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Mom just yelled at me for having low self esteem Anonymous 25148

It’s an abstract kind of feel

Anonymous 25155

did she raise you wrong or was this your own fault?

Anonymous 25188

Tell us more

Anonymous 25380

You must already have a shitty relationship with your mom. I'd put effort into fixing that

Anonymous 25425

that's a little counter productive isn't it

Anonymous 25459

I have also experienced that thing where someone gets angry at you for being too meek.

Anonymous 25461

Don't worry. They're just psychopaths.

Anonymous 25641

why does she do this. why does she fucking do this. she wanted a spineless kid who would never talk back to her, and she made me into one. so good for her. and now she wants me to be normal?

I want to scream.

fuck you mom!!!!!!

(but only over the internet, because i still can't raise my voice)

Anonymous 25648

the fuck, having low self esteem is never that person's fault, it's always the parents brainwashing you into thinking you're never good enough

Anonymous 25651

The mistake you're making is listening to your mother in the first place.

Ask yourself why you care what she says, especially when she's being irrational and you know better than her. Many people have low self-esteem, it makes no sense to scream at someone for being like that, and you know it.

You have to learn to tune her off.

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