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how do I help her? Anonymous 16680

I work in the office and since my PC at home broke I stay there a lot after my work hours to use the computers. I'm pretty sure I was the last one on my floor today when I found a note left on a piece of paper in the toilet. Translated it was something along the lines 'please help! I'm trapped, respond if you can help me…'. I went back to my room, took some post it notes, wrote 'how can I help you?' and left it in the toilet along with a pen.

what do I do? due to how it looked I'm sure it wasn't a joke. It was left on purpose, at the time when the whole building is usually empty. People from the cleaning service don't speak language it was written in and I'm afraid they will bin both notes and a pen when they do the cleaning over night.

what do I do? I'm so worried that if she won't find her and my notes in the morning she won't reach out again

Anonymous 16687

Maybe add another note saying “do not remove” or let the cleaners know about the situation. I would probably look up support for stopping modern day slavery / human trafficking in your country too, just incase it is serious, as you might be able to get some support. Good luck anon.

Anonymous 16703

what show is that?

Anonymous 16731

Check in the morning, if the notes are gone, make a new one.

Not OP, but this is from Yu Yu Hakusho

Anonymous 41297

what happened?

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