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sad and broke in a foreign country Anonymous 25130

>be in Switzerland since my only familly is here
>have to learn german cause is hard to get a job without it hre
>after that an apprenticeship for three years which naturally pays bellow minimum
>have obsessive thoughts and cry myself to sleep cause im ugly caus of my nose whic i hate
>cant afford any cope surgeries
>cant stop caring about my appearance feels like defeat to me.
>cant afford professional help
>hav to wait for years plus

i guess im gonna have to keep grindin my german , will a year by sorta enough ?

Anonymous 25131

What's your native language, anon?
Mine is German, so if you need someone to practice with, I'll be watching this thread.

Anonymous 25132

ouo im doing well on my own and have already some help but tenk ya anon <3 .i kinda hate my og nationality plus i havent used it for so long that i need to look words up lel country east of italy

Anonymous 25134


Anonymous 25139

>forcing fellow miners to look at a map

Kidding aside, you'll be alright assuming you aren't absolutely beastly. Slap on some make up, wear clothing that complements you. Automatic 5/10. Now if you're the elephant man with a sex change and your mental health hinges on more than your appearance you may be royally fucked.

Anonymous 25247

Anon, if you feel sad or something, we could chat, I'm also swiss (although on the French part).
Maybe getting to meet new people will change your mind.
Can use mails/kik/steam, I don't use discord though

Anonymous 25295


ouo tenk for z replies <3
lel i wis
you have a point i guess wat triggers my obsessivness is waitin for my awful haircut to grow
>inb4 seen this imberessin pic b4
ouo s me ja neber del la gmail

i can be slow at respond jus a headsup
regardless tenks for ya kind words

Anonymous 25324

Why were you banned from this video game forum lol

Anonymous 25337

That hair looks very fluffy, what do you wash it with ?

Anonymous 26075

people here seem shy, what I dont get is why they make threads if they have no intention of replying

Anonymous 26077

I'm not OP, I'm just a simple miner - I see an email address, I google it. I'm sorry to read you got ghosted though. It's hard to strike up conversations when there's not much of a foundation to start with, I think. I was never successful with stuff like friend finder threads because it feels kind of contrived when I talk to them and then I sort of trail off.

Anonymous 26083

Not OP but…

>"yay, I got a reply to my post"

>write out ten variations of own reply
>erase everything because I think I sound stupid
>"let's try writing a better reply tomorrow"
>1 week later
>fuck it's too late and awkward now

Anonymous 26161

I understand, I posted that post in context to the replies ITT but didn't realize that miner gave a email address and was commenting on that and not the replies to this and I realized my mistake. I mustered up the courage in 3 days to respond to your post that responded to mine.

anyways back to OP; what did you mean by "hav to wait for years plus" did you mean in reference to therapy?

Anonymous 26162

Honestly this is so fuckin kawaii, crystal-tan memes now

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