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IT’S FUCKING OVER HELP Anonymous 16409

I met a perfect boy at uni. At first I just noticed him because he is the absolute most handsome guy I’ve ever seen. Call me superficial but that alone made me develop a crush. I sort of tried to forget about him since I didn’t think it would go anywhere and tried to tell myself that he probably was a jerk anyway.

However, I was grouped with him and a few other girls for some group assignment, and he turned out to be the nicest person I’ve ever met. He’s ridiculously funny, interesting, cultured, creative (turns out he’s actually semi-famous in multiple fields), exciting, smart, he just has literally everything going for him. I’m not the most beautiful girl ever but I take care of myself (I’m skinny, have very well maintained natural blonde hair, blue eyes etc.). Acne has slways been a problem but after meeting this guy my face was finally clearing up. I suggested that everyone in the group exchanged numbers and everyone obliged.

Then the guy started texting (actually whatsapp which is the norm in my country but whatever) me. Mostly school stuff but also some personal things. He’d always reply to me right away, never left me on read, and was always willing to help and when I helped him he was super grateful and cute about it. I’ve never had text contact as good as this. He’d always say hi to me when we ran into each other, and in class he’d letvme sit with him. If he was talking to other people he’d always try to make me a part of the conversation too.

It got even better when I found out he was basically pure (yes meme af I know, you know what I mean). He was very serious about hygiene (he talked about how he disliked visiting friends who didn’t clean their rooms properly), wasn’t active on FB, IG or dating apps, isn’t part of a frat, and disliked weed (he does drink though but so do I so ehrm yeah). He also never mentioned a gf or anything like that.

The thing is, despite growingsomewhat close he never asked me out or anything and I was afraid to ask him out because I’m not sure if I’m worthy of him and came to the conclusion that he might be gay or something and I didn’t want to embarrass him. He was literally too perfect to not have a gf.

Then it all went wrong.

Last night I went out for drinks with a few uni friends and afterwards walked back to the train station (I don’t live in my uni’s city, I live with my parents in my hometown (which is completely normal in my country, the boy does the same thing as do most students)). During my walk I passed my uni’s most notorious sorority house (again, we don’t have campusses here so sorority houses are just somewhere in the city) which is only open to really, really rich girls. I have classes with a few of them and they’re mostly quite friendly, but some of them really look down on me for not being one of them. There’s one in particular who’s the only person in my year whom I dislike because she treats anyone who isn’t a rich skinny white girl like shit (I’m a skinny white girl but my parents aren’t multi millionaires and I don’t play the sorority social game).
Then I heard the voice of the boy. I looked around and saw him standing a little further down the street. The girl I hate was with him. Then she kissed him. And they just kept going.
I stood there for like five minutes. I finally decided to take a different route and ended up missing my train and had to wait 30 minutes for another one.

When I got home I started crying and I could barely sleep and I’m still crying now. I’m sorry if none of this makes sense because I’m so fucking mad and upset. The boy and the girl don’t even talk to each other in class. She’s also really tall (180cm+), don’t guys hate tall girls and only like short girls? I want to scream but I don’t want my parents to hear.

I just had to post this, I’m sorry if it’s too bloggy. Do any of you have experience with the one you love ending up with someone you hate? Maybe found out that someone you thought could be a potential bf actually had a gf?

I’m never going to find anyone like this ever again. And now he’s off limits and tainted anyway.

Anonymous 16410

Its okay, anon. That sort of things is to be expected of men, especially the good looking ones.
Best to realize finding a "good" man is impossible even if he seems it. Just consider them all lesser animals instead of human and find one you can push around and control. It's the only route.

Anonymous 16411

It could have just been a random fling or something so just try asking him out or something. From the sounds of it you don’t really have anything to lose so just try asking him out. If he rejects you it’s better than just being mad at him for dating another girl. Also if he rejects you don’t stress too much over It.

Anonymous 16412

>She’s also really tall (180cm+), don’t guys hate tall girls and only like short girls?
I was rooting for you until this petty comment. Enjoy being alone.

Anonymous 16414

he has a gf, or he's just a player; you may be one of a dozen girls he's texting with.

Anonymous 16415

The whole post sounds petty. Prides herself on being naturally (!!) blonde, blue-eyed and short but hates a girl who has the same superiority complex.

OP should have just asked him out earlier instead of putting him on a pedestal for being pure and perfect.

Anonymous 16419

Not OP but being a natural blonde is huge plus when attracting boys.

Anonymous 16426

Wow I thought the other anons were overreacting, but you're very petty. Plenty of men like tall women and plenty of men are not obsessed with blondes. Also just because he replied your texts right away it doesn't mean he was trying to signal he was interested or anything, it's just etiquette. Be glad you found out he has a gf so you can move on!!

Anonymous 16430

Screen Shot 2018-1…

Actually, you're right. Looking it over again there's a whole host of red flags. OP needs to get over herself and realize that people have lives which don't revolve around her.

Anonymous 16431


there a boy in my lectures. hes cute but not in a conventional way. he seemed quite awkward, always sitting by himself and didnt seem to have any friends, but would glance at me when I sat near him. this went on for most of this semester. I kept looking for excuses to talk to him but couldnt find the courage. then over the past few weeks he started to make friends, and was even talking to a girl (eho Im pretty sure has a crush on him). it was only a tiny interaction, but I instantly felt like Id missed my chance and that why would he need me now he has her

Anonymous 16432

not really true, there are many guys who prefer girls with dark hair.

Anonymous 16433

>Not OP but being a natural blonde is huge plus when attracting boys.

What if I told you that individual men have different preferences and that some prefer ginger girls or swarthy Italian girls over blonde girls? Further, what if I told you that hair color per se has very little to do with how attractive someone is?

Anonymous 16434

most men prefer brunette. I cant tell you my source on this to protect his anonymity

Anonymous 16442

>lust for Chad
>cry when goes for Stacey instead of you
What'd you expect.

Anonymous 16443

First of all we need to end the brunette vs blonde debate because it's actually blue hair that is the most attractive.

I think we're a little too harsh when someone is honest cry posting.

Oh well.

OP it will be okay. Or I dono, I accepted myself as too ugly/bland to really get anyone so special. You can ask him out later if you want, there's no way to know if they're dating. And even if they are there's "plenty of fish in the sea" and in the end the majority of us "settle" but still find true happiness with loving, caring husbands or wives.

>don’t guys hate tall girls and only like short girls?


Anonymous 16444

>it's actually blue hair that is the most attractive.
Sonic you are not a girl leave this place

Anonymous 16446


Anonymous 16447

Most men don't care that much about hair color. They might have a certain color that they prefer over others, but a man will never see a woman with a pretty face and nice body and say "Uhg but she's blonde, I only like brunettes 0/10 would not bang".

Anonymous 16449

How did this devolve into a discussion about the relation of hair color and attraction
OP I'm sorry for what happened to you. Just try not to think about him and try to get to know someone else, when you have a new person to get to know it's easy to forget about the past

Anonymous 16451

Can confirm from experience 100% true.

Anonymous 16452

This isn't true in terms of relationships, though. I know a guy who, while he was okay with banging, didn't want to be in a relationship with a girl because she was blonde and had GREEN eyes, not BLUE eyes.

Anonymous 16453

I said most men, you're talking about 1 guy you knew.
And I only said "would not bang" because it's a meme.

Anonymous 16454


4/10 LARP story

Anonymous 16456

You weren't even dating. As if a guy merely being friendly means that he owes you his affection.
Enjoy your misery

Anonymous 16457


>not blue hair and red eyes

Faulty eugenics

Anonymous 16467

You are allowed to cry over something without feeling owed. Stop this.

Anonymous 16472

>OP I'm sorry for what happened to you.
Lol what do you mean what happened to her? She set her sights on a guy that sounds like he's way out of her league, then did nothing but wait for him to ask her out, until she saw him with the girl that probably is in his league and then started crying.

Anonymous 16475

I am really sorry anon, it sounds awful. You were so close to being with him, and he sounds very kind too. But
>don’t guys hate tall girls and only like short girls
Man, this hurt. Is that truly how most men see us, tall women?

Anonymous 16477

yeah, the part about tall girls was really bitchy

Anonymous 16480

chun li.jpg

>Man, this hurt. Is that truly how most men see us, tall women?

Nah. We are long legged kweenz. All tremble before our superiority! Rawr. But really it's similar to what people said about hair color, it boils down to ya face and ya body/health. Nobody gives le fuck beyond maybe the possibility of being emasculated by having a taller gf.

(no offense to OP or anyone ITT) I could only see a tranny being misguided enough to believe something like

>don’t guys hate tall girls and only like short girls?

Anonymous 16482

I'd say height is a bigger deal than hair color.

Hair color is just like a secondary detail, you can even get it changed at a whim if you feel like it. Height is an unchanging permanent thing though that affects your appearance a lot more.

Anonymous 16483

I guess you are right to some extent. I am a tall woman (174-175cm) and I've never disliked my height. Frequenting imageboards slowly truned something that I considered to be a perk into my biggest complex.

Anonymous 16484

It's just an assumption but I think the short girls who mock taller girls on imageboards do this because of a complex - a complex they got in real life and dragged here.

Anonymous 16487

>what it's like to be a man
So, being a fucking coward? OP is stupid for not making a move when she had a chance.
Not being hypocritical by the way since I approach men. This shit goes for anyone; if you want someone make the effort to get them you massive ignoramus. Don't whine when your weakness causes a bad outcome.
ER tier.

Anonymous 16597

I didn’t know cc had so many non-white girls!

Anonymous 16603

Are you aware of the fact people can be white and not be blonde and blue eyed, right?

Anonymous 16607

No, they can't.

Anonymous 16608

Thanks for the input Varg Vikernes.

Anonymous 16609

So what race are brown eyed brunette whites, then?

Anonymous 16612

tall girls are life

Anonymous 16623

>Americafag assumes blonde vs brunette debate is a race thing
Amerikaner halt, ne?

Anonymous 16624

The not white race.

Anonymous 16625

Are we being raided?
Why are there so many threads about boys? Do you people have no other issues?

Anonymous 16627


Genuinely curious, what are they then?

There was a kc raid last night but some males might’ve stayed under the radar. This slew of boy/relationship threads are flooding this board though, should I make a general advice thread?

Anonymous 16628

I think it's just a matter of the fact that if you're not asking about sex or relationships, there's no reason to post on cc specifically.
We do seem to be having a lot more robots than usual though.

Anonymous 16637


Based Stacy putting a femcel in her place again.

Anonymous 16641


Anonymous 16655

Because this is the feels board?

They're just joking. Millions of white girls are brunette and have brown eyes. That's what the "discussion" in this thread was about. In Germany at least, no one thinks brunette refers to a non-white person.

Anonymous 16661

As much as I have my own problems and insecurities with guys and my lovelife, I feel there has been so much threads about boys that feels has become the boy troubles board.

It would be a good idea to make a general advice thread and/or a general boy/love life troubles thread. Just so all the boy troubles can be filtered through there. Or if they have no bf they can just put it all in the tfw no bf thread…

Anonymous 16663

I like this suggestion. Lump all the boy issues into one board, /bt/

Anonymous 16678

Because love and relationships are a big part of our lives and CC is a good place to get good advice/ chill with likeminded people?

Boys talk about us far more than we talk about them and they don’t get accused of being obsessed with girls.

Anonymous 16686

i think the larger thing is that this isn't a website with hobby boards like other imageboards, so people just talk about the thing that comes most naturally, which is usually love life

Anonymous 16688

maybe rt? since i'm sure there are some anons who date girls as well!

Anonymous 16692

Well, it could lump in those of us who want to complain about men, too. I've started lesbian general threads here and they don't gain a lot of traction, so I'd be fine with them just being in /feels/

Anonymous 16694

good point anon I hope this idea gets put together, I love reading about boy cringe

Anonymous 16706

Please do make a general advice thread, I get tired of coming here and seeing the same topic but rehashed

Anonymous Moderator 16728

There's already an advice thread here


Anonymous 16729


Anons, please use this thread instead of constantly creating new threads for your one specific problem


None of these needed their own threads, they all could’ve gone in >>>/feels/6683

Anonymous 16750


I wonder where all these goofs came from.
Are they from tumblr? Are we being raided? Tf is going on

Anonymous 16772

Well 90% of the threads on 4chan's advice board are pretty much the same thing.

>I like girl. How do I get girl?

Anonymous 16800

Not sure, i found this place through lc so i thought it was customary to keep every topic to their own thread for the sake of organization. Maybe these anons are new.

Anonymous 16852

I just think that CC is slow enough that we don’t need to slow it down even more by enforcing strict conversation rules. lol cows “RAAA NO OFF TOPIC!” thing always made threads feel really unnatural to me so I rarely ever posted there Id hate to see CC do the same thing.

Anonymous 16873

Seriously - don't be so pathetic.
1. You over idolized a person. Why do that?
2. You're making an insane claim that he should follow your standards. Why? It would be like some incel freak getting angry at you if you dated someone he thought "wasn't worthy". Do you understand how creepy that is?
3. Screaming and shouting because it's not fair is the most childish thing you can do as an adult. Don't fucking do it.
Basically, you have a lot of growing up to do.

Anonymous 16881

This, it’s nearly impossible not to over idolize a person when you’re developing a crush on them. I don’t think OP is creepy for that.

Anonymous 16920

wirklich die dümmsten lmfao

Anonymous Moderator 16921

Please post in English only, thank you.

Anonymous 17393

Depending on where you live, you are just a little bit taller than average I think. You have absolutely no reason to have a complex for being 175cm, especially not in this day and age when people in general are taller than ever. You are not particularly tall to a man who is 185 or 190+ cm tall, which is fairly common in scandinavia for instance.

My grandmother is 180cm and she got married very young.

Anonymous 17418

t. mutt american

Anonymous 17733

I'm interested in how a student can be semi-famous in a field. Please explain.

Anonymous 17923

Depends, my guy friend is sorta like that. He just finished med school and dates girls who are 5'6" plus and jokes he doesn't want "manlet" sons.

He's practically Mormon though so that might make a difference. I'm 5'1" and while we went on one date neither of us was feeling it

Anonymous 17925

> dates girls who are 5'6
That's average female height in the USA so I imagine who he really dates "average height." I presume that anywhere from 5'4-5'8 is his range, which is pure average. Tall girls would be like 5'10+, which is above the average male height in the USA.

Anonymous 17926

winning awards for writing or band or whatever, i imagine. "Semi-famous" probably means getting his name in the local town paper or getting some sought after scholarship.

Anonymous 18149

lmao get cucked
Chad is for Stacy only

Anonymous 18916

If he's half the guy you making him out to be he'll know how to handle it if you ask him out. If you really like him you should have trust him to not make fun of you or tell people about it.

Anonymous 19561

You sound like a bad case of sour grapes. If you don't improve yourself, don't expect the pool of men available to you to improve.

Anonymous 19562

Being tall and rich is better.

Anonymous 19563

>This isn't true in terms of relationships
Oh yeah girl, I'm sure that if you have a rocking body, great face and even better personality, your man is going to leave you because of your hair color.

Anonymous 19564

>this mad that being blonde doesn't get you chad
cope harder girl

Anonymous 19566

Anonymous 19570

>Do any of you have experience with the one you love ending up with someone you hate? Maybe found out that someone you thought could be a potential bf actually had a gf?
My (male) best friend got a girlfriend while we had been great friends for almost 4 years and they had just met, and as of now they've been going out for 3 years, tried spending time with him again a while ago and I just couldn't do it, went home and cried my eyes out, I have hardly seen him or wanted to see him since. I don't even know the feeling to describe the entire situation, it's like a mix of wanting to claw this girl's eyes out but also mope alone to depressing music in my room at the same time, yes I'm /still/ mad after all these years and I should really get over it but whatever.

Anonymous 19611

Why didn't you ask him out over those four years?

Anonymous 19616

we used to talk about living together forever and we’d draw out plans for our perfect apartment and stuff like that, I thought it was gonna be like some unsaid romance, I don’t know I’m an idiot clearly. Are you supposed to have sex to make things official or something? I’m a shy virgin with a low libido, thought what we had was kinda special

Anonymous 19617

>Are you supposed to have sex to make things official or something?
Did you ever actually, at any point, say the words "I am romantically interested in you" to him?

Anonymous 19619

no shouldn’t it be obvious though?

Anonymous 19620

>I didn't flip the light switch, shouldn't it be obvious to the lights that I want them on?
This doesn't work like that. He was up for grabs, you assumed he was yours, but she actually asked for him. If you call someone your friend for four years- I don't know what you're expecting to happen.

Anonymous 19621

Sorry but you deserve it.

Anonymous 19622

ok, I understand it, but am I wrong for hating that bitch? I feel like he was mine and then she just stole him from me

Anonymous 19623

Do you not know how oblivious some guys are? No, it isnt obvious, because some of them are rock dense or have other girls who also teased them platonicaly and made it something normal. Should have been a woman and told him but whats done is done.

Anonymous 19624

>Am I wrong for hating someone for doing nothing wrong?
Yes, obviously you are.

Anonymous 19625

She didn't steal him, he made a decision to be with her. Either he was unaware of your feelings or he just liked her more. Or both. That's how it is.

Anonymous 19626

There's no such thing as feeling right or wrong. You feel what you feel.

Anonymous 19627

Kinda? She just did what you didnt anon, what evil did she do? Go and get a guy you never tried for and waited to aproach you? I understand being frustrated but she didnt do anything wrong by getting a guy, you just got swooped because you didnt act.

Anonymous 19632

I like this answer, I'm gonna roll with it

Anonymous 19633

>What if I told you that individual men have different preferences and that some prefer ginger girls or swarthy Italian girls over blonde girls?
While this is true, the way east asian, middle-eastern, indian, black, and dark hispanic men worship white blonde women en masse is fucking cringe lol. They pass up beautiful women of their own kind for a mediocre bottle-blonde with ass-injections everyday. Instagram, twitch and twitter have basically catalogued this phenomenon in detail.

Anonymous 19681

>worship white blonde women en masse is fucking cringe
I've always wanted to know though, why is this considered bad? We live in a predominantly Western hegemonic world where American media and many Western companies dominate the globe. People "worship" those they perceive to be in power. That's just how it is. If the world had been conquered and colonized by Africans, non-African men would chase after black-haired African women instead.

Anonymous 19864

>I've always wanted to know though, why is this considered bad?
Not bad, just cringe.
Doesn't help the whole multicultural/diversity thing neither when they're basically breeding themselves out lol. A lot, like, easily 7 out of 10 non-white successful men in movies, sports, whatever, go on about being role models for their community and championing their culture/race and then just have a white wife and three half-white children, some of which have light eyes and skin that is seven shades lighter than their father.

It'd be like if white guys in the mainstream were going on about their image and being a role model for young men that look like them, then in high numbers were only marrying and having mixed kids with non-white women.

Anonymous 19887



No pls
Each thread has a lot of content and discussion. It would be sad if they all got rounded up and hauled. Also, it's not like we have that much traffic, that we have to prune down on threads.


dowman <3

Anonymous 19896

this dog is cute & you have good taste in manga so i agree with your opinions fren

Anonymous 23061



Anonymous 23341

You realize you're responding to a 4 month old post right?
Damn this site is ridiculously slow.

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