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Relationship/Sexual Inexperience Anonymous 2669

Anyone else just either wasn't interested in dating or didn't have the chance in high school?

I'm 21 and have 0 dating or sexual experience. I had a few guys interested in me over the years, but I really had no interest in dating at that point. Having someone in my life in that way feels incredibly off. I'm not the most social person in the world and it picturing having a boyfriend makes me uncomfortable. I have never kissed or held hands with a boy. Just hugged. My parents are very religious Catholics so that probably factored in as well.

Is this gonna bite me in the ass sooner or later? It's honestly embarrassing around female friends because they talk about their boyfriends or sexual experiences sometimes and it makes me feel abnormal. People always say it's good to be a virgin as a female, but it's not. It's awkward and makes me feel weird or less human. Why don't I crave relationships or sex like everyone else? The idea of a one night stand is terrifying to me as well, I've never gone to a bar or anything like that.

Anyone else in my position and is just terribly "innocent" and inexperienced in life? I literally consider answering some Craigslist ad at least every few days because it seems like an easy way to throw away my v-card and is not socially demanding.

Anonymous 2670

turning 21 this month and zero boyfriends, no sex, no kisses, no hand holding, nada. I'm not Catholic or from a super conservative family, but i think the reason why i don't want to date is because i always imagine dating from the male perspective? like, i get creeped out knowing that some dude (boyfriend) is lusting after me or having sex with me. i dunno. I'm just content with imagining cute dates with perfect men rather than having to deal with another human being.

i don't feel necessarily pressured by friends though, since i just hang out with girls like myself lol.

Anonymous 2676

Holy shit anon you sound just like me. If it is any consolation (?) you might wake up one day and suddenly actually want a boyfriend. Happened to me at 24. I had dating experience before that though, not because I really wanted to go out and meet guys but because of peer pressure.

And honestly? I think some things can't be experienced without a trigger. You may not actively want to date or whatever but I do recommend going on some dates. Its good experience even if nothing comes of it, and maybe being in a romantic/sexual context with someone is what it takes to unlock those feelings in you. I thought I'd be like other girls and suddenly develop a crush or something some day and it never happened . . . I spent a lot of time waiting for Cupid so to speak, and didn't consider it couldn't happen to me unless I took active steps to rouse that in myself. I did go on dates with a nice guy and admittedly I wasn't keen on him at first and didn't really 'enjoy' myself and thought of him as a friend. But I did come to really like him. We parted ways and I wasn't very active for a while and then I changed my mind I guess because at that point I had enough experience to recognize what I missed and felt nostalgic for.

That said I disagree you have to be open about your inexperience. It puts you at risk for rejection or predation. IMO I thought of it as something I wanted to experience privately and I don't regret it.

Anonymous 2716

I'm in the same boat anon. In highschool many people I know were getting into relationships and hooking up with guys. I was always with these people but for some reason the whole ~sexual~ thing never happened to me. My first kiss happened one summer night when I was chilling with my best girl friend and multiple males. We decided to do spin the bottle (2 girls, way more guys) and when I landed on this guy I got super uncomfortable and just ended up pecking eachother. Everytime I go out to a social event or whatever, I hope that maybe I'll find ~the one~ but lately I've been pretty unlucky. I blame on it my shyness, lack of initiative, and lately I've been wondering if I'm just ugly or have a shit personality. It's ruined my self esteem a lot and I just hope I'll become more experienced ASAP

Anonymous 2719

I dont really feel bad about it or have ever, its just uncomfortable and I have thought about getting a little drunk and just kissing a guy
I dont feel pressure about losing my virginity though, just kissing since i think itll be awkward if i meet a guy and he tries to kiss me and i dont even know how to do that.
Either that or finding a khv boyfriend which seems unlikely the older i get
Ive had guys hit on me and ask me out and at times i have wanted to accept but i get very nervous and anxious so i end up saying no
I think im starting to accept the idea of being alone and just not rushing anything
who knows

Anonymous 2720

>tfw you're a female incel and would have loved to date but no guy ever hit on you or asked you out

Unless you're asexual and struggling to accept I don't get why you guys would throw away the opportunities you guys are very lucky to have but w/e

Anonymous 2733

I'll be 20 in a few months. I have no real life experience as of now. I didn't start getting noticed by guys my age until my last couple of years in high school, and by then it was weird to me and I didn't know how to react or what to do from there. So obviously I'm still a virgin. I remember when I was a 5 y/o kid a girl I used to hang out with dared me and her brother to french kiss, which actually turned out to be pretty gross, and I haven't kissed or held hands/had any physical contact like that in years.
I've tried LDRs the past few years but nothing significant ever came from those "relationships" and it was an overall unpleasant experience that left me with a bad impression of the opposite sex.
A stable relationship would be nice but I don't think it's worth the effort. I'm not interested in meeting anyone new.

Anonymous 2945

I rushed into losing my virginity with a complete asshole cause I felt the same way and now I just want to kill myself.
Don't make the same mistake I did

Anonymous 2962

I was actually against dating at a young age because so many of my peers in middle school and high school had so many failing relationships. Not only did I think it was a waste of time, but I wanted a relationship that could last more than a few months. I was also never interested in dating but that could have been because of my slight androphobia. I had crushes on people but thinking about dating them made me uncomfortable. It wasn't until right before I turned 21 that I got my first boyfriend – the first guy that ever made me feel safe. I had no experience whatsoever and the first time he tried to lean in for a kiss I just stood there looking at him quizzically. lol But 3 years later and we're still going strong!

I think just let it happen naturally. Don't try to force yourself to get a boyfriend or lose your virginity because you feel pressured. Especially since your first time is going to be really painful so you should do it with someone who is gentle and cares for you.

Anonymous 2976

I didn't lose it until I was 23 and even then I regret it(now). We're not together and he was not a god lover, way too insecure.

Anonymous 2978

I'm 21 and I've only started dating for the first time around 2 years ago. I only started out of force because I was frustrated that I've never dated anyone nor had any guys interested in me that I know of. Over those 2 years I only went on 1 double date, and 2 dates. I've only some-what enjoyed one of those dates, and it was my first and only time that I asked a guy out. It was also the date where I experienced my first kiss and when a guy held my hand. (at 20) Although I did ask since I was not sure what to do.

I also was online dating (OkCupid & Tinder) in order to go on more dates and gain more experience. Nothing worthwhile really happened unless you count messing with creepy guys.

Right now, I've stopped dating for now since I kind of know that there are very few guys I'm interested in. Moreover, I'm done with online dating since all that's done was give me creepy guys and guys who are only interested in having sex. (I don't really want to have sex right now…) Dating out of frustration and left a sour taste and I'm super hesitant on even trying again.

Anonymous 3081

Do you guys think it's a bad thing to be sexually inexperienced? I was talking to a guy friend of mine the other day and he said he wasn't sure about getting into a relationship with this girl because she was "inexperienced" and only had her first kiss a few months ago. This really bothered me because I'm pretty much in the same, inexperienced situation, and I was worried that this was a bad thing and would stop guys from liking me.
I guess it really depends on the person but this has been on my mind a lot lately idk.
I knew another guy who gave a girl her first kiss and "taught" her how to kiss and he said it was really special. I just wish someone would do the same to me lol

Anonymous 3082

Not at all unless you're dating a selfish idiot who wants a girl who's experienced because she probably won't say no to things he wants to do, or because he doesn't have enough patient to go slow with her. If the person you're with is not an idiot who only selfishly thinks about his dick, then no, sexual inexperience is not a bad thing. And generally speaking, I don't think sexual inexperience is bad at all. Also some guys sort of like an inexperienced girl, it makes them feel ~special~.

Anonymous 3085

>mfw I'm a 23yo kissless virgin who's almost always nervous around guys my age
It sucks. I wish I could have a nice bf and do a bunch of fun activities with him and just not be lonely anymore even though I have friends, but I live with my family and they don't want me to date almost anyone or else they would disown me among other things. I'm also glad I'm really picky with guys and that guys most likely find me unattractive because of this. By the way, it makes me feel like I don't fit in with other people my age. The only people I know who are the same as me are my close friends, other wise even the ugliest and most annoying people are or were dating someone.

Anonymous 3087

This is what I'm worried about too. I'm a 23 year old kissless virgin and I'm worried that the only type of men who would want me are those creepy tradlife "no hymen no diamond" creeps who obsess about virginity and see women as lesser if they've like…held hands with more than one man in her life. I just want to one day have a sweet, normal BF to lose my virginity to, but I fear I won't get that because I'm technically not 'normal' so why should I deserve that? Most people have their first kiss in middle school, lose their virginity in high school or college. I just feel so behind and it makes me feel like a creep.

> it makes me feel like I don't fit in with other people my age

This is my problem too :( I'm sorry anon.

Anonymous 3091

Ik exactly what you mean. I just want a bf/someone i really care about to lose my virginity to and do other ~new things~ together but i feel like that time is over lol. Most guys i know now are pretty experienced and it sucks seeing younger people ive known for awhile now already become more experienced then me. i feel like an untouched book on the shelf

Anonymous 3095

I went to a single sex school until I was 18, so I never really had the opportunity to mingle with the opposite sex (I was also a friendless introvert, so didn't do anything outside of school).

I don't really care enough to try to date people, I'm super lazy in that sense. I don't know if I'd call myself "innocent", but I'm definitely inexperienced because I've never done sex/dating stuff before and I'm coming up for 26

Anonymous 3096

Offfttt.. just tell guys you're a slut, then see if they still like you.

Anonymous 3104

Then they would probably lose all respect for me. It seems like you have to be the perfect combination of things for men to like you. Can't be a slut, but also have to have experience so the sex is good enough for him, and can't be a prude because that's boring and weird. They just seem to judge women no matter what they do and it worries me if I ever do start dating. I'm leaning towards not.

Anonymous 3106

Yeah, I have similar concerns. For whatever reason I feel like I'm approaching an age that will limit my options the older I'll get, making it more difficult to find a decent partner I can trust, like a make-or-break type of thing. If I don't find the right person I'd rather stay celibate than have to deal with a shitty experience. It's just… not worth it.
I really don't care about fitting in with others my age like some other anons have expressed, but I don't want to be hassled about it either. Honestly considering joining some type of religious or spiritual order to have an excuse if things pan out that way.

Anonymous 3113

What do adult couples actually do together, day to day I mean??

Anonymous 3114

Weekdays: Go to work, text/message each other memes/pictures/observations about random shit during the day, come home, make dinner and eat together, watch or read something, go to bed, repeat.
Weekends: Wake up late, have sex, do chores, socialize/go out.

(Honestly I don't think of myself as an adult but I'm on the downhill of my 20s so I guess??)

Anonymous 3118

You were probably not serious, but anyway: anon shouldn't lie about something so crucial. Lying and saying she's a slut would obviously make things worse and in theory could even end her relationship.
Also If she was really a slut she should own it instead of lying. I bet it's not cool to date a girl (or guy) only to find out months later that they are very sexually promiscuous

Anonymous 3125

>but also have to have experience so the sex is good enough for him, and can't be a prude because that's boring and weird.
Tbh I don't think this is what those guys want or expect, the guys who want pure virgins are a different group of men to the ones who want porn star sex. The real hypocrisy is the men who like innocence are also insistent that women lower their standards and be less picky. It's such a contradiction.

Anonymous 3149

Everything really. Shower, clean, play games, draw, cook, nap, watch movies, shop, dine, wine and talk shit about everyone else.

Anonymous 3151

Same here pretty much. I think I should just accept being alone at this point, give up on dating all together. It's too late and there's too much shit to deal with anyways.

Anonymous 3241


are you male or just self-hating?

Anonymous 3242


As a mid-20's virgin I despise men like you

Anonymous 3243


Virginity is such a shitty thing, if you're a virgin then ppl think you're a failure unable to find a bf/gf, if you are not then ppl say you're a failure unable to keep them
I wish more people thought that stability of your relationships depends only on your partner and you, and not on the amount of experience you have.
i also wish i had a bf

Anonymous 3249


So the vast majority of the population are cunts because they have sex. You know that old saying, if you meet one asshole you met an asshole, if everyone you meet is an asshole then you're the asshole?

Anonymous 3250

This is my everyday mood
>tfw no bf

Anonymous 3255

i have really bad body image issues, which make it pretty much impossible for me to even wear short clothes, so being naked with someone is obviously out of the question. it sucks, because i really wish i could be in a sexual relationship with someone, but there's such a feeling of shame attached to sex for me. i have a therapist and i know i should be bringing it up but i can't make myself do something so humiliating. like, the thought the my therapist will know that i think about sex is horrifying to me for some reason??

Anonymous 3270

You should try to talk to your therapist anyway. I'm exactly like you to a t, so I get it. I get every word. However when you feel loved it's easier to let your guard down a bit and try to enjoy being physical with the person who loves you. I don't think I'd ever be able to be physical with someone I didn't feel VERY comfortable with, and who I know for sure that wants to have sex with me not only because they're horny, but because they want to be closer to me, and bond too. I know I probably sound super cheesy and overly romantic but that's what works for me. Feeling like you're loved and that you love the other person is helpful and makes me feel at ease.

Anonymous 6836

Bump bump

Anything new around here? A boyfriend, a kiss?

Anonymous 6842

I didn't want to date in high school, thought it was a waste of time. I thought I'd never get a boyfriend, but one day in college a cute guy at church asked me out. We're engaged now :)

Anonymous 6843

Thank you for posting this, I feel the exact same way about imagining it from their perspective. Definitely skeeves me out lol… I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt like that

Anonymous 6845

She's 100% correct though. Do none of you have brothers? Just listen to them. They value virginity in a girl.
Honestly, it's our number one asset in the dating market aimed at marriage right now. Just keep you head, don't get tempted, and don't fall for scumbags who will try to sleep with you and then run. Aim for high status men who want to marry.

Anonymous 6855

Is there any fine line between "being obsessed with virginity" and not wanting a whore?

Anonymous 6856


Completely incorrect. High value men (those who have a high IQ and high paying job) are aware of the correlations between sexual partner count and divorce rate. Nobody is going to marry a girl that fucked 10+ girls. It is too risky. Your anecdotal evidence means nothing, and the opinion of people too dumb to know this information is irrelevant. What we are focused on is the high value targets.

Sorry you ruined yourself, but winners take their lives a bit more seriously than you. Maybe you should have looked at the data lol.

Anonymous 6859

What if you've only had one partner but it was a LTR and they became abusive? What if the other person cheated? What if they died? Is the girl still a whore?

I'm a khhv who wishes to date to marry so this isn't insecurity speaking, I just believe it's illogical to weed out people who have exclusively had LTRs to that point (especially if both parties meet later in life). If they have solid reasons for leaving that person, it's fine. I value a degree of sexual abstinence in men, too, since someone who has been promiscuous will have a tendency to that sort of lifestyle. I wouldn't drop a guy if his ex cheated on him/beat him/died, though. That's certainly understandable!

All this said, a side note is that I'm not into guys with high earning jobs/particularly high iq, either. I want to be the sole breadwinner and have a gentle cuddleandfuckbuddy to hang around with and spoil until we die.

>inb4 it's that person's fault for not detecting a shit person

Good to know you have super powers and can read minds and predict the future, anon.

Anonymous 6860

are you male or just bitter?

Anonymous 6861


It's definitely a male. I'd bet my clitoris on it. Girls don't say you ruined yourself also lmfao this dude never heard of trophy wives

Anonymous 6863

you do have some point and those pol info graphics are nothing worth either. It is basically saying, hillbilly couples who never tried out anything new ever in life live happy ever after while all the others are not. They might be together an entire life but it does not say anything about the quality of the marriage.

it is as generalizing as the postings he was mad about.
the other thing I thing might be the cause for so many divorces is that people get together for superficial reasons like looks. One day you are not into each other anymore and then there is not much left to hold the relationship together.

But also there is a difference between having 2 or 3 mistakes in life (or just having bad luck) or doing poor decissions time after time after time and not wanting to correct anything. My cousin for example has a good heart but she always ends up with shit guys and now at age 30 she wants to just give up completely even when she wanted to have a family. There was this one guy who acted like he was nice but ended up beeing jealous of her female friend whenever they were doing something together.

Sometimes bad things just happen and you cannot do anything against it. If your luck abandons you, life can get really uncomfortable. Also I think it is better to not be with anyone then to be with someone who is not a fit for you and your life.

Anonymous 6864

>lmfao, maybe in 3rd world countries
So, places which are starting to take over your nations in terms of performance, GDP etc etc? I'm sorry that you're living in a dying society, slut, but out here in Chile our people have standards. If one of my friends slutted around as much as you guys she'd be dumped, immediately. Don't want to associate with that, at all - boys would think you're a slut too.

Anonymous 6865

>every single person who doesn't agree with sexual promiscuity and degeneracy is man!
I'll pray for you.

>I'd bet my clitoris on it
Well you better go visit a Muslim then to cut it off for you. I suppose if you're living in the UK or Germany, that should be easy to find :^)

Anonymous 6866

You don't even know her sexual history, anon.

I do agree she shouldn't have put down other countries, and I'm also anti-promiscuity. But there is definitely space between pure virgin until marriage and megaslut who has one night stands all the time.

Some people have just had failed LTRs. Why are you so into only black-and-white ideas, anon?

Anonymous 6869

That's not a study you stupid bitch, it's some weak fuckboi blogger justifying why he can only make it with sluts for sleeping around.
If your response to actual statistics about marriage success and virginity of the wife is a fucking blog of all things then sweety, I have some bad news for you.

Anonymous 6873


Do men prefer virgins?
It depends on the man in my experience since I was one until finding my boyfriend during my mid 20s/have had many female friends who decided to stay virgins because of the type of community I grew up in:


(I don't need to explain this one)
>"Traditional" men
(can be traditional for several reasons: maybe he comes from a really religious family or country, but isn't religious himself; or/and very romantic or the type who dreams of a perfect wife; maybe he has never had sex before or only 1-2 sexual partners who were LTRs)
>Religious men
(I grew up in a religious community and there are many men out there who do stay virgins because they want to/think it's the right thing to do until getting married, and they only want virgins too)
>Overly jealous men
(no need to wore about another man being part of his wife's sexual history)

Men will always give a shit about your sexual history. ALWAYS. If he says he doesn't, he is either lying or is a fuccboy/doesn't actually plan on being with you for a long time. Men, especially older, with many former partners can't demand a virgin and/or sometimes don't care much about you being one because they aren't any of the types of man I listed above.

I've never dated a filthy rich man, but I suspect some would accept a non virgin if she resembled a trophy wife.

Most of the times things aren't black and white, so many non virgins have only had 1-2 LTRs. It's unfair they're seen as sluts, but remember they're only seen like that on imageboards. Sluts are always seen as sluts and most men (but definitely not all of them) will fuck sluts if they get a chance, still these sluts will 1. stay unmarried, 2. marry a stupid older man who is crazy for her or 3. marry a fuckboy and get cheated on repeatedly. You know the story because you've seen it happen IRL, I'm sure.

Virgins usually marry men who treat them well and value them a lot, whereas sluts need to get lucky.
I specifically asked fuckboy friends if they would prefer being with a virgin and they said no because "she wouldn't know what to do in bed, give good head, etc".

Anonymous 6874


Anonymous 6877

I had my first kiss recently! Lol I already posted about it in the kissing thread so I'll just sage here. It's no where near intense relationship or sexual experience but at least it's progress lol. I was one of the kissless virgins who posted awhile ago so it's interesting to come back and look on what was said in the past.

Anonymous 6878

Congratulations, anon!

Anonymous 6879

Congratulations! I also recently had my frist kiss with a friend who friend-zoned me, but this still counts right? haha

Anonymous 6900


Does this fucker know how to scroll down?

Anonymous 6902


>Humans have relationships and feel emotion
much joke
very hilarious

So why haven't these robots killed themselves yet if their existence is so bleak and emotionless?

Anonymous 6903


most of them are huge pussies, that's why.

Pic related, though instead of fb imagine pepe on the screen

Anonymous 6905

Didn't you hear? Men the enlighted /r9k/ variety anyway only express cold, clinical, logic while girls just sort of drift through life in a haze of emotional extremes, like a dog or an entirely imagined psuedo-person, only visible at a great distance.

Anonymous 6906

The robot is comparing r9k and cc as if they were male and female equivalents. He is laughing at the relationship feels thread because he sees it as proof that girls live on "easy mode" compared to guys (i.e. cc has a busy thread dedicated to talking about relationships while the average robot has never been in one).

Anonymous 6908

the funniest thing about is that they are crying like little girls on their own boards but then have the gall to laugh about other people and their misery. You reap what you sow

Anonymous 6910

found the bitter robot.

how can you even assume all of that about that anon's life based on 2 lines? thanks for the kek.

Anonymous 6915

bye betanon, you will surely be missed.

Anonymous 7157

i was a virgin until i was 20 and tbh no
i had been in two relationships prior where it seemed like the guy was interested + things were going well until i revealed that i was a virgin.
then the relationships ended shortly thereafter.
eventually i ended letting someone i didn't even like take it just to get the feeling of insecurity it gave me out of the way.
i've had a few boyfriends since and am currently in a pretty happy relationship. i don't think most normal men prefer virgins, just incels. it's an ego thing. if someone has never had sex before, they won't know whether their partner is awful at it.

Anonymous 68759

Reviving this thread. I used to be a 24 y.o. khhv but now I'm nearing 25 and entered my first relationship. Before, I felt like getting rid of my khhv status was everything. I obsessed over it. I went on multiple dates trying to settle down with The One (tm), fantasized what sex would be like, held it up to a pedestal yadayada etc. Now that I've gotten rid of it, I feel a sort of emptiness? I don't know how to describe it. Maybe I lost my sense of purpose now that I have achieved something I've hyper-focused and fixated on for my entire adult life. There's nothing to look forward to now? To daydream and fantasize about? Now that I'm living in a reality its not as great as the fantasies I've envisioned.

After I lost it, I noticed socializing with others is easier. I don't freak out and panic when other people touch me because I'm no longer touch starved. I maintain eye contact instead of looking away immediately. Those are the benefits; I feel socially adjusted and a lot more normal and less of an outcast now.

Anonymous 68770


I was like you until 19. Then I just happen to find the right guy, by chance. We dated for a few months before we had anything sexual happen. He waited until I was comfortable enough to go that far. We married after 2 years together. I'd say this is rare to find a guy like this, but they are out there somewhere. Where? I have no idea.

I do say I am glad I waited. I dated a girl and a guy before that and I wasn't comfortable enough with them to initiate a sexual relationship.

Anonymous 68806

Feel you anon. I'm 21 and just started having sex and entering that whole dating/hookup realm. Before then I would always fantasize about people that I wanted to hookup with or date, etc. I was the last of my friends to lose my virginity, so I was always the brunt of certain jokes and it was like a "fun fact" to tell people I was a virgin and then see their reaction.

Now that everythings been said and done, I kinda lost that part of me. Not that I miss it or anything, I think my social skills have definitely gone up after having sex and I feel way more confident and relatable to people, but I do feel like I'm missing something.

On the topic if men prefer virgins, I honestly think most normal do not. During one of my first sexual experiences, the guy I was with asked if I was a virgin… at first I lied and said no but he kept asking so I gave in and said I was. He said he didn't want to take my virginity and we ended up not having sex that night lol, sucks cause he was really hot.
I honestly think guys like it when girls have at least a little experience cause it makes things less awkward in bed and more fun perhaps?

Anonymous 68825

sometimes i wonder if i'm a turbo-late bloomer because i was always interested in relationships and sex and wanted to have those things but never had the "teenage hormones" or
was super into anyone. i turned to stories and smut to fill a void but things happened where i can't enjoy those things anymore and stay away from it. i'm not into men and have read that lesbians tend to come out later in life but most of those women still "experimented" or had intense friendships-bordering-on-attraction in their teens

i deleted my account on every dating app i used to be on since i don't get any attention on them, i don't really think about if i'll ever get to go date or have hookups now or ever. when irls ask me if i have kids or anything (because i'm that age i guess) i just say no and hope they don't prod farther

Anonymous 68830

I relate to you so fuckin' much.

Honestly I don't think we should sweat it that much. Much of it is just cerebral in nature tbh. Like. People act like we're all slaves to human instinct…sure. But tbh some people just never really feel the visceral urge for certain things.
Someone I knew had to build up in her mind attraction for a guy to just feel one hint of sexual desire, whilst normally she'd have none.

Anonymous 68833

it's frustrating to me since i know i'm not "asexual" or volcel or whatever because i know these feelings aren't innate, several factors in my life and early development lead to me being like this, but it feels too late to flip a switch and make me become normal. i guess i'm technically a lesbian and was also always curious about being in a relationship like that since i was a tween, theoretically, but i don't relate to any dykes (even women who came out very late in life talk about having blooming feelings when they were young) so i'm not attached to the identity anymore. sex and love is just something other people can do, but not me.

Anonymous 68849

Yeah, you definitely get a sense of belonging with all the other people who have done the deed and don't feel inferior to them anymore. Like you're part of the sex-havers club now. Or at least you feel more like an adult because you've done the very adult thing of having sexual relations.
>so I was always the brunt of certain jokes and it was like a "fun fact" to tell people I was a virgin and then see their reaction.
That's so cruel! I faced that a lot too. People would marvel at how I never held a man's hand before, hugged a man, kissed a man, etc. in my early 20s.
Now that I'm sexually active, those very same people mock my sexuality and laugh at me for trying to navigate it/discover that side of myself. I finally bought sexy underwear for myself because previously all I had were granny panties (the hip-hugger type of underwear). One time when I was with them, the wind lifted my skirt, they saw my underwear, and then proceeded to point and laugh at me. I guess they never knew I'd be the type to try and wear racy underpants (which they were right about, but I wanted to make my boyfriend happy and so I bought some "cheeky"-type underwear, where it shows your buttcheeks more and they are waaaay more comfortable than thongs).

Anonymous 70408

I'm 21 and the only sexual experience I have is some really bad oral I got from a guy in high school lol
I never really cared about this stuff until recently bc almost everyone I know is very open about their sex lives and it made me a little insecure
I'm also a csa survivor so sexual situations make me much more vulnerable and tbh I'm scared of losing my virginity or being rejected for wanting to wait

Anonymous 70445

what's with men having autistic spergs about women being lonely and having full on incel meltdowns while pretending they aren't incels?

Anonymous 70446

based moid meltdown

seethe more you waste of genetic material

Anonymous 70459

>being rejected for wanting to wait
it is always better to be alone than to settle for someone who pressures you into sex. DO NOT SETTLE!!!! that being said, sex is an important part of a relationship and we do need to consider the other persons sexuality here because relationships are a 2 way street. for any hope of a peaceful and lasting partnership, you need to have at least started on the path to becoming comfortable with your sexuality… it will take a while and if you need your moid to wait for you, a good moid will. but it isnt right to keep him waiting forever. it wont work.

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begone tradthot

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usagi mamoru.jpg

OP are you still around? curious if your outlook changed at all.

I wasn't sexual until at least 20-21. Before that point I just wanted a shoujo manga style relationship, cute handholding and cuddling and kisses and emotions. I had a relationship as a teen but eventually he wanted to touch my tits and finger me and I was so uninterested. He tried to get me to touch his dick and I was like "whoa ew no sorry" and then like two weeks later he broke up with me

I thought I was asexual but suddenly that changed in college. I don't know what happened but one day I woke up and was like "yep ready to fuck, time for some dick"

Seems like a fair amount of late bloomers in here too

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Virginity is bad mmk. I used craigslist to get it over with the first time, and while it was bad, it made it obvious to me that women need experience to ever have a chance at enjoying sex.

Men demanding a virgin should be seen as the snakes they are, wanting girls who have no idea how it all works and won't recognize a bad match when they see one. Sexual compatibility is VERY VERY REAL

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> I used craigslist to get it over with the first time

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