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Women in the office Anonymous 23971

anyone else ever been bullied by their female boss? I worked in a mostly female team and there was a lot of nastiness, especially from the older, more senior women. I hate my office job because of this. Just thinking this will be life for another few decades makes me want to kms. Then I got to work with a few men on a project - life was much easier, no cuntiness, no drama, no bullies, the men worked well in a team and got the job done. Why can't women work this way?

Anonymous 23975

Yes, I absolutely hate working with older women (and catty "normie" young women). I work in a small town and they are all dramatic cunts, and are constantly gossiping and talking shit about everyone and people in town. I dont get why its hard to get along , youd think men are all ready shitty so why make life worse by trying to tear each other apart? makes me want to die.

Anonymous 24002

This. I think the worst bosses are the ones who view themselves and their job as more important than it actually is. It's the stakes. I think bad bosses, especially older lady ones, create stakes if stakes don't exist already.
I truly believe much of the boomer and older generation women did not mature past whenever they got married, usually right after high school.

Anonymous 25381

nice image, and people wonder why school shooters exist lol

Anonymous 25429

I work with a bunch of older women in leading positions and all of them except for one are nice. It's usually the unsuccesful people (men as well as women) who cause drama and behave badly at our company.

Maybe you should look for a job at a different company. Not every place is like that.

Anonymous 26178

Same here. I work in a cosmetics/drug store as a student and all these women do is complain all day about minor inconveniences. They always talk like the end of the world is coming and they're so dramatic about it.
I also experienced the manager lying to my face just for the sake of niceness instead of properly explaining things or telling me what I do wrong, I honestly hate that. I'd rather take criticism instead of hearing "You're doing great!" and then have the same process explained to me multiple times without ever telling me what I did wrong in the first place. There's a couple of ladies I really like though but most are overdramatic, hypocritical drama queens.

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