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Self Esteem Anonymous 21286

How did you manage to build some up? I don't have any and it's wrecked every single relationship throughout my life. I don't want to live like this anymore

Saint 21332


Just take a moment to think, that you will die one day. You will be thinking of every moment you missed out on or regret everyday until you die.

From this day forward you should never regret anything you do. If you want something, go out and get it. If you hate yourself, go out and change it.

You control everything you do, so you might as well go and do everything you want, before its too late.

Anonymous 21352

Every day point out one positive thing that happened to yourself i.e. learnt something new, made it to an appointment on time.

Some days I even just remind myself I have yet to kill someone with my car which is a nice feeling.

Anonymous 21358


I started doing and achieving things I feel proud of. Advice like "just liek hav self esteem", "focus on the good things xd" are useless IMO, however well intentioned.

If you read a lot of books, say, Kafka's complete novels, you can say "hey, I knoe a lot about Kafka". If you ace a test, if you talk with a guy you like even for 10 seconds, if you make a painting, you can actually say " I made this", no self delusion.

In the end, thats what "esteeming" is about. Putting a value on things (yourself, in this case!)

Having enjoyable sex really helped my self esteem. Bad sex dd the opposite. Do you thing you can find a nice fellow, op?

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