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Anonymous 21635

Okay, so I'm going to attend a uni party this Saturday in a house. I'm in love with this dude for like a year so I thought that if I meet new boys at this party I might get over him. Any tips on being more friendly, making more friends and maybe finding a bf. I'm a tall, socially awkward female and I'm at least a 6/10. Any tips on how to act and what to wear in general?

Anonymous 21638

Have you tried asking him out? Most men are autistic and don't understand us.

Anonymous 21641

He probably knows that I like him and he doesn't like me back believe me.

Anonymous 21644

You should ask him; will give you a definitive answer

Anonymous 21646

I agree. Even if he rejects you, at least it gives you some closure to move on.

Otherwise, you will continue to obsess. This guy lives rent-free in your head. You'll be liberated from that if he rejects you.

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