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Nicknames Anonymous 17451

Post cute, silly or funny nicknames you've given your friends and loved ones or ones that have been given to you. Bonus if you explain the context.

Anonymous 17462

my friends call me ,,bread'' ever since there has been an incident with a loaf of bread that i may or may not have thrown at a friend after he had annoyed me for 10 minutes straight. i accidentally hit him too hard with the bread though and he ended up with a little scratch above his eye. my friends called it the ,,breadshot'' and ever since then i've been called bread by them

Anonymous 17465


Anonymous 17466



Anonymous 17470

what a legend

Anonymous 17472

My late fiancé played a game called Champions and one of the characters in the game was called Lady Blue, a sort of batman-esque vigilante hero. He loved my eyes and started calling me Lady Blue and his friends followed suit. My roommates picked it up, and it got shortened to just "Blue".

Anonymous 17473

Naynay, which is the shortened, repetitive form of the last syllable of my name.

Anonymous 17474

My best friend and I refer to each other by the first letter of our names. I'm not sure why, but he started it a couple of years ago and it's stuck.

Anonymous 17475

>Gossip Girl

Anonymous 17476

Rae-bot, supposedly because I was the socially stunted robotic one of the group. It was so lame.

Anonymous 17478

Well, as far as I know he doesn't watch that lol.
But he has surprised me in the past. I'll have to ask next time I get a chance.

Anonymous 17480

My friend from kindergarten was called Petra and we all called her Peppa, it was cute until the cartoon Peppa Pig came out and everyone started calling her Peppa Pig. poor girl

Anonymous 17481

People only called it me occasionally but i got called 'grape' cause one girl took a photo of me where my face was shaped exactly like a grape

Anonymous 17500

My name initials are KFC

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