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Boyfriend's Voice Anonymous 17579

My boyfriend normally has a clear, tenor voice, but when he's talking to strange girls his voice drops like an octave and turns to a deep baritone. I think this deep voice is incredibly sexy, but it kind of bothers me that he never uses it when he's talking to me, except when he just woke up. I talked to him about it and he says he doesn't know what I'm talking about. Should I be worried?

Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 17580

Could be involuntary, actually. If he’s nervous around girls it could switch on its own. Are those girls more attractive than you?

Anonymous 17583

How long have you been dating? Anything over a couple of months with no engagement proposal is bad news.

Anonymous 17584

Agree with this.
When around new people my voice deepens and becomes more monotone, I've noticed. Does he do it around men, too?

Anonymous 17587

Not per se more attractive, but it doesn't happen around ugly girls. I wouldn't call it monotone either, rather melodious, reassuring, fatherly even. He's never been uncomfortable around girls that I've noticed. We've been dating for about half a year now.

Anonymous 17607

guys lower their voices when they speak to someone they find attractive. it's like some body language sign that he's attracted i read somewhre

Anonymous 17763

Or when they want to appeal more "powerful" in social situations. If they're complete strangers he'll be on guard and will try to look strong. Around you he can relax and drop his guard

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