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Why exist box? Anonymous 21166

Why guys are so violent and trying to destroys themselves?

>Be me

>have a younger brother
>brother be a boxer
>i never see a boxing fight irl
>he invite me and my friend to see his fight (just to impress her).
>Go and see the fight with my friend and family
>finnish the fight
>My brother looked like a balloon at the end
>he even't win the fight
>that night i confront my brother
>"do you want to die?"
>"where is the fun?"
>my brother just tell me that women likes fighters and he wants to improves himself.

why? that fight was so crude, even me and my friend just wants to go from that fight.

Anonymous 21167

I fought my friends for fun when I was a teen. The adrenaline rush feels pretty good, maybe because of that.

Anonymous 21172

Ashita no Joe 02 (…

It's a competition.
Boxing to impress someone is about the dumbest thing he can do, get your parents to support you and then talk to him as a family.
Unless his soul is buring with a passionate inferno that drives him to fight he should not be in the ring. Wanting to fuck a girl doesn't count.

Anonymous 21173

>shouldn't box to impress a girl
next you're gonna say i shouldn't fast to impress a guy

Anonymous 21174

Yes. You shouldn't. Fasting is a test of will not meant for anyone else but the person committing to it. Please do not fast for the sake of someone else's attention.

Anonymous 21232

i don´t know, but they look so hot with his pants

Anonymous 21242

Life shouldn't be about locking yourself away and not enjoying yourself. Whether or not your brother enjoys boxing or just wants to impress others, you should encourage him, after all we only live for such a short time. Let him have experiences and make the most of everything he does, its better to try something and experience it than to regret never giving it a go for the next 10 years ❤

Anonymous 21557


>he should not be in the ring
Boxing is a sport and a fitness activity. Many men find fulfillment through moderately violent sport + activities (recreational wrestling with friends is extremely common among men, especially outside the west where it's likely only declined due to close male relationships being characterized as homosexual by society.) There's nothing wrong with a boy / man boxing regardless of his motivations. Most physical (and hence mental) damage from boxing is cumulative, with few exceptions, so unless you build a career out of it chances are you'll be fine.

>fasting is a test of will
Fasting CAN be used as a test of will, but it can also function as a perfectly legitimate method of controlling your diet, providing the fast is controlled and done sensibly.

You really throw a lot of advice out considering you don't know much about the topics you choose to weigh in on.

Anonymous 21559

Fasting is mainly meant as a test of will. It is not supposed to substitute for a proper diet. You're supposed to build discipline with fasting not lose weight.

Anonymous 21561

>my brother just tell me that women likes fighters and he wants to improves himself.

this is gay and pussy as all fuck.

the only reason i would respect is
"i like beating people up and i like to get beat up"

also as a woman who likes pro wrestling, i actually hate shoot fighting. i'm not impressed by people getting hurt for real

Anonymous 27116

Guys would do anything for pussy, some even risk their lives for it.
Just remember the power you hold over men, use it responsibly.

Anonymous 27136

That's a pretty gay reason. A guy getting hurt or hurting others is only hot if he does it for himself or some grand reason. If he's fighting because he thinks it'll get his dick wet, he'll never get his dick wet.

It's kind of like those people who are cool because they don't try to be. They simply are.

Anonymous 27173

I dont box but I do other "dangerous" sports. the feeling of pushing yourself and risking everything literally makes you feel like an anime character. its amazing

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