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Story time Anonymous 15976

>Be me
>One of the lonely gfd anons
>Work full time at a family owned donut shop
>Gather all the unbought pastries at the end of the workday to transport to a nearby homeless shelter
>Begin walking with them outside
>Hear someone whistling what I think is Claire De Lune
>See a thin boy, looks around 19
>He has pretty green eyes and gorgeous orange fluffy hair with light streaks of blonde sprinkled about his cute little curled ends that go down all the way to the center of his chest
>He's 5'4''
>I put my hands to my mouth and let out, to say the very least, a not at all subtle gasp
>Drop all my pasted beauties in the process
>Create the kind of abstract art piece that would make Pollock proud, all over the sidewalk

Anonymous 15977

>He comes over to me
>"A-are you o-okay anon,,,??"
>Play it cool anon, play it cool
>he probably didn't see what happened
>he tilts his head down looking at the ground, away from the mess
>"I-I saw you look in my direction and d-drop your pastries. I'm s-sorry,, did my whistling distract you…?"

Anonymous 15978

who paid for the donuts?

Anonymous 15979

I have found.jpg

>I need something, anything
>Blantant lies
>"Nononononono, it wasn't you, I was just being a dumb klutz!!"
>"If anything having a pretty boy around, being all concerned about me, makes this a bonus."
>Fuck that was bad
>He lifts his head, recoiling a little in surprise before his entire face is invaded by a slight and cute red hue
>He looks around briefly and gingerly lifts his finger and points it at himself, kind of tilting his head
>The temptation to pat him on the head becomes OVERWHELMING
>"Who else…?"
>He looks back at the ground
>"Do you mind if I ask your name…?"
>"Is… t-there anything I can do to help you Anon…?"
>Perverted thoughts intensify
>"Your number would be great"
>He gingerly obliges. Awkwardly says thank you? And then proceeds to walk where he was going with a bit of pride to his step.

I think I caught one anons

Anonymous 15980

Donuts made in the morning either get thrown out, donated, or subtlety given away for free to wandering cute boys, girls, or children after closing time. I probably would have given him some… but ya. So it didn't matter a whole lot other than the mess I had to clean up.

Anonymous 15981

and uh, the embarrassment.

Anonymous 15982

how many other people saw this? I know it was end of work-day

Anonymous 15983

Just the boy who I made me drop it and my brother who was laughing his ass off when I went back inside to grab cleaning supplies. The bastard saw the whole thing, me looking at the boy, being an awkward mess, and me getting the number from the boy, but he's the one person in my family who already knows about the gfd stuff and is ok with it, mostly just sucks because it gives him months of fuel to tease me.

Anonymous 15984

I now have 3 dating-sagas to follow on crystal.cafe.

Thank you OP keep us updated

Anonymous 15985

I suppose I could post regular updates if enough people show interest. We'll have to see how it goes when I contact him as well.

Anonymous 15988


>"are you okay anon"

Wait how did he know your name before you told him what it was???

I'm just messing with you anon, I hope that your story's true and I wish you luck.

Anonymous 15989

maybe anon had a name tag

Anonymous 15990

Dangerously cute story. Keep us updated!

Anonymous 15994

He sounds cute. Good luck anon. May the patron mining saint bless us all with cute boyfrinz.

Anonymous 15995

>everyone stood up and clapped

Anonymous 16005


>And that boy? He grew up to be Ben Sharpio.

Anonymous 16029

now this is epic

Anonymous 16053

rip no, he didn't, just fucked up writing a bit is all

Anonymous 16115

OP I just really wanna thank you for giving donuts and other baked goods to the homeless humans. I hope your dream-husbando can see the kindness and baking skills in your heart and appreciate you as a loving partner

Anonymous 16146

>claire de lune
>never let him go

Anonymous 18396

It’s christmas eve and I just remembered that I need to be updated on this site’s dating sagas. Have you married him yet OP?

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