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Anonymous 22402

Anyone else here /wage/?

I have been working for two weeks and I have wage rage.

My schedule is thusly.

5am wake up, eat breakfast, dress in the dark
6am walk better part of a mile to bus stop
6:30am bus takes me to bus station
7:00am get on other bus that takes me to work
8:30am-1pm wage
1pm lunch
2pm-5pm wage
5pm get on bus
6:20pm get back to bus station
6:40pm get back to bus stop
7pm home, rapidly make and eat dinner, care for pets, get everything ready for the next day
9pm lights out

My wage job is the only job I could find and I only got it because references put in the good word so I can't leave.

There is not much really wrong with the job itself, programming, only I hate waging. I despise it. I was NEET for a year after graduating college and I was flourishing. No stomach upset, not grinding teeth at night, no headaches, felt great every day. As soon as I began waging, it all came back to me, the old college feels, but so much worse because this time, there is no spring break, there is no Christmas break, and we only get 10 days PTO. 10. And like maybe 5 holidays the whole year.

There is the option to work remote at times and I am going to rape that option severely.

I have agoraphobia and delayed sleep phase disorder. Every day, I curse the fact that I'm not a stay at home mom and sometimes I just wonder to myself why I am single and no one loves me enough to give me a life of leisure and domestic relaxation such as I desperately want and need. I would gladly raise a few children in return for this.

But until then, I have to wage. Night.

Anonymous 22403

Would you feel better if you had an extra 4 hours a day? My commute is only half-hour.

Anonymous 22405

That commute is killing you. I used to spend 3 hours commuting every day, and it was hell. In my experience, trying to be productive on the way (podcasts,studying, reading) doesn't help.

Can you change your job or living situation? the bus fare is also cutting into your profits. You're basically paying to spend your time doing nothing. No job is worth that unless it's your dream job in which case you should be getting paid enough to live closer.

Anonymous 22414

As a uni student I fear this feel but I don't want to NEET and be a disappointment :/

Anonymous 22421


I know. I am very well paid so I don't worry about the fares. Changing my job is not really an option, since I'm just coming out of an 8-month unemployed job search. Didn't find much of anything in my area. The cost of living here is exorbitant. I've considered moving, but my parents are entering twilight years and I don't want to leave them. I am considering moving closer to my job, anon, but that will take time. Don't worry about me lol I always make it somehow.

For all that's wrong with my job, there's not that much actually BAD toxic bad (yet) I just absolutely hate the philosophy behind waging. I want to live my dreams and spend all of my time doing what I want to do, not having my hours dictated by some fucking job - any job at all.

Worst thing so far is the social media marketing chick she promised me I would not be in any pictures on social media without my permission, well guess what she took a group photo of me and some others from behind when we were working on something and DID NOT ASK ME. I can't stand that shit, just fucking ask I would've said yes if you ask. I'm too much of a weiner to bring it up so I'll just let it slide this time. But yeah, little things like that, fuck coworkers and especially fuck work.

Anonymous 22424

Would having extra 4 hours still not remove most of the frustration you have with the job? I say that because you also mentioned
>it all came back to me, the old college feels, but so much worse

Did you not enjoy college with the somewhat similar routine of planning and obligations and interacting with others? You mentioned you feel this inhibits your ability to do what you want to do; what passion do you have? Some people are able to make a living on their passion; and there exists freelance programmers.

As for immediate advice. You mentioned that the pay is good; so atleast that is some positive. Have you considered using a uber/lyft for the daily walk to the bus stop? It may save 20 minutes daily instead of walking, and I would be willing to pay $10 daily for that extra time provided the salary was decent. Also maybe more time would be saved if you were to go directly to bus station via uber/lyft. This assuming you dont have a car you have to pay for

Anonymous 22427


I liked college in terms of content, no I did not like having to go to classes and things. I just have a problem with going outside, things like even being a passenger in a car or bus are anxiety events for me. I think a remote or work from home job would be best for me. I took multiple interviews for these types of openings during my unemployment, unfortunately I have interview anxiety, and I failed them all. I'll keep trying.

My passion is gaming and writing stories. Would do this all day if I could, but not for money. I don't want any company or person directing my vision lol. So I'm thinking maybe remote job freelance programming by day, indie game design and development with some writing on the side by night. Just need to pass that interview… someday. In the meantime I have much college debt and expenses that requires this job.

I will probably start to use Uber soon. I have no car. I have no license. Uber ride directly to work would be at least $40. Maybe I'll do the entire ride some days. Sometimes I appreciate walking because it's exercise and it's free. It's a very pretty and simple walk, not through the ghetto or anything. I can't really complain there.

Sleep calls… zzz

Anonymous 22439

I see I suspected anxiety at first when you brought up the college thing. Have you tried practice interviews online? If you get more adapted to the workplace environment to improve communication skills you could ace that interview for remote position.

By your own admission you only have 2 hours of free-time at home, in that case cutting your commute by just 30 minutes gives you 25% more time. I dont know exactly how much time Uber would save and how costs compare to bus fare but if you get anxious just post on CC.

Anonymous 22442

I'm 28, so I understand the parents thing.

God, I understand the photo situation so much. I hate when my manager/higher up demands a workplace photo out of nowhere. That shit can't be deleted.

I made a lot of assumptions from your post, but I think I was mostly wrong so I won't jeoep giving you advice.

Anonymous 22445

Hang in there, bucko

as a software wagie ask if you can work from home once in a while. Get friendly with people. Get on the good side of your manager/PM. My commute is not as terrible as yours but there are days where I feel like doing fuckall and I'm honestly more productive at home anyway.

Anonymous 22491

I had a job that took 5 hours a day commute (the wonder of american public transit) and I ragequit after 2 months with a bridge burn. I asked them to work from home just once or twice a week (several coworkers did) because I literally did not even have time to eat meals, and they refused to even consider it (working from home is a PRIVILEGE only the senior levels get, gotta remind the peasants of their place amiright). Even if I had a car it would have taken 3 hours a day in hell traffic…
I'll never do it again. I don't care if I have to suck dick to make rent, I'm not dealing with a hell commute ever again. Remote work needs to become the damned standard NOW. There's starting to be remote positions in my field but not enough, and everyone is scrambling for them so there's too much competition.
I still don't have another job, but, at least I get enough sleep and have time to eat food. RIP savings.
The walking is good exercise. Cut anything but the walking.

Anonymous 22498

The walking is the only thing that can be cut as I imagine replacing the bus route with a uber wont make a very big difference in speed/time

But then again OP never mentioned how uber compares to bus

Anonymous 23027

3 months working 8 hour days plus 2 hours of commuting.
They decided I must not work there anymore, so…

Anonymous 23125

Because of the commute? Or a different problem? Are you okay?

Anonymous 23170

I understand you so well, ugh. I work as an editor. In my country this job is almost entirely reading and correcting mistakes, sometimes discussing things over the phone with author, but generally, I could do it all remotely. I even bring my own laptop since my programs are more useful. But my boss still demands that I should do everything in her office, just whyyy.

Anonymous 23262

Have you considered getting a license and a car? I'm a wagie as well but it's not so bad because I get rides from family members to and from work. I've been saving for a car and learning how to drive in the meantime and it's going to feel fucking great when my efforts pay off.

Anonymous 23701

OP here, I am still alive, so there's that. I feel a little better now that I am invested in Bitcoins and Ethereum. I had a sick day related to menstrual concerns and now I feel great.

Anonymous 23703

Good luck! I made a decent amount off eth.

Anonymous 23796


My schedule is the same as yours except my job is 2 miles from my house so I can ride my bike there in less than 20 minutes without sweating. It sounds like you don't have a /wage/ problem, you have a location problem.

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