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Do men even have feelings? Anonymous 15289

I've never met a man that had a shred of empathy, even when they are "depressed" it's all about ohhhh no I will never have this 10/10 asian stacy suck my penis or waaaaaah women find men who are taller more attractive, do they care about love or friendship or anything deeper than sex and social status.

non-femcel anons please answer this question.

Anonymous 15290

They do, it just gets developed more as they get older. Those are common teenager/young adult problems.

Anonymous 15291

Stop browsing /r9k/.

Anonymous 15293

I wasn't like that when I was a teenage, why should men be different?

Anonymous 15294

Men are generally less empathetic, but only by a little. They also definitely care about love.
Have you not seen how strong their friendships are? They literally just fight for a bit to get it out of their systems and then go right back to being friends in under a week. I'm actually kinda jealous about it tbh.

Because you weren't pumped full of testosterone. Teenage boys experience a dip in empathy for a few years, which is the opposite of girls.

Anonymous 15295

when do they start to resemble humans?

Anonymous 15296

If by "humans" you mean women, never. If you mean adults, around 17. If you actually mean humans, they usually start to talk around 18 months, let your pediatrician know if it's any later.

Anonymous 15299

Men are humans. They cry, they get scared, hurt, etc. I think they are socially conditioned not to be aware of these emotions, similarly to how as women we're socially conditioned to repress our anger and aggression.

Anonymous 15301

nope, 21 and still no hope

Anonymous 15302

Don't be dumb.

Anonymous 15305

Friendship among men being stronger than friendship among women is a meme made by men.

Anonymous 15307

How many male friends do you have?

Anonymous 15308

You are spot on OP, like for real all the guys I’ve met are total assholes and it’s like they lack the sense of common decency. Like today on the bus ride home I had 4 grocery bags and I was expecting this sweet looking Asian boy to get up and give me his seat and he DIDNT and I questioned him saying can I sit here and he said NO
I think it’s just a result of social conditioning from the capitalist system. Rewards the assholes and since men want to succeed they think emulating assholes will get them rich and girls. I hate this world

Anonymous 15310

I have 2 male friends. But I have a very close group of female friends I have been friends with for close to a decade. I feel as if it's often pushed that women are all super catty and bitchy to each other, betraying each other at every instance while men have bonds stronger than steel. It feels a bit insulting imo.

Anonymous 15312

I'm glad you have such good friends. That hasn't been my experience except for a few. Idk which one of us is the weird one.

Anonymous 15313

I can't tell if you're joking or not.

Anonymous 15316

the fuck did you j…


that all you got…? a low effort switch to make it seemingly relevant to woman? doesn't even make sense and only shows how little you actually know about the board, women, our preferences, and what we actually complain about.

Anonymous 15317

Can we start randomly breaking the 4th wall in threads like this and start to directly talk to the neurotic male robots that shamelessly lurk these threads to freak them out?

Anonymous 15318

nta, but it's clearly that shitty and low effort because the original post was.

Anonymous 15319

Anger is a feeling, anger is an emotion. In that way men are far more emotional than women.

Anonymous 15320


After they get married lol.

Anonymous Moderator 15330

Rule 7: "Encouraging male posters by responding may result in a temporary ban."

Please just report the suspicious post and we'll look into them.

Anonymous 15334

Men usually stay quiet about their emotions because when they do open up they're greeted with contempt and dismissal. Men's problems always get compared to women's problems, as if women's issues are the standard for everything and nothing can be equally bad or worse to them. Worst aspect about this subject is when men get lured to open up, and then all of their problems get tacked on their manhood or masculinity. As if they're faulty women. Well they're not faulty women, they're MEN with MEN's problems. It's really toxic in modern society to lure in people pretending to care about their problems, only to attack their core identity like some kind of death trap.

Anonymous 15335

Honestly, if I hadn't met my boyfriend, I would think the exact same as OP. I don't want to mislead girls into thinking that there are loads of nice guys out there, there aren't and the majority of men are genuinely unsympathetic and immature. I'm just saying that it's not impossible for a man to be kind and thoughtful and that actually makes things worse because I know it's possible for men to be lovely people, they just choose not to be.

I even found that my boyfriend started becoming more sympathetic towards women after meeting me. But again, I don't think the solution is to get every asshole a girlfriend and hope he'll "change". My bf thinks that men just act like assholes all the time because it's comfy for them and to break out of that would mean to recognise all the women they've shat on in their lives were actually human with feelings like them. It's comfy to keep your position of power by pretending that women are just objects who can't feel. I mean, you could see a pregnant woman standing on the bus and think "Wow she must be exhausted from standing all day and due to literally creating life. If she falls, it could be fatal for the baby and injure her too. I should give her my seat." or you could pretend none of that is true and just keep your nice, warm, comfortable seat, right?

I think a huge problem is that men bottle up their feelings to look "normal" in front of friends and co-workers. It means that when you date a man, he finally sees someone to dump all of his emotional baggage onto and expects you to act like his mummy/therapist. They see other men the same way we do, uncaring and emotionless so when the opportunity of talking to someone who "has emotions" arises, they'll literally treat you like a filing cabinet for every problem they ever had. So yeah, men do have feelings but once again it's still something that negatively impacts us.

Anonymous 15348

cute asian boy dont want to spoil me

Anonymous 15386

spider webs probably are
proportionately anyway

Anonymous 15387

You're probably joking but I've always thought homosexual love was purer. Love between two women or love between two men means there's no gender barrier and no gender stereotypes, you're more likely to see each other as individual humans.

Anonymous 15388

It just ain't. Well maybe lesbian love is, but gay men barely even have long term relationships, let alone meaningful ones.

Anonymous 15389

they don't but women aren't much better

Anonymous 15394

Love in general is very impure and full of conflict. The kind of pure love you see in anime is so rare it might as well be nonexistent.

Anonymous 15415

1 (1).PNG

Anonymous 15416

Sure, and I agree that's wrong. I genuinely want a soft crybaby bf to the point of it being almost fetishistic.

But let's not pretend they have empathy or sympathy though, which is what OP was referencing.

Anonymous 15417

Why do you do this to yourself?
>wants a softie bf
>but men don't have empathy or sympathy
Have you just never met a man or something?

Anonymous 15419

I've met too many men and don't know any that truly care for others at all.
Maybe some do, but they must be pretty rare.
Not to let women off the hook btw, but I think we at least have base level of caring (with some exceptions).

Anonymous 15420

They're not rare at all.
>my dad
>my brother
>my other brother
>my boyfriend
>my boss
I'm guessing you had some bad experiences and now you just assume the worst of every guy you meet even though they haven't given you any reason to.

Anonymous 15421

I can't even argue anymore.
I honestly wish men didn't scare me so much and I could be free from the hell I've built for myself.

Anonymous 15422

Well as long as you know you've built it.

Anonymous 15423


>lists five people
>"not rare at all!!!"

Anonymous 15427

The five of them represent a good chunk of then men in my life on a day to day basis. Only a few of the men I've known have been bad people. You're just paranoid and judgemental.

Anonymous 15428


NTA you're responding to but
>You're just paranoid and judgemental
The fuck? Why are you so bothered by anon's experiences? Most of the people you listed are your family, who you only see act a certain way around you. Your boss? How well do you know him to confidently say he's an empathetic man?

I am quite picky with the men I'm surround myself with and even among the genuinely nice ones, I only know a handful of truly empathetic men. That being said, the vast majority of men I meet that I could be friends with or associate myself with I choose not to because they don't act in a way that shows that they're empathetic. Only 1 of my male family members is close to being empathetic and the rest are extremely unempathetic and believe feelings are stupid. Of course, they don't represent every man. But I've found that the average man I interact with shows himself to be not as empathetic (if at all) as women generally are.

Point is, not everyone here is paranoid or necessarily judgemental.

Anonymous 15429

I'm not particularly bothered, but between here and 4chan I've gotten tired of hearing
>The opposite gender is evil subhuman filth with no capacity for love or empathy!
It's an equally retarded point of view whether it's an incel or a femcel presenting it.

Anonymous 15430

I really wonder how many people here are 14 and never interact with people outside of here and /r8k/ and think those are a accurate representations of the average person.

Anonymous 15431

Too many. Op is probably still mad that James said she had cooties and wouldn't let her try his juice box.

Anonymous 15432

Or maybe that James didnt give up his bus seat for her.

Anonymous 15435


Of course men have feelings, but tend to hide, or at least not show their emotions right away. Many were still raised with the idea that they had to be tough and strong, and only open up to close friends or girlfriends (and some don't open up at all).

If you frequent male oriented places on the internet, I can understand why you'd think men don't have emotions, or at least seem not to have them. But they do. If they don't, they have some problem like sociopathy (I can't rememeber if that's the right -pathy, but you know what I mean, that you lack basic human emotions).

Some women are not as emotional as the majority seems to be. So in the end it's not about gender, but individuals. My boyfriend isn't that emotional, but he can show lots of empathy sometimes. At the same time one of my male friends is extremely emotional, sensible and cares way too much about people. My dad would cry over little things.

tl;dr Of course they do, generally speaking, but it depends on the person.

Anonymous 15436

I chose the wrong reaction pic. Oh well that one looks funny too.

Anonymous 15479

The Mask You Live in is a great movie about male identity.

I was abused by my father but so were my brothers.
My father is pretty much the worst example of a man and my brothers are the best.

Of course they have feelings. But they are usually surpressed. Society sorta demands it from a man, other men demand it, even women often demand from men to be emotionally crippled, strong shells of themselves. It's a very complicated, very heart-breaking mess and both sides, men and women are losers

Anonymous 15481

Adding to that…

Good men or even men who are in touch with their feelings exist but they are rare and the occasion to meet them on that personal, vulnerable level is even rarer.
You have to go through like a hundred dudes to find a real gem but they are out there, miners

Anonymous 15482

Too much is always too much, nobody likes a crybaby, but men will open up about their feelings if you let them. In my experience it's all about how you receive and respond to them. You can shut a man up forever if you belittle his troubles no matter how small, because it probably took him lots of courage to open up. Making fun of it or telling him to man up is just going to make sure he will not open up another time.

Anonymous 15483

OP isn't talking about their own feelings, most men will easily use you as an their personal diary if you show even a bit of kindness. Literally met a guy today and he started telling me about his anxiety and depression lol.

The thing is that they don't return that favour. They don't care about us or each other.

Anonymous 15485

>Literally met a guy today and he started telling me about his anxiety and depression lol.
Lol loser.

Anonymous 15491

I'm fine with it, it's kind of endearing and I'm interested in others. Just wish more men would also care. I only know one that ever has.

This guy isn't even an outlier. I befriended another classmate a month ago and in our first time messaging each other he told me all about his daddy issues. It's so ez to get most to open up.
Both guys are from a conservative culture too.

Anonymous 15493

Where would they get the idea to care about other people's feelings if nobody ever cared about theirs?

Anonymous 15495

>Do men even have feelings?
It’s tempting to hope so but no, not like we do. And not many that aren’t just anger and greed.

Anonymous 15496

She said non-femcel anons.

Anonymous 15497

>anger and greed
Reminds me scene related. Greed and disgust.

Anonymous 15498

>Literally met a guy today and he started telling me about his anxiety and depression lol

Lol? If this is the kind of reaction they get from opening up no wonder they keep quiet about their feelings. I seriously hope this is a troll because god help that poor soul who has to deal with snake like you.

Anonymous 15499

I've had boyfriends before but I'm glad to not have to put up with them anymore.
They're obviously not murderers but this is still closer to a regular guy's thoughts than some want to believe!

Anonymous 15500

How do you know "a regular guy's thoughts"?

What's the difference between you and some r9k loser that proclaims to know all about regular women thoughts?

Anonymous 15502

>How do you know "a regular guy's thoughts"?
Yes I am generalizing from personal experience but without some kind of generalizing there's no point in almost any discussion that doesn't specify a particular individual. This is from what guys have told me or I've seen them say when they talk openly without a filter. do you really not see or hear them?
>What's the difference between you and some r9k loser that proclaims to know all about regular women thoughts?
I'm right.

Anonymous 15503

Thank you anon.

Anonymous 15504


My criticism wasn't on the fact that she's being misandrist on cc. I never said that she wasn't allowed to do that so don't strawman.

I just asked how she is any different from one of those knuckle draggers? Robots and femcels like her are secluded social retards who are so afraid of the opposite gender that they make up a boogeyman fantasy in their head

lmao yeah, every guy thinks just like Patrick Bateman. When guys watch American Psycho they don't think it's funny because of how bizarre Bateman acts, they actually think it's a good representation of themselves.

legbeards are just as shit as neckbeards

Anonymous 15506

I already said I'm not a femcel. You're #notallmen trash is starting to shit up this thread. I sometimes wish we weren't all anon here so when you eventually get mistreated or your eyes are otherwise opened I could come in that thread and say how wrong you are, and he was an outlier, etc. Ask anyone here and if they're honest they'll tell you. We might exaggerate but there are plenty of negatives to men and you don't need to be bitter to see them.

Anonymous 15508

CC being a female space doesn't free you from being called out for being a rotten person.

Anonymous 15509

Sure being being a shit person also includes what you're doing. What if people are just venting to get it out of their system but you come in scolding "Don't disrespect my precious boys!" You could just not take it personally on their behalf and mentally exclude the guys you love so much.

Anonymous 15510

I'm not even the person you were arguing with. Can't you see how much of a hypocrite you are?

Anonymous 15512

Hypocrite how? Do you think I believe we have no flaws? We have plenty. But having more emotions than just anger and greed (yes I am exaggerating jesus christ) isn't one of them.

Why are you being so hostile to someone just for agreeing with OP? If you don't like this thread make one about how great guys are and their wealth of subtle emotions.

Anonymous 15513

The point is that you can't see people as individuals. There are men and women that have no emotion. There are men and women that are evil. There are men and women that are wonderful.

I wouldn't make a thread about how great guys are because I don't believe ANY group of people are innately great just because they're born that way.

Gtfo low functioning autists who only think in black and white generalizations of billions of people

Anonymous 15517

>he point is that you can't see people as individuals.
You can't read can you?
>Yes I am generalizing from personal experience but without some kind of generalizing there's no point in almost any discussion that doesn't specify a particular individual.
Please explain how you can have a discussion about a group of people: men, women, Americans, Europeans, athletes, etc without saying meaningless words like "people are individuals and everyone is different.

Yeah no shit. Brilliant dedcution. Conversation over because we wouldn't want to hurt any feelings of the fucking lurkers, at least one of which is apparently experiencing the very tender emotions of masturbating to fucking text. He likes that because he knows we don't want him here. What a nice guy! Wouldn't want to say anything bad about him, he might read it and be sad!

You gtfo if you don't like hearing complaints about men.

Anonymous 15520

The conversation never started because your generalizations are too black and white, like I said

You can still complain about men without your tard logic "huurrr duurrr men only know two emotions". You just have to think a little harder

Anonymous 15522


>Robots and femcels like her are secluded social retards who are so afraid of the opposite gender that they make up a boogeyman fantasy in their head

Your post just reminded me of a leddit comment I came across earlier where a guy said the exact same things as some anons say here but with the genders switched around. About how women are incapable of the same love men feel, how women's feelings are fickle and different from men's feelings etc. Couldn't help but laugh because that's what some women think about men.

Anonymous 15523

I've never seen proof of a man actually being able to feel love.
It's always about ownership, status, and how they want to have multiple women at once. Clearly we experience it differently, I think men are incapable of devotion.

Anonymous 15524

You'll hopefully experience it when you get a bf.

Anonymous 15526

anyone can get a boyfriend but the real dream is a husbando by yourside at 90

Anonymous 15527


I said it was exaggeration.
Brigaded again.I know there are plenty of differing opinions here and some don't like the negativity but this is too much.

Anonymous 15529

AYRT I'm more inclined to your opinion as well, to be honest. That's why I found it funny that men say the same things about us that we say about them.

Anonymous 15534

What if the dudes are misserable and just wanna kick the bucket all honorable and remembered?

Anonymous 15536

>everyone who's ever risked or given their life to protect someone else isn't a hero they were just suicidal so you don't have to respect their sacrifice

Wow. I mean I guess I shouldn't be too surprised you'd see it that way, it is what I was claiming after all.

Anonymous 15537

They also take the lives of women when most women would never do the same. It's known as femicide.

Anonymous 15538

>> a woman is not likely to or would never kill a woman


Anonymous 15539

>hurr durr I missed the point entirely

a woman doesn't kill a woman because of their gender in the same way men kill women because they're a woman

Anonymous 15540

>>men kill women because they're a woman

Get help

Anonymous 15542

>I have no valid points or arguments because I'm wrong, so I'll start gas lighting hurr durr

There's a reason there's 115 to 100 male to female ratio in china.

Anonymous 15543

why do they hate us?

Anonymous 15544

Because they don't understand us, think they're entitled to having power over us, and think that they're superior in every way.

Anonymous 15545

to be fair Asian cultures are vastly more misogynistic, you can't just generalise from them

Anonymous 15546

>you can't just generalise from them
>Asian cultures are vastly more misogynistic

I'm not even part of this conversation but did you even think about what you wrote?

Anonymous 15547

nothing contradictory about my sentence. Asian cultures are not representational of most world cultures

>hurr durr all generalisations are wrong
meme needs to stop, obviously there are outliers but we are talking about in general

Anonymous 15548


>It's not the men! It's the Asians!
That wrong and I wasn't even bringing up that point to make generalizations about all the men of the world or the western world, just a basic and well known fact to prove that females are in fact, killed by men for being female. Even outside of Asia femicide manifests itself differently, more in the way of direct killings of adults and teenagers, and I only brought up femicide as a counter point to
>hurr durr my chivalry, all men are better people than women
we haven't even talked about domestic abuse or rape.

Anonymous 15550

those statistic are irrelevant, nothing to do with women being killed because they are women

that is basically a list of highest murder rates.

Anonymous 15551

If that were true then the ranks of each country would be identical to that of the overall highest murder rates in the world. they aren't, especially for countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia, etc.

Anonymous 15552

This isn't a case of men killing women. It's a case of a catastrophically retarded one child policy and parents preferring sons to daughters.

Anonymous 15553

>Killing women for not being men isn't killing women for being women

What…? Even if you want to blame the one child policy India has a similar situation with around 940 females per 1000 of males.

Anonymous 15554

Women being killed for being women =/= men killing women.
I'm sure the mothers are just as invested in that shitty culture.

Anonymous 15555

Oh. You make it sound like it's just men doing the killing and that women weren't aborting their daughters.

Anonymous 15556

Do you really go through life thinking every bad thing that happens to you is just because you're a woman and that the bad thing needs a different name with fem in it?

If you get bit by a dog do you cry you got femauld?

Anonymous 15557

>So what if you're killed for being born a girl? You can't blame that on misogyny.
This imageboard is lost.

Anonymous 15558

I wonder how many Chinese mothers wished for/desired a daughter

Anonymous 15559

>I'm sure the mothers are just as invested in that shitty culture
>I'm sure

Just because it's convenient for you to believe that women had a choice in the decision doesn't mean that it's true. In those shitty societies it's the man that's supposed to lead the family, correct? In those shitty societies women don't get to make choices about their own bodies, in India women can't even claim rape against their spouse.

Anonymous 15562

Okay so I think the point you're trying to make is that "female homicide rates in the top 25 countries don't coincide with the overall homicide rates in the the top 25 countries, and therefore the women in high femicide countries are being killed for being women". I'm not too good at putting it into words but I think I understand what you're saying. I'll try simplify it then apply it to the realistic setting we're dealing with.

You're saying countries A, B and C have the highest femicide rates, but the highest homicide rates are in countries D, E and F (some of D, E and F may coincide with A, B and C, but for the most part, it's different). This just means that countries D, E and F have a (much) higher male homicide rate than female homicide rate, since they'd need to kill far more men than women in those countries to surpass A, B and C.

In fact, this is what we see when looking at the 'homicide statistics by gender' page in Wikipedia. An overwhelming majority of countries(except Hong Kong, Iceland (an outlier since there was only 1 murder in the year given), Japan, Latvia, Korea, and probably a few others I missed) had higher than 50% male homicide rate, a lot were over 60, and it wasn't rare to see over 80. I know this isn't the most reliable way to gather data, but I don't really have the energy to filter through tables upon tables of data to argue with internet strangers, I'm just picking the most accessible one, if you find anything that contradicts what I'm saying then I'll gladly look, I apologize for being lazy.

So what does this mean? It could mean that, in general, many women are spared for being women, and in the countries where femicide is highest, the killers may be less likely to discriminate in favour of women. This is one interpretation of the data, and I know there are many, it could also be, as you said, that they're being killed for being women, so the statistics alone aren't enough to come to a decisive objective understanding of why women are being killed, all it says is that women are being killed, but not as many as there are men. I need to stress this point, because a lot of people think it's okay to just post statistics and data and not give any explanation for it, because it could come back to bite you in the ass if it turns out you misinterpreted the numbers.

I agree that for countries like China, they definitely are, in other third world countries too, I'm sure many women are killed that wouldn't be if they were men, simply because of how sexist their court system is. The only real cases in the western world where women are killed because they're women are the extreme ones like Elliot Rodgers and other such cases. With that said, I also feel like a lot of women are spared in a lot of potential homicides simply because they're women, especially in more western countries where there's still a lot of guys who are very against the notion of even hitting women, even in self defense (at least this is in my experience with various men in my life calling guys who hit girls "cowards"). I don't agree or disagree with you, I think I just wanted to clarify why you got a reply like >>15550

Anonymous 15564

>More men get killed in certain countries so that must mean women are spared for being women

You're imagining killings as indiscriminate violence where people choose to kill men or women on the streets, when only a very small amount of homicides are. Men are killed more often because they're much much more likely to be involved in gang and drug related violence. Which is why the countries with chronically high amounts of men getting in killed in favor of women are countries specifically known for their catastrophic gang violence i.e Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc. In contrast woman are mostly killed by their own romantic partners or their own family.

Anonymous 15572

And she's not even the only one to say something like that ITT so far.

Like how can you go through life thinking
>Why don't men have feelings? I swear they're just animals not even human.
And also
>Some loser man opened up to me about his feelings once and I was disgusted why can't they learn to keep it to themselves
At the same time? Like how can you be so oblivious

Anonymous 15574

I'm willing to bet 99% of userbase here is not from a country where they treat women like cattle. They wouldn't have internet access, and they wouldn't talk about it in such memey manner.

Anonymous 15575

Sorry, the lol was more about the situation of anons here thinking men never opening up. Ill choice of expression in my case, oof.
>sharing vague info anonymously makes you a snake

Where did I say I was disgusted by it? Please do tell me.
Was it:
>I'm fine with it, it's kind of endearing and I'm interested in others
So disgusted. Definitely told him to shut up irl. /s

I promised to always be there if he wants to talk. And I meant it.

Anonymous 15576

>be happy you aren't treated like cattle and ask for nothing more

This thread is dead.

Anonymous 15580

I'm happy that I live in a Western democratic country where I'm treated very fairly. As far as my gender goes I don't really know what else to ask for in Canada.

Anonymous 15591

worrying about being killed because you are a woman is pretty silly tbh, it's suuuper low down on the list of "things people might kill me for".

If you're going to worry about that you should be worried about people killing you for all sorts of things from having blue eyes to liking anime or having a driving licence

Anonymous 15600

Are you just pretending to be retarded? I hope so, because drawing parallels between your daily struggles and someone who's literally oppressed in third world countries is extremely offensive towards those poor souls. Yeah I'm sure there are issues that are exclusive to women that you and I both face, but there are also issues that are exclusive to men. Dear god I seriously hope you are just trolling, I refuse to believe someone out there is old enough to use imageboards but still thinks like a little child.

Anonymous 15609

Quick question. What is the name of this board?

Anonymous 15948


this is some high level hyperbole. men have to repress their feels at least in america or else they will be deemed effete and gay and crave cock in their anus. a male feel irl is restricited to stoicism in the work place. you can see a whole range of emotion from guys after they've had like a single drink. male feels usually turn out to be along the lines of "I feel like I could be doing more but I've been told I need certain accomplishments in order to do so" when pressed for details responses like "I'd love to manage a project or company but you can't do so without having previously done so" or "I want to earn an honest living but I can't get hired for a position I know I would excel at because the desired prerequisites are for someone who has lived and worked 60 years in the field" and then there's the sad feels.

males with sad feels are particularly extreme overstated existential dread like a living nightmare "I'm afraid I'll never live up to what my family and teachers expectations of me were. they say that they are happy to see me making my way but what if I never do thing or achieve thing or make thing." its like chill the fuck out. if you don't believe me go have brunch with any male in your life around your age. its like they repress all the time and freeze everything else out.

Anonymous 15957

The really horrifying thought is maybe it's true and niether gender majority have a capacity for love of empathy. Maybe the only people who have that capacity are on boards like this or 4chan and complain about the lack of empathy.

Anonymous 15959

While that is horrifying, the reality is that truly empathic people can see that they're not in the minority.

Anonymous 15992

The majority of people have empathy, both men and women. A lot of people aren't as empathetic as they think they are though. Empathy is also just another human feeling and not a virtue in itself. Just because someone has empathy doesn't mean they always outwardly show it or act based on it. I'd say a lot of men are out of touch with or unconcerned with their empathetic feelings, but it doesn't mean they have none.

Anonymous 16118

>once the roastie gets a taste of chad she will never settle for less!
i wonder if incels have ever considered that this maxim might apply to them too.

Anonymous 16150

² (28).png

Of course they do. It's more of a society problem than a gender one.
As said above, they will tend to keep their feelings to themselves for (unfortunately good) reasons.

To be honest I'm pretty sure they wonder if women can stop being hysterical crazies for a couple minutes lol.

In the end we just understand men as bad as they understand us.

Anonymous 16151

Wouldn't their inceldom preclude them from ever getting a taste of Stacy?

Anonymous 16160

>women are hysterical
>men commit most crimes, solve things with violence
Wew. Tearing up sure is worse than assault.

Asca 16164

I don't think you got her point lol.

Anonymous 16166

I did, that we don't see each other as full humans.
But it is funny that men see us as crazy when they are just as bad, if not worse.
Also namefagging is against the rules.

Anonymous 16178

Anonymous 16198

Sorry robot, if you're gonna post here you need to larp.

Anonymous 16201

What? No. Just don't break the site rules. I'm happy to hear guys talk about their feelings and think op is retarded, but if you're gonna post here you gotta at least pretend to follow the rules.

Anonymous 16203

There is not one thing in their post that indicates it's a guy. Just because someone doesn't think the same way as you doesn't mean they are male.

Anonymous 16204

>And no behavior repulses women more than unconfidence.
Call me crazy, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this person knows as much about the opposite sex as op does.

Anonymous 16318

not her, but the best friendships i have i've formed with females. i know it sounds silly, but i treat my close friendships almost like marriages.

Anonymous 16329

Name ONE less attractive behavior trait in a man than un-confidence.

Anonymous 16346

dont be gay bro

Anonymous 16350

>if only females solved my personal insecurities for me!

I think I found another thing far more unattractive than a simple lack of confidence.

Anonymous 16352

Insecure boys are cute.

Anonymous 16354

>Maybe the only people who have that capacity are on boards like this or 4chan and complain

I think it's the opposite of that. People on places like 4chan are emotionally stunted and project their own flaws onto the wider world

Anonymous 16356


>just look pretty and smile

Ignoring the fact that you think that the purpose of women is to act as a pretty trinket for men, which is at the very least boring, and at worst absolutely stupid. It's not that simple. You seem to view women as a sign of status, like a pretty ring or a rollex, but pretty little items don't build confidence, they compensate for the lack of it.

Anonymous 16357

this actually

Anonymous 16359


Anonymous 16491

But that's just like, your opinion man. I've had a homely Korean dude give away his sit to me and my mom and stood someplace away.

Anonymous 16492

You know the saying, 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'.

Anonymous 16495

Get out

Anonymous 16509


Anonymous 16512

Anonymous 16513

Men live under the impression that they have to be strong, confident and macho alpha terminators to appease to women, so they are taught since childhood to not show their feelings. On one hand it sucks that they are like robots (no pun intended) but on the other hand imagine if you'd have to date a crying wimp like we are. I'd rather date a soulless macho alpha terminator.

Anonymous 16514

I'd rather date a human being, not a human doing. What do you even do with a terminator? Debate the sustainability of tea plantations in India all day?

Anonymous 16515

I'm not saying terminator is perfect but its a case of lesser of two evils. If you want to date someone emotional, try dating a girl and see how long you'll endure her emotional outbursts and mental instability.

Anonymous 16516

And you're speaking from experience..?
A little self depreciation is fine but would you kindly not assume every single woman on and off Earth is a nutcase.

Anonymous 16517

I never dated a girl but i tried dating an emotional guy. He was the silent depressed type of a guy and he did get intense mood swings compared to other men and it was sweet at first but eventually you just don't want to deal with it all the time, especially if you have mood swings of your own.

Anonymous 16518

Found your problem.
>men are comparable to women
>mood swings are comparable to having emotions and externalizing them
Both false. The terminator you dream of? He wouldn't just have no mood swings. He would have close to no mood. Zero.
Best of luck managing your own swings.

Anonymous 16520

I really can't tell if you're a man or not.
Regardless, you can take your robot. I would love nothing more than a partner who is overly sensitive and cries a lot. That's great, I love it.

Anonymous 16524

ITT: Crystalcafe defends dumb males

Anonymous 16526

no surprise here

Anonymous 16530



this place used to be cool. when did people here turn into a bunch of normies?

We used to be able to have threads like this without "not all menz" liberals coming in and ruining our fun.

Anonymous 16540

More like ITT: males defend themselves

Anonymous 16546

>as a guy

Anonymous 16550

A lot of women expect men to be some kind of emotional support while they have a boyfriend. In a way, they expect men to be their 2nd, asexual boyfriend.

Anonymous 16551

Well of course you would expect a friend to provide you with emotional support, that's what friends are for.

Anonymous 16552

This. As soon as I understood that guys are only emotional with their partners, all my platonic relationships got better. Although there is a risk of becoming "just one of the guys" forever.

Anonymous 16554

kek, this.
Are female friends now my asexual gfs? I've always had an emotional relationship with my male best friend and we aren't attracted to each other at all. Confirmed. And another male friend who lets me know every time he cries.
That's…what close friendships are for, >>16550
You have some laughs but also confide deep shit with each other.
>not having friendships with emotionally intelligent soft men
You're missing out.

Anonymous 16557

Those guys are probably into you but won't say it.

Anonymous 16568

No, my best friend is into women taller than him (he's two inches taller than me) and has blatantly stated he sees me as family lol. The other wants an edgy subby alt-gf (I dress very vintage-modest and am a domme).
Men are individuals just like women it turns out.

Anonymous 16569

Well, I agree but a lot of times men are just afraid to make a move.
And sex is just important for men. its not the only thing but its important and validating. So if a guy has a fairly deep friendship with a girl but some random dude fucks her then in his mind, the dude gets "treated" better by the girl. thats just how it is.
It's not a problem for guys who have a lot of opportunities anyway and don't get jealous but thats a very small percentage. thats why gay guys always have a lot of girl friends

Anonymous 16573

Are they the super autistic/nerd type? I noticed those types are less thirsty for women they know, IRONICALLY speaking, since they have more limited taste than more normalfag men.

Anonymous 16574

In my experience nerdy guys are just polite/respecful/awkward and don't get in your face about their interest, not that they don't have it.

Anonymous 16578

I don't think it's necessarily that he's treated better by her, I think it's moreso that, in their mind, the guy that fucks her "owns" her (at least somewhat). I was into a virgin guy but when he found out I wasn't a virgin he broke things off. I told him I regretted how I used to be, and he understood me and believed me, but the way he explained it to me was that he would never get to have me the same way I would have had him, and I agree to an extent, because I really did like the idea of getting to have him to myself.

Anonymous 16585

Oh, they definitely are. I know for sure one uses imageboards and I suspect the other does as well. Although they don't appear like neckbeard-types physically at all.
You might be right that it makes taste very specific when you have so much time to yourself to reflect on what you like. My own taste in men is very strange and exact due to being the same way.

…that doesn't have much to do with friendship, though. Clearly if you were just friends and he stopped being friends because you weren't a virgin that would be shitty. But it's fine to have certain standards for relationships.
I've also always been supportive of virgin men who want other virgins. It seems fair and I want the same hehe.

Anonymous 16604


>>I don't think it's necessarily that he's treated better by her, I think it's moreso that, in their mind, the guy that fucks her "owns" her

I don’t think guys think about “ownership” over us, at least not in that way. I think the “treating a guy better” explanation fits the narrative of my experience more closely. I have had, on more than one occasion, a bf get salty with me because I did a particular sexual act one time with one guy that I didn’t even like that much but I was just doing it to keep him and I was young and
dumb but I don’t do it. And guys I’ve been with are then upset that I won’t do this act with them. And the universal response is “well you did it for the guy who treated you poorly and I treat you well, that’s messed up!” And I now only date guys who treat me well so it’s not even posturing. They ALREADY have me so it’s not ownership. They’re with me and the other guy is not. But it seems unjust to them that the bad guy gets the thing they want but refuse to be bad to get. Like if any of my bfs since that guy threatened to leave if I didn’t do this thing I totally would. But they’re not the type to do that. But they’re still jealous and salty that I don’t do that anymore. Blarg.

Anonymous 16605

Honestly, if my boyfriend did something submissive for another women and refused to do it with me, I would be salty too. I don't think it's really about ownership, more how I see it is that "they didn't really love that person but did x thing for them anyway. They clearly love me more but won't do x for me, what's up with that" It gives your partner a weird cognitive dissonance. In the end, if you did that act and don't want to do it for a partner, it's better to just not bring it up and make them feel lesser.

Anonymous 16613

Boomer men are so selfish, just hire the genz's and millenials allready!

Anonymous 16615

You know every bf you've had gets angry when you tell them you won't let them fuck you in the ass when you let an ex do it, yet you still tell them you did it for a shitty ex with each new bf instead of just lying and saying you've never done it and don't want to.

Are you retarded?

Anonymous 16616

Your bf probably just thinks that you liked your ex more and are just settling for him. Yea, I know, you say you live him, but you said that to your ex as well. How does he know that you love him more than your ex when you were willing to do more for your ex?

Anonymous 16618

I'm a married and 27 year old normie and I still don't know. I think so but I do have to do a lot of emotional labor to get my husband to open up but because he was raised by a quiet and stoic dad he can be quiet and stoic too.

Anonymous 16619

My dad is the same way. A very cold and quiet man who seems to have no feelings, ever, about anything. But when his father died his voice was cracking and his eyes became teary. He also nursed a bird back to health in his bathroom once when it was laying down in front of our door trying to get warmth during a storm.

It's confusing because they seem to have a hidden emotional world that rarely shows. They feel though.

Anonymous 16621

>It's confusing because they seem to have a hidden emotional world that rarely shows.
I think that makes it special. It's always a really touching when my boyfriend or brothers or dad get emotional, in a way that I don't think it is when I am.

Anonymous 16630

Oh, no he didn't stop being friends with me because I wasn't a potential partner, we were briefly bf/gf and when he found out i wasn't actually a virgin (probably my bad he thought this, I did insist, as a joke, that I was a virgin as well, because I thought he was joking about being a virgin) he broke up with me. He wanted to stay just friends but I loved him and he knew it would only cause me pain to talk to him. We decided to not talk to each other because it was what was best for me.

You're probably right, I think a lot of things come into play, and it depends on the guy too. I disagree with the other anons telling you to not bring up how you've done it before, if that feels deceitful to you then don't lie about your past, otherwise it's just going to eat at you. With that said, don't be surprised if they eventually leave you because of it, no one wants to feel like they're second best.

Anonymous 16635

Yes. It varies, it's just that the pervs tend to be more vocal, and it's true for both chads and robots and everything in between.

Men don't really have a culture of showing emotion, it's often viewed as begging for attention or just being a lil' bitch. Even the soft guys often pretend to be assholes just because that's the social baseline. A man is never sure how his bros would react to softening up, they might turn out to be the same, or they might just be a bunch of yelling apes and think lowly of him.

Friendships are a huge thing, when men are friends it's to the point they can punch each other in the face but it's still eventually cool. Friends are particularly important BECAUSE men can't reliably open up to anyone else. It's just rarely said out loud, because that would be GAAAAAAY.

I'm a Slav and I can tell you even the tracksuit-clad squatters show emotion SOMETIMES, they're just very reluctant to do it.

Anonymous 16642

>no matter what you think or say
I imagine even taking actions and dating/being there for your emotional crybaby male friends wouldn't count for you.
It's never enough because women don't know what we want unless it's dictated to us by men. We are also a hivemind and all share the same tastes and opinions.

Anonymous 16733

This ! Perfectly said.

Anonymous 16791



If it comes up in conversation I’m not going to be deceitful about it. And how did you know it was anal?

Anonymous 16854

I think so >.<

Anonymous 17379

What a stupid question. Questions like this are why men think women are empty in the head. Men don't like to share their feelings, especially with women (probably because they have stupid beliefs about their feelings like you seem to do). If you really want an eye-opener, look at the suicide rates for men.

Anonymous 17380

>why men think women are empty in the head

No it's because they're assholes.

Anonymous 17389

How can you say you love him if you don't eat his poop?

Anonymous 17391

Why do all the girls itt caping for men ignore that op is talking about empathy and not general emotions? It's in the first sentence ffs.
Empathy =/= expressing sensitive feelings like sadness and fear; op stated she knows men feel those things. It just seems men care less about the pain of others, such as males being more inclined to commit violent crimes or caring less for victims of said crimes. Even in regards to each other (saying young male rape victims "scored" with a predatory teacher, etc.).

You're calling op a dumbass and you can't even read. Every other anon posting itt cannot read. You're all just punching a strawwoman, stop.

Anonymous 17403

Maybe but I prefer sympathy over empathy. I know a few people good at empathy and psychology in general and they use it to hurt others, not with good intentions.

Anonymous 17404

men are capable of empathy, yes

but not with how they're socialized, so effectively, no.

laffin' at everyone here confuzzled at whether op means "in reality" or in "alternate socialization universe".

Anonymous 19662

images (15).jpeg

>Sex outside of marriage
Wew lass

Anonymous 19673


Seriously, these whores.

>Oh yeah, I just sucked 20 dicks and I have relationship problems. Te he I wonder why

Anonymous 19687


>Why do guys not open up with thier feelings?
>guy opens up with thier feelings
>Lol loser.

Anonymous 19729


Men CAN have feelings, they just usually don't. The part of their brain that's supposed to elicit an emotional response to something is more often than not just missing or weak. A lot of guys push the "men are raised to hide/suppress their emotions" bs so they don't get looked at like monsters. If you spend enough time looking you can discern the tells that give away they're faking emotions for your sake.

Anonymous 19730

>"men are raised to hide/suppress their emotions" is bs
>posts evidence that men are raised to hide their emotions.

Anonymous 19731

>posts evidence that men are raised to hide their emotions.
what where

Anonymous 19732

The pic. The Simpsons is a satire of American life, and the fact that that observation resonated enough to be funny and memorable is evidence that it has some truth to it.

Anonymous 19733

>for your sake
what do you mean?

Anonymous 19735

>comedian tells joke about women or something
>he laughs
>sees you didn't find it funny
>stops laughing/pretends to be offended
>sees video of person hit by a car
>he finds it amusing
>looks over at you
>feigns being as horrified as he thinks you are
That kind of thing.

>Source: A screenshot of a cartoon
k den

Anonymous 19736

Men are discouraged to show emotion mainly by other men, they did this to themselves.

Anonymous 19738

You realize they do that with other men too, right? Everyone does that.

Anonymous 19739

Is that what they told you?

Anonymous 19740

>tfw I'm a woman and I do that
What does this mean?
>inb4 tranny
Yes I forgot I'm a biowoman so I have to be a perfect moral angel nvm.

Anonymous 19741

I did say "that kind of thing".

Anonymous 19745

Ah yes, the good old "You can't possibly understand the opposite gender because they all partake in some grand conspiracy to conceal their true nature." Love that one, especially when I hear it on 4chan about women. This is probably why people don't like you.

Anonymous 19760

It's called "not being autistic". If you notice that someone else isn't having fun when you are, you stop laughing by yourself and try changing the subject to something you think the other person would find fun.
Most men I know would get offended if you stated that you didn't find their comedy videos funny, I wish men would do this.

Anonymous 19766

What about the trope of "man has to go see romance movie or a play that he doesn't want to but has to because wife is forcing him".

Anonymous 19767

You mean, "man is a good partner because he does things his partner enjoys even if he doesn't" trope?

Anonymous 19771

Ideally the woman wouldn't force him to go to something she knows he hates, and the man wouldn't force the woman to watch a movie he knows she isn't into. Of course it would be nice of the partner to watch something they don't like to make the other happy.

Anonymous 19772

>It's called "not being autistic". If you notice that someone else isn't having fun when you are, you stop laughing by yourself and try changing the subject to something you think the other person would find fun.
>man is a good partner because he does things his partner enjoys even if he doesn't
So men have to put up with doing things they don't want to for a womans sake in order to be a "good man", but a man MUST notice if a woman isn't enjoying herself and immediately start doing something else because a woman should never have to not enjoy herself for someones elses sake.

Alright cool. Now lets all go back to ranting about how men are subhuman scum with no empathy for the opposite sex.

Anonymous 19773

this post >>19767 is not mine, I wrote >>19771 and >>19760
You are being obtuse and sound like a man. There is a difference between
>offer first to do something with partner that you don't like but they do
>to make them happy, you actively participate in it and pretend to not hate it for a while
>everyone happy, you are happy because you got to see your partner happy and they are happy because their partner took an interest in their interests
>partner pulls you into doing something they know you don't like
>they ignore your lack of reaction during the activity
>gets butthurt if you complain
>everyone unhappy, you are unhappy because you wasted time doing shit you don't care about for no reason and partner is unhappy because you didn't share their tastes
Men do #2 a lot.

Anonymous 19778

a) It's a two way street, a good girlfriend does things for her boyfriend as much as he does for her.
b) It's so hard to tell who's arguing what side in this thread. Men aren't evil. Can we be done now k thanks great.

Anonymous 19784

I was about to defend men, but then I realized I can't think of any situations where they've been "emotional" out of examples from my dad or ones I've known, unless they were homosexual. I've tested for and gotten a rating of high empathy and emotional intelligence so I don't know how much it's me that's the weird one or just them.

Anonymous 19785

Omg it's just a 90 minute film, calm the fuck down you nasty scrote.

Anonymous 19794

>men aren't emotional

What are you all talking about?
This is true passion :D

Anonymous 19795

Altruism is a cognitive defect. Feeling sad because you see a pathetic piece of shit is fucking stupid.

Anonymous 19796

Are you claiming not to care about anyone? If your parent or husband/wife got sick (assuming you are financially independent) would you just abandon them since it doesn't benefit you to stick around?
Good grief, anon. I'm not the biggest bleeding heart but see the special people in my life as pretty irreplaceable.
And even if you are a selfish hoe, feigning altruism does benefit you when it comes to social status. It appeals to the defects and society's false pretense of morality. So do shit to brag if you have big cash. If you commit a crime it can also take attention away from you if you're the community goodie.

Anonymous 19797

Men are more emotional than women when it comes to getting angry and violent

Anonymous 19807

Okay, I kind of respect you then in spite of your edginess. At least you're honest.
Not that you'd care about my opinion.

Anonymous 19904

>girls are princesses and should be always respected
The fact that you think this is a good thing makes me feel like this is a larp. That kind of "the opposite sex is not normal humans" attitude is pure autism whether it's op espousing it or a male. It's infamous, not famous.

Anonymous 19927

[Schweeds] Revolut…

assuming this is real
Please watch Utena with your BF.

Anonymous 19988

It's hard for some guys to express their feelings to women as some guys may look like they have alot of experience with general interaction with women but don't so they don't know how to act / react to conversations or situations dealing with emotion this is not all men some are just generally apathetic most of the time but there are different circumstances for some men be it self loathing, worthship or pride that don't allow them to see anything that doesn't affect them. And with more bad stigma toward relationships and interactions between men and women in the past decade some men are just afraid to participate in any conversations that they may be blamed or be shamed for so they just give up.

That's just my opinion.

Anonymous 20004

my byf is highly empathetic and amazing. he listens intently when i vent all my troubled feelings for an hour and he genuinely cares and tries his best to help me. this seems to be rare in guys though, everyone says ive gotten extremely lucky and i know this. he keeps it private but he actually is quite gender fluid and feels very isolated from other men a lot of the time

Anonymous 20041

>Maybe the only people who have that capacity are on boards like this or 4chan and complain about the lack of empathy.

Total opposite, in my experience with 4chan it's fill with anons who aren't empathic and think anyone who isn't perfect is awful and they blame others for their problems.

Sometimes it's also because they themselves have been damaged or mistreated by others who lack empathy to the point they themselves either see themselves and everyone else as trash.

Anonymous 20046

I met a girl (my ex-boyfriend's cousin) who was raised by a single hardass toxic macho father who treated her like those toxic masculine fathers would treat their sons (plus the added sexism). The only time I saw her father they both had a back and forth argument and during that argument he referred to her as a "dumbass" and a "pussy" and it was the only time I ever heard a father talk to their daughter that way.

My ex also told me that his aunt suffered from post-partum depression, was suicidal and not mentally sound so she couldn't take care of her so they left her with her father. Said father also had a lot of women coming in and going into the house while she was growing up and she lacked a stable maternal figure. I think because of that she had a warped view about relationships, internal misogyny, and trouble interacting with both men and women. When we met she referred to me as a chick. Then when my ex took me to his family's thanksgiving reunion I was telling him about some of my personal problems(college life and my brother going through chemo) and got emotional about it. Well his cousin saw me and just flat out asked my him if I was "on the rag" like what the fuck.

She was also embarrassed of PDA and thought being sad was a sign of weakness and if she wanted to cry she would just hold it or excuse herself and leave. My ex even told me that when their Grandpa died almost everyone was crying but that she just got really uncomfortable and looked away from everyone.

What a mess of a human being.

Anonymous 20210

>finding gems

Anonymous 20218


The dubs speak truth


And so does this post.

Anonymous 20237

This doesn't seem real, how can anyone have everything and decide to throw it away. There is no way someone can be this stupid.

Please tell me other people do this as well, please tell me this is just one person being weird and having repressed issues that they don't know what they are and more people like this don't exist.

Anonymous 20244

It probably isn't too late to go back and make up. How long ago was this?

Anonymous 20258

Men in general are trash and it's time we recognize it. There are good men, true, but they are exceptionally rare. My advice to all women is that we should vet them and be extremely thorough. Potential boyfriends should always, always be friends with you first. Control your thirst and observe them carefully for a long time. If you spot a single red-flag, disregard them and look for a different mate. Never settle, be uncompromising. When you finally find a good man, make your move first. That's how you get a good partner.

Anonymous 20266

Imagine not going to /r9k/ and bitching about your feels there as a male.

Anonymous 20269

I used to rp as a man on /r9k/ until about 2014, it was always shit but is an absolute hellhole now. Most of it is just porn nowadays, there's nothing interesting anymore.

Anonymous 20304

>Men in general are trash and it's time we recognize it.
People here almost never stop saying that, you're preaching to the choir.

Anonymous 20306

>Men in general are trash
How did I know I'd find you here Martha

Anonymous 20312

>So if a guy has a fairly deep friendship with a girl but some random dude fucks her then in his mind, the dude gets "treated" better by the girl
Are you implying this isn't true?

Anonymous 20317

I don't think we browse the same /r9k/ there's sometimes porn, most of it is trying to convince guys to be traps and anger at these types of people. A lot of people are turning gay over there…

Then the obgigitory vent threads that no one responds or talks in, they all just bitch, and wait for the "femanon here" so they can assault her with either "gtfo roastie whore, I want you dead." or "Hey want to be my gf? Got a discord?"

Anonymous 20325

Do they have feelings?
Do they have empathy as in, the ability to understand or care about the feelings of anyone other than themselves?

Anonymous 20452

It's both stupid and makes sense, at least to me. They feel that "if you really loved them" you'd do anything. They don't realize that love and who you are turned on by aren't the same at all.

Anonymous 20455

Always make sure to tell your bf that you still love him even though he doesn't sexually satisfy you like your ex.

Anonymous 20456

>Always make sure to tell your bf that you still love him even though he doesn't sexually satisfy you like your ex.
I just realized how awful what I said must sound. I didn't mean it like that!

Anonymous 20457

Realistically, shouldn't you feel the most turned on by the person you love? It shouldn't be two separate entities that's really shitty in the eyes of anyone. If the person I loved doesn't feel the most turned on with me, and wouldn't do things that they did for others in moments of pure lust, it makes me feel like a lesser person, like I'm gross and unwanted. And this is just as a girl, for a guy sex means sooo much more, including in relationships. For most guys, that's like their best way they can show their affection for someone in an unspoken way.

Even one better? Leave skeletons in the closet. You shouldn't tell anyone these things you are currently dating. That's just shitty, it's good to be honest, but telling shitty truths that do nothing good for a relationship but put strain on it and make someone feel bad isn't a good truth to tell. This is something I learned in dating, no one wants to hear about your past unless they are praising the person you're currently with and saying how shit their ex lover was compared to the almighty new lover.

Anonymous 20458

>Realistically, shouldn't you feel the most turned on by the person you love?
I guess what I was getting at was being older now being treated well and loved is more important than "jusy sex" or the best sex. Even though it might not be as hot, it's still better than what I had when I was younger and more foolish.

Anonymous 20459

Maybe I'm just weird and different then. Everyone else speaks about this idea of having great "just sex". I couldn't even imagine doing it, with a rando. I guess I'm just some dumb hopeless romantic where if isn't fueled by passionate love, it does nothing for me.

Anonymous 20460

Who knows. Maybe I'm the weird one.

Anonymous 20461

Nah, I run into more people who can have "just sex" than those who can't. I try to pass it off as just a hyper-sexualized culture we live in now where sex is so normalized and thanks to pushy feminism trying to turn girls into the way garbage guys act where it's totally shameless to fuck anything that is willing to fuck you.

I'm starting to think I'm just defective and unable to change with the times and for a long time I thought maybe it's just society degrading and turning into shit and devaluing sex and that's a societal issue. I try to liken it to Greece down falling to similar things, the undying thirst for physical gratification, feats, orgies, all that gross shit but I guess maybe I'm the shit person. Who knows.

Anonymous 20462

No. You're definitely not the shit person. One look at "partners" correlating to the ten-year divorce rate of couples shows you just who is in the wrong here.

Anonymous 20481


I always get told that I act "too manly" and focus too much on my objectives.
The only reason I only care about my marks is because that's the way I justify my existence. That doesn't mean other things don't phase me, but rather that they've had such a negative impact that I ended up withdrawing from them.
I actually try to make myself useful to others as a way to diversify my reasons for not ending it, but sometimes people take advantage of my willingness to help and it ends up hurting me again.
I guess some men feel the same way.

Anonymous 20527

>I try to pass it off as just a hyper-sexualized culture we live in now where sex is so normalized and thanks to pushy feminism trying to turn girls into the way garbage guys act where it's totally shameless to fuck anything that is willing to fuck you.


As someone who is not a person who can have "just sex" I have no problem understanding some people are able to be more pragmatic when it comes to emotional attachment/investment than I am and that not everyone is as sensitive/empathic as I am. So "just sex" is as normal for them as it is abnormal for me. It's not like sex is bad. People are just different. I grew up in the same "culture" and "society" and whatever else you want to blame it on and I'm not like that, so how do you account for that?

Anonymous 20528

None of what you are saying is on the topic of the ideas of sex in relationships or dating. I was discussing the idea of how or why can't sex with a loved one be the "best sex" compared to those who that have fucked with no strings attached.

I started to question at the end of the conversation if I'm normal or the weird one and perhaps the hyper-sexual dating culture we live in is more normal than me since the majority has NSA sex than don't. I didn't use any absolutes and you're just trying to nitpick an internet argument about how you are contrarian or something. Want a medal for being like me? I don't know what you want.

Anonymous 20529

> I don't know what you want.
I asked why you feel the need to "pass it off" as what you do. So that's what I want to know.

It's the first word in my post.

Anonymous 20530

Because the contributing factors of things like tinder and "online dating" which is basically 'fuck a rando for a night'. The pushed normalization on the female aspect of having casual sex instead of de-normalization of chad culture. Everyone always pushing the envelope with trying to always talk about sex in media to get attention, and things similar.

I already said what tributes to this shit hook up culture that some people call "dating". I don't understand what you are questioning about my feelings on this topic and how your personal life plays into this or anything else you've said so far.

Anonymous 20531

>Because the contributing factors of things like tinder and "online dating" which is basically 'fuck a rando for a night'.
How do you figure that's a "contributing factor"?
If Tinder didn't exist, which it hasn't except for a relatively short amount of tie, people would be fucking randos for a night some other way if that's what they wanted to do. You and I could get on Tinder right now if we wanted to and do that but we don't want to so we don't. It's not "pushed normalization" it's just "different strokes" and I don't get why you feel the need to make excuses, essentially for people who are different from you.

Anonymous 20533

So this is what you're trying to argue. Okay, now I finally understand.

To give you a full view concept of how people are lets start with the concept of not all humans are black and white when it comes to morals/feelings on topics. Humans are easily influential and most live in a gray area, they can be influenced by a lot of things, most of them are from the environment they live in. I'll give you a personal life example,

I used to date someone, they weren't comfortable about having sex or doing sexual acts between lovers. I was understanding and okay with it, but my ex lover would often seek council in friends because this notion of them not ready for sex make them feel self-conscious. We were both 17 and it was pretty normal for people our age to have committed sexual acts with someone else, and they felt they were in the wrong for not feeling this way. Eventually after talking to so many people, they decided it was worth it to just do it to feel normal and learn to enjoy it even if at the start they weren't really enthused about doing it. Each time after the first they got into it more and it just came easier to them.

My point is this person decided sex wasn't right for them at the time, but because of the pressures of everyone else around them and feeling like they should be doing the same, pushed them into doing something they didn't really want to do but learned to like it due to contributing factors of the environment. A lot of people would rather join into the mob than reject the mob and their reasons for participating can be very different then the core reason the mob was formed.

Tinder all of those things are just newer tools to make things like hook up culture easier to access, use and in general get what they want. But it's normalized by the general public that casual sex is fine with strangers, and often push apps like these to use and since they are normalized, people believe instead of it being like "Oh it's just that person it's a really big sex addict." it's "Oh well all of these other people are doing it, I'm I wrong or are they and should I change if I don't want to be alone." whether you like something or not, people will do something they hate to try to blend in and feel wanted. They will learn to like it.

So with people so normalized to the idea of just having lust based sex when before a society would scorn and turn their nose up at such things and call it heretical to even have sex before marriage, it's safe to say public opinion has slowly changed and so has the culture around it. So most people will want to conform to this new public opinion, including with sex of all things because at a teenage/young adult lifetime, this is a maturity milestone that everyone socially agrees on to be an important one to pass when you're young or be seen as an outcast or pariah, so due to social pressure they would rather commit to sex than be out casted and in turn, lets face it sex feels nice, some people abused it too much and instead of shaming them it's now more about encouraging others to be like them.

I'm sort of going off the rails, but the idea is social environments can make people change their opinion or feelings on a subject whether they believe it is right or not and learn to adapt to the new norm than be washed away from the crowed and not be able to fit in.

Anonymous 20584

No horse in this race but
Why do men say it's 80% of women having sex with 20% of men when this graph would suggest 95% of women have sex with 85% of men? Sure there's still an advantage for women, but 10% is a good bit smaller than 60%.
>tfw 5% who wants to snag one of the 15% so we can join the 95% and 85% but it will probably never happen

Anonymous 20585

>Why do men say it's 80% of women having sex with 20% of men when this graph would suggest 95% of women have sex with 85% of men?

The graph is showing how the release date of tinder has a relation with the ride of men being able to have even casual sex. The statement is tinder exclusive, the graph shown is not tinder exclusive. It's to show that a lot of the men who could get by and get laid during a desperate period of a female desiring intimacy, it is now sated with tinder when they hit up the the small minority of physically attractive man without the need or effort of going bar crawling.

It's trying to show women are being choosier when it comes to one night stands going purely for the most attractive men and not settling for the best they could find for the night which would most likely be the average joe male in a bar crawl scene and they don't have to actually tr to impress the guy if they are attractive, they can just say "want some fug niggy?" and they are down.

Anonymous 20586


What do you think about these? They're a bit more recent, 2-3 years after the tinderpocalypse.
Again, there is a slight advantage it seems, but nothing as dramatic as 60%.

Anonymous 20587

Honestly this is getting a bit off topic. I already acted like a bad apple and contributed to one off topic derailment. I don't want to do so again, I just wanted to explain a bit about that graph and what that phrase meant.

Anonymous 20588

lel, are you lesbian abuse anon?
At least through this I've learned I'm actually most likely part of around 30%, my ego is less hurt. There is still hope.

Anonymous 20589

>lel, are you lesbian abuse anon?
No, that was me :D
She might've been the 'stats are subjective' becky though.

Anonymous 20591

what's with this forced 'becky' meme? it is so cringey.

Anonymous 20592

/r9k/ meme.

Anonymous 20593

it's only used by one very obvious user here though.

Anonymous 20594

He has nothing better to do.

Anonymous 20595

It's just a maymay.
>i-ignore her my sisters she's a guy
For example that's your go-to card when I didn't buy your lesbian utopia.

Anonymous 20596

What's it like having a penis?

sage 20597

My guess is, men finally started voicing their problems, complaining, and not hiding it. I doubt there is really such a big spike of celibacy lately among them.
That's hilarious. Like in those old movies where everybody was afraid their neighbor was a commie.

Anonymous 20598

more often than not, we are right. we have an infestation problem on this board but i guess we just have to live with it

Anonymous 20599

Usually /r9k/ memes and obvious trolling against women are a sign that since the /r9k/ raid it's a dick with a dick.

Anonymous Admin 20605

Just wanted to remind everyone to report instead of theorizing, or both, as long as you make a report!
There are no reports for posts in this thread at the moment; if you do suspect maleposting, not reporting is not going to change anything.

Anonymous Admin 20607

The now-reported user seems to be legitimate based on their post history. Dissenting opinions and memes from other imageboards don't necessarily make a male. I'll be following up with that user to be safe.

Anonymous 20668

Men aren't as empathetic as women, but they do possess "a shred of empathy". They care about love and friendship, but they're typically willing to sacrifice those things for some higher pursuit. Also their idea of love is completely different than what women typically mean by "love".

Anonymous 20670


This thread is an embarrassingly long monument to autism. I've never met a woman who didn't end up taking a ton of unwarranted shit from men in her life. But I've also never met a woman (as in a full adult, kids actually do often have this thread's mentality)who seriously saw men as this monolithic, sociopathic mass of emotional midgets that can't into caring for others. Normally I'd love to shitpost along and bait idiots like >>20668 into responding and getting b& but I think far too many of you hear actually believe this. Not even just venting but truly believe that men are twisted little shits and not just different from you and I. If perhaps a bit more selfish and dense.

Get help. Or just get some dick. That might help too.

Anonymous 20671

what do men think love is? do tell us, sister.

Anonymous 20674

I've heard plenty of normies and aspies vent this way. But they come out of it once the venting is done, at least a bit. I don't like the feeling I'm getting that way too many here really internalize this and feel this hate and sadness much more permanently.

Anonymous 20681

It's very hard to have empathy if you're in emotional pain. I suspect being unable to express yourself to such an extent that others suffering seems almost absurd in comparison to your own. You know consciously you'd like to help them, but you have nothing left to help them with, so you brush it off and laugh.

Anonymous 20682

>tfw consciously don't want to believe this rhetoric but now it's burned into my mind and is my default feeling about men
I want to get off of Ms. Man-Hate's wild ride. But I think it's too late for me, deep down I will never be convinced that men can form emotional bonds with women.

Anonymous 20691

their "love" is basically just "lust" with a dash of sentimentality, but they don't actually value any of it and will throw away decade long bonds for absolutely nothing, because your average men have a sociopathic levels of compartmentalization. they do not care about love. very few will put any effort into maintaining romantic relationships unless it's something that can be 'attained', like, a 'chase' situation. it's a losing game for het women. they have an insanely difficult time empathizing with women, specifically, though.

Anonymous 20697

This stinks of unshaveg legbeard, not going to lie.

Anonymous 20699

>shaving your legs in the winter
what are you? a psychopath?

Anonymous 20700

That's a very toxic mentality to have. I understand that you likely have reasoning for being this way, but I've met plenty of well-mannered and emotionally-mature men who were anything but what you described. They just so happened to all be spoken for. lol

I'm not a virgin, but I did just wanna poke my head in and say that laxing these unhealthy views may be the way to finding a man who is in fact emotionally supportive. They do exist, I swear.

Anonymous 20703

All you need to do is interact with males instead of surrounding yourself with females who have never interacted with a male. I mean this place is filled with retards who have the same IQ level as /r9k/ robots. They think they have the opposite gender figured out, but they don't know shit about anything this is why you should never take advice from femcels and incels. Use this place as a place to event and talk about feels and fun things, don't ever seek advice here.

Anonymous 20707

nah. so little is expected of men, so you think that's the case, but no. i'm talking about all kinds of men, men i've not met or associated with on romantic terms, just all kinds of men in all different contexts and settings.

women who "sound like incels" (they don't) aren't the corollary to incels. many of us have associated with tons of males. it's not like it's hard for us to meet or interact with them. it's just that they do nothing to counter the negative feelings and experiences. incels have a difficult time interacting with females and don't know how. i, at least, interact with men from all walks of life just fine, i just am disappointed by them time and time and again.

Anonymous 20711

They are literally incels. You know what makes incels so detestable? Not because they can't have sex, if that's literally what this is about, society is fucked as a whole. It's because of how they act towards the opposite gender with such autistic fury and hate for no good reason but to make themselves feel better about getting burned by the opposite gender. So yeah you're incels, you can pretend you're not on the same level, but I see the autism and hatred from a mile away, you act just like them.

Anonymous 20718

>I think it's too late for me, deep down I will never be convinced that men can form emotional bonds with women.
Anon, you're voicing exactly what I think. I used to not be like that but the more I read about men and women's experiences of men, the harder it is to get rid of these cynical thoughts.

>Get help. Or just get some dick.
Men call us "cumrags" and "cock sleeves" for being willing to sleep with them. Do you really think if everyone in this thread got dick, they'd stop being autistic about men?

Anonymous 20722

Well it might require becoming a reasonable adult who don't eat up any bullshit story you read on the internet and not acting like a child who uses blanket terms for a person's shitty actions. If everyone used the same thought process as you, then everyone would assume white males are all serial killers because there are confirmed stories of it happening. You need to break free from the thought processes where you decide to read a story about a person being shitty and decide that everyone thinks like this. The internet is a large echo chamber, a lot of dumb shit gets echoed around, and just because it's the loudest voice, doesn't mean that it's the correct or the truest voice.

Humanity has good and bad parts, and trying to make all humanity bad in your mind will just ruin life for you, along with dating and human interactions. The person put in a very normie (and male) way, but what they mean is you should seek out and find positive human interaction to reinforce that not everything involving males is terrible and shitty, that there are indeed good males out there. And they aren't as rare as you think they are.

Anonymous 20724

What caused that dip from ~2003 to 2009?

Anonymous 20725

>Men call us "cumrags" and "cock sleeves" for being willing to sleep with them. Do you really think if everyone in this thread got dick, they'd stop being autistic about men?

I think if some of the bitterest people here had some positive romantic and sexual interactions with men it would do wonders. Probably cause some very drastic overcorrections tbqh. Still better than the self pity and hate. In the end they are only hurting themselves.

Anonymous 20726

Do you know that men have literally these exact same threads about women? Post for post?
Do you think they know that there are other imageboards that have threads like this about them?
I swear, going to 4chan is like a glimpse into fucking Bizarro World.
It's both funny and also really sad.

Anonymous 20730

You know what it shows, well there are two things it might show. Either the userbase for this website is trying really hard to pretend to be girls and are actually male. But the more realistic approach is that these ideas that incels get shit on for, are not a male incel exclusive thing, but because most radfems are incels but they come from a "suppressed" "minority" their incel rhetoric is validated and seen as okay. In reality all these ideas and values are born from pure human instinct, this is humanity at its core when it feels like a failure and cannot find a mate and that's the wild part. That two genders, two different environments can somehow come to the same ignorant ideas and feelings but one side be condemned while the other side is left alone to stew in it and sometimes encouraged. I think female incels should get the same roasting as male incels because none of this shit is okay but no one is willing to shit on them which is sad.

Humanity is a wild thing.

Anonymous 20747

>I think if some of the bitterest people here had some positive romantic and sexual interactions with men it would do wonders
No shit, the reason why people are bitter is that that has not been their experience dealing with men.

Anonymous 20748

Yup. Which was part of what I said originally
>I've never met a woman who didn't end up taking a ton of unwarranted shit from men in her life.
Some can cope, some can't And I say that with sadness and sympathy.

Anonymous 21338

You don't believe in common decency and kind acts?

Anonymous 21339

Those are two different things. Kindness is nice, but I think all you can reasonably ask for in a society is for people to not be unkind, hence "common decency."
I don't think it's unkind to want to keep your seat. Unless someone is a senior citizen or disabled or something, there's no particular reason why one person should get a seat over another person. So why not just leave it with whoever is already in the seat?

Anonymous 21360

Guys are not allowed to show emotions or feelings. It makes them look weak imo.

Anonymous 21365

I have 5 brothers
Men are much more private about their emotions than most women I meet. They also communicate them very differently. Men pick up on other men's emotions much better than we do (just like we twig to other women's emotions better than they do).
But if they trust a woman they share more with them.
And they are different than us. Not better or worse, more of less, or anything, just - different.

Anonymous 21381

But if they don't show their emotions, they come across as callous and off-putting to me. Maybe it's a "damned if you, damned if you don't" kind of thing.

Anonymous 21382

Seems more like a spectrum than anything else. Tough as an ox, kind as a hound sounds like a good balance.

Anonymous 21384

Men must be tough to get ladies, that's in their nature. Showing feelings and emotions is by many interpreted as weakness, especially by truly weak males who pay attention to what others think of them.

Secure men aren't trying to hide their emotions because they dont give a damn

Anonymous 21387

Do you? How often do you give up your seat to random men because they're carrying some bags? Would you ever expect another woman to give her your seat?

Or is the excuse of "common decency" just how you convince yourself it's ok to take advantage of sexism.

Anonymous 21388

No idea what sexism has anything to do with this. Gender has no bearing on this matter.

Anonymous 21390

Clearly this is a gender biased manner. Or else the original poster wouldn't have mentioned the gender of the person sitting down. It implies that he should have given up his seat because she was female. The term of common decency implies that the person should have been altruistic and kind towards someone who was suffering, and they really weren't, they were just holding some bags. So since she was showing no obvious signs of struggle or suffering, it's implied that he was a bastard for not giving up his seat because she was female and common society notions of days old were that the male would stand and provide female luxury.

Personally this just sounds like an /r9k/ robot bait post. I don't think any female is this daft in this day and age to think and feel such things.

Anonymous 21421

>t. robot lurker tries to start a man hate thread for a meme but ends up getting a pretty balanced mix of opinions


Anonymous 21571

Men just try to hide their emotions a lot, but mature men tend to know how to express their feelings while looking like they're hiding it, when instead they're just good at controlling themselves.

Anonymous 21574

world;s largest do…

You used
wrong. It's used to refer to a person, but you accidentally used it to refer to a situation. For example, you might have wanted to say
>T. robot lurker trying to start a man hate thread
Perhaps you didn't want to use
at all.
Anyways, we all make mistakes.

Anonymous 21575

I just imagined a giant dog poking his head in my room to explain how t. is used. Thanks based giant doggo

Anonymous 21582

>it's the greentext autist again

Anonymous 21612


Men are socialized to not show emotion or tenderness, and you'd understand that if you weren't such a chauvinist

Anonymous 21633

male's first empathy surge I see. how's it feel fucko?

Anonymous 21691


>show emotion
>she's clearly uncomfortable and now looking for any excuse to leave you

absolute STATE of femcels

Anonymous 21693

It's not women's fault that men don't practice emotional management with their friends (either male or female, but the brunt of it always falls on the female friends anyway if it does happen) and try to use their partners as free therapists. What men mean by "showing emotion" is that they're going to blow up and use their partner as an emotional punching bag when they can't bottle up anymore, then start over. That's being immature, not "showing emotion" the way adult women do, and since mentally men are perpetual children, they expect women to deal with their tantrums.

Go and try to "show emotion" to one of your male friends who wasn't socialized to take your shit and see what happens, or better yet, learn how to manage your emotions like women do, and then you'll be able to express them in a balanced way that won't make people want to run from you.

Anonymous 21707

That's just you.

You interpret any instance of a man showing weakness as "blowing up" or abusing you.

That way you can immediately decide to break up with him because he showed weakness yet still believe you're a kind caring person.

Anonymous 21708

But a touchy-feely sensitive man who cries a lot is ideal. One who is afraid to order his food at a restaurant, who gets really nervous before a job interview, who needs reassurance every day that you love him and he's great, and who lets you know when you accidentally hurt his feelings so you can fix it later out of love for him.
Sadly, even such a man is incapable of being sensitive to the pain of others (sympathy/empathy) but I far prefer it to a man who is cold all the time AND incapable of sympathy. Why even get into a relationship with that?

I assumed she meant men who convert everything into anger and break things and beat their wives, but could be wrong.

Anonymous 21738


They wall their emotions for a reason.

Anonymous 21753

>Shows reddit screenshot from a subreddit dedicated to people who know they're being terrible to some extent
>"this is how EVERY WOMAN will react to this THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF ROAS…I mean FEMCELS"
please go back to your board. you're just arguing with yourselves at this point.

Anonymous 21755

Only reason there aren't plenty more examples like this is because most men smartly know not to reveal their emotions and insecurities and weaknesses, for this exact reason.

Anonymous 21759

>Men wall off their emotions because they were all raped and can only radiate masculinity in order to obtain a females favor.

Anon, you're fucking dumb. That's like using a high school shooting as a reason to why a child should not have to go to high school ever. People are shit, and this person is no exception. They are emotionally immature and dominated by pure lust for their interactions with others. If this person couldn't have the empathy to understand this suffering person who suffered from a horrific and tragic event in their childhood and it didn't make them any less of a person as they were before, then what it shows is that women can be as emotionally stunted as men.
This isn't a example for men to not feel emotion, this is a example that women can be as sociopathic as men when it comes to emotions.

If you meet a woman who thinks of you as a lesser person after revealing the type of person you are on the inside, they deserve to be alone or live that hollow shallow marriage they always wanted until the age of 45 when it leads to divorce and them being forced to restart their life because the life they built before was built on a sham.

Anonymous 21765

Anonymous 21769


This is gold, anon, and the comments are too.

Anonymous 21775

I don't even need to click or read the article to know what's going on in that fuckin mess of an article. We are so fucked as a society that people like this get a voice for people to read as if whatever said on that website is actually right about anything.

Anonymous 21783

That's why I'm shitting on it anon. It's basically a blog website that calls itself "news" and take one situation and pretends this happens all the time and tries to give advice on something they don't know shit about. It's like reading a blog of an anti-vax mom. "I SEE THIS CHILD AGE 10 WAS DIAGNOSED WITH AUTISM AFTER HAVING A VAX 3 DAYS AGO AND HIS PARENTS SAID THE CHILD WAS NORMAL BEFORE 3 DAYS AGO. CLEARLY THE VAX DID THIS!!!" It's just filled with a bunch of hearsay to something they found on the internet that couldn't even be true. People lie on the internet and pretend every story is genuine and true.

Anonymous 21788

Is pic related a pasta?
If so, it's quite a delicious pasta

Anonymous 21792

I know it's bad miner etiquette to reply to a 3month old post but for my brother it was the opposite

When he was young he was so open and no filter, passionate, laughing, joyous. We had a lot of fun as kids, I remember all the days laughing in the yard, playing in our sandbox together and filming home movies on the deck.

When he got older he became really withdrawn… cooped up alone in his room for hours. He's very serious now, and married. But, that kind of 'adult' stoic where he won't goof around with me anymore, or, the most he'll do is some dry sarcasm.

Anonymous 34166


Anonymous 34172

>India has the highest suicide rate among women


Anonymous 34174

>a very traditional country where women are nearly consider second class citizens
I wonder why. There's also the whole caste system and pollution.

Anonymous 34175

Men are inherently less empathetic. It used to be a far more valuable trait, but now it's just a social hindrance.
>do they care about love or friendship or anything deeper than sex and social status
They do, just not in the same way. Men with sufficient intelligence (~100+ IQ) are problem-solving oriented, and that seems to inform their entire world view. If nothing is outwardly wrong, then in their mind all is well, continue on because there's no sign of distress. If something is wrong they need to fix it, but will go about it like they're diagnosing a mechanical issue, looking for bigger faults to work backwards from. It's why men are so terrible with feelings, they simply cannot feel the same depth of emotion all the time, only able to get there with extreme negative emotion, like grief. Because of this reduced empathy, they also fail to notice social cues and subtle behavioural changes, as if suffering from high functioning autism.

An example to highlight my take on this.
>get home crying
>housemate and our two male friends are immediately concerned, request to know what's wrong
>explain my boss was cruel and unfair, resulting in tears
>all three proceed to try to find a solution to this, starting with "why tears?"
>reach the conclusion I must still be in emotional distress
>reach the further conclusion I am still in emotional distress because of the severeity of my boss' behaviour
>only able to use their own experience, they reason I must be overreacting or, because they could only be brought to tears by an extreme negative experience, he must have done something terrible
>one, having reached the conclusion I'm simply hysterical, loses interest, having diagnosed the problem and find the fault will fix itself
>two, diagnosing the fault as a legitimate problem, set out to fix it by planning a confrontation with my boss and researching labor and union actions that can be taken
>have to explain that rather than crying because my boss was mean, it was because of daily stress forcing an emotional reaction
>unable to do anything to resolve the problem, the 2 become uncomfortable and restless
>they are not only unable to solve the problem, feeling useless and weak, but are denied the catharsis of fixing a fault and restoring things to working order

Anonymous 34176

I'm kind of scatterbrained and didn't explain myself correctly, but the fundamental aspect is that they processed their empathy for me through the lens of problem-solving. They cared because of their friendship with me, but that is bundled into their need to solve problems which they cannot ignore.

Anonymous 34182

>have to explain that rather than crying because my boss was mean, it was because of daily stress forcing an emotional reaction
You can't really blame them for misunderstanding after you gave this totally conflicting explanation moments earlier:
>explain my boss was cruel and unfair, resulting in tears

Anonymous 34185

You have friends that care about you and come to your aid when you're down? Are you one of those "oof" people?

Anonymous 34186

You sound like quite the autistic robot yourself to be honest.

Anonymous 34189

Seems like a bunch of projections on your part because you come off as autistic as hell and it's probably even worse from other people's perspective. I'm sorry, anon. Seek therapy.

Anonymous 34194

I hope you do understand that when you have a problem, the normal thing to do is try to fix it. When you see someome in distress, the normal thing to do is to help them. It has nothing to do with gender, you actually are in the wrong. Your friend is right, you are hysterical.

Anonymous 34219

Never saw a more apropriate insight on moid behaviour

Anonymous 34409

99% of population are NPC nomatter the gender

Anonymous 34435

Oh my god, this is what I have been saying for years about men.

I would also add that the lack of empathy isn’t so much of evidence that men are evil or superior or whatever, it’s more of a functional difference. Men (with what I’d consider masculine personalities) are all about status and solving problems which are interests that are rewarded by a male-dominated society, so they never need to develop higher level empathy. Women, on the other hand, often develop these “male” traits because rewarded by society and necessary in order to be successful. That’s why you get women capable of solving problems and empathy but this isn’t standard issue with men.
I’ve seen them have some aspect of caring for each other (and even a woman) shrouded in many layers of irony, but they don’t have the facilities to feel deep levels of empathy and navigate social situations outside of “I hate outgroup too, let’s be friends”

Anonymous 34436

>so they never need to develop higher level empathy

I'd actually argue for men it's ripped out of them over years of growing up and hearing things like

> man up

> boys don't cry
> no one likes a crybaby

Then the one rare time they open up they are usually burned by it and never try again.

I don't hate all men, but I try to understand others pov, to them solving a problem is how you help the emotional problem go away since it's stopped.

If people just said let me vent and complain rather than solve the issue it would help.

Anonymous 34441

Depends on what you mean by empathy. My husband doesn't break down and cry when I do, but he does want to help. It would take a literal psychopath to not understand the concept of others having emotions, maybe instead they just have different ways of expressing their emotions and their concern for others? They have a strong problem solving attitude, so when you say "I feel like Y because X", they're going to focus on fixing X, not Y, which is sometimes more important. I would say that men might not understand or have experienced the concept of being overwhelmed by emotions to the point the emotions ARE the problem(except maybe anger), and if they do, well, men are generally more successful at suicide. If that's what you mean, then I guess they don't have empathy for that type of situation

Anonymous 34442

>If people just said let me vent and complain rather than solve the issue it would help.
Saying that would require people to be cognitively aware that's what they want. And before you get there they would have to realize they aren't their emotions.

Anonymous 34454

Anonymous 34576

My boyfriend is autistic just a few levels below rainman teir but he figured out how to order psychedelics and other designer drugs over the darknet like 10 years ago and figured out how to get in touch with the female side of his soul.

The way he described the emotions he experinces is like a huge aquifer of emotion under neath a mountain range with only a small hotspring on the mountain. The amount of emotional perception he can get from another person before being overwhelmed by is very little. His EQ tests out at literally 50 but he's not like a lizard, he's more like a moody parrot that's attached to his owner.

It just takes time and understanding that the bandwidth at which they can process emotion is narrow before they shut down where as we have an open ocean of emotion most of the time.

Anonymous 34586

Lmao your boyfriend is a tranny

Anonymous 35201

You're describing incels
Sounds like you've been talking to too many guys from 4chan

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