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anyone else get crushes too fast/too easy? Anonymous 19711

i fall in love way too easily, and way too fast..

i've kinda had a romance deprived life, and now i get crushes on people way too easily and fast and it makes me feel really odd, and of course ends in heartbreak every time because of how quickly it happens.
anyone else relate?

Anonymous 19712

Same issue with the same cause, anon. I see a qt and automatically assign him some assumed traits and imagine snuggling him and growing old together.
I'm always disappointed.

Anonymous 19714

actually its never based on looks for me, it just requires talking to me for a while or talking around me and i get ridiculous about it. like theres this guy [degenerate warning ahead] i always smoke with and did xanax with once and idk he just talked to me more today and we went to a store together and now i just feel all funny about him, like a weird feeling in my chest and i can't stop thinking about how cute he is and how cute his smile is. i just need to chill.

Anonymous 19749

Yes both for 2d and 3d. In the case of 3d, any men that does just above the average (mind you I am at university so you gotta understand what I mean by average) in terms of self-care and who is friendly I develop feelings for. Those feelings however don’t particulary mean marriage and sex; as opposed to a desire to just start with forming a companionship at first

Anonymous 19753


i have a soft spot for kind guys who smile often. he can be morbidly obese or deformed, but man, if he says "thank you" a lot asks how i feel regularly… hnngg. it takes me a meeting or two to develop an intense crush on him.

Anonymous 19764


No. In fact I have it totally the opposite. I don't have crushes and especially don't fall in love easily. It has happened to me just once, last year. And honestly I wish it wasn't like this because it takes such a special kind of person to make me feel like this. And thus the rejection feels that much more devastating.

I dare to say that this ruined my life to some extend. For me falling in love like this is once in a lifetime thing so I'm mentally crushed and I doubt I'll ever get over this shit. I wish falling in love or having crushes would be just easy for me so then I'd not take these things so seriously, but I can't help it.

Anonymous 19765

Not usually, but when I do, yes! Currently, I can't tell if it's because I genuinely like the person or I'm lonely and I like the attention I get from him.

Anonymous 19885

I actually have the opposite problem. I don't get crushes very often but when I do they won't go away and I become way too obsessive. The person I'm crushing on at the moment has been my crush for almost half a year now. That whole thing leads to me being emotionally unavailable and unfocused and I hate it. I WISH I NEVER GOT A CRUSH ON ANYONE AND I COULD JUST LIVE NORMALLY

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