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Who else here /middleofnowhere/? Anonymous 20872

>Be me
>23 years old
>Live in the North of England so everything is expensive and moving out of my parents house isn't an option
>Trying to make a career in a creative field
>Don't drive
>Transport links from my shitty tiny town in the middle of nowhere to the city are abysmal
>Tfw constantly being turned down for jobs due to location
>Absolutely no career options closer to home
>Literally being cucked out of making a life for myself due to this

Anyone else feel absolutely hopeless sometimes? People who live in suburbs near the city don't know how fucking lucky they are, the world is their goddamn oyster. It's honestly so depressing to be stuck in a dead end town where everyone knows who you are when you go out. It's so freeing to be in the city and to just blend in with everyone.

Also just general /inthemiddleofnowhere/ feels

Anonymous 20873

North England represent

Anonymous 20874

I’m from the most hobbity of shires so yeah I know this feel sis. But I moved to the city for a bit and it broke me mentally. If you’ve grown up in the countryside with quiet and friendly community/saying hi to everyone you meet on the street, moving to the city will destroy you. I’d consider a big town but bleirghh. After this experience I definitely appreciate rural life more.

Also getting drunk in safe rural fields best memories IDST.

Anonymous 20875

Where abouts in the North you from anon? I'm Greater Manchester bordering Lancashire

I live near to a town but even then the opportunities are just not there for what I want to get into. And then if they are they are always in the most awkward places like on a business park where no buses go :( I feel like part of me would miss the safety of a rural town but the excitement of the city is so much more fulfilling to me. I feel you on the fields thing, lol. I can't wait for my friend to come back from uni and go shoot the shit on the moors with her

Anonymous 20881


I feel ya. I live in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota. I might move to Fargo or Minneapolis to actually USE my degree but some family stuff is keeping me here atm

Anonymous 20888

Why don't you drive?

Anonymous 20889

Couple of reasons really. It's extremely expensive in my country to learn and then on top of that insurance for new drivers under 25 is often more than what you would pay for a car.

That and I generally just don't like the idea of being in control of something that if not controlled properly can be a threat to the lives of others, and the fact other drivers are so unpredictable. I'm a sperg so I don't deal well with reacting to other people's unpredictability and often I think I would be a danger to others on the road because of that. For example, when my friend who drives goes on the Motorway, I often get very uneasy and the way she reacts to things is not the way I automatically would. I have a sort of 'stop' instinct which is extremely unsafe for a driver.

Anonymous 20906

>everyone knows who you are when you go out
This sounds kind of appealing, I grew up and still live in a suburb and aside from your group of friends/family people tend to be cold and kind of rude to strangers.
The lack of jobs must suck though, I like that where I live even with 0 education or work experience you can get a $14+/hr job in about two weeks or so.

Anonymous 20915

One state away isn't awful, unless someone is dying soon or needs a lot of support you can manage the drive for holidays or when you need to see them. Minneapolis/surrounding smallish towns area has a lot of opportunity.

Anonymous 20916

That's 100% how I feel and I'm 29 now. Everyone has been driving since they turned 18 here and I'd just be completely overwhelmed. If I did something wrong and someone honked at me, I'd just freeze. Literally - I'd just stop the car and panic and not know what the fuck to do. No matter where I'd be at the time. So no thanks, I'll just stick to public transit, even if it's a total pain. I cherish the times I can afford a taxi or someone pays for it for business reasons.

Anonymous 20918

Everyone feels that way when they start. It goes away with practice. Also, not everyone is a great driver, even if we think we all are. I hate being a passenger with some people, but I haven't found anyone uncomfortable with me driving, so I usually am the driver and we have no problems. If you ever do decide you start, just remember that there is always more road and most people are observant, you can always keep going with the flow of traffic if you miss an exit or whatever. Insurance does suck but I literally couldn't hold the job I have or enjoy several hobbies without personal transport.

Anonymous 20954

That's pretty much the situation, a family member that needs care daily. I don't know how people dealt with being out here before the internet… The only thing to do here is go to the little bar and get hit on by the bottom of the barrel dudes from my high school or go drive an hour to the nearest Wal-Mart.

Anyways I digress. Are you in Minnesota, sis?

Anonymous 21000

Born and raised. Getting super sick of the cold, though. What keeps me here now is the dying years of older relatives and my current company. If you decide to check out Minneapolis, don't actually look to live in the big city, live in a town a bit away from it like Watertown, Chaska, Chanhassen, etc. Very suburban/borderline rural but the job market still reaches out there.

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