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Anonymous 20037

>tfw I just want to be the gf of a couple that's already together
>I want the man and woman to fall in love with me together
>I want them to both snuggle me at night and love me
>I want to be a sex toy for them individually and together
>I just want to be the cherished 3rd wheel in a relationship

It's not fair.

Anonymous 20038

you must be a male looking for a unicorn fuck off

Anonymous 20039


I just don't want to keep being used as a temporary fantasy. One of them is always more into it than the other and I feel pressured out like the one is just trying to get the other off on taboo or something.

Anonymous 20040

Yeah nice try Satan but this is forbidden love.

Anonymous 20044

Not even love, just pleasure seeking that will only end in emotional ruin and destroyed relationships.

Anonymous 20063

>Implying only men want unicorns

also OP said they want to BE the unicorn, not have a unicorn.

Sadly I've seen many young impressionable (especially LGBT) people being lured into thinking polyamory is the answer. Spoiler: It's not.

Anonymous 20066

I've thought about polyamory but I know that it'd just hurt the third person if everyone wasn't on the same level of relationship. It would almost be impossible to make sure everyone likes each other equally but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous 20166

Sounds like you actually want loving parents.

Anonymous 20482

Aren't there many couples who would be down for this kind of play? Tried swingers clubs?

Anonymous 20488

OKCupid and Tinder are full of this kind of trash. I set my profile to only see other women and the majority of my matches are girl profiles with a boyfriend attached to them. OP, you can definitely find this, unicorns are highly sought after.

Anonymous 20521

>>20037 this anon >>20166 is right, get help

Anonymous 20692

ew much?

Anonymous 47362

sounds like you want parents

Anonymous 47366

>OP said they want to BE the unicorn, not have a unicorn

Exactly. It's typical troon pornspeak.

Anonymous 47367


>I want to be a sex toy for them individually and together
>sounds like you want parents

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