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Anonymous 15342

Is there such a thing as an attractive male virgin? I’d rather not have a bf who has been spoiled too much. However, I’d still like an attractive bf (like anyone else) and I’m afraid that any hot guy might’ve been a manwhore. Are there hot men who aren’t mentally ill who are still virgins? Particularly those who AREN’T that way because of religious reasons.
Or are all men sexual beasts who act on their constant urges?

Anonymous 15343

Sure by why would he want you?

Anonymous 15344

Depends on the age group you're in. At 18? Absolutely. every year after it will get harder

Anonymous 15345

Possible, I found an attractive virgin bf who is way less mentally ill than I am kek. It is tricky, but not impossible. I agree with >>15344 , it gets harder with time. Maybe you should ask these questions on their board, not here.

Anonymous 15346

If they exist(they actually do), they may be:
> Shy, social inepts or even autists
> Expecting to much of a partner, high standards both in body and personality
> Very strange fetichists, gynophobics or hardcore misoginists

Anonymous 15351

Yes, but they're virgins for a reason. My bf just didn't know how dating worked, so I has to ask him out. I think that's probably how it is for everyone.

Anonymous 15354

It might be possible to find someone who is a virgin for religious reasons but they're probably heavily sheltered and don't even know how to talk to a girl. If he's that serious about his religion, he's probably going to get you to marry him and meet his parents before you have sex with him and that's very trapping if you end up not liking him. They'll probably expect you to join their religion and attend prayer services, eugh. Not worth it, there are so many more likable traits than being a virgin like being a decent human being?

My bf was a virgin when I met him but it's only because I met him at 18 and obviously his experiences were very few so young. If you've waited to find a guy in your 20s, the likelihood is that you won't find one who hasn't had at least a few sexual experiences in college. I don't think there's such thing as a guy in 20s who is a virgin and doesn't have some kind of social disability or problem talking to women.

Anonymous 15355

Anon should just go for freshly 18-year-olds lol

Honestly even going after average looking younger guys I haven't yet met an untouched boy. I think they're rare in general, most people lose it in high school.
I just want someone equally as inexperienced. It's sad.

Anonymous 15356

Engineering students. That's how I met my bf, and he definitely wasn't the only one in his class.

Anonymous 15357

But they earn too much.

Anonymous 15358

Maybe later, but when they're students they're earning negative $10000 a year. Besides, how is it even a bad thing if your bf has a good job?

Anonymous 15359

I want to financially support him. My ego couldn't take it.
I also don't offer much aside from potential money and lots of love and worship. Otherwise my looks are average and my personality is shit.

Anonymous 15361

Then go for a different type of nerd. I know lots of PhD requiring jobs have awful salaries, and I'm pretty sure I saw a thing saying like 1 in 4 Harvard grads were virgins. Can't be that hard to get a virginal PhD husbando.

Anonymous 15364

>PhD with awful salary
Like English, sociology, or psychology majors?
I would a psych or soci bf. I'll take an introductory class next semester and see if I can find a first year lol.

Anonymous 15366

No I literally mean hard science degrees. People willing to spend 7 years earning a PhD in quantum physics are usually so passionate about it that they're practically willing to work for free. That and there are fewer jobs in those really niche fields than people.

Anonymous 15379


Anonymous 15397

Sounds like something an abusive person would say tbqhwy. Look inside

Anonymous 15404

I've kinda been wondering what the deal with that is. Where did they all come from? Or are they actually just robots larping?

Anonymous 15405

Maybe, although I'm not sure we'd have much in common. Or if he'd consider a partner of average iq.

>wanting to care for someone and devote my life and earnings to them
Even if he left me I'd pay alimony, no pressure to stay with me (although I'd want him to and would try my best to make his life happy).


I've been posting here for a year. I'm also definitely a woman.

Anonymous 15406

Every gut I've ever dated has been way smarter than me, and I'm not exactly a dummy.
>wanting someone to be financially dependent on you
Kiiiinda suspicious, don't you think?

Anonymous 15407

>wanting to care for someone and devote my life and earnings to them

But you only want to care for them if they're poorer than you. Wanting to care for a partner and wanting your partner to be dependent on your care are totally different things

It's just as creepy as if a guy said, "I'd only want to date poorer girls. Less likely to leave me"… I don't think I need to explain why that sounds like abusive person

Anonymous 15408

I just don't think I could do it. That would be very intimidating

And like I said it's not to trap him, I just feel like it's all I have to give. He can leave if he wants and I'll pay him until he gets back on his feet.
If he cheated on me my feelings might be a bit different, since I think that would be completely unnecessary. idk about that scenario

I wouldn't ban him from working at all, I just want to earn more so I can give him nice things as a representation of my love. I don't know what else to offer.

I think if the genders were reversed it would still be fine as long as both parties consented and he didn't have ill intentions. I don't either.

Anonymous 15409

oh my dog
That post was clearly a joke. Why did they delete it?

Anonymous 15410

because it was a disgusting male spammer shitting up the boards

Anonymous 15411

It just doesn't make sense for your ego to be damaged by a guy making more than you. If anything, that should boost your ego because it means he chose you when he is probably sought after for making good money.

Come up with a list of 5 hard dealbreakers. That's all you get, anymore and you aren't looking for a partner you're looking for a build-a-boyfriend workshop. People are individuals stop generalizing

Anonymous 15412

So now we're at
>I want my partner to be financially dependent on me.
>I'd be too intimidated by dating a partner smarter than me.
I think you have some self esteem issues you gotta work on. Besides, (most) guys just want someone to love and have sex with. You don't actually need anything more than that.

Anonymous 15414

Apart from it being implausible (since I offer very little), it's just not what I'd like for a relationship. Even in platonic relationships I hate receiving gifts and prefer giving.

I also don't have an insane list, it could fit within five absolute deal breakers. Even counting the pretty standard not wanting him to be a pedophile.

My low self-esteem and fragile ego are reasonable given what I have to work with. I'm inherently unlovable and I'm not model-tier.
But if I was those things I think I'd still have the innate need to care for someone though.

I'm not sure why you're both concerned. I shouldn't have brought it up, even casually as I did. I expect almost nothing but kindness from a potential partner and that's a problem for some reason.

Anonymous 15418

>I'm inherently unlovable
a) that's not true.
b) I hate to break it to you, but if you're having trouble finding a partner, limiting yourself to partners into gfd is going to make things even harder.

Anonymous 15425

promotes other maleanons to post

Anonymous 15441

You realize he'll have no idea how to sex right?

Anonymous 15447

You realize everyone starts that way right?

Anonymous 15448

This is literally a good thing.

Anonymous 15449

Hey, I'm not saying I would dump a guy for being a virgin, I just don't know why you'd specifically seek them out.

Anonymous 15450

How is it a good thing?

Anonymous 15452

im attracted to close to 60% or 70% of the men I see in my everyday life in my age-range

is it normal?

Anonymous 15453

You want other girls sloppy seconds?
You like knowing his penis has been permanently stained by another womans fluids?

Anonymous 15455

finding that many people attractive is probably not "normal", but I don't see why it'd be a bad thing. reminder that there are girls into 2d only and ones that are so messed up by how society (men really) decides what is attractive and then advertises it everywhere that they actually only see women as attractive at this point even though they're straight. so with things like that being at the other side of the spectrum, you're probably blessed if anything.

Anonymous 15457

The hottest guy at my old highschool could very well still be a virgin, he never really was into relationships, apart from in primary school, and I feel like that was just fulfilling a social expectation for him. Honestly, the guy is very smart, super fit, funny, nice, etc, but I think he might be asexual/aromantic just because he never talks about sex or women, and I've never seen him in a relationship other than when he was 10. I don't stay in touch much anymore so things might have changed, but yeah, chances are if a guy is a virgin there's generally a good reason. You have to think about why they might be virgins. Socially inept? Saving themselves for the right girl? Genuinely too busy with studies, etc, for a relationship? After a certain age I don't think many humans are still virgins, male or female, I don't think I know anyone else my age that's a virgin, and I'm only 21. I'm still a baby, r-right?

Anonymous 15460

I know a few hot, mentally stable, ambitious virgins (I’m kinda involved romantically with one atm). The reason they’re all virgins is the same; they’re so terrified of getting a girl pregnant it escalated into this weird phobia of being near women physically. Because there’s a few of them I can only assume it’s a common thing.

People put too much weighting on whether someone’s a virgin or not though imo. Who gives a shit. If you like someone and you want to touch your bums together, go for it. If not, it’s chill.

Anonymous 15461

Are you implying lesbians are fake?

Anonymous 15466

>permanently stained
I'd hope he knows how to wash his dick.

Anonymous 15468

You really don't know any other 21-year olds that are virgins? I'm 19 and I think most of my friends are virgins (although I don't really talk about that kind of stuff with them so I don't know for sure)

Anonymous 15469


Anonymous 15470

>circumcised dicks are cleaner
Maybe someday when you actually touch a penis you'll understand how dumb that is.

Anonymous 15471

It's a bit late to tell you that but I don't think it was a male.

Anonymous 15480

Not all men are hornogs, so yes, it's very possible for man to be both attractive and virgin. Sometimes it could be about simple thing such as interests: Guy who is really into computers might not be surrounded by women even if he's around lots of computing enthusiasts, and if he keeps good care of himself he might remain "pure" for a long time.

Anonymous 15561

Granted I don't have many friends outside of those I made in highschool, but no, I don't think any of them are, I don't talk about that stuff either, they bring it up and I tune out. It can feel almost isolating at times, especially when sex is so prevalent in the media.

Anonymous 15577



>I hate to break it to you, but if you're having trouble finding a partner, limiting yourself to partners into gfd is going to make things even harder.

Some anons just want a cute subby boy to love and cuddle and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 15590


didn't say there was anything wrong with that she said it would be hard you donut

Anonymous 15605

the "there's nothing wrong with that" was more for the 2 other anons that inferred there was something weird or suspicious about it

Although, a better way to say it that was be more relevant to the directly referenced anon would probably be:
Some anons just need a cute subby boy to love and cuddle and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 15638

I'm responsible for at least a few gfd related comments over the last little while. I'm not really sure why I like it, but I just feel comfortable with that kind of dynamic. I post about it here because I feel like it's the only place where other girls might actually agree with me. My irl friends don't understand at all, they're all extremely submissive women.

Anyway, I've taken two guys v-cards in my time. It's a pretty good feeling.

Anonymous 15669

This thread had me kinda wondering, what's even the appeal of a virgin bf, aside from a vague appeal to "purity"?

Anonymous 15676

It's hot knowing you're his first and that he will experience what pussy feels like for the first time with you

Anonymous 15677

Because if he picks you then you are very special to him. If he has already slept with another woman and left her it means he doesn't value intimacy and relationships as much as I do so I don't want him anyway.

Anonymous 15679

Couldn't it also mean he's just willing to fuck the first girl to give him the chance, and he just hasn't gotten laid yet?

I can kinda see that, but I don't see what's hot about a guy the doesn't know what pussy feels like.

Anonymous 15680

I think that's really hot, some people might disagree. I like the idea of initiating a man.

Anonymous 15693

I agree, also he'll always remember you

Anonymous 15698

Would you rather eat a fresh hotdog, or one several other women have had inside their vaginas before?

Anonymous 15699



anon this is my favorite post

Anonymous 15710


I agree.

Anonymous 15713

I wouldn't want to eat a hotdog that's been in my vagina, so I don't think that analogy works.

Anonymous 15714


>I don't see what's hot about a guy the doesn't know what pussy feels like.
I mean I can understand where you're coming from, I want to date a guy I know other girls want, especially since it'll mean he chose me over them
But at the same time a virgin boyfriend would be hard to find, since it means that he , although having many girls chase him, turned them down to save it for somebody special
does that make any sense?

Anonymous 15715

>it means that he , although having many girls chase him, turned them down to save it for somebody special
In my experience this isn't true. Usually he's just too awkward or shy to get a girlfriend. If he is turning girls down, it's because he's too afraid or something, not because he's saving it for someone special.

Anonymous 15717


Saving it for that special someone he doesn't feel awkward around

Anonymous 15719


Based and redpilled

Anonymous 15720


but it doesn't necesarily mean that
sure, some loser boy can be a virgin, but for example tim tebow was saving his virginity for marriage and him and his supermodel girlfriend split becuase he refuesd to have sex unless they got married
thats the kind of man i dream of

Anonymous 15721


I fucking love this

Anonymous 15722

Can't you make your own opinions?
Do you just go through life always thinking "what does everyone else want? I guess that's what I want too".

Anonymous 15723

That's just completely unrealistic.

Anonymous 15724

Let her dream

Anonymous 15725

Just because she considers other's opinions (which you objectively should do in literally every single case) doesn't mean she lets them make up 100% of her own; tell me why you're in a bad mood anon

Anonymous 15726

You let others affect you every single day
"Should i try this restaurant or that one? Well this one has nobody this one has people at it always must be good"

Theres nothing wrong with choosing a metric for attractiveness , and its not 100% based on that
I obviously need to click with the guy, I need to feel attracted to him, I just meant its amplified when other girls are envious of your boyfriend
You don't feel this way? My last boyfriend was like that, every single girl at our university wanted him (he played on our football team) and it made me feel amplified
I don't know how to put it into words.
Any of you know this feeling?

Anonymous 15727

that's amazing <3

Anonymous 15728

this is a robot

Anonymous 15730

>Any of you know this feeling?
Pride, silly

Anonymous 15732

Weird, I want the opposite and I feel like it would be more fulfilling for me.
I want an insecure bf who has never been given romantic attention and is overwhelmed by the affection and devotion I'd give him. In return he'd be grateful, treasuring me as well, and we'd cling to each other forever.

Sucks most guys, regardless of "objective attractiveness," actually have huge egos and aren't like that at all. I just want monogamy for life with a small guy with a goofy face.

Anonymous 15733

This whole thread reeks of role-playing robots honestly.

Anonymous 15734

>This whole website reeks of role-playing robots honestly


Anonymous 15735

Does that mean you're a robot?

Anonymous 15741

most men have no idea how to have sex, quite honestly, virgin or not

Best sex I've ever had was w someone who was a virgin bc he was pretty sheltered and didn't watch porn either so he didn't have any weird ideas yet, I just taught him how to do things

Anonymous 15744

Go away male.

Anonymous 15789

Anonymous 15790

Kek. The op clearly says attractive male virgins.

Anonymous 15792

Traps are still maleposters, right?

Anonymous 15795

…..what the hell is going on in this thread?

Schizo tier

Anonymous 15798

Someone linked this thread on /qa/, so now some lost robot is proving why he's alone.

Anonymous 15808

lies no GIF-source…


>Best sex I've ever had was w someone who was a virgin bc he was pretty sheltered and didn't watch porn either so he didn't have any weird ideas yet, I just taught him how to do things.

First of all.

1 .-Although he was a virgin, I'm sure he has seen too much porn, all men do, much more virgins.

2.-He didn't have weird ideas? I'm sure it was the most boring sex of all.

3.-Even if you teach him to do certain things, men need some practice to do better.

Anonymous 15812

>I'm sure he has seen too much porn, all men do, much more virgins.
That depends entirely on your idea of "too much."

Anonymous 15818


>"too much."

There is never "too much" for a man.

There will always be too little. Ego stuff I think.

Anonymous 15822

That's not an answer. Personally I think a guy that looks at porn less than 2 or 3 times a week is probably fine. But I know a lot of girls that just can't even handle porn as a concept.

Anonymous 15823


>But I know a lot of girls that just can't even handle porn as a concept.

For real, what did they mean by this?

Anonymous 15831

That some people can't live with the fact that their partner watches porn.

Anonymous 15864

i've found some "incels" to be really cute, tbh. pls don't take this as me telling you to go look for incels, lol

Anonymous 15865

He hadn't seen anything more than lingerie models, no idea how sex worked. Extremely religious, for context.

Anonymous 15896

I fucked a virgin. He was really sweet, but an idiot. I prefer the experiences with fucking a more experienced guy. The virgin was sweet and knew how to have s l o w intercourse, which is good, but I have vaginismus and I cramp when fucked and "die" (I freeze up and can't move) so the more experienced guy was better at dealing with that. I never orgasmed with the virgin. I found it utterly boring. I understand why people want virgin men, but you have to be prepared to deal with shitty sex for a while, then.

Anonymous 16202


Same anon. I lurk this sub called r/Incelselfies (lol) sometimes and i’ve saved some guys’ pictures from there

Anonymous 16275


>tfw my cute, smart, funny, big dicked bf was a virgin when we met >tfw he had no idea how to properly use his dick so I got to teach him
It was really hot, you should try it sometime.

Anonymous 16276

All men unless they are like <11 y/o or have hormonal issues are sexual beasts.
How they manage their constant urges is another story.
Besides religion, men deeply into STEM related interests tend to be virgins.

Anonymous 16282

>men need some practice to do better.
And how's any virgin man supposed to get better if you believe everyone shouldn't have sex with them because they don't have enough practice?

Have you not heard of a catch-22?

Anonymous 16284

And why is it anyone's responsibility to help them? If I'm gonna hire someone I'm gonna pick the more experienced applicant every time. That's just the way it works.

Anonymous 16285

Got it, you don't want anyone to have sex with men anymore. Or you want to practice on each other first? Or get molested?
Since you don't think anyone should have sex with virgins. And all men are virgins at some point.

Anonymous 16286

Hey, there are plenty of entry level jobs that'll settle for inexperienced employees, but if you can get someone with 4 years of work experience, you should.

Anonymous 16288

Hooker or starter gf

Anonymous 16290

I don't know why you're so up in arms about this. Male virgins have been lying about their virginity for centuries.

Anonymous 16295

I’m pretty sure my crush is a virgin. We’re both from very religious families. He’s handsome (at least I think so) and very nice. He’s only 21

Anonymous 16490

please tell me what this painting is from

Anonymous 18175


I believe it's Annunciation by Benvenuto Tisi.

Anonymous 18305

You can take my older brother. 25 years old. Don't know if he is attractive for CC though.

Anonymous 18307

By the way you talk I can tell you aren't attractive.

Anonymous 18311

My boyfriend was like you until we met, just the same way you met your ex but we were lucky enough to stick together and make it work.

Don't change, the one for you is out there somewhere, anon. people who say you're salty just don't know any better, they don't understand people like us. we were almost five years older than you so you may need to be patient, but i hope you don't change your values just because you're sad or tired of waiting. good luck!

Anonymous 18312

You're sweet, but I doubt it. I don't enjoy this. I just hope you're all more happy than I am sad.

Anonymous 18313

I didn't enjoy it either, it was really hard for both of us at the time. I wish you all the best and I hope you can be happy with your special someone someday, I know you can find the one.

Anonymous 20070

Your best bet is a socially inept guy
you are not wrong but do males lose the ability to truly bond after X partners as well ?

Anonymous 20093

>also i don't offer much

Taking the ban hit,
Drust me daddy, many STEM students feel exactly the same. Whenever I reveal my diploma to anyone in social circles I immediately get the nerd label so i usually try to avoid such convos.

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