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Sexuality Anonymous 17343

Is it normal to start having sexual feelings about a different sex than I have previously liked at a late teen age? I have way passed puberty, but some things are…stirring in me about women. Is this normal to have? Thanks anons.

Anonymous 17345

yep, getting the big gay can happen at any time or not at all

Anonymous 17348

Yes, compulsory heterosexuality is helluva drug.

Also people aren't static.

Anonymous 17357


sexual fluidity yeeeee

Anonymous 17772

I started really liking girls in my mid teens, pretty sure it’s normal. Plus sexual fluidity as was said

Anonymous 17843

yeah, its common.
Found out I'm bi one day with a close friend after some drinking.
Helped me be introspective too

Anonymous 17852


Anonymous 17854

Always appreciate a good earthbound reference

Anonymous 17908

how is any of that cringe

Anonymous 20815

this post just sent me to 2014 tumblr and i don't like it

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