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Tips on how to be more feminine? Anonymous 15486

I feel like I'm not feminine enough. I swear I try hard AF by dressing well and wearing pretty makeup and perfume and taking care of myself but I always look like a solb :(
I also wish I were more delicate in my moves and behaviours, but it doesn't matter how hard I try, I always end up benig tomboyish

Does anyone else have this problem?
How did you solve it?
Any general tips on how to be more feminine?

Anonymous 15492

I only had that problem when I was 12/13. Cliche but you can start wearing dresses and skirts more often, I think it helps with feeling more feminine and acting more girly as a consequence.

Anonymous 15494

Always have great posture, it helps a lot I think, and I agree with the above, wearing more skirts and dresses. Also try styling your hair, but like in retro/romantic/childish styles like pigtail braids or large curls instead of modern hairstyles like a high bun or ponytail, they look more cold somehow (but that's just my opinion)

Anonymous 15608


Don't worry anon I went through this problem while trying to change my life before going to college. In HS I was a slob and a tomboy, but decided to change that for college due to personal reasons…

One tip that would help would be to casually mimic how princesses and ladylike figures in movies & media act. Look at how they sit, stand, where they place their hands, etc. I can trust you to not go overboard with it since you would look like a fool doing it. Also imagining that you are princess or as delicate as a feather can help, which is what I do.

>sit up with your knees & thighs touching or learn the duchess slant, and keep your hands on your lap

>keep elbows off the table no matter what
>try not to lean on things so much
>cover your mouth with a napkin when you eat, cover mouth when yawning
>have good posture when standing up
>you can use a backpack for school and trips, but when going out try to stick to using purses
>lean towards more feminine styles, girly is not only feminine, try out romantic and sophisticated fashion

It may take work to do, but I believe in you anon! Also if you feel the need to lean back into your tomboy habits you can choose to do it in the privacy of your own home/room. (I do it all the time!)

Anonymous 15651

Should I cover my mouth when I laugh, or is that something that only weebs do?

Anonymous 15652

It does look a bit weird, so better not to do that

Anonymous 15663

Agreed. Only weebs do it, besides laughing should be a natural reaction. You may have a nice smile while you laugh, why hide it?

Anonymous 15665

The smell of men larping as women in here is strong.

Anonymous 15668

In the West this is more of a sign of being ashamed of your teeth, please avoid.

Moderately. Remember to report.

Anonymous 15670

no unless you have really ugly teeth

Anonymous 15684

Fuck, is that seriously what people think?

>mfw when I cover up my mouth when laughing but idk where I learned it from

Anonymous 15694

Me, too, anon… Sometimes even when I'm just nervous I'll do that.

Anonymous 15785

men are not welcome on /feels/

Anonymous 15825

Cut your penis off

Anonymous 15860

Look at celebrities you like and try to imitate them. Or people from real life but try to be subtle obviously.

Anonymous 15891

I hope OP doesnt like Miley Cyrus, because if so she's fucked

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