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Anonymous 20254

>cute guy in my class
>shy and introverted like me
>have never talked but we both still know each other
>both of us steal glances at each other multiple times a day, both look away quickly everytime
>has been going on for a few months now

what do?

Anonymous 20255

I identify with this post to an unreasonable extent

Anonymous 20257

Talk to him. Maybe ask a question about something related to school, and then see if you can make small talk.

Anonymous 20261

eh actually I'm even too scared to look at him but I think he looks at me sometimes, I'm even worse than you. It's also been a few months but I don't care about talking to him actually, I like living in a fantasy world more than the real world.
The obvious thing to do is to talk to him but I'm not going to tell you to do that because I know how scary it is. Until a year ago I was even too scared to just go to the store because I would have to talk to strangers. But in reality I know talking to someone is actually really easy and once you talk to someone once or twice it's incredibly easy from then on.

Anonymous 20264

Just do it. Anything helps.

Anonymous 20274

Good luck!!

Anonymous 20291

I don't think you have to look at people to talk to them. Eye contact makes me uncomfortable, so I don't make eye contact with people when I speak to them, and I don't think you should have to either. Just talk to him like I said in my earlier post.

Anonymous 20345

You don't necessarily have to say anything to him. Come half way with this, wave to him, sit next to him, don't use your phone, and try to look as welcoming as possible. Make it so obvious for him that he has no fears of getting rudely rejected or embarrassed.

Alternatively you could just say hi to him and let the nature take care of rest.

Anonymous 21446



>cute introverted guy in my class

>become friends
>actually begin out to hang out privately
>Tfw he's an extrovert normie with literally millions of friends in private and only an introvert in school


Anonymous 21451

Being introverted is cool, now. Please wait at least one(1) year for poseurs to leave. I'm sorry for you anon. Don't give up your search.

Anonymous 21558

>tfw you will never get a shy introvert bf because you're too shy and introvert to approach him and so is he
it hurts

Anonymous 21560

Approach! Do it anon!

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