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binge eating Anonymous 22431

Sup. Been struggling with binge eating for nearly the past year. Super stressful academic load + self-control out the window. Still lift so I've managed not to become overweight but my once goddess-like body has reached normie tier. What do? I keep starting diets and failing. Haven't really had to deal with this shit before so I don't even know where to begin.

Anonymous 22434

Spend more time in public spaces, study in a library instead of your home.
Brush your teeth when you feel the urge coming. Don't keep a lot of food where you live. But honestly if you have a normie body you aren't too bad. It is tough to keep up a good routine when you got shit to do.

Anonymous 22437

The public space thing helps SOOOO much. I seriously can go all day without even thinking of food. But the moment I step foot in my house, it's fucking over. I don't even keep much food at home– I'll literally mix up random shit together (cream cheese and jam with raw flour and a dash of salt) and just eat that. This is probably a sign that I need to cut down even more on the amount/type of food I keep. This is binge tier cooking right here.

Anonymous 22443

>masturbate in front of your roommate
u wot? all right moving right along… I agree with you about the masturbation thing. It takes Herculean willpower for me to study at home without masturbating.

Anonymous 22485

>never rubbing one out under the covers at 6am while sharing a room with two other girls and their boyfriends
Normie detected

Anonymous 22649

I'm in the same boat sister. I have no other solution but to just suck it up and start dieting before I get fat for real. It's gonna be hard at the start but once you give it time you'll get used to it and you are back in track again.

Good luck.

Anonymous 22798

That's the problem. Not giving yourself an adequate amount of calories and macros is a sure way to burn yourself, especially if you lift. A routine is necessary to avoid binging, eating multiple meals around the clock, similar times each day if possible. Going on a diet usually implies a short, set time in which you are in a calorie deficit, which just hurts your body and makes you crave like crazy because it needs certain nutrients. If you're someone who overthinks a lot like me, you negative self-talk yourself so much you end up eating the thing you were mentally trying to talk yourself out of. I know I eat the most sugary crap when I'm depressed, because sugars release hormones that temporarily make you feel better. My advice is deal with your mental issues.

Anonymous 22818

Probably just low sex drive, it's common for women to never masturbate.

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