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why am i like this Anonymous 16257

my ex of two years got a new girlfriend in feb (i only found this by breaking no contact and going on his facebook page) and i'm so angry and upset
jesus fucking christ i'm pathetic

Anonymous 16258

It's ok to feel sad. Don't feel bad about being sad; it's gonna be ok

Anonymous 16259

Because you invested so much energy into the relationship.
Relationships aren't the world y'know. Completely forget about relationships for a while and gather some new interests, hobbies. It won't be long before someone better comes along.

Anonymous 16306


thank you both, i still feel pretty sad. i'm in a relationship at the moment and have been for a year and i feel so awful that i'm still beat up about my ex at the same time. i love my partner so much yet i guess the hurt from the previous relationship is still healing

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