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Anonymous 19259

I know it sounds edgy but when I found this place a I felt profound sense of belonging. I’m so glad I found you, sisters.

Anonymous 19260


please stay with us forever

Anonymous 19263


We love you too, anon-chan <3

Anonymous 19291


I wuv everypony here

Anonymous 19888

I feel that still.
Please don't die.

Anonymous 23016


I'm so glad I found this place. I love you all.

Thank you miners for reminding me that I love being a girl.

Anonymous 23018


I've never had a friend I could tell anything to without censoring myself, hiding my beliefs/feelings, etc. Thanks to all of you I feel like I finally have that friend.

My mental health is so much better for having found you.

Anonymous 68441

unknown (17).png


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