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what if i just had given him a chance. Anonymous 21222

i think i messed up my chance with a great guy,let me explain myself better.

Green Text.

>Being in college

>Chubby guy that looked like a mix with josh and jontron gets interested in me
>Chubby guy starts to try to get me to notice him
>i wasn't interested
>him nervously approached me in a college party
>i rejected him
>him faked a smile and said ok i understand well godbye
>him looked sad for a few days
>but he recovered
>i graduated college and don't see him in 3 years
>last week i saw him in the grocery store
>him get his act together
>loosed weight and looked good

i had to admit that i was a little shallow in college and i dated hot guys, but all those relationships failed.

Im a idiot?

Anonymous 21223

Assuming this isn’t a bait thread…

I think it’s okay to reject someone because you aren’t attracted to them. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be in a relationship with someone you don’t find physically attractive. I don’t think you were an idiot anon.

Anonymous 21226

i've seen this story variant 50 trillion times on reddit and r9k, and being a idiot seems to be by definition "dumber than 50% of the population" and if I've seen this story being so common that means that OP can't be a idiot because it's so common.

Anonymous 21567

no you did good anon

fat people don't deserve to be loved. i dont accept a male's affection unless he meets all my criterias and apparently he did not previously. if he happens to ask you out again, this time you may accept. simple as that really.

Anonymous 21578

Fuck off, robots.

Anonymous 21741

state your criterias, I am curious

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