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Does anybody else hate their nationality? Anonymous 26777

I've always despised it, I hate everything about it: food, language (everybody hates it), customs, the people and even the traditional clothes (look way too slutty).
But the thing I hate them most is the way we look.

Yesterday I came across this by accident and frankly, it hurts me a lot. This is really how the vast majority of german men think.
People unironically use "you are so german!" as an insult when fighting. They are obsessed with foreign women, I can guarantee you, if you were to come here as a foreigner, they'd flock to you like there's no tomorrow. They're very vocal about prefering them too ("women from X are so much better").
And it seems as if nearly everybody shares that opinion - meanwhile the men are seen as very attractive by foreigners: tall, strong jaw line, etc. As an example, everybody was gushing about our soccer team - which of course only adds to their big ego.

The sad thing is, I completely fit the characteristics this guy described: I'm too tall, have a big nose, I'm shy, so I don't dress up, nor can I dance and I'm a very serious, no-fun person. Can't say anything about my dating life, because I never had a bf to begin with.
I actually do find some of the girls around me pretty, but if even they're considered ugly by international standards, then just how low am I?

I'm grateful for living in a safe 1st world country, but other than that, there's nothing nice about it. I'm so jealous of other people's cultures and appearances.
Is there a way to look more exotic, interesting, better?

Here's the link (no idea who asked that, but all replies are negative): https://www.quora.com/Why-are-so-many-German-girls-so-pretty

Anonymous 26779

Judging from this Quora answer, German women sound cool as fuck. They don't exist to be seen as attractive by others.
Why do you want to appear more "exotic", "interesting", "better"? For male validation? If so, please reconsider your priorities in life.

Anonymous 26781

>but if even they're considered ugly by international standards
theyre not. german women are considered attractive by non germans. sounds like german men are just self hating. probably something to do with white guilt over da joos

Anonymous 26783

The goal of most people is to find a partner in their life. If you're too ugly for any men it's hard to achieve that + always getting called ugly is seriously damaging to your self esteem. There's nothing cool about feeling like shit and having to act tough and unbothered about it.
And it's not just about love either, in friendship most people prefer cute and friendly women too.

I've heard plenty of foreigners - male and female! - say the exact same thing as german men.
Just read the other replies (or the links to similar questions below), they're all the same: German guys = good and handsome, german women = bad and manly.
And they're definitely not self-hating, they quite like themselves lol

Anonymous 26784

well Im an actual non-german and I can tell you people in england and other European countries find german woman very attractive. chekm8

Anonymous 26785

The stereotype that German women are manly and blunt exists all over Europe. I wouldn't care much about it but it's true that many people think like OP says.

Anonymous 26786

>stupid german women not having alot of partners and not buying new fashion clothing every day

Anonymous 26787

Have you heard of that dating site BeautifulPeople.com? If you think you're beautiful, you can apply and then people will either vote you in or out. They released statistics on which countries fared the worst and the best and only 13% of german women were admitted, that's nearly the lowest rate world wide. That's pretty telling to me.
I know that it's just a stupid dating site, but probably the closest we will ever get to an international attractiveness study.

Anonymous 26788

If somebody would continuously call all women (including you) in your country ugly, manish, rude…, then you wouldn't think of this as such a non-issue.

Anonymous 26789

this is such a depressing post, makes me want to jump out the window.
>I'm so jealous of other people's cultures
your culture is objectively the best in Europe, what the hell are you even talking about?

All of that is so shallow and it's not even true, the majority of German guys are together with German girls. Most of the things in that post are about attitude anyway, you are free to put on retarded high heels, blow your money in fashion and makeup and act like a cat in heat towards guys if you feel like it. Nothing is stopping you, so if you're not behaving like that it must be because you don't find it worth the effort for your own reasons.

Anonymous 26790

I'm German and I'm much more bothered by the "hurr durr how are you liking your refugee crisis XD" bullshit every time I mention where I'm from. Who cares. Germans are blunt, yeah, but I prefer that to, let's say, Brits who can't open their mouth and say when something's wrong.

Anonymous 26791

lol have you ever been to britain? we have no problem saying when something is wrong

Anonymous 26792

Lived there for a few years, actually.
I found that in comparison to Germans, British people have a very passive-aggressive or vague way of complaining. Germans are way more direct. That's where the "Germans are angry/rude" stereotype comes from.

Anonymous 26793

british people are just more indifferent. if you actually try to argue with someone tho they will be very aggressive. especially working class people

Anonymous 26794

I'm sure that's true, I'm just saying they're less blunt than Germans.

Anonymous 26795

>your culture is objectively the best in Europe
No?! how can you say that?

And no amount of good fashion, makeup and co. helps if your a butterfaced giant.

Anonymous 26798

how tall are you?

Anonymous 26800


get really skinny
become model

If you’re ugly you may become one of those “ugh how did she become a model????” models but who cares about what horny little boys think, let them fap to plastic stacies while you get rich and get to travel to cool places.

Anonymous 26801


I'm too old for that, anon. Most models are russian and around 16.

Anonymous 26802

How old are you?

Anonymous 26803

German here
As long as you try to be a friendly, positive person and put effort into how you look you will be fine.

Most of your problems sound like they could be fixed by working on your skills, mindset and taking care of your looks. But you just like to pity yourself and blame your shortcomings on your nationality instead of doing something. THAT is why people don't want to be your friend.
I bet you are pretty, it's just your low self esteem that makles you think you aren't good enough.

Even if we aren't that beautiful but why does it matter so much? Just focus on the things you can improve and your other qualities. Don't be one of those bitter germans that spend their whole time complaining about everything.

Anonymous 26804

Anonymous 26809

There is no reason to despair over something like this.
Even if you are tall, many do consider this attractive.
Some men do find larger noses beautiful as well.
The most important part of yourself is your inner being anyway, and I'm telling you that there are guys who think so as well.

Most of the drawbacks you imagine there to be are just in your head.
I bet you are actually quite pretty.
So, my final advice is: Just take it easy.

Anonymous 26811

This. Come to America and you see 90% of the women literally exist to be attractive and sexual to men. They blow their money on expensive make up, Brazilian waxes, terrible fashion, all to look like a bimbo caricature. German women sound badass tbh. The only reason a lot of shitty guys might not find that attractive is because they're intimidated. "This women isn't acting like a blow-up doll for my pleasure? No!!!!"

Anonymous 26812

Men don’t actually care about noses: this is a fake problem invented by magazines to sell rhinoplasties. If you want proof go to a male-centric imageboard and observe men lusting over Italian women athletes with Roman noses.

Anonymous 26813

jokes you on, I live in southern germany

Anonymous 26815

>This. Come to America and you see 90% of the women literally exist to be attractive and sexual to men.
Meanwhile 80% of Americans are overweight or even obese. Kind of a contradiction to your statement.

Anonymous 26820

I don't think this can be accurate… isn't the German milkmaid with a big chest supposed to be like a classic male fantasy? It was even a one off joke in Scrubs.

Anyway if everyone in your culture is hated for your attitude doesn't that mean it would be really really easy to stand out just by being kind? Nobody can tell if you're German just from a glance and by the time they hear you, they can know you're warm and inviting, not rude.

Anonymous 26824

Google 'tall poppy syndrome'.
It exists in Germany. Although like in most countries, it will mostly just be in your own head.

Anonymous 26825

Good joke
Men find pigs attractive so we can establish they aren't a hivemind

Let's put it this way, a large portion of men pay very close attention to women's noses, all the way from removing women of their femininity because of their nose to completely spazzing out about women's noses

I'm tired of handmaidens trying to promote the whole "oh men don't care about xyz only you women do" when seriously just communicating with other women can tell you it's far from the truth




Seriously, start researching shit before you invalidate women's experiences, Google is free

Anonymous 26829


Have you thought about looking for foreign bf?
Like, from a place where you be considered exotic and classy?
tfw no paki bf to seduce

Anonymous 26830

NYART but those men are sociopaths, narcissists or have another mental illness, this is not the norm and men like that don't deserve attention. But that's just an excuse to shit on women with "pig" noses.

Anonymous 26832


If op cares what German men and fellow Europeans like she's probably one of our resident /pol/fag anti-racemixing anons. Or is only attracted to white guys I guess.

But I absolutely agree, I've seen a wide range of white women with South Asian guys. They aren't all manlets either assuming op prefers even taller men like most women. But if she is into short guys then she's in luck because many do happen to be tiny heh.

Anonymous 26835


Anonymous 26838

>If op cares what German men and fellow Europeans like she's probably one of our resident /pol/fag anti-racemixing anons.
Wew, that's a hard reach.
I care about what everyone says, not just german/euro men.

I'm not the blonde, blue-eyed type who might be liked by foreigners, I'm pale and brunette.

Thanks anon. I know for sure that my features are considered unattractive, saying "that's not true!" is not much of a help.

And I know that my personality might be shitty, but changing that is close to impossible. Plus being nice has never stopped an ugly person from being disliked.

Anonymous 26839

>I'm pale and brunette
Literally a subcategory for male "types".

Anonymous 26853

I've been living in Germany for about two years now and it still shocks me how much Germans hate themselves and their country
I think Germans had to distance themselves from themselves in a way to cope with the war but they went overboard with it

Anonymous 26856

It seems to me that Germans hate themselves in general. This can be seen in all aspects of their life : how they treat themselves (work work work), how they treat and consider their fellow countrywomen, their politics, and the list goes on.

This is probably why you get the "you are so german" and "foreign women are much better" comments. Not because it's some sort of defect to be a german woman, but because germans hate themselves (and their fellows) in general.

Anonymous 26860

That's such a weird take. We Germans don't hate ourselves, we're especially proud of our cultural heritage, art, and community. We're just not proud of WW2.

Anonymous 26861

Lmao, no.

Anonymous 26862


I (not OP) personally don't hate it for historical reasons. I think that's a rather silly way of thinking. Should Russians feel guilty over Stalin? Brits over Churchill? Not really. I mainly hate, or rather, strongly dislike, the excessive directness and stubborn inflexibility present in German society. Technologically it could also be doing quite a bit better. Essentially, everything has to go according to procedure. There simply is no wiggle room. Socially, the three-tier education system is also rather silly and outdated, and not necessarily merit-testing. I understand, to a certain extent, as to why it's implemented: not everyone can just go to University, because here it's state-funded and taxes are high enough as is (which incidentally also disincentivizes entrepreneurship and thereby innovation), but it's still inferior and outright discriminating against children from lower-income households, and there is unfortunately a huge amount of elitism going on in German society regarding academia and having "credentials" (Germans are obsessed with having defined hierarchies and love yielding to experts). Germans are even elitist about their own language, to an extent I haven't been able to observe in other countries.
Many Germans are actually at least somewhat racist (although they will never openly admit to it), and implicitly believe that the "German" way is always better, and simply proper, so it's a tad ironic that OP wants to appear as more "exotic". Women from East or Southeast European countries seem to be preferred in large part because they are seen as poor, docile housewives to these men, so they are not even really considered as people in such situations. Looks are, or at least seem to be, only a secondary aspect, really. It's the perceived attitude of German women.
Also, when people, especially Germans themselves, say "you're so German", it's usually meant to poke fun at the overall meek attitude and rigid inflexible mentality present in many German people. It's not (always necessarily) about German people being viewed as inferior, at least from my experience.

Anonymous 26892

>This is probably why you get the "you are so german" and "foreign women are much better" comments
This isn't really a German phenomenon. Men from most, if not all, countries say this about their own women while idealizing foreign women. It's the typical grass is greener mentality.
I can guarantee OP that there are foreign men out there who decry their countrywomen while thinking Germany has the most attractive women ever and she'd be their ideal wife. It's just complete nonsense no one has to pay any attention to. Because normal men don't hatefully stereotype their countrypeople like OP's pic-related poster does.

Anonymous 26894

It's not just 'the grass is greener'.
A lot of the things OP states (apart from german women being ugly) are kind of true.

The thing OP doesn't realize though, is, that this has nothing to do with her at all.

Anonymous 26924

Wew, this developed quite quickly into "Germans ackshually think they're superior, they're very prideful and also racist everybody!"…

Anonymous 26965

>19th century and weren't helped by losing both wars the country started
Germany didn't start any wars in the 19th century. German Empire wasn't founded until 1871. Prussia won both major wars it declared in the 19th century, the AustroPrussian War and FrancoPrussian War.

…did you mean 20th century? Anonette don't critfail your history.

Anonymous 26966

>I'm grateful for living in a safe 1st world country, but other than that, there's nothing nice about it.
So leave.
>I'm so jealous of other people's cultures and appearances.
It's all the same.
Old buildings, shit music, bizarre make-believe rituals, ugly people just with different skin tones.

Another generic spoiled white 'ahh im so sad in my safe first world country ah i could solve this by leaving but woe is me' girl. You're even German, one of the most fetishized groups on the planet by men of color. Fucking walk to Turkey and get all the attention you need. Better yet walk into one of the migrant camps.

Goddamn I hate first world white girls. You have no idea how good you have it. You're even worse here in US. "ah im so ugly and boring" fuck off.

Anonymous 26996

I may disagree with you anon (Germany seems cool and German woman sound badass) but I know the feel.

I’m from burgerland I hate knowing that I’m basically the butt of jokes everywhere. I’m simultaneously lumped into with the war loving gun fags AND the “snowflakes” on the Internet. Hell, just go on any board or YouTube comment section or verbose Quora answer and you’ll see some bundle of sticks talking about how fat/loud/unrefined Americans are and how [insert thing that’s weird anywhere] is obviously “just an American thing”.

There’s a reason why weeaboos became a thing and Americans larp as Canadians when they go overseas. The dumb obnoxious American shit is hard to shake and it’s awkward when someone gives you a critique about something you literally cannot change like your nationality.

Anonymous 27011

>Another generic spoiled white 'ahh im so sad in my safe first world country ah i could solve this by leaving but woe is me' girl.
>Goddamn I hate first world white girls. You have no idea how good you have it.
First of, how can you know whether I'm spoiled? Are you dumb enough to think that all Germans are magically well-off, live in picture-perfect families, have loving friends…? Secondly, like you even quoted, I literally said that I know that I should be glad for being born here, that I am indeed thankful.

>Fucking walk to Turkey and get all the attention you need. Better yet walk into one of the migrant camps.

Is this some "hurrdurr do you like getting raped by refugees"-shit?

Don't worry, no white girl would ever want anything to do with an asshole such as yourself either.

Anonymous 27018

>Should Russians feel guilty over Stalin
Stalin was not russian, he was georgian.
Allso in my subjective opinion, not white.

Anonymous 27023

According to that logic germans shouldn't feel sorry for hitler either, because he's austrian

Anonymous 27024

Yes anon. You contributed to this thread so much with a single sentence response on the level of “lol learn to take a joke snowflake XD”

Anonymous 27028

ask me how I know that you are british

Anonymous 27029

That is true

Anonymous 27031

No, but the way you accuse germans of inherting complexes is very common among british posters.

Anonymous 27033

I love Germany, and I like the way the language sounds a lot. Berlin is one of my favourite cities and I've met a lot of cool people there (though I'm a bit of a club kid). The smaller towns are a bit boring and racist though, I stayed in Rostock for a couple months and visited Halle. The worst thing that happened to me was that a lady was super rude to me at Mcpaper.

Anonymous 27037

I used to live in Berlin and live in Halle now! And I had a close friend in Rostock lol, what coincidence. Can confirm that the smaller the town, the more racist and backwards they get

Anonymous 27040

>lol Germans hate themselves so much u guise
>actually we're proud of our cultural heritage as in poets, writers, artists, composers, rich history and architecture
>Germans are smug about militarism and hating others xD

Anonymous 27043

Why were those posts deleted? What did they say?

Anonymous 27044

Somebody accusing germans as a whole of having complexes

Anonymous 27045

Not surprised they were deleted, it sounded like a /pol/ poster came here to sperg about Germany and world wars.

Anonymous 27047

meh, wouldnt be the first time. This happens quite often on 4chn, might be that pole but who knows

Anonymous 27058

No, hitler emphasised the germanic people, not the german people.
I have not deep knowledge about his ideology nor am very political intressted. So I may be wrong in this, but I think hitler saw the german people not as germans, but as germanic.
Correct, I think the austrians sould be blamed for hitler and not the germans. We live in a unjust world, where innocent people get the blame.
Through, most of Hitlers supporters lived in east prussia(as according to the election of March 1933). So I think they got what they "deserved"(I personlay dont think germany/nor ww2 was good and the redrawing of borders. Very sad and that most partys involved had flaws).

Anonymous 27061

I hate mine.

Don't worry so much. Every nationality is shit.

Anonymous 27167

>meanwhile the men are seen as very attractive by foreigners: tall, strong jaw line, etc
This is not true lmao
Where I'm from (eastern eu) a lot of people migrate to Germany and it's a common opinion here german men act like turbo autists and are pasty, wimpy, potato looking people. Not saying that's true at all but the stereotype of "handsome aryan man" is not prevalent here in the slightest.

Anonymous 27188

Yeah, but it's not like eastern europeans see female germans in a better light either lol

Anonymous 27190

Hey anon. I feel you.
I am a foreigner that has gone to German a few times, and met quite a few german guys that I noticed really were into me (they are not that good at hiding it). I attract more attention there than in my homecountry for sure. It can be flattering, however it also sucks sometimes. Sooner or later, you realize that you are some kind of le ethnic/exotic kink for men, and that feels like shit. They don't see you for you but for what you represent in their minds. Not all of them - but a lot. They might even think you are easy, just because you are a bit more nice and open to talk (even if that is just an aspect of your culture and applies to men aswell).

Anyway, just my two cents. I do notice that german women are less feminine but I think that is badass.

Anonymous 27402

Now imagine being greek and all the greek guys lusting after and chasing after foreign women that come as tourists and spending the next several months posting pictures and stories on facebook and social media about how incredible they are and how all women chase them for "summer romances and how native women can't compete.

Now imagine living on a popular island, where this is a year-round phenomenon, with all the guys in your relatively small community being vapid manwhores that spend every summer in their teens and twenties having ONS with northern european women and then coming around and looking for native women to marry to appease their mommas that nag them about settling down and giving them grandchildren.

Anonymous 27404

Funny. Men really are the same everywhere. You could replace "Greek" with probably most nationalities in the world and it would still be true.

I've heard about a similar behaviour among certain immigrant communities in my country and in more homogeneous countries as well. They manwhore around with foreign women or women not of their own ethnicity but expect to settle down with a native woman who should preferably be a sweet virgin because apparently that's just how it's done. Their lack of respect towards women is depressing.

Anonymous 27409

Have sex incels

Anonymous 27410

very German post

Anonymous 27417

Betting my ass they bitch and moan about how they're having trouble finding "pure" women to marry after being degenerates for most of their lives.

Anonymous 27419

I don´t like venezuela, never have, my entire family is foreign to this country but i was born here and always struggled coming to terms with that. Would have much rather to be born and grow up in my family´s country.

Anonymous 27425

Oh god, someone else from Venezuela. I'm in the same situation, although not all my family is foreign, my father's family is and many have left. But I'm still here, and every day that passes, I hate this country more and more.

Anonymous 28385

If the German Empire never collapsed you would feel very different about your heritage and country. The world wars and cold wars destroyed your culture and created a sense of self-loathing. Its a shame really, other countries don't really have this problem apart from liberals who are over-socialized.

Anonymous 28482

That's the dumbest thing I ever heard
>Nazism had its support base in Bavaria, the opposite end of the country from Prussia
>Hitler was Austrian and never served in the Prussian military (he fought in the BAVARIAN military!)
>The Prussian Junkers and old nobility/royalists hated Hitler and sought to block the Nazis at every turn during the Weimar Republic period (they wanted a restoration of the old Kingdom, NOT Nazism)
>Former Prussian war heroes and generals were not Nazis which is why they had to be purged
The only thing that the Prussian military
But wait, there's more. The German Empire was much more loosely confederated than other countries, each subordinate principality enjoyed tremendous amounts of freedom. It's possible that Anonette might not even identify as "German" but instead as "Hessian" or whatever.

Did they even teach you any German history in that Hauptschule?

Anonymous 28483

Oops one of my lines got clipped in formatting
>The only thing that the Prussian military had in common with Nazis is that the uncreative latecomers cribbed all their eagles (of course, wholesale stolen from the HRE, and by extension Rome)

Anonymous 28496

books about german…

Funny you should ask, yes I have read several books about early 20th century Germany. Would you like to share some of your own collection with timestamp?

Anonymous 28498

How tf do we stop the bavarians ?

Anonymous 28499

>Nazism had its support base in Bavaria, the opposite end of the country from Prussia
Hitler tried a coup in Munich in 1923 and failed, even got imprisoned.
10 years later he went to Berlin and succeeded.
So yeah, evil Bavarians…
In contrast to the rest of Germany Bavaria is catholic - something Hitler hated. Many followers of the church tried to help people and were sent to camps too.

Anonymous 28501

1. No one's saying all of Bavaria is full of evil people, just that it's silly to claim he was a successor to Prussia
2. In 1933 Hitler did not come to power by coup. Additionally, even though the Beer Hall Putsch was literally treason with the intent of violent overthrow of the republic, he got off with a slap-on-the-wrist judgment because he claimed he was a patriot and had a sympathetic Bavarian judge.
3. Baden-Württemberg is also Catholic. Also, being sent to a camp is not specific to being Catholic or Protestant, anyone reportedly disloyal was eligible for free camp vacation. Hitler was born into a Catholic family (unsurprising, as Austria is Catholic like Bavaria), but according to Speer, one of his closest confidants, he disapproved of all Christianity.

If you happen to be a Bavarian anonette, don't feel attacked. Bavaria has a great culture, beautiful countryside, and friendly people. I'm just pointing out it's absurd to connect Nazism to "Prussian militarism". You would have an easier time connecting the American Revolution to "British militarism", since you could at least say Washington was a former British officer.

Anonymous 28510


You've got to love the shit-tier moderation of this place, when topic related posts get deleted, while off topic history circle jerking is tolerated.

Anonymous 28528

Israel wouldn't exist without WW2

Anonymous 28531

There is probably only one bavarian poster here and it is me

Anonymous 28532

Us in the rest of Europe might not have it well in that case, but fuck, it would be so much better, in multiple ways.
So yeah, fuck burgers, commies and Israel.

Anonymous 28541

I feel like talking about Germany's national history is relevant to talking about someone's anxiety over their own culture. But, as a gesture of goodwill because we are better here in Diamond Diner than on other imageboards, I won't post about history anymore in this thread. Even if someone posts something dumb and wrong.

Anonymous 28784


I'm from Luxembourg and I don't think I'd have chosen to be born anywhere else if I could!

Although, I'm not sure it's that great of a place either since I feel so alienated..

Anonymous 28805

Are you the same Anon from >>28747? If so, staying patient is the best advice I can give I guess. Maybe joining clubs or social groups could help?

Anonymous 28813

venezuela is garbage, it has no redemption , the whole place should get nuked.

Anonymous 28815

at least you're not from poland…

Anonymous 28824

I am! Don't worry though, I just wanted to vent. I'll find someone eventually.

Anonymous 28836


not so fast kiddo

Anonymous 30729

Georgian? Not white? What?

Anonymous 31852


I Fucking hate being greek
>i hate the language
i cant even speak it well t b h
>i look like a man and have a huge nose
>im poor
>other greeks are cringe normies
>im not attracted to greek men(russians and germans are quter)
>the food and weather isnt my aesthetic
>i will brobs be stuck here for the following 5 years cause uni

which island?do you study there?

Anonymous 31854

I used to dislike it but as I matured I realised it's better here, compared to the US and some Western Europe countries. They are waaay too liberal.

Anonymous 31860

Yes. I hate being polish, we're rightfully a laughing stock of every other nation.

Anonymous 31865

>they all say while drowning in chaos amidst a deafening silence spawned by political correctness and a culture of self-censorship

Anonymous 31866

Suffering is universal, doesn't matter who what where when you are

Anonymous 31872

Euroanon here. The only negative stereotypes I know about Polish people is that you steal cars and are poor. These aren't even that bad. If I were Polish, I wouldn't be able to take them seriously.
If it makes you feel any better, I really think other people are associated with even more AND worse stereotypes. Which sucks (for them) of course but that's sadly how the world is.

Anonymous 31926

>tfw argentina
God I hate this place so much.

Anonymous 31927

Cerra el orto, Argentina es el mejor pais del mundo mundial.

Anonymous 31932

I feel like I don't belong in my country. I think more and more of the hundreds of years that my grandparents lived in one place. I think of the fact that both of my maternal grandparents came from the same area in Europe, both of my paternal grandparents came from a different area in Europe a thousand miles away, and now I'm here, in America, with no way of reconciling the difference between them or having some ancestral place to belong to. I think my obsession with history is because I want to forget this fact. I've been reading Herodotus lately, thinking about the way people mixed across the mediterranean, the rarity and therefore emphasis that was placed upon it. The mixing of two people from different places was a representation of the fact that those two places themselves were likely mixing. It was upheaval, almost always. One was the client of another or conquered by another. Even being allied was not a strong enough relationship to support this intermixing. If members of one city-state split off and moved away, those members would consider themselves brothers of the old one for hundreds of years. They would always be allies.

I guess what I'm saying is: there's a reason America is so individualistic. It's because the racial heritage that a person has is no longer representative of the transformation of the known world, but only representative of the whims of her parents. That I am me, that I live here, means nothing beyond myself. I want a meaning beyond myself, and I don't know how to find that in America.

Thank you for posting what you did, it was informative. How can you talk about your nation and your relationship to it, without thinking of its national history?

Anonymous 31970

Frim a fellow Germanic woman, you really should not let yourself be beaten up by a shitty comment from literally DAVID KRÄMER.

Embrace your germanness and don't hang out with losers who need their women to be weak. There are plenty which find us attractive and suitable, but they aren't very vocal, due to people like David Krämer.

Your mistake is that you want to swim in the media mainstream. There is literally zero reason to hate your ancestry, but for Germans it's common now.

Don't worry, the time where meek underweight unconventional physically inferior people adapted to distant climates are considered ideal mates will not last forever.

Anonymous 31971

woah woah nazi calm down

Anonymous 31977

I admire German women. Whenever I see them in various news stories or documentaries, they don't give a fuck about what doesn't matter.

Anonymous 31981

Since when are Turkish, Polish, Russian or Scandinavian women "meek underweight unconventional physically inferior people"?
Being proud of one's ancestry and country doesn't mean looking on down on other countries.

Anonymous 32188

It's weird being polish, on one hand a lot of foreign men seem to really like slavic women on the other I think they see us as an easy target because in their minds we're supposed to fall for them because of their money which I find disgusting (the fact that some women actually do isn't helping). And sometimes I get these vibes as well>>31860 Nice to see another polish anon btw :)

Anonymous 32199

I love being Swedish and I love the Swedish people. Screw the haters.

Anonymous 32203

Does anybody hate Swedes?
Jesus, try being Romanian, then we can talk.

Anonymous 32204

So german women aren't viewed as sex dolls for insecure faggots with beer belly and the emotional development of a retarded 14 year old?
Oh boy, that hurts.

Anonymous 32283

Fuck of hurri


Anonymous 32289


Swedish women > Finnish women but Ahvenanmaalaiset are the best

Anonymous 32291

Yeah, sometimes I kind of hate the experience of being mainland Chinese. Part of it is the reaction from others. There's a lot of negative news about mainland China nowadays in the west, which causes people to react negatively when mainland China is brought up. Part of it is directed at the government (i.e. human rights issues, HK protests, etc.), but a part of it is toward the people as well (like Chinese tourists behaving badly, general lack of ethics).

But beyond hating how other people perceive me, I have to admit that sometimes I wish I were some other Asian nationality, like maybe I'll take an ancestry test and come out to be less than 100% Chinese. I'm enamored with things from other Asian cultures (kind of a weeb and Koreaboo). I love media from Japan and Korea. Modern Chinese media just doesn't have the same level of 'coolness', and the ones that try to go for the cool factor are usually just copying styles from Korea. I'd much rather cook foods from other Asian countries than learn to cook family recipes that are passed down the generations. I think it's a bit sad because I was originally born in mainland China and spent part of my childhood there, and there is a rich culture in China spanning thousands of years, but I just can't bring myself to be all that interested in it.

Anonymous 32320

No, I respect my ancestors for surviving in the rough terrain they existed within. I do have a lot of contempt towards people from my country that's mostly due to them rejecting me a lot for being too westernized and not being extroverted enough.

Anonymous 32326

I don't. Some seem to dislike my nationality/ethnicity and get downright offended when I don't grovel for their approval, but I don't live to please them.

My grandparents fought in WW2 as Partisans, my great-grandfather founded the Resistance in his native village and was a political prisoner when the Croatian Nazi government at the time found him out, my great-grandma ran an entire estate by herself when great-grandpa's batallion had to flee to Corfu in the Great War over the mountains in the dead of winter, and she reared my grandpa at the same time. This woman was so wise despite not knowing how to read or write, and encouraged my grandma to become college educated at a time when getting university education was like getting a PhD, and women barely even went to school. My grandma on my mom's side came to my country as a Hungarian Jewish refugee in the Kladovice transport scheme and people of my hometown were the only ones who offered them shelter and protection. I'm very happy to have been born in a town like that.

People usually don't have a good opinion of my country because of things that happened in the 90s and I've also received some shockingly anti-Semitic comments from people who are otherwise very PC, but that is not my fault and I'm not ashamed to be where I'm from. I come from a place where people fought for what they believed in and stared death in the eyes on several occasions despite their small numbers, and that is something I am incredibly proud of.

Anonymous 32338

Can’t relate because I’m Amerimutt but I guess I really like my heritage? I’m 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Icelandic. Iceland is really into heritage and legacies and family trees so I know so much about that side but then on my other side… no records besides my grandparents who moved to the “land of opportunity”

Anonymous 32339

what are you? Serbo-croat-jew mix?
China and chinese culture went through alot during cultural revolution. That may be reason why chinese culture isn't as "cool" as japanese or korean, but still, you shouldn't feel bad about it, China dominated them culturaly for thousands of years, and those "cool" stuff may be of chinese origin

Anonymous 32506

good, now imagine be born at brazil. Did u? Happyly i was born the best region, the south and a few good things here are the german cultural influence. Thank god.

Anonymous 32507

The China history just is not mainstream, actually, this get some attention because japaneses mangas, like Kingdom. Obviously because mangos the japanese culture spread out over the world. China was pretty good before communism but its only remembered cuz communism. Its almost the same for germans, a great history that was forgeted to push WWII propaganda.

Anonymous 34817

My mother is Iraqi and my father is Australian. I love Australia, its quirks and dumb shit included, but I fucking despise my mother's entire culture. Sure, Australians can be patronising to women, but for the other side of my family there is this this thin veneer of peaceful acceptance which sits on top of a deep muddy quagmire of seething hatred and jealous domination. Watching the way my grandfather and uncles treat my mother because she became pregnant out of wedlock to an atheist foreigner, and how it was mirrored by just about everyone in the Iraqi community here told me everything I needed to know.

White Australians constantly try to tell me I don't know REAL Iraqi culture and present me with these cherrypicked stories of extreme hospitality, sipping chai with women, Christians and Jews. They just can't stomach the idea of me disliking my own family's culture because it means they can't scream racism and xenophobia then give themselves a pat on the back.

Anonymous 34818

>tfw I'm 186cm and never considered myself a giantess

Anonymous 34819

I'm 175 and I never considered myself anything more than a bit above average, either that anon is surrounded by midgets or idk what cause that height not worth getting a complex over

Anonymous 34821

I'm a white American but I can relate.

Anonymous 34829


Living in Mexico is…kind of scary sometimes. Especially as a woman.
But every country has its' problems, I still love being Mexican.
I absolutely love the culture and our past, Aztec mythology is really interesting and so is Mayan astronomy.
Also the people here are really kind, even in someone else's house you feel at home.
We are a little lost right now and I can't say that things are looking brighter, I believe things are going to get worse actually…but after a storm comes a calm, after all.

Anonymous 34830

I'm from poland. Years ago when I was agl kid, around 2000-2005, people were making jokes about German women being ugly. It was in the media like tv and press. I don't hear those jokes anymore. It was just a fad I guess. On ok Cupid I see all types of women from Europe. German, Scandinavian or Slavic. I couldn't state that German ones are any more ugly than the other. Hating your genes does you no good. You should spend that time on improving your mind and body instead. There's plenty of bf material in your league. Finding someone smart might be a challenge though, for attractive and unattractive kinds alike.
A huge amount of German men visit Gdańsk to sex prostitutes. How do you deal with that?

Anonymous 34832

German women are fine but dutch and Scandinavian women (especially Swedes) are better.

Anonymous 34834

>German hates herself


Anonymous 34899

Literally 99.999% of people want to look like German women especially if you are blonde and blue eyed. I'm not sure if you've ever heard this but people use attributes like blonde to describe someone's perks. Like guys will describe a girl as skinny, big butt, blonde. That ethnicity is as attractive as the predominant physical qualities that turn people on, and it's universal. All non-whites wish they looked like you, white beauty is the pinnacle and defining standard of beauty. Non-whites and 'exotic' women usually have high degrees of admixture that makes them just a drop foreign but not too non-white or else they'd be unacceptable

Anonymous 34909

Speak for yourself.

Even though I'm mixed and mostly European (not blonde though), it's bullshit to just accept and push "white beauty is the pinnacle" to build up someone's confidence. I think people from all ethnicities have their own type of beauty. You don't have to appreciate it but don't peddle harmful views that lead to women developing self-hatred over their perfectly fine "non-white" features.

Anonymous 34910

Non-white women are ugly, though

Anonymous 34911

That's just your opinion.
I find myself mostly attracted to non-white or mixed women, personally. But I won't call blonde white women objectively unattractive lol.

Anonymous 34931

> Literally 99.999% of people want to look like German women especially if you are blonde and blue eyed.
Ummm no, lol. I very much enjoy being brunette and having brown eyes.

Every race has fuglies.. I don’t think any are superior.

Anonymous 34938

>our race

Why are black anons always the most self hating? It’s like the Asians on boy boards. Who hurts you guys?

Anonymous 34941


we're the least desirable women and that's made clear to us on a very regular basis from childhood.

Anonymous 34948


80% of black women are obese
Standard black features:
short appearing hair due to coily nature
wide noses
dark skin
high testosterone levels in general
deeper voices
higher muscle mass
denser bones
and many more

are all masculine features that the average black female has more of than women of any other race, thereby making us unfeminine and ugly just by default.


Of course I do my best to be feminine and to not be fat, but that doesn't undo the nigger features.

Most males envision a pale skinned girl when they envision a woman they will fall in love with, even just to be dark skinned is failing life at the very start. But to be dark skinned and black is a literal curse.

Anonymous 34955

this thread is just sad

Anonymous 34964

My life is generally OK but there's definitely a few things that make me wish I'd been born just about anywhere else but America.

Anonymous 34965

This has to be a troll.

Anonymous 34968

im not but even if i were, i'd still be right

Anonymous 34974

those black girls are cute tho

Anonymous 34983

Racists don’t think so tho and racists (aka the male imageboards) combined the two pictures in the first place.

Racists are racist QED

Anonymous 34998

They are ugly as hell and more than half of them look like dudes in a wig, in all honesty

Anonymous 35000

You have very poor taste anon. They are all hideous

Anonymous 35001

I, a black girl, combined the two images. I guess I’m a racist that’s true but I’m willing to wager heavily that if you asked anyone to rate the appearances of the girls on the left they would rate them all as far below average even alone. In comparison to the average white girls they don’t even look human

Anonymous 35002

Not the anon you replied to but you're being overly harsh imo, that image is comparing a heavily filtered shot of girls posing in makeup against a scene of people chilling in someone's kitchen with literal shawls on their heads in a photo that appears to have been just taken by a low tier smartphone and even then they don't look too bad. I can't imagine looking at the pic on the left and instantly declaring the girls "hideous" without any social conditioning at work.

Anonymous 35005

Many of the left ones also have makeup on and evidently made an effort to dress nicely. They still look like dudes.

Anonymous 35006

No, but I hate your nationality too, kraut

Anonymous 35014

they're at a public high school. Yes, their clothes do look like something that should only be worn at home but that is what they chose to wore in public. They are all wearing makeup and they are protesting their rights to wear those ugly shawls in public because it represents our nigger heritage, apparently.

There's always social conditioning at work. No one is born in a vacuum. Fact is, the 'social conditioning' always says the same thing. Nigger ugly, whites beautiful. So be proud to be white.

Anonymous 35015

Moreover, the girls in the left picture have little in common aside from dark skin (in various shades) and dark-brown hair. Their faces and body types are pretty different.
It doesn't make sense to write them all off as "hideous" and "dude"-looking.

Anonymous 35016

That's the thing, in all shades and forms that black can come in, it's all ugly. Ugly comes in a variety of forms.

Most of them are fat. Their noses are all too wide, most of their skin is too dark, their hair is ugly unless it's straightened, they have poor fat distributions, they just have poor facial architecture period.

Meanwhile, the blondes are all 8-9/10

Anonymous 35017

Just go kill yourself so I don't have to read this self hating drivel
Have some respect for yourself for fucks sake

Anonymous 35023

it would be really selfish of me to an hero even though i'd like to. I just have to continue being bitter about this until i find a good reason not to.

Anonymous 35026

Then do me a favor and grow the fuck up. Nothing is pretty about a person that hates things that they can't change about themselves.
I think just the fact that black people have been able to procreate should mean enough for you, you exist because your two "ugly" and "inferior" parents got together and found each other attractive enough. Stop worrying about this dumb shit

Anonymous 35030

Your dog doesn’t procreate b/c other dogs are “beautiful”. It does it out of instinct. Blacks mate the same way and produce veritable litters of children they don’t care about and raise into little burdens on society

Anonymous 35086

white women are so…

did you just unironically compare blacks with fucking dogs?
and if you genuinely believe that, why should it be any different for whites?
unless you believe in white supremacy or some other /pol/ shit which would be strange for a black person
and even if we say that most women in that picture were ugly, what the hell is one cherry-picked image even supposed to say?
here, I shoddily put together a cherry-picked image, isn't it just insane how ugly white women are?

Anonymous 35093

Funny pic, however in real life black women are far more likely to be obese than white women lol

Anonymous 35094

That's only for poc in America. It that's because Americans put too much sugar and starches in everything and eat little to no fresh foods. White people have at least 200 years then other ethnicities to adapt to the consumption of sugar and it still greatly affects them.

Anonymous 35095

Surely you could've found a better image to illustrate your point.

Anonymous 35100


note the "shoddily"
I just searched for "black women group" and went with the first result. and you don't find them to be good-looking?
but fine, have this one instead then
point is that I can always cherry-pick pictures of good-looking/ugly people from any race

Anonymous 35104

You can keep posting these all day long, I guarantee you if you asked public consensus that even these extremely photoshopped women would be rated as less attractive than average white females. They're all at best 7s, average for white women. Nearly no dark skinned black women are 10/10s, I can't think of a single one.

Anonymous 35105

Beauty is subjective, but those are some objectively ugly ass bimbos.

Anonymous 35113

>Squared jaws
>Long noses with thin bridges
>Semi-straightened hair
>Prognathism barely visible
So to illustrate your point you picked some who have caucasoid traits? This is unintentionally hilarious

Anonymous 35115

even if that were true (n*ggers in Africa are fat if they're not starving) that would still make most blacks fat and ugly. Like all liberals and black pride idiots, you keep giving excuses for black underachievement, without acknowledging the fact that this proves blacks underperform. Maybe it isn't our fault, maybe it is, doesn't matter. The point is that blacks are fat, ugly, stupid, worthless, and unattractive. Point blank and simple

Anonymous 35119

This isn't an issue with German men, this is an issue with men of every nationality. They will always trash their own women and fetishize foreigners.

Anonymous 35121


Men usually have the most experience with women from their own ethnic group. Men will eventually get annoyed with and resent familiar women since these women will either ignore them or eventually get tired of their shit and call them out for it, which men perceive as “bitchy”. However, they think these flaws are just due to culture as they see these other women who are “different”. They perceive them to be hot/submissive/easygoing since they don’t have as much exposure to them. It’s only when these men travel and date around that they realize that women “are all the same” (aka find the same flaws in them that their own culture did).
I call it The Life Cycle of a PUA

Anonymous 35264


The real point you’ve exposed is that black women are just ugly even if you try to cherry pick attractive ones, absolututamente asquereso

Anonymous 35380

images (8).jpeg

I'd chose her over most white girls. To be fair she does have white features but her skin adds to her beauty and really just ties it in all together.

Anonymous 35387

You would take a caucasoid person painted brown over a non-painted caucasoid person? Ok

Anonymous 35389

She's wearing a wig and contacts and shooped her nose. She's not white.

Anonymous 35390

Hm yes, I’m sure she definitely looks like this in person.

Anonymous 35391

images (1).jpeg

You're being unreasonable and oddly abrasive so I have a feeling this is bait/moid post. Anyway this is her insta: https://www.instagram.com/melvnin/?hl=en

Anonymous 35392


She doesn’t even look human. The shoop is so bad that she looks like some sort of IMVU character. Cmon now anon.

Anonymous 35396

This one is no better.

Anonymous 35397

>Black girls look better than white girls, check out this black girl who is doing her best to look white and is heavily caked in makeup and modified herself to the point she looks like an heavily tanned white person!
>Y r u so abrasive?

Anonymous 35402

images (11).jpeg

Maybe she does facetune like any other girl on insta.. but I feel like you're reaching. I never said any race was better than the other. I only said that her black skin Adds to her overall look rather than detract, and that it made her stand out compared to a white girl.

Anonymous 35404

Standing out is not necessarily a good thing. In this case, I think it definitely detracts from her look.

Anonymous 35405

hessian traditiona…

>the people and even the traditional clothes (look way too slutty).
Thats a bavarian thing look pic related.
> I'm so jealous of other people's cultures and appearances.
Nice self hate

Anonymous 35406


I wish I was half Asian. Not in weebo way, I just would like to have two very different cultures to mix and match from and the option of a very different life I could lead in each country. It also helps that most Asian-Whites are cuties.

Heck, even a half anything would be nice, Asian or not. My grandparents all come from the same boring as hell small town in Scotland. Most of my "local" culture has been absorbed into world culture. Even the parts that people like about the Scotland that are special here my parents never brought me up in so I don't relate to it. I don't even have the typical accent or mannerisms.

I've spent all of my adult live abroad trying to find somewhere that fit. I've now settled in another continent because my partner is from here but the country is quite young and with a lot of European influence so they don't have their own culture much. It kinda sucks as marrying into a rich culture is probably the closest I could get to being half something.

Anonymous 35408

I made the "wig and contacts and shooped her nose" comment. It wasn't supposed to be abrasive but to counter the comment saying she was blackfishing.

Anonymous 35409

> is quite young and with a lot of European influence so they don't have their own culture much
im curious, which country is it?
by your description i thinking maybe chile or argentina, or another Southern Cone country

Anonymous 35414


Anonymous 35425

Well it's not like women don't express their preference for Südländer and their warm temperament either…

Anonymous 35472


>I'd choose some photoshopped girl who looks just like a white girl except for her skin so black girls are beautiful!!!
All this proves is that black girls are not beautiful unless they look like the average white girl. Verifying my point.

Anonymous 35479


Your picture is pretty much what my white, overweight boss looks like. Cherry picking doesn't further the discussion in either direction.

Anonymous 35499

The only german woman I know is very tall and wears baggy hoodies and stuff, not that into girly clothes or make up, so that kind of fits the description. But damn she has a beautiful face and her body is very good too, even if she is like 1,90 m which is too tall for most men I guess.

Anonymous 35503

>white men rated white women higher on average than Asian women

That’s how you know this study was bad. Yellow fever is a documented phenomenon anon.

Anonymous 35542

At least you aren’t born black or dark skinned
>can’t blush
>brown nipples
>can’t run hands through hair
>overall ugly
>sloppy fat distribution
Black and dark girls are literally unlovable
German, Nordic, European girls are what the entire world strives to be like. A few comments by bitter German uncles are literally inconsequential

Anonymous 35546

This is totally a thing. I'm not black but often it bothers me that the black women praised as beautiful by mainstream media and white people I know still fit into mainstream white beauty standards, usually having big eyes and delicate facial features. People are weak

Anonymous 35746

Welp, OP here, came across this again by chance and it's been 9 months already and I haven't gotten better at all… I tried becoming more feminine/beautiful but it's so difficult. I guess I'd just emigrate if I wouldn't love my parents so much.

Joke's on you because I am Bavarian and I hate the entire "get dressed up, go to festivals, dance on the table, vomit because too much beer"-culture.

Anonymous 35757

Skin color doesn't matter when you're a fatass

Anonymous 35758

Spaniard here, kiss my ass all of you.

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