guys and consistently get rejected
I like to think I'm dealing well and don't blame the the entire male population for my shortcomings. Sometimes I feel bitter when I see girls dating guys who are My Type, but I know it's illogical and don't let it get out of hand. Mostly I'm just super bummed out about the situation.
Also, ER never approached anyone and his bad feelings came from girls not flocking to him lmao.

I agree with your first point, though. Women are usually raised to be more critical of ourselves in a way that's very exact and confirmed by every bit of mainstream media from music to movies. Oddly enough incels try to do this to themselves with the lookism thing, but it just doesn't apply as well for men since women's taste is pretty eclectic and (usually) less looks based.
Men are often also taught (and test. powers it up lol) to convert all emotions into anger, hence why men tend to murder and fight while women self-harm or develop EDs. Rage and neurosis.

Anonymous 15072

cruel lain.png

cry more

Anonymous 15074

>Men are misogynistic and say mean things though. Incels are entitled and toxic
Wow, you're right, we're such menanies, that's all they do

Anonymous 15076

Penis detected
Prepare to be removed

Anonymous 15078

More proof women are better than men:

Overwhelming majority of sexual assault committed by men

Overwhelming majority of molestation committed by men.

Overwhelming majority of pedophiles are men.

Overwhelming majority of people sitting in threads watching cartel chainsaw mutilations are men.

Overwhelming majority of violence in general committed by men both in present day and for all of history.

Majority of pornography both produced and consumed by men.

Majority of suicides committed by men(because they're sissy weaklings)

>but muh testosterone levels, muh civilization building w-we wuz kings in shit

Basically the impulsive ghetto trash of gender.

Anonymous 15080

>White men

The biggest sissies of all.

Anonymous 15083

i think this thread proves pretty well that we are not better than men at all…

Anonymous 15084

Naw it's just feels. Blowing off steam. The real test is how we treat others in actual life.

Anonymous 15089


No no, it's the other way around. Give someone anonymity and a place they can post their opinions and they can show you their true colours.

Anonymous 15090

Yeah, I don't get it.
If you go on other sites there are men who scream "men are better then woman" and on other sites there are women who scream "woman are better then men". They are all the same. There is no one better then the other.

Since when can't we accept that every gender, man and woman have their flaws and their strength? We should not be against each other, we should work together.

Anonymous 15092


Sure you can say that if you want but it's a moot point since there's no such thing as "femcels"

Try and @ me if you dare

Anonymous 19629

>Chads whereas incels constantly orbit stacies and we have actual empathy for each other instead of crab bucketting each other out of spite
I am convinced you are either not female or never had a single group of girlfriends, lol.
You have no idea how this actually looks and how bad the envy gets.

Anonymous 19653

Sorry you have shit friends.

Anonymous 19654

I would there were no age between sixteen and three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest; for there is nothing in the between but getting wenches with child, wronging the ancientry, stealing, fighting — Hark you now! Would any but these boiled brains of nineteen and two-and-twenty hunt this weather?

- Bil Shaekspen, the bit in the storm of that one story

Boys just seem to be more, on average, loud and violent about their problems.

>Basically the impulsive ghetto trash of gender.
True, but you had seven kids to four Tyrones and three Pedros.
You just keep breeding and making more of them, Becky.
You can complain, but it's still on you for multiplying them, otherwise they'd just die out as nature intended over-dosed in their gang-daddy's bedroom.

Anonymous 19656

>femcel thread
I don't think we're the girls who had seven partners.

Anonymous 19664

This bitch >>15078 aint a femcel lol.
Four kids five cats welfare queen with severe damage.

You probs are too, since it struck a nerve with the all-caps there.

Anonymous 19666

How do you know for sure? Someone can be afraid of men due to childhood trauma (abusive father, bullied by men, molested as a child, etc.) and not because Chad, Tyrone, or Pedro fucked them over.
I'm a khv but had a weird period of man-hate due to garbage father and bitterness over rejection (not from Chad! But my manlet friend and a few more manlets afterwards) when I was a high school frumplet. It lead me to obsess over stats about male crime and cheating for fear that this would be how it would end for me if I could ever get in a relationship with my still shitty social skills and average looks.

In my reply I was just upset because I dislike when people blame all women for men being awful, or blame all women when only some women fuck trash men.

Anonymous 19668

>Majority of suicides committed by men(because they're sissy weaklings)

Mostly because they use more direct methods of killing themselves like guns or hanging, while women tend to go for overdoses (which are easier to reverse)

Anonymous 19670

Fair enough.
It's more that older post listing the world's troubles all on men got me mad. How can a narrative in your head go:
>men are at the heart of every major problem with society, here are the stats
>the stats also show men in the overwhelming majority maintain and innovate the planet's infrastructure and essentially upholds a moderately safe/comfortable life with internet access and refrigeration and hot water
>h-haha still losers we wuz kings k-kill yourselves lol
While she's probably shit out a dozen kids with some losers who gave her attention, only adding to the problem, and now resent-posts in the femcel world.

I do hate manchildren who take credit for the capable ones, like all those cringe male youtube philosophers who do literally nothing all day but bitch at women while pretending they're on the same level as a firefighter or deep-sea-welder, but I don't think, whether we're in some 'femcel cool club' or not, being super salty about the entire sex is healthy. 50% of the planet is inhabited by something innately despised. What a nightmare to live that everyday.

Like at that point why bother even waking up?

Anonymous 19671

It's dumb and even misogynistic to accuse women of just failing at suicide more often because they make poor decisions like trying to overdose on Tylenol when it probably isn't going to kill them.

Female suicide attempts are more likely to be cries for help. There are a LOT of factors involved here- men tend to have guns, women tend to have tranquilizers, etc- but ultimately men are a bit more likely to genuinely try to die when they attempt suicide, so they hang or shoot themselves. Bear in mind, the great majority of suicide attempts are unsuccessful, and people who attempt suicide even in ways that seem like ridiculous attention seeking have a higher risk of going on to actually kill themselves.

This is partially an issue of male expectations and partially the relative violence and impulsivity of their gender, along with many other things. Social science is hard because everything is mutivariate.

Anonymous 19691

What about the man-hate threads?

Anonymous 19693

They’re started by men themeselves

Anonymous 19695


Curious. How exactly would you know that anon?

Anonymous 19706

There was a thread near new years eve that was a “man hate thread” that complained of the existing “man dislike” thread being playful criticism of men as opposed to actual hate. The thread amassed lots of replies but was soon deleted because a male was suspected to have created it (the supposed proof being a thread on KC)

Anonymous 19708

a scrot created it and posted about it somewhere else and was outed

Anonymous 19779


Anonymous 19806

try to make it a little less obvious that you're a man, hun

Anonymous 19813

That women attempt suicide for attention? No, have you ever even been around a woman? A suicide attempt is still a suicide attempt, regardless of whether someone succeeds or not. Give me some studies that prove that women only attempt suicide "for attention", otherwise you're making assumptions based on your deep hatred towards women. Jfc no wonder actual women are so reluctant to post here, because scrotes like you make it unbearable by bringing the same old misogynistic shit from 4chan and Reddit.

Anonymous 19815

While he probably is a man, and a badly informed and disguisded one at that, he didnt say all women did it, he said it was mostly as a cry for attention, which lets be honest, is valid for both genders. Is it more or less impulsive from man to woman, maybe, I dont really know, but guys do tend to kill themselves in more permanent ways rather than dumb "I cant even google if swallowing 7 pills of Xanax" stuff some girls tend to do.

Not saying suicide attempts dont have many reasons to be done, mind you! But incited by misogynist hate or not, he has a point many attempts are for attention.

Anonymous 21683

>let's bring this thread back to life
It's not that women are better people, they just have different priorities.
Incels hate women out of entitlement. They don't understand why, in a fair world, they don't have a virgin gf that is at least their looksmatch (according to some arbitrary number given to them by a infographic painstakingly made in MS paint they found on reddit), so they blame hypergamy by the feeeeemoids (because, god forbid, women not want a dude who makes it known that he is only with her because she's attractive enough to bang but not so attractive that she'll cheat on him with Chad)
On the other hand, most """femcels""" (hate the fucking term but I'll go with it) actually just want a bf. They see other girls who are uglier or fatter or lower class who have a bf and they don't get why they don't have one. They may eventually get fed up after a few rounds on tinder and tweet "I hate men" along with some rude comment about manlets, but it is far from laughing at women getting brutalized and calling them dumb roasties.

Anonymous 21710

And so called femcels are just angry they can't get a guy ABOVE their looksmatch.

Anonymous 21711

Ugly men get cute women all the time.

Anonymous 21714

It fundamentally comes done to hormones and the social conditions of each group.

Anonymous 21734

>female incels are sad about not having a boyfriend
>"you're just mad you can't date a 10/10 guy!!!1!!!"
Can anybody explain that? Why do people just assume that femcels only want good-looking guys? I've lurked a bit on a forum of theirs and I don't get that impression of them. Actually, they seem so desperate, they'd accept any guy who is remotely kind and sweet to them.

Anonymous 21744


Anonymous 21749

I've been rejected by every man I ever tried for, and most of them were not good looking. One of them told me he was becoming a woman to avoid having to reject me (which was a lie.) Everyone wants an attractive partner, but women are willing to date down whereas men don't see ugly women as people.

Anonymous 21752

It's the same argument that we have about men who say they're so desperate but won't accept a woman who's less than an 8/over 130lbs/not a virgin except anyone who has ever communicated with a man honestly about this knows they primarily care about looks while we all know a normie women who will date an ugly guy just to have a man

Anonymous 21843

It's clear they're just meme-ing lol.

Anonymous 21848

While obviously there's some meme momentum at the same time it would be really easy, especially in 4chan of all places, to have 50 straight replies of equally-memey
>look at this faggot
Looking for unconditional love is why so many 4channer incels have a mommy complex. At least in theory mothers love their sons no matter what, judgment free, not based on their actions or attributes but because of their blood link, "who they are" - their relationship, son. It's incestuous to want someone to love you "for who you are", basically.

All good love is conditional and transactional - an exchange that has demands and can be cut off if the bargain isn't upheld. Anything less is parasitic, you get into situations where an honest girl is abused by her alcohol-reeking husband because she "loves him" too much to demand he hold up his end of the marriage.

Anonymous 21854

They forgot to mention that she must be at least a 7/10, too. Or 6/10 if you want to be generous, kek.

Anonymous 21880

>and then she acts like how the men are described

Anonymous 22374


>the comparison between femcels and incels prove that Women are better people than men

Most importantly we don't go on spree shootings.

Anonymous 22382


>Most importantly we don't go on spree shootings.

Anonymous 22383

Nasim became a shooter because of YouTube demonization or whatever, not because tfw no bf. Whereas both ER and Alek clearly stated that it was because they couldn't get laid.

Nice reach though lmao. You tried.

Anonymous 22385

No one implied that.
It was only claimed that femcels don't go on shooting spree. There was no mention about the motives until you brought that up. So technically I'm not wrong. Femcels can go on a killing spree.

Anonymous 22386

i agree. femcels haven't yet, but they're kind of a new thing. also radical feminists are pretty violent and they're basically voluntary femcels.

Anonymous 22404


She wasn't a self identified femcel you absolute retard.

Anonymous 22415

Pic related is based
That is all

Anonymous 22416

It was written by a schizophrenic central asian man.

Anonymous 22418

with whom I unironicaly agree with the post he wrote

Any questions?

Anonymous 22497


Anyone this thorough and fixated with their hate has a reason. What's yours?

Anonymous 22512

Too many bad ex boyfriends

The day someone else proves me wrong I'll let you know

Anonymous 22514

Comparing two different dregs of society wont get you nowhere

Anonymous 22515

You should marry him

Anonymous 22528

The only reason why incels go on shooting ramapges and femcels don't, and why men do very evil and violent things while women do not, is the T-virus.
T standing for testosterone of course.
However, men without testosterone are pretty pathetic creatures too, as can be seen with the deluded ones who think eating hormone pills can magically make them a woman, by which they usually mean some horrible caricature of a woman from their animoos and mangos.
Solution - put bromide in the male water supply. Set up drinking fountains just for men and tell them it's because they're very special good boys who should get their own special, minerally fortified water.
Overnight, men become more placid, tranquil, easier to talk to and completely harmless.
Clearly, they might get chronic toxicity from it, but the few years lost on the bromine diet far outweighs the negative effects of continuing to be rampaging brutes.

Anonymous 22529

[u]Benefits In Comparison to Other Treatments[/u]
Lobotomy - this takes away their mental faculties entirely. As tempting it as it is to that, considering the history of women who were brutally lobotomized for no other reason than "being difficult", vengeance solves nothing. Besides, talking to men can sometimes be nice, and men are at their best when they're problem solving as part of scientific work. Maybe giving some of them bromide will make them stop using their big brains to make weapons or dreaming up violent ideologies and instead allow them to focus on solving climate change, or bringing world peace.

HRT - no No NO! I've seen others suggest this, but just [i]look[/i] at the state of "men" who do this to themselves. They're pathetic, and it definitely does not stop them from being horrible misogynists who bully actual women. Giving men oestrogen doesn't stop them from being bad men, it just continues to allow them to be bad men while looking like freaks.

SSRI or ritalin - these don't make men placid like bromide would do. They just make them zombies. Zombies are useless, may as well just kill men if that was done, which I think would be a bad idea if we want to keep going as a species.

No - just spike their water supply, and watch as they start smiling, talking freely, treating us as actual people, and taking up sensible hobbies like hiking instead of posting on /pol/ or betting on football matches.

Anonymous 22552

Is this the same miner who made the florist state thread

It’s creative

Anonymous 22606

>they start smiling, talking freely, treating us as actual people, and taking up sensible hobbies like hiking instead of posting on /pol/ or betting on football matches.
Then watch them being weak and booted out of the gene pool. Like hell we need more pussified men, look at asian societies and their plight why asian ladies choose not to date asians

Anonymous 22607

Asian men don't treat women with respect, tradfag. Sexism is pretty prevalent in NE and SE asia. Won't even dip into South Asia since that's a given.
I'm sure you prefer beatings, rape, and discrimination though. It's males in their most natural state! As long as they support you financially because you're just a weak widdle wady uwu.

Anonymous 22609

I for one wish there were more pussified men. "High test" is essentially the same as "doesn't see you as human, violent, aggressive".

Anonymous 22638

The submissive and effeminate asian man stereotype is literally just something the west made up to make them seem non-threatening.

Anonymous 22639

>The submissive and effeminate asian man stereotype is literally just something the west made up to make them seem non-threatening.
Why would the west want to make asian men seem non-threatening?

Anonymous 22646

honestly white guys ime American white guys especially are the most insecure kind of man on the planet. they'll target anyone while retreating at the same time to their race cuck fetishes

Anonymous 22647

Oh yes, and places like reddit asianmasculinity doesnt exist. It's all made up huh?

Anonymous 22657

No, it's just American guys. There's some seed of paranoia and insecurity in all of them that's really unnerving, doesn't matter what race but the way it is expressed does seem based on race. Black and Latino men seem to have this over exaggerated swagger and will get really pissed if you ignore it, Asian men just seem to give you silent looks of hatred and spite, while white guys will do this ridiculous, emotional pleading. It's all really, really pathetic.

You don't get anything like that with European men, well, except maybe Brits but they're already basically American anyway. All the European men I've met - German, French, Dutch, Polish - were all confident in themselves, with an assured self-esteem. They didn't feel they needed to brag to compensate, and they didn't seem to hate women. The only remotely similiar attitude I found when I was in Europe was, as mentioned, some of the British guys I met, who - while more polite than American men - had the same nervousness around me that you find in some white or Asian guys.

I just think there's something sick with American men. I don't know what it is though…

Anonymous 22692

I feel the same! Sick is definitely what I think of for American guys and the exact word comes up frequently in the rare odd discussion with friends. I can't ever fully trust any of them, even the ones I know and care about.

I think it's the culture, but that sounds like such overgeneralizing hogwash… Maybe it's a general low IQ culture mixed with piss poor parenting. I can oversimplify every single incel + problematic guy I know of to:


>white or mixed white
>hands off parenting (neglectful or spoiled)
>hardly ever punished
>partial peter pan syndrome? well past thirties
>a ton of anger

The odd ones out are still American, just ones born unlucky with severe mental illness (thankfully those few have good families to even them out).

Anonymous 22743


Not even trying to hide anymore, come on now.

Anonymous 22745

You know what? I'll bite to explain one thing to you. What you say is true but would be equivalent of someone coming up to incel with offer for him to lose his virginity for free with ugliest, most disgusting woman who doesn't know the concept of hygiene. Oh and the smell of her vagina makes you want to end your existence.

Just like bang her and lose your virginity bro

Anonymous 22755

Funny, American men say the same thing about American women vs European women. How european women are actually feminine and pleasant while American women are overweight, screeching harpies that hate men.

Anonymous 22772


As a femcel, no we're not that different besides not going on mass shootings as much. Just look at the /pol/-tier ramblings about low-IQ, race, and all that stupid shit. Jesus fucking Christ. Go outside and realize the only problem is you. Do something about it or accept your mediocrity like I did. Just stop blaming literally anyone and anything but yourself.

Anonymous 22783

A lot of people say that about their own countrymen/women. I'm from a Euro country where some men decry West European women for being manly feminazis and idealise Russian women as feminine, traditional and domestic. It wouldn't surprise me if there are Russian men out there who hate Russian women but idealise South American women for example.

Anonymous 22790


they're afraid of seeming insecure, creepy, beta, loser, bla bla, i think you get what i mean.
they think that every time they speak to a woman, they are being put through a hundred different filters to see if they are worth spending time on, and the end result is a very artificial and resentful personality, because they blame women for it.
imo it's media culture bleeding into reality in a very sick sort of way. it's so pronounced in americans and brits because they consume the most anglophone movies and tv

Anonymous 22852

>>22784 nails it on the head… any countrywoman/man will shit on their bedfellows. Grass is greener. East Asian here and it's the same. Clueless white guys fawn over us not realizing that we're all awfully flawed, just maybe different flaws.

I wouldn't be surprised by >>22755 though. Americans unfortunately have by far one of the worst if not the worst reputations as potential partners, male or female. I would even assume an American, white nonbinary person is lowest on the totem pole in dating than those of any other race or nation.

Anonymous 22857

>American, white nonbinary person is lowest on the totem pole in dating than those of any other race or nation.

It strongly depends where you're from, obviously
here in Poland every nonwhite person will have a hard time dating and there's no prejudice against Americans.

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