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Would you ? Anonymous 2706

What if your s/o made you an offer

> you don't have to work because s/he now has a better job that covers all bills

> you can have pretty much anything to sustain a semi affluent lifestyle like e.g. anything beauty related like acrylic nails personal trainer expensive skincare
>you also don't have to do housework
> s/he offers to pay your studies if you want to study online/comunity college.

But you are not allowed to work unless is online or home based.

Would you do it ?

Anonymous 2707

Yes. One hundred times yes.

>s/he offers to pay your studies if you want to study online

This is the most appealing. I'm a massive knowledge junkie. Sign me the F up.

I'd want to do the housework though? It feels too much to not do anything. Also, people clean things wrong, and it triggers me lol.

Anonymous 2708

Absolutely. Though i agree with >>2707 , when people clean things wrong i get really triggered so i'd want to do the housework.

Anonymous 2709

No. You're not "allowed" to work unless it's online or home based? Sounds weird and controlling. Besides, I'd rather work so I can actually have an affluent life than feel "fancy" cause my SO pays for me to get my nails done every month lol

Anonymous 2710

Nails are like 120$ where I live 😭 And that's a cheap but good acrylic specialist I used to get them filled every 2 weeks when I had a really good job

Anonymous 2711

No. That sounds like hell. I'm not really interested in beauty stuff honestly. It bores me. Staying at home doing beauty jobs online or studying that in cc would end me.
Let me pursue my career goddammit.

Anonymous 2715

This sounds so tempting. So my first reaction is to say YES. But now that I'm thinking about it…
>no housework
>only working from home/online
It does sound like a pretty controlling situation that can turn out pretty unfortunate, and I feel like I would get bored easily and not even want to stay at home if all it consisted of was work (i'd like to take care of the house and clean but if I couldn't I would feel restricted). My materialistic money spending ass tho is still super tempted tho

Anonymous 2717

Already lived that life minus the beauty shit, it was horrid and boring as hell.

This is just the housewife thread 2.0.

Anonymous 2745

i already work online, id love to have someone pay for my school/upkeep

Anonymous 2747

No way, that would be boring as hell and I fucking love my job. The pay is shit but it's worth it because it's a field I love and I enjoy contributing to it.

Besides, material things are nice but you can't buy the satisfaction that comes from seeing your name on a publication.

Anonymous 4933

No, I'd rather have a career and be taken seriously.

Anonymous 4950

No. If he loses his job or has a medical emergency where he can't work we'd both be fucked. No housework and getting whatever I want sounds nice but I'd be bored out of my mind and I will go to a large university if I damn well please and not a community college just because he'll pay for it.

Anonymous 4982

Yeah 100%. My dream is to be an author but I've no time to write because I'm studying full-time. If my boyfriend allowed me to stay at home I'd have time to:

>finally write a novel

>work on some programming projects
>take courses in all the things I never got a chance to study just for fun; psychology, forensic science, marine biology, microbiology, get a phD in computer science…
>make super healthy meal plans for us
>pack lunches for him with cute little notes inside sometimes to keep him motivated and remind him that I love him :)
>deep-clean our apartment more frequently
>paint and decorate the apartment and make it cosy for when he comes home
>make more elaborate, tasty meals and whatever he wants
>have kids and actually have time to raise them
>take better care of myself: get my nails/hair done, go to counseling, go to the gym more often

But honestly, I wouldn't do it. If it was an option, I'd let him stay at home instead. He's really into art and he doesn't have enough time to do anything artistic at the moment due to his long hours. He's stressed at work and if he had a job that allowed me to stay at home and money wasn't a problem, he'd probably have an even more stressful job and I couldn't bear to see him like that. Living my dream of being an author and getting to be a stay at home wife would be joyless if he couldn't achieve his dreams also and if I couldn't see him relaxed.

If he got to stay at home instead…
>he could spend all day doing what he loves
>work on making a website for himself and selling his work online
>I could afford to buy him lots of expensive art supplies like a drawing tablet, a huge collection of copic markers, a lightbox, whatever programs he wants on his computer, high-quality paper…
>I'd be happy because he's happy

Anonymous 4983


If I made more money I'd want a househusband like this tbh. Be with me forever, darling.

Anonymous 4984

Would be perfect for me since i hate going out and hate running into people in general, but i would want to at least do the housework for them.

Having an online work to help out would be great too.

Anonymous 4987

Yeah why not. There's nothing a traditional job could offer me that I couldn't get without one if I had the money. Once I got bored being an indulgent lazy fuck for a few years I could get heavy into independent research, learn a trade/hobby, do volunteering, work on art/music/essays, whatever. Could make my own structured schedule if I missed structure. The only thing I'd be "missing" is relying on someone else to pay me for my efforts, rather than just putting effort into whatever I want and already having money. A boo hoo.

Anonymous 4989

>this is just the housewife thread 2.0

I think it's more like would you retire early if you had the money. The typical housewife experience usually means sacrificing time because you have kids or sacrificing self improvement because you can't afford to have a bunch of hobbies and pursuits. this hypothetical doesn't require any of that.

Anonymous 6442

Yeah for sure. But I like doing housework. So maybe not that part.

Anonymous 6445


I'm a writer so yeah that'd work out handily.

Anonymous 6457

And I'm your spellchecker so support me too.

Anonymous 6459

I actually daydream daily about the reverse, I long to be the breadwinner while my spoiled future husband can enjoy his hobbies and wear nice clothes.

I'd prefer if he did housework though, because I hate that shit. And imagining a cute guy doing laundry, mopping the floors, and cooking dinner…good stuff. Makes me want to cry a bit, actually.

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