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Girl crushes Anonymous 20

Post your 3D waifus

Anonymous 26


Krysten Ritter, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie and Winona. I guess I have a…type? They kinda look like each other in some ways.

Anonymous 48


She's so tacky and I love to hate her at times, but I can't help myself. Also, Winona.

Anonymous 63


My mind is pretty blank in memory as per usual so no obvious mention but Hanna Reid from London Grammer is my bae

Anonymous 65


I also love grown-up Sansa (I'm not much older than her, so I think it's k)

Anonymous 67


Liv Tyler is the prettiest girl in the world to me! I wish I looked like her so much. Her face is the closest I've seen to anyone looking so flawless and ethereal and naturally too. She truly does fit the elven look.

Anonymous 71


Hannah Snowdon, everything about her from her delicate features to her creative personality and quirkiness is so cute to me. She seems like she'd be a great friend/gf.

Anonymous 72


Freema Agyeman(specially playing Amanita Caplan in sense8) is my dream gf.

Anonymous 80


Sarah Snyder is honestly so cute, I love her insta stories

I hear that a lot, can I ask why? I'm aware of the donut thing but for me that was never really enough to dislike her. Probably doesn't help that besides being obsessed with her looks I also ADORE her music (I know, I know, when I told a friend of mine she was shocked too haha)

Anonymous 81


Sorry for multiple posts but after a good night's rest my dumb ass figured that Eva Green is my original waifu.

I love to see all your contributions, this is a very cool thread

Anonymous 87

The donut thing was no crime imo but people who do stuff like that are pesky and disrespectful. I admire her assertiveness and confidence. I just think she takes it too far. She likes to bulldoze people with aggression and I have a visceral hate for people like that. It could just be her public persona for all I know so I try not to overanalyze. I love her music and her style and I want to buy all her shit.

Anonymous 91


Ssinnim is my andro waifu i hope she never sees i wrote this

Anonymous 126


Gillian Anderson is my ichiban waifu.

True true. I cant think of anyone else that would fit Arwen as good as she did

Anonymous 135


I find her so unbelievably gorgeous, I love her look and her body is cute af.

Anonymous 137


Holland Roden, the og waifu. First girl where I realized I didn't want to be her, I wanted to be WITH her lmao

Top tier list anon, especially Krysten Ritter, so pretty!!

I'm so glad she changed her style from that though. Her insta is goals, love her more wearable outfits (as opposed to y'know, kitty ears and frilly skirts)

Anonymous 139


Anonymous 142


Gemma Aterton is my thicc Brit waifu. I want to explore the British countryside with her in the rain and then feed her tea cakes in front of the fire.

Anonymous 169


Paz de la Huerta

Anonymous 171

hell no!

Dude shes WEIRD looking. Like i dont know whats wrong with her face but theres definitely something wrong.

Anonymous 174

She manages to be repulsive yet somehow sexy and sultry. Not even hating. I'm genuinely confused about how I feel about her face.

Anonymous 175

Her lips are a bit overlined but she looks like a normal person to me, I don't know who she is but I'll admit that it's nice to see a celeb who isn't drop dead gorgeous

Anonymous 178

She's probably far prettier in person. Many of her photos are unflattering but she looks amazing in some. I think a lot of her looking "weird" is makeup/hygiene, too.

Anonymous 216


I forgot Shane McCutcheon / Katherine Moennig

Anonymous 218


Anonymous 279


Can we post more than one? I have so many…

Elsa Hosk.

Anonymous 280

Gemma Ward.jpg

Gemma Ward

Anonymous 281


Danielle Sharp.

Anonymous 282


Alexandria Morgan.

Anonymous 283


Jane Birkin (in her heyday).

Anonymous 284



Gemma Forever

Anonymous 297


This girl has 4.9 million followers on Instagram and I've genuinely never heard of her before. Was kind of shocked to discover that.

Anonymous 436


she's a hoe but she's my hoe

Anonymous 437

She's kinda cringey with her shitty poetry but I can't help but love her

Anonymous 446

powerlifter samant…

Samantha Wright, the cutest powerlifter

Anonymous 450


Nicole Dollanganger is problematic but so damn cute too.

Anonymous 453


What's wrong with her? Apart from the Anatoly Moskvin dolls.

Anonymous 455

Everyone always gave her shit for her dumb faces and weird acting but tbh I loved it all. I just enjoy how relaxed she is I guess.

Anonymous 458

She's an awful person who lies and makes excuses, used to blog cp, gore and other disgusting shit on tumblr, has a shrine of river phoenix on her wall rudely including the pic of his unembalmed corpse on it, and throws all her friends off to the side while constantly trying to appear edgy to her fanbase of 13yo girls while romanticizing unhealthy mindsets and habits. Her family is extremely weathly so all she does is sit on her ass at home despite being in her late 20s and occasionally go on tour with her ugly neckbeard orbiters when she doesnt blow off her concerts. Read the lolcow thread, she's horrible.

Anonymous 461


Wish b4by.jpg would start posting again, her less weebish style looked so good. She has a very cute face.

Anonymous 472

>black sabbath album with a faux metal logo

Anonymous 473

wow anon love yourself.

Anonymous 476


But she is really pretty even though I'm convinced she's a shit person. I think that hatekissing her would be fun

Anonymous 485

I just hope you know she shoops. If yes, don't mind me.

Anonymous 486

That's really fucking obvious. Also, everyone shoops or is shooped these days.

Anonymous 492

Lmao that's what I was thinking. Straight up embarrassing.

Anonymous 508


Young Sinead O'connor is absolutely stunning and I cant stop starring at her

Anonymous 597


Basic as fuck, I know.

Anonymous 598


Nah Emma is a qt, even if she is faux-liberal, ivory tower garbage.

Anonymous 602


I have a private Pinterest board titled "nose" filled with mainly photos of her nose.
I want her nose so badly.
Sage for irrelevant insecure bambling

Anonymous 603

I've never understood why people think she's in any way above average. She's so boring and homely

Anonymous 604


She's what you'd describe as classically beautiful - no interferences, no adulterants. If homely means not having spent £50,000 on surgery before the age of 24 and generally sporting a natural look then sign me up.

Anonymous 618

100% of these people are Harry Potter fans.

saging for not adding a new waifu

Anonymous 620

lmao a legit Harry Potter fan wants nothing to do with the movies.

Anonymous 623


I agree. Also, she's still so awkward in interviews but she's hot

Anonymous 624


She's p much a cross of Michael Cera tier awkwardness and all my teenage gay wet dreams

Anonymous 657

Agreed. I'm not going to say she's not pretty because she is very pretty. But there's nothing special about her. And i do like "homely" looking people, but she's just eh.

Anonymous 1093

She's pretty but super super conventional and regular like a Disney princess or something. That's why she's so boring and plain imo. Besides there's no true beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.

Anonymous 1094


Since I posted I'll add a waifu

Anonymous 1109

Just want to point out that "homely" means ugly. You might mean "homey" which means familiar and plain.

Anonymous 1199

Homely has opposed meanings in American and British English, which can lend to some confusion.

Anonymous 1251

Bloody hell so it does.
Homely means ugly in America then? How'd they manage to reverse that then?

Anonymous 1255

I hate seeing these reports of her "getting fat"/"being HUGE". Yeah she's gained weight but she's still gorgeous and she was always tiny before. Let her liiiive

Anonymous 1262

Seeing pics of her next to Cara Delevingne and being called fat makes me SO upset. Cara is a fucking model, Rihanna looks beautiful and normal

Anonymous 1263


Gal Gadot is my Israeli waifu

Anonymous 1273


Sherilyn Fenn is my waifu.

Anonymous 1276


Mila Kunis had always been my celeb crush. She's just so cool.

Anonymous 1277


Anonymous 1278


Anonymous 1478


Chokelate is my /cgl/ waifu

Anonymous 1481

oh fuck yeah

Anonymous 2221


>tfw you will never have sick abs like teyana
why live

Anonymous 6443


Her eyes, her voice.

Anonymous 6737


Amanda Seyfried was my first celeb crush.

Anonymous 6754

so pretty, she looked like a doll.

Anonymous 6755


anyone remembers allison harvard / 4chans creepy-chan?

Anonymous 6761

wtf why exactly are those eyes looking so good?

Anonymous 6765


I fucking love her. I knew who she was from 4chan but I just adored her on ANTM, she was legitimately talented and interesting looking as well as being a pleasant person. I'm still mad that she was ripped off TWICE, I'm convinced it's because Tyra hates quiet girls and thinks charisma can only come from being loud and obnoxious.

Anonymous 6787

me too, she seemed legitimately nice unlike most of the other contestants. I don't doubt they pick the winner way before the final weeks tho

Anonymous 14203


Anonymous 14204


Anonymous 14205


Anonymous 14206


Anonymous 14207


Anonymous 14224


Donna Tarrt, Dana Scully…give me a sharp bob and menswear and I'M DOWN

Anonymous 14227


Anonymous 14256


Anonymous 14265

Anonymous 14271


how do you feel about rosamund pike in gone girl?

Anonymous 14272


Nicole anon, I know it's been a year and you probably don't come here anymore but I have such a need to know what you think of Nicole's current appearance?

Anonymous 14273


Anonymous 14274

why? is your self esteem bad?

Anonymous 15225


Anonymous 15227


Anonymous 15228


Anonymous 15229


ntayrt but yes yes yes

Anonymous 15231


Anonymous 15232


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 15282

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