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last friend to be single Anonymous 15174

Are any of you anons the last (or were the last for those with bfs/gfs) of your friends to be single?
How does it feel for you to be the last of your friends to be single?
Have your friends tried to set you up with someone?

Anonymous 15198

You don't ever have to worry about that when you have no friends.

Anonymous 15199

I feel really bad for laughing at this

Anonymous 15201

Un ironically, this

Anonymous 15203


Anonymous 15210

hug shirt.jpg

I was going to say something like this earlier today but decided against it.

Lone wolf ftw

Anonymous 15214


Your post reminded me of that 80s werewolf movie Lone Wolf that I watched expecting a gore fest centered on a heroic lonesome terror that spreads its misery through bloodshed but instead got a cheesy teen movie highlighting how the power of friendship conquers monsters who deserve to lose, with not nearly enough violence to make up for it.
No, you only have yourself to answer, and often that self is more detrimental to your psyche than any friend could be by virtue of being the only voice you hear.

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