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Long Distance Relationship Advice Anonymous 17561

My boyfriend is getting deployed, and I was looking for advice from other people in long distance relationships and how to stay sane.

Anonymous 17565

wait outside.jpg

Definitely, definitely make time to talk or text on the reg. Even if it's once every 48 hours, the regularity of it helps for staying sane. Go ahead and indulge yourself with thoughts of him, because if you try to suppress that shit, it'll come back with fire and depression instead of excitement and comfort.

If you plan on keeping up with naughty things, get really descriptive. Make one second last 1 minute. Make 1 minute last 5 minutes. I've done this with my boy who is in a different state right now and has been for months. I'll tell him how I miss his hands. I miss licking between his fingers and then brushing his now slightly wet fingers along my lips and staring into his eyes. Describe your breathing, his breathing, the smells the tastes, etc. This shit has really helped keep things fun, sexy, and not so lonely.

Keep him being part of your day. Send him a link to a folder on your google drive and save short videos there of you making coffee or picking something up from the grocery store. Then he can jump on the folder that you've shared with him and see what your days are like. Maybe he can save some stuff there for you to see, as well.

Hope this helps! It's a bummer, but it can be done! You'll survive, girl!

Anonymous 17582

I had a friend in your situation and it seems like they sent a lot of letters to each other. Maybe try that in addition to calls or emails because you can make things as long or short as you'd like.

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