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Anonymous 24972

I honestly wish I had a male spare body in my closet that I can put on whenever I'm in the mood, and meet cute guys off of grindr to have hot gay sex like in my yaoi manga.

Can anyone relate?

Anonymous 25005

Or you could just go on tinder and have hot sex with guys?

Anonymous 25008

Straight guys aren't as hot tho

Anonymous 25011

All of the gay men I know irl have had annoying personalities until they hit 40 or so and then they are no longer attractive.

Anonymous 25013


yeah I can relate. used to have some gender dysphoria issues until I came to terms with being a lesbian. apparently wishing you were a gay man instead of a gay woman is a somewhat common lesbian problem. I still think I'd be "better at" being a man than 99% of men

tfw you will never creampie cute twink ass because even if you got genital reassignment surgery you wouldn't have a functional dick and wouldn't be able to jizz

Anonymous 25016

How can you still hold out for marriage with those kinds of fantasies? One or the other, anon. From the things I've seen, there are definitely men who will let you play with their asses. You just have to match their looks. Ever consider taking up bodybuilding?

Anonymous 25020

Your post gave me feels ;_;

Anonymous 25022

Maybe this is true for some. I can see the logic.

Personally I just want be a man who bangs other men. But it would be even better if I was an in denial gay man who claimed to be straight, but that "a mouth is a mouth".

Weird fetish I always thought.

Anonymous 25024

But if anon is shy girl, who will crush manlet's skull like sparrow's eggs between thighs? Have some courage. If you're going to attract them, you need to be confident. Sure you could just build a homegym, but you'll still have the anxiety. Just get out there.

Anonymous 25027

>women sleeping around is forbidden and taints you for marriage
If YOU fuck THEIR ass, you're technically still a virgin

Anonymous 25029

That however makes you a dyke, thus tainting you for mar-PFFHAHAHAHAHA! Who am I kidding? Any guy would want to land a lesbian. It makes them feel like a literal GOD, and then you can pound them in their ass.

Anonymous 25054

I was implying it'd be a girl you're pegging (at first).

Anonymous 25064


not really
irl men are not as cute as 2d boys…not saying i have anything against irl dudes, just that. yeah. fiction != reality

Anonymous 25066


this is some multi-layered degeneracy

Anonymous 25147

If you are looking for those types of guys then more likely than not they will be too shy to approach you so if you see one you are interested in you might have to make the first move.

Anonymous 25220

i don't think boys really actually talk about their dick, unless you mean that figuratively.

Anonymous 25225

That'll just make you sound gay, which depending on certain circles will get you surrounded by men, for different reasons.

Anonymous 25229


I know what you mean OP. I'm also a lesbian and like >>25013 am repressing gender dysphoria. I'm super attracted to pre-op (but post top surgery) trans men who look like twinks and have a strong desire to be one of them, not only because of body dysmorphia over my female body but also so we can be seen as a cute twink couple. :/ But I decided against transitioning because regardless of how I feel I still think it's a bad idea. I desperately wish I could get these thoughts out of my head.

p-pls no bully, radfems…

Anonymous 25230

It's definitely worth not having your body at war against itself. You have to realise that it's your mind that wants to be this way, and not your body. You need to let your mind go, and let your body be. You don't need chemicals to prove you're a man.

Anonymous 25237

>You don't need chemicals to prove you're a man.
No testosterone, but I'm still considering getting top surgery just because I hate having tits (been binding every single day for 6 years despite not socially transitioning, so having them is pointless anyway) but I don't want to meme myself into thinking I'm male or trying to convince others I am. I'm fully aware I'll never be a real man, and even with transitioning there will always be a feeling of dissatisfaction knowing that I'm still a woman underneath everything, on top of becoming a part of the most despised groups of people on Earth. It's an easier life to keep living as a woman.

Anonymous 25244

It's easier to just cut the fat, in your case. You'll be lighter, and won't have to deal with your fatty deposits getting in the way of your life. No transition needed.

Anonymous 25248

I’m underweight though? Lol. They’re not huge but I still have tits.

Anonymous 25253

What's your band/bust? I can't imagine the fresh hell it is wanting to be androgynous as a titty monster.

Anonymous 25254

I’m not answering that.
Maybe some fembots back home will help you jack off, not me.

Anonymous 25256

That's pretty insecure of you to think that way, anon. I'm just going to assume you've got something larger than average. You should probably consider putting on some muscle to cover it up. It can help.

Anonymous 25298

do you realize fat and mammary gland tissue are located over the muscle, not below? Muscling up won't help.

Anonymous 25299

It'll help more to obscure than being emaciated. I still have no idea what you're dealing with here. You're making it sound like these things are bigger than your head. They're not. Slimming down and beefing up will help put them away.

Anonymous 25300

not even her but you're making it sound like only fatties are allowed to have big boobs. slimming down will only help if she's overweight, and even so it will slim down at the same pace as everything else.

Anonymous 25301

>only fatties are allowed to have big boobs
Even normal amounts of bodyfat will focus mainly onto the breasts and pelvic regions. I'm saying to build muscle and lose fat until you're at extremely low bf levels.

Anonymous 25303

If you're not here for fap fuel then I'm at a loss as to why you're this concerned about the size of my tits, lol. I already told you they're not huge but you seem incredibly insistent that I am a "titty monster" and that I need to lose bodyfat which is weird, considering you've never seen what my body looks like.

Anonymous 25304

I made a joke about titty monsters. I'm not making any accusations. They're not huge, so that just means you just need to cut your average bodyfat out, and totally slim down. Building a bit of a swimmer's body should help you cut them down more.

Anonymous 25333

I think I’m just going to get the surgery, lol.

Anonymous 25336

Don't do it, anon. You know how this kind of story ends. You can merge this personality like many others have with their masculine and feminine sides into a sane person. If you try to kill the other, you'll only end yourself.

Please, listen. Through hard work you can make this part of you become part of your greater self, rather than your sole identity. Don't mar yourself, because you hate the way you look. Change yourself, instead.

Anonymous 25338


Anonymous 25339

I don't understand, you essentially say not to change yourself, and then you say to "change yourself, instead". Is there a difference?

Anonymous 25346

Don't say I didn't warn you.
Marring yourself with surgical cuts is only going to leave you with phantom pain. You're literally self-inducing traumatic stress onto yourself, bringing you closer to your own doom, with a lot of suffering along the way. Compared to actual self-improvement with working out and dieting, you're literally cutting yourself to death, instead of doing yourself a favour with exercise.

Anonymous 25348


I know a few girls who have had breast reduction surgery and you're being way too dramatic about this. you sound like someone without tits, frankly…

surgery-chan, the only real problem here is that it might cause numbness and affect your ability to breastfeed/lactate in the future, which would be bad for your child. however, nowadays you can have it done in a way that doesn't do too much damage to the ability to lactate, as long as you have a competent surgeon and follow the recovery instructions. even if you don't want kids right now, it's still something to take seriously, since natural breastfeeding allows a mother to pass on immunobodies/disease resistance and other serious health benefits. as long as you're aware of the risks and accept them, I think you should do what you think is right for you. it's your own body after all

Anonymous 25350

>the only real problem here is that it might cause numbness and affect your ability to breastfeed/lactate in the future
Bingo. I'm not talking about all the men who will suffer from a lack of breasts to look at and play with. I'm talking about an entire biological function you're cutting off from yourself. Nobody stays the same forever. You don't change yourself. Time changes you. Lobbing off a hunk of yourself for no serious reason is self-harm. It's purely unethical, and selfless.

Anonymous 25353

I can’t get pregnant anyway so the inability to breastfeed wouldn’t be an issue, but thanks for the info.

Anonymous 25354



then godspeed anon! hope you can have it done soon.

Anonymous 25355

What happened? That sounds like something pretty serious to not mention with your gender dysphoria.

Anonymous 25361

I have to take meds every day for the rest of my life that cause birth defects, and stopping them for 9 months is not an option. If I want kids obviously I’ll have my partner to carry them or we’ll adopt, it’s nbd.

Anonymous 25362

>take meds every day for the rest of my life
Is it Lupus?

Anonymous 25370

Anyone else here not care about PIV sex and would rather just fuck a guy in the ass instead? I don't have gender dysphoria though. I like being a woman.

Anonymous 25371

Yeah, I've had to train myself through masturbation to enjoy the idea lmao.
Ideal sex life is just pegging, BJs, HJs, and cunnilingus.
Even more ideal is trans bf who still is into penetration so no prep is necessary.

Anonymous 25428

Why force yourself to like something you don't and settle for less? My boyfriend and I have the ideal sex life you're describing. You'd be surprised if you're honest from the beginning how many guys don't care that much about penetration and would rather be intimate with you in ways that you enjoy. Guys like feeling sexually attractive and pleasing you mostly (why do you think they obsess over their dicks and how long they last). If you show them other ways they can please you once they see how into you are they will love it. My boyfriend is the muscular masculine type and he's told me many times I've made him feel more wanted and attractive than the girls that just wanted him to fuck them. If I wasn't honest and persistent I would never get what I wanted.

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