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The ride never stops. On and on it’s beyond insane Anonymous 21766

>be me
>need attention and validation from strangers to not cry in the middle of the day
>get attention from strangers and friends
>feel uncomfortable, spill spaghetti, etc.
>repeat as infinitum

What do miners? How do I upgrade social gains? What are you supposed to do when strangers smile and are nice to you? How are you supposed to respond when a guy likes you but you don’t like him? I just feel like I’m always doing it all wrong

Anyone else /feel/ like this?

Anonymous 21777

>nobody cares what you do
>please be yourself to death
Don't hold back what you want to do, or say.

Anonymous 21790

I don't have all the answers, but this is how I cope with my spaget
>strangers smile/are nice
smile and be nice back but carry a knife/mace
>guy likes you, but you don't like him
polite but firm decline that extinguishes all hope without making him look stupid in front of friends. I like the "emotionally unavailable" excuse. If all else fails , carry a knife/mace.

I'm still super autistic when it comes to any situation that can't be solved with being polite and carrying a knife/mace

Anonymous 21835

I should probably get some mace but anyways the real problem is that I have extremely fragile self esteem and no idea what to do about it. All day today I felt great but at my last class this guy who sat next to me treated me really rudely and I am STILL crying about it over an hour later. It wasn’t even super rude how he treated me but it just turned into this mental echo chamber about how nobody likes me and I’m such a burden to everyone and annoying and blah blah blah

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