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Anonymous 15593

I'm going to get married!

I don't have friends here and I don't have anyone to tell the good news, so I decided to tell you girls. I've been here since the start so I'd like to share this happiness with you girls. I hope all of you can find a SO if that's what you want, and if you already have one, that you can be very happy together.

Anonymous 15595

Congratulations anon! I hope you have a wonderful life together <3

Anonymous 15596

Thank you so much!!

Anonymous 15601


>this win be you

Anonymous 15602

will never>>15601

Anonymous 15606

happy sailor moon.…

WOW congrats anon!!!! I'm extremely happy for you

Anonymous 15607


Anonymous 15612

Congrats Anon, I wish you and your hubby all the best in the journey to come :3

Anonymous 15613

>marrying a moid
I shiggy diggy

Anonymous 15616


OP here. Thanks everyone itt! ^^

I thought it wouldn't happen to me either, I swear. Don't give up just yet.

Anonymous 15624




Anonymous 15625



Anonymous 15626


Can’t remember if one exists off the top of my head, but we should definitely have a wedding planning/wishlist thread!

Anonymous 15630

ew why. marriage seems like hell being tied to someone for 10+ years holy. i cant even do this with my friends/family… let alone a boy?

Anonymous 15653

Pls dont be a bridezilla

Anonymous 15667

thank you, anons!
i wouldn't even if I wanted to, everything will be very simple.

Anonymous 15759


when you fall in love with someone you'll understand, it gets so strong that it hurts to not be with them

congrats!!! thats great news :)

Anonymous 15760

is this bait?
Havent you been with your family for 18 years atleast?
Theres always divorce too.

Anonymous 15945

What are you gonna do when you're older? When everything starts failing on you and you've got nobody left?

Anonymous 15953

i see a lot of people not understand marriage and the like. for the people I know who married its like your not getting married your just saying this is my best friend and I like them so much I want to be with them as much as possible. it's basically being roomates with your bff for as long as you can. sure shit happens but thats life sometimes it falls apart and then a divorce happens. one successful marriage i saw was that they never moved intogether in one place. the dude kept his apartment and my friend owns her house they split all the shared bills and he stays with her most of the time but when work is shitty he stays at his apartment near the job since the commute is like next door. their cute but its weird.

Anonymous 15962

For most of human history marriage has been a social contract for men getting sex, women getting materially provided for, raising children and ensuring they have access to their biological parents. Recently it seems like people have the idea it's more like a public declaration of a loving relationship. From observation of my own parents and other boomers, only the ones who have traditional ideas about marriage are still married… (my own parents aren't even in that camp.)

Anonymous 15966

thats why i said i see a lot of people not understanding it. marriage is no longer a social contract as it once was at least not in wealthy countries among wealthy people. It is more of a status symbol than anything else. i know more successful families where the parents never married but may as well be whatever that marriage by being together for so long thing is.

Anonymous 16405

cute jupiter loli.…

that's beautiful anon

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